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  1. Catch ya later Jamway, from the time I have known you on the server I have witnessed you to mature quite a lot and its was really great to see. It was always nice to see that you kept your head up and did the right thing even in the shitty times, wish the best for you in the future dude. :~)
  2. ain't it kinda counter productive to be offering in-game credits as a prize when the people with PAC 3 can make pretty much all the stuff on the store themselves?? :~)
  3. finally found a way to start collecting revenue from the forum lurkers.
  4. I personally think this may a bit of a side effect from the change in how applications are done now, seeming its done in a similar fashion to that of a google form. With how it is now the way the questions are presented don't exactly tend to say to go fully in-depth like how applications were done previously, from what I have seen on the applications it doesn't allow the applicant to edit the font colours or formatting when filling out the form. The new system is still a work in progress and still needs some work imo, I personally wouldn't directly just discredit the applicant without offering advice on how and what to improve on. If you looked at Xynceive's original application that was also a victim of the new form. That being said, Mr Beowulf I've never met you on the server so I can't really speak about you on the personal level I'm sure you're a good fella :~) As for the applications responses it does lack in a lot areas, I strongly recommend looking at other applications from previous applicants and doing your homework on how they have presented their applications and have responded in specific areas. It's already stated by others, the answers are really short, I think you should make use of the grand edit button and make this application into a beauty, as I think the new application system did you somewhat dirty when applying. :~) Goodluck on your application regardless.
  5. Thank you Mr Spirit :~)
  6. My beautiful son
  7. Farewell Coric. the community won't be the same without you around, everyone is grateful for the time and effort you have put in over the years. For the time I have known you, you've been nothing but kind and helpful member of the community who would always go the extra mile to ensure things were right with the players whilst always being genuine about it there aren't a lot of people like that around so cheers. For what you go on to do in the future I wish you only the best. Cheers for being a good friend.
  8. man I hope I don't fail like I did last time.
  9. Farewell Mr Sharky, I am very proud on what you have achieved during your time on the server whether that be in Event Staff or as a CO you constantly did great stuff and always seemed to have a great attitude when doing so. Thinking back & remembering when I had my first proper interactions with you when you won the Jedi Giveaway and I took it upon myself to be your master and what a blast it was. Wish you the best in your future buddy and hopefully might meet you again on server sometime in the future, catch ya later :~)
  10. It's a special occasion where I'm willing to say something nice about a Red Team member. You did well Chunko, you accomplished a lot more than most on the server have and you always kept a good attitude doing it. Had an absolute blast having you as my peer & rival as a CO and as a partner within RHC and ARC It's a shame Brigadier Redfoo and Skyblu were censored by the server management Chinese government*. We could have achieved greater things than that as Billie and Jandel. In all seriousness you had a great run and its good to see you are leaving on a rather positive note and not spiteful like some other members from the community unfortunately have gone and done over time. You've been nothing but a good friend to me the entire time I've known you so cheers dude. :~) I know we'll still keep in contact but regardless mate, good luck for what you do pursue in the future and try not to catch the grand COVID at NZ woolies :~), wash your hands. Lastly, Remember to change your voice bro you are actually so fucking toxic the way you sound man, It makes me so MAD!
  11. In regards to the replies and not actually staff report itself, how a lot of people have taken this post and have responded to it especially that of staff should have been taken a lot more seriously. As silly as this staff report may seem to you, as staff you guys should be handling this a lot better and trying your best to resolve the situation rather than just jumping in and making jokes. Kinda shit going that this unfolded as quick as it did, makes the staff team look a little immature ngl.
  12. He left the server a fair while back. I’d say to just close his application.
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