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  1. Choog you've come and gone from the server a few times but have made a hefty return as of recent. You've been putting in the work and showing that you are a capable and decent candidate for the position once again. You did well as staff on Imperial and CW before your transfer. I'd say get yourself out there a bit more with the wider community, but being an ARC trainee does make it kind of hard in your ongoing vow of silence. I've had nothing but positive experiences with yourself you are a very friendly bloke who likes to have a good time and hold the community in good spirits. +1, Good luck on your application brother.
  2. Hey Macka just to start it off, your application is fine but its not the main thing you're being judged on here. Main comments you've already found is due to your behaviour and past actions. My personal belief is you did a good job as staff previously when applying yourself but were unfortunately let go due to stupid mistakes and having examples being set. I know you can do well as staff and are more than worth getting a 2nd chance at it. Just need to show us the commitment and drive like you once had in the past. This community is all about 2nd chances and I'm keen to see what you show us going forward, you've already displayed great improvements in attitude and professionalism and have seemed to have learned from your mistakes. +1 Good luck on your application.
  3. Everyone has stated what needs to be said. Coric you've been a fantastic member of the community and staff on multiple occasions and have always given it 100%. Easiest +1 I can give. Welcome back and good luck brother.
  4. Application Denied. You application lacks any effort. Whilst also being posted to just take the piss. Just a suggestion, if you actually are looking to go for staff in the future. Actually take the time to put effort into your application unlike you've done. Also posting clear mock posts such as this, just leaves a bit of a stain on your record going forward.
  5. Still unsure as to how the entire game will be played, we all know what the story is so not gonna comment on that. My main hope with the combat and skills systems is that it remains relatively faithful to what it was but obviously more modernised as it can be quite jarring for modern day gamers. How the game was centered around how you built your character and what you spec'd into to progress through it was the spirit of the game IMO and I hope they are able to keep fairly faithful, I'll be quite happy if they do so. Also hoping they don't try to go the route that few devs as of recent have done, and simplified pretty much everything to the point it removes a lot of what made it a unique experience for the sake of hitting a wider audience. It would be mad if they could delve more into the planets that didn't receive as much love, mainly Kashyyyk, planet was a total snooze for the most part. Manaan was also a bit of a snooze apart from a few side quests that were easy to miss. I'd love to see more done with the companions and their stories being expanded more. Being real though, the real prize is what comes after, I am a true Kotor 2 enthusiast. IMO it was a better game with a better story, seeing that game has the potential to be remade in the future and actually get a decent amount of time to be developed and proper having all the cut content and what was originally planned added would actually be mental. I'd better stop now or I'd ramble for hours.
  6. Hello again Minestorm. Just posting an update to my original post above, I'll keep it fairly brief. As of recent I've personally noticed you go above and beyond on the server and community to put yourself out there and actively work on all the criticisms given to you. I've seen you a lot more around in general and being more engaged within the community than ever before, even your usage of the forums has gone up tremendously. Very happy to see you apply yourself and actively work on the criticism. You've shown your still more than capable giving it your all and you've put in the work to more than earn my +1 and sway my mind. Good work and good luck on your application once again.
  7. Serbo

    Hello all

    aw shucks. Welcome to the forums champ. Glad to hear you are enjoying the community.
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    Welcome to the forums Vibe.
  9. Hey Taiga, I've had the extended pleasure of getting to know you on the server of a decent period of time now as you are apart of my regiment. It's nice to see you applying, is always good to see the newer faces within the community stepping up and applying. Looking at the application you've crafted, you done really well to make sure it was done correctly and had very little flaws, I've personally seen you take the initiative to actively go out of your way do your homework and learn as to how the team operates and acts on specific matters. Detail is great and you've formatted it quite well and made it very easy read to anyone viewing, great work. As for personal experiences and such and how you are as a contender for the position, I've personally seen you grow in the community quite a lot from the more quiet side sort of bloke to the more outspoken guy who is more than happy to take charge of things and show great initiative in your role. You are very active and seem very enthusiastic and committed to the positions you are in on the server. There was some issues I did hear from specific players where you can be a bit harsh and heavy handed when it comes to specific things but since we had our chat I've seen nothing but improvements. You are always keen to take on criticism and better yourself which is great trait to have as someone going for staff. In the similar vein as to what @Shadowz has put in his reply. Here are some suggestions for you to bolster your chances at the position and help stand out amongst the player base and other applicants. Main thing we are looking to see is you taking a more proactive approach towards how you present yourself to the community. Put yourself out there more and actively be that of a friendly face in the community. Highly encourage using the Team-speak server and getting to know other members within the community, can meet great friends and it's a really good way to communicate with fellow members of the community. The use of the Public discord server as well, just chatting and perhaps actively helping out players that might be curious on specific things. Also I heavily encourage the usage of the forums as well, just nice to have an active presence on the forums from the community. Overall I think you've done really well as of recent and feel fairly confident in giving you my +1. I'll keep a closer eye on you now that you have applied, so feel free to shoot me a message if you are looking for further feedback. Myself and the rest of the team are more than happy to help you out with feedback so don't be stranger. With all that being said, I wish you the best of luck on your application Taiga. :~)
  10. This is a fairly seriously topic. Please keep your responses objective to the topic at hand, or they will be removed. Cheers.
