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  1. [Level 3 Clearance - Advisor Academy Documentation] # ... 03 Administration Identification Required ... # # ... Level 3 Administrator accepted ... # # ... Access granted to Republic Advisor database ... #
  2. While I believe you make a good Admin, I personally havent had the best interactions with you to begin with. To start off, this is my personal experience with you, dont take it to heart. From the first time we've met (primarily when you were still a moderator but also until now). You've always had an arrogant and conceited personality; this can range from something as small as "x is cringe" quotes to your recent growth of pride and ego when taking backup events from other EM's. (if you would like to know more about these past-experiences ill tell you in a dm on discord. Would rather not discuss staff issues in a public forum post) Why is this important? As a Senior Administrator, I believe that you should have qualities of a leader and allow yourself to positively interact with not only the playerbase but other staff. This includes giving critisicism towards others in a professional manner. Through the aforementioned traits and behaviours, I feel that the powers and responsibilites of Senior Admin would get to your head and unless something changes in the upcoming future I'll stick with my decision in your application. While I stand-by with my opinions of you being a good Admin, I would like to see some of these personality traits rectified before changing my mind for your Senior Admin Application. For now i'll be giving a -1. Good Luck Khai.
  3. Centurion has always been a great member of the staffing community. He has been dedicated to his role and has always shown interest in moving up within the staff team. In addition, as a player you are very easy to talk to and a very kind and helpful person. I personally have never seen any bias opinions or mixed judgements from Centurion and is fair with the judgements he makes. No matter what side youre in. Your app is very well done and I believe you would make a great Senior Admin. Good Luck Benturion +1
  4. Buck :)


  5. I meant that does the pac3 move when reloading? And if so, hit me up in Dms and teach me how pls :~)
  6. In terms of the first person with the DC15S. Did you manage to fix the reload issue where the pac moves as you reload the gun. Just Curious
  7. I've messaged you on discord a list of maps that are on the server
  8. tHe ScouTbLastEr is WoRTh eVerY pEnny BrO
  9. After reading your app, it's seems somewhat mediocre; the application is fine, however the event premise seems a bit basic (as a application). From my perspective the geonosis event is very generic. I see where youre going with the hostage situation and while it would spice things up. Its probably better to provide a more unique event that would allow yourself to stand out from the other applications. Nonetheless, good luck with your application - neutral
  10. Gforce has definitely been a great staff and is capable of the role as an EM. The applications is great and I can testify that he would make a great EM. However, like SpoonJ said, you do have somewhat of a rep of coming and going. Primarily from being burnt out, and this may impact The quality of events and duration of being an EM if you were to join. I'd personally like to see you stay for a bit before joining the EM team and possibly even provide some proof that you're here to stay Good luck gamer +1 (with a hint of salt, until you can prove you can stay in the community)
  11. Does this mean that what the juice react will return?
  12. @Spirit Will it be a newer version of the Coruscant Base or the current one? (this is based on gossip pls dont fry me)
  13. Will applications still be public and are others users (that are not staff) able to see the applications and provide feedback or is it private?
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