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  1. @Aussi Honestly got no idea, wish they would let us pre-download it so we can get straight into it once the games released
  2. Anyone that got Halo Reach/MCC for PC feel free to add me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/BuckYou_/ Lets run a few late night Jateway Jaming Infection/Invasion matches Also any thoughts on Halo coming to PC? Did anyone get the full 50$ version
  3. Ive seen you around for a bit, never had any problems with you and youre respectable and dedicated to the server. I believe you deserve a spot at the staff team. Your application is detailed and well done. Good luck with your app +1
  4. SCAR Battalion is searching for a CO? i thought the great @Jeff The Māori was running the most elite of elite in imperial
  5. I can't die peacefully until I see this lightsaber in the show
  6. I witnessed him spend 3 days of his life making these Pacs' for this app. Honestly think he deserves another shot at Pac again. Good luck 5"11 ARC trooper +1
  7. Public ARC Screenings: On the 6th December (Friday after the 8:30 PM Event), Alpha Class - Advanced Recon Commando's (ARC) will hold an open/public screening. Anyone who wishes to join ARC and showcase their skills and abilities on the server may prove themselves here. The test will consist of Climbswep, Jetpack, Live Breaching (Sim) and Roleplay. Once the screening is complete a small number of players will be chosen to participate in a traineeship that will further develop on these skills and test if they are worthy enough to pass and become ARC troopers. This will be your first opportunity to join ARC as an event such as this hardly occur (once every 2-3 months). A word of warning; the traineeship is not for those looking for a casual experience. There are strict expectations in place, and more than a few participants in the past have pulled out due to the nature of the traineeship. Notice for Beta ARC, Null: Those that currently hold a Beta or Null position(s) on another character that passes into the traineeship will be allowed to maintain that position throughout the trainee period. On the occasion that you pass, you must make a formal resignation to your Beta/Skirata/Null position in order to join the ranks of ARC. Info: Friday, 6th December After the 8:30 PM Event, (~9:30 PM - AEST) Anyone attempting the screenings must have at least reached the rank of Sergeant (or equivalent clone rank) to be eligible to enter the screening (At least at some point within their time on the server). Background checks will be done in the case you are on a character that is not SGT+ If you need to contact me about any queries/questions; (Do not ask ARC about how many trainees will be taken into the traineeship.) Discord: BuckYou#1168 Ingame Alias: ARC Commander A-05 'Blitz' Current ARC Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jR823tMHiXCncJz98AXPisYmJkKeAvmKfC7MzB_kWsE/edit?usp=sharing This will be the only time that the screening will be held (in a long ass time), and it is expected those who are interested will congregate outside the designated training area at the time specified. If you are unable to make the scheduled time, better luck next time. Simply having skill alone is not enough to succeed. Your attitude and behaviours throughout the past few months will be assessed throughout the entirety. Whilst in the screening, all ARC personnel have complete authority over proceedings. Good Luck.
  8. Any corrupt guards still hanging in the forums
  9. While you have shown some decent PAC3 examples; It would be best to update them with the newer models and create some more creative PAC creations. Some of these are quite basic and mundane/outdated; I would recommend adding more examples to better your chances in getting PAC as your previous few competitions have displayed significantly more skill in using the tool. nonetheless, Good luck with your app Neutral
  10. Are we allowed to enter on behalf of someone (#GiveNinjaJedi)
  11. About time you made an app. Corvus is a Great, dedicated player that is well respected around the community. application is well written and detailed giving multiple case scenarios. Without a doubt a +1
  12. Id like to report Supreme Advisor O'Niner to the Republic Administration of Racism
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