  11. I'll keep more a keen eye out for yourself and see how you go, and post an update over time, cheers on being open and honest about it do appreciate it. As for this, Mass RDM has always been a warning + a Ban on the staff guide, those guys were there just muck around and weren't serious about playing. I personally was trying to get across with my point that it's more being able to read the situation and act with proper judgement. The punishment is there as a guide, not as the law for staff to follow. Just some food for thought going forward.
  12. You've only recently returned to the server from a significantly long break which even before hand I barely noticed much from yourself. To make the assumption you believe yourself to be an 8/10 is pretty unrealistic and laughable if I am completely honest. Since you've returned I have still noticed fairly little from yourself in the community apart from just being a name on the Tab Menu. I’ve still yet to hear you use your Mic at all and as a Member of staff you need to have a Mic as it just makes dealing with sits and such take so much longer and is just truly inefficient and ineffective for the job required. Application wise you done alright and have fleshed a few of the answers quite well and demonstrated a decent knowledge of basic commands. I remember fairly vividly when you were trial moderator previously you were pretty awful to be completely blunt, I have heard stories of you taking forever in sits and not actually distributing punishments correctly. I’ve also heard tales of you actively spawning in vehicles and even a H-Bomb for yourself which is completely unacceptable as a trial moderator even as a full member of staff. There is plenty for you to work on main thing being actually using your mic. Others being getting yourself out there more in the wider community in game, I see you have been proactive in replying to applications on the forums which is quite nice to see but in-game is where you need to focus now. I’d also encourage using the Discord and Team-speak on a more constant basis and going the extra step showing you are a decent contender for staff. -1 from myself personally, but I am always open to a change of mind if I see you are actively putting in the work required of one going for staff. I just personally feel it is way too early for you to apply for staff once again as you just returned within this week. My DM’s are always open if you are curious for more feedback or just have questions. I wish you best of luck on your application regardless.
  13. Been paying more of a closer eye since you’ve put in your application as to your ingame presence, suitability and mentality for the role. I’ve seen you are an active player but you are often just sticking to your own bubble of friends, I’d love to see you branch out more and actively use the Team-speak and Discord to put yourself out there to the wider community, even the use of OOC and being a more proactive friendly face in the community does wonders. I see you as a friendly enough guy but just often find myself not seeing that much from you due to the previous reasons stated. Application wise as the others stated it is lacking a lot of meat in some areas, I’d recommend going through and looking at some areas where you can really beef up the answers and provide more scenarios or use of commands and such. It goes a long way as it also shows us that you as a applicant are truly committed to improving and actively are taking onboard feedback. I think a lot of others have stated similar thoughts I have on yourself. Currently going to leave you as a Neutral vote. I strongly recommend you look into taking the feedback presented by myself and the others to increase your chances of getting the position and looking like a better candidate. Best of luck on your application regardless man. DM’s of myself and other staff are always open if you are wanting to seek further feedback.
  14. Not much is really needed to be said in terms of your capabilities and such. You’ve been around for years and have stupid amounts of staff experience and experience as Community manager. Thing that has me worried is you recently only just escaped the staff team due to your burnout, I know you’ve been back for a bit now doing stuff and put in the application again. While it’s not a bad thing it’s something to keep in mind as, we both know due to previous experience that a staff role can make or break a person on the server with the commitment it can require at times. Are you able to uphold that without quickly feeling that same burnout you once had as it’s only been a small period of time. Apart from that, your application as expected is great, and you’ve been very active on the server as of recent and have been putting in the work showing your commitment once again. You’ve more than earned my +1 already just purely based on our friendship and I know your capabilities quite well as you were previously my senior in the team. Just need to take the first part into consideration as I’d like to have you around for a while and not get you burned out again. It’s good to have you back and good luck on your application brother. You already know what is needed to be worked on as one going for staff and are doing so quite will. Good luck!
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