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  1. Now with boba fett's sudden return. We can finally get a better ending to the character than him dying to a big sand anus. Keen to see what they will do to his character
  2. I feel that you are falling into the same fate as you were when you had the position of Head Event Master. You are very much lacking in the community right now whilst also not doing very much as a staff; And I wouldnt exactly take "I dont want to procrastinate and wait to apply for x" as a good excuse. When applying for these things; you have to be at your very best (both activity and performance wise). Unfortunately from what I've seen you are very much not in the right state and presence in the community/staff to be going for this senior position. Also not sure its the best idea to go for senior admin whilst in the middle of a months LOA and stating that you are burnt out from the server. Gotta ask yourself, does the server really want a burnt out senior admin that isnt playing the server. Unfortunately going to have to -1 till I can see that youre officially back, and in a good state to play and contribute as a Staff. Ill stick to my verdict. Nonetheless good luck
  3. General Category Player of the Year: @Veldt @Jazza @Rainn Best Artist/Content Creator: @Budds Best Meme: Straightway Gaming (if you dont vote this ill never do another one) Most Memorable Player: @Jazza Most Skilled Player: @Rainn Best Builder: @Tags @Rover Roleplay Category Regiment of the Year: 38th Armoured Division Best Roleplayer: @Corvus Best Duelist: @Dank Machine
  4. cool tip: no need to restart gmod. Theres a little refresh icon in the AdvDupe 2 and you press that. It will reload all your advanced dupes that you place into the folder
  5. How do you know what we want when you dont play the server tho; also I believe the community dev already has the menu/admin systems down and complete so could you possibly provide more examples or expand on what else you can do.
  6. Buck :)

    917th - Order 66

    This looks ebic, +1 for breaking the geneva convention in the star wars universe
  7. Honestly, I actually agree with Humbug with going back to the old application system where you were free to write instead of being restricted to tiny ass short answer text boxes. Lets the person applying provide more than just a block of text to answer questions since it allows them to format and structure things better etc. Probably wont happen because management likes the current way but would be nice to go back and actually have players apply the old way instead of a yucky short answer textbox Another thing that should be brought up is that the page numbers dont even work. You have to write a /page/2 to go to the second page when looking through older posts which is pretty annoying.
  8. While you were a good EM from memory, is there any assurance you can give us that you wont just dip like the last time or have the sporadic event schedule incidents like last time? (unbooking last minute with no notice.) What have you done to actively improve on that? Other than that, from memory you did have some quite good events and wouldnt mind seeing you in the team, however the EM team needs to ensure that we have active members. So until you can prove otherwise, gonna have to give a Neutral
  9. You had the position of Junior EM a month ago, and from memory you were in that position for a month or less. Your application also seems to be rushed and doesnt go into full detail with some of the questions. Finally, from my experience. You were quite a very passive aggressive EM, especially when it came to criticism directed towards you or your event. Will have to -1 until I can see some sort of change from you, also would like to see some dedication towards the server (something that will prove you will stay around this time)
  10. The Battle of [REDACTED]2020 Halloween Campaign [Gateway Gaming spoopy] Campaign Backstory:As tensions between the CIS and Republic grow, our armies thin out across the galaxy to hold and stabilise Republic sectors and defeat CIS Attackers. Recently the 495th Expeditionary Fleet has sent an urgent distress call. Task force Gateway is to be redeployed to the Unknown Regions to investigate the recent and sudden disappearance of the 495th Expeditionary Fleet. All troops prepare for redeployment. Details: DATE : 31st October (Saturday - Halloween) TIME : 1:30pm AEST (ends around 10:30pm) NOTES: This will be a server wide campaign and will be off-base. So pack your bags and grab some extra ammo Credits: This Campaign will be a collaborative effort of ALL Event Masters
  11. So your thought is: "Lets remove a very well known Senior Event Master because he used a common map but it crashed out of nowhere" Do you even read what youre saying, this is not staff abuse, its not even andy's fault he crashed the server. How about having some more thought into making these kinds of reports before posting them. Event Masters arent exactly expert level designers that know the inner workings of Garrys Mod. We're people and we make mistakes. Just like your mistake of putting this Staff Report in the resolved section in the forums :~) Edit: mans moved his post to correct his mistake of putting this report in the wrong part of the forums
  12. Personally havent met you yet, your application/submission looks top-notch and you seem to be a capable event master. Will hope to see you ingame and assess how you do throughout the next few weeks. Neutral until I can see how you are in-game
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