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    That Ra'av Eeoli guy seems like a pretty cool bith
  2. What does a good roleplay server feel like
  3. time to scratch the whole campaign. We're resetting this whole bio
  4. [Level 5 Clearance - Classified RSWD Director Documentation] # ... 05 Administration Identification Required ... # # ... Level 5 Administrator accepted ... # # ... Declassifying RSWD Director Biography ... # # ... Access granted to RSWD Director database ... #
  5. The fact that you've responded so quickly with the feedback you were given and the effort you have taken to actually apply this in your Staff/EM application really astounds me. Its pretty clear that you are very keen to get this position and Ill have to commend you for that. While there are still some typos and grammar errors in your EM app. Its been improved significantly. No doubt +1 Good work and Good Luck mate
  6. After reading your EM Application Example, I felt that your concept was a bit generic. Concept/Application Events are meant to display the best of what you can do. By displaying an event with multiple typos, grammatical errors and a very barebone event, it shows us that you need to put a bit more effort towards applying for this positioon or that youre not ready yet. Ill break down what needs to be done just so if you ever do think about applying for EM again Event Premise: First off, this concept and storyline behind the event is very confusing and hard to understand. (At least from what i've read) I can see that we are retaking the Jania base back from the CIS but what does the prisoner thats a Republic Commander have anything to do with taking CIS plans? Please fix this up or expand on it in your app. Another thing i'd like to point out is that Jania is a base map that players regularly use and seeing that we are re-taking the base back. It wouldnt make much sense to host an event in a assualt based event in a base map. Spawns would have to be changed and it would make the task of setting up the event somewhat difficult and tedious. In addition, make sure that you explain what the EC's are doing. It seems you have 2 BX sniper droids, CIS droid Commander and CIS Commander as EC's; tell us what theyre gonna do even when it seems obvious When talking about the passive RP portion of this event. you need to explain more about whats happening. I dont really understand what you mean by the commander takes too long to escape. is ARC and RC meant to help the Republic Commander as a result of the CIS commander escaping? In addition to this, will the CIS Commander be dead or captured and what consequences is there if we capture him. One final comment on this event concept is the somewhat lack of creativity. As an application for staff, you'd want to give the best of what you got. This event seems very mundane and simple (go to base, kill CIS, kill CIS Commander, Save Republic Commander. Win) A tip to spice things up is to add some kind of gimmick to your event concept. Maybe have pathway based story that changes results of an event from actions of the players. Doesnt have to be too complex, just something that will make your event more unique. Edit: A lot of people have already talked about the application itself, I decided to just avoid talking about it. But make sure that you do read what they say and improve your app itself. Reading all white in applications is yuck
  7. let me rock up to mission briefing with one of these bad boys
  8. RC get slams, however I wouldnt mind seeing some bouncing bettys in Gateway Gaming
  9. I could see something like a Booster Syringe being a pretty cool addition to the donators weapons. Imagine every life you get a one time use medi-shot syringe that could give your character some boosts temporarily. Imagine it like potions from minecraft Increase player speed for 30 seconds Increase players health for 30 seconds Give Players Fast Health Regen for 30 seconds etc. This would be good as it doesnt give players permanent boosts or traits, and doesnt make them too OP during events. It will only last for a x amount of time and the boost will run out until they respawn Heres an example if my explanation is autism
  10. Buck :)

    Must Read

    cappa irl
  11. Yo where the Phase 1 Gang at? Wanna roleplay with the boys as Keeli Company
  12. Farewell gamer @Quebix @Gforce Didnt know who you guys were until you got in ARC, glad that you both got in since you guys made ARC CO so much better. Hope to see you at woolies one day :~)
  13. EMs have been told to use the f8 menu as much as possible. However there will always be some human error where someone forgets. If that's the case, all you have to do is ask another squad mate or in ooc what you're doing, it's not exactly a deal breaker for most people
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