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  1. Jaguar Battalion - ACT 1 A Clone Wars Campaign Reboot Campaign Backstory: With the spread of the Clone Army throughout the galaxy, one clone battalion, the 85th Jaguar Battalion and their leader 'General Jaguar' have made significant progress in pushing back the CIS in the Outer Rim. However with a distress comms being made 2 rotations ago. General Jaguar requests for the help of Task Force Gateway in defending Fort Jaguar from the incoming CIS Attack. Details: DATE : 6th August (Friday) TIME : 4:30pm - 8:30pm AEST NOTES: This is a complete Reboot of the Directorate timeline, and will have a slightly altered story arc from the previous campaign. Credits: @Gecko @Pluto @Ratinson Campaign Discord: https://discord.gg/GMTC3SSKg5 sorry yoho for stealing ur faction :~)
  2. fake news, I didn't say that!1!!
  3. Fuck I also forgot about the 9/10 Jedi that lost their parents at a young age backstory
  4. been getting inspired by the recent surge in cwrp minge compilation videos, feeling cute might make another ga(y)teway gaming :~)
  5. ill take one Jocasta nu gilf sweat Mando supps to go
  6. Glad to see you've finally put up a developer application. Early on as my role as server manager, You've definitely helped me along with fixing a bunch of TFA weapons (A bunch of scope issues, balancing issues, etc). I can say that you've definitely shown interest and dedication to become a developer for the community and the examples you have provided really showcase how you can help us with our WiltOS issues. +1 Good luck with your application
  7. very funnY heres is rEDdit Gold kind strangeR!
  8. I guess the rehab didnt work, richards back for more gateway gaming. Neutral
  9. Accepted contact me to be setup with pac3
  10. Application Denied Reapply never Ive already discussed this with regimental leadership and have already stated and justified why Its with CG. RSB is lucky enough even exist as it is; myself, s8n and RHC were skeptical of adding it in and we were promised that it would thrive with the leadership it was given. If youre not satisfied with being in CG, then it will return to its original sub-regiment (SIS). End of story.
  11. dont matter if everyone and their nan signs the petition, i aint gonna code it lol :~)
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