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  1. Farewell Mr Sharky, I am very proud on what you have achieved during your time on the server whether that be in Event Staff or as a CO you constantly did great stuff and always seemed to have a great attitude when doing so. Thinking back & remembering when I had my first proper interactions with you when you won the Jedi Giveaway and I took it upon myself to be your master and what a blast it was. Wish you the best in your future buddy and hopefully might meet you again on server sometime in the future, catch ya later :~)
  2. It's a special occasion where I'm willing to say something nice about a Red Team member. You did well Chunko, you accomplished a lot more than most on the server have and you always kept a good attitude doing it. Had an absolute blast having you as my peer & rival as a CO and as a partner within RHC and ARC It's a shame Brigadier Redfoo and Skyblu were censored by the server management Chinese government*. We could have achieved greater things than that as Billie and Jandel. In all seriousness you had a great run and its good to see you are leaving on a rather positive note and not spiteful like some other members from the community unfortunately have gone and done over time. You've been nothing but a good friend to me the entire time I've known you so cheers dude. :~) I know we'll still keep in contact but regardless mate, good luck for what you do pursue in the future and try not to catch the grand COVID at NZ woolies :~), wash your hands. Lastly, Remember to change your voice bro you are actually so fucking toxic the way you sound man, It makes me so MAD!
  3. In regards to the replies and not actually staff report itself, how a lot of people have taken this post and have responded to it especially that of staff should have been taken a lot more seriously. As silly as this staff report may seem to you, as staff you guys should be handling this a lot better and trying your best to resolve the situation rather than just jumping in and making jokes. Kinda shit going that this unfolded as quick as it did, makes the staff team look a little immature ngl.
  4. He left the server a fair while back. I’d say to just close his application.
  5. Easiest +1 I can give. Buck has proven himself as a capable EM plenty of times in the past during his previous time within staff housing the sub-role of Backup EM. He has made plenty of creative events and is always aiming to create enjoyment for the players on the server no matter when or what it is. I personally believe Bucks ability would shine the best as that of an EM as he does put his all into creating interactive and enjoyable scenarios for the players and genuinely seems to enjoy himself when doing so. He has the passion for it and the capability for the position and is a very active and invested member within the community and I believe he deserves the chance to prove himself in the staffing side of things once again. :~) Good luck Mr Buck.
  6. bro for real? I already punched a hole in my wall what the fuck dude.
  7. Having had interacted with you almost daily when I was apart of ARC, you have always been one of the most cheery players on the server and never let anything get you down, I personally believe the staff team could use more people like yourself, You are serious when you need to be and I have never seen you misbehave at all. I've noticed you are person who is fairly driven and dedicated to their roles on the server and are always looking for ways to better yourself, you are a very friendly guy who is more than often always willing to give a helping hand. As stated above by others, your application is quite well done, you have worked on the things people have brought up and applied them in a professional manner. Easy +1 from myself. Good luck on your application Seraph. :~)
  8. For the application side of things, It has been very nicely formatted and it is very clear that you've put a decent amount of time into thinking about applying for staff. You've demonstrated that you've done your homework when it comes to ULX and how it is applied and used, along with the know-how onto applying the ULX within your scenarios. As for personal experiences. I understand you have made quite an effort to change the way you present yourself within the community and better yourself as a person, I personally want to see a little more before I am confident in giving you the +1, as it stands now I am happy to leave you with a Neutral vote. Quite honestly when I think of you I still picture the minge from a couple weeks ago housing the name "Private Allah" and just causing issues in terms of minging during debriefs and downtime and constantly having staff interject and result to nearly warning you multiple times. My opinion & vote is always subject to change, keep doing what your doing and you should have my support. :~) Regardless, Good luck on your application Nebula.
  9. I can say from experience, that you have the right mentality for a position in staff, having had dealt with some of the waves of mingey players that unfortunately do come on to the server the Unassigned Commander does tend to become very calm mannered in dealing in a lot of scenarios when it comes to those troubling players. As someone who did deal with the same stuff as yourself, it does help out quite a lot in having a pair of hands within staff that is able to sort out those players that are here to cause trouble. Remember to make sure that your position of Shiny Commander isn't the main reason you are applying, as there is quite a lot more involved going into the staff team. For someone like yourself I've personally seen how driven you are and how much you do care about the community and your mentality towards it. You are extremely active within the community and always do seem to make the extra effort in getting yourself out there or just taking it upon yourself to help out others. You are on the Teamspeak server everyday and communicate with a wide range of people and generally don't stick a single group. The actual application itself, is quite fine, as said by Bobby and Shua some of the responses could probably be fleshed out a little more in scenarios section, it is mostly fine but just for some extra brownie points it would add to the application. Your use of ULX commands in the application was very well done and you've shown a decent understanding on how they are used and what punishments & wordings are fit for the specific scenarios. Overall your application is quite well done and its clear you have put a fair bit of thought going into applying for staff. Based on all my interactions and this application I am quite happy to give you a +1, I believe you are more than deserving of having a chance at staff. Good luck on your application Cloud.
  10. Not going to just regurgitate what others have said above as they have hit the nail on the head with pretty much everything. But from personal experience with yourself when you were within the staff team, you did your job very well most of the time. You've also proven once again that you are dedicated as you have been in the past. I cannot think of any reason as to why you shouldn't be given another shot at staff +1. Good luck on your application mate. :~)
  11. Rein has held PAC 3 on the server in the past for extended periods of time, he crafted some of the inspirations that a lot of people base their PACs on even nowadays. He has displayed his ability in how to use the platform creatively without going all out. In addition to all that, he has never used it to minge in my knowledge and has always followed the servers rules on it. PAC 3 at the moment is in a funny place where we don't want people to use all these over the top intricate PACs but we are expecting them be able to use and have the know how and showcase that they can do make them. I've heard complaints from other staff and management about people using animations in their PACs on the server, some clear distinction is really needed. From my experience with him in the past and knowledge of what he is capable of doing, this is quite an easy +1 for me to give.
  12. how are you today 

    1. Serbo


      Sorry about the late reply. I am good thanks, how about yourself

    2. Jarvis


      🥶 i am worried sir cornavirus is spreading in my area

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