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  1. Accepted Contact me on DiscordBuckYou#1138 Thanks for the riveting music
  2. Clone Wars PAC3 Application Guide and Expectations It is recommend you read through this if this is the first time you are posting for a PAC3 Application = CW PAC3 Application Guide = Before Applying: Before creating or submitting your PAC3 Application, you should try looking through recently previous submissions to see examples of the types of PACs you should be making. Scroll through a few and plan out what you want to make and get a rough idea of the current standards of PAC3. Make sure to see who was denied and who was accepted (recently) to understand the current standards. See what they did right or wrong and attempt to replicate (But not copy) the submissions that were accepted. Link to Previous CW PAC3 Applications: Resolved Applications - Gateway Gaming While Applying: When uploading Pac3 Applications in video format, applicants are to use YouTube to send their videos. Do NOT send or upload straight .mp4 files to the forums or it will not be accepted. NOTE: As of writing, the only way to include Youtube links in your PAC3 Application is to submit images, then edit the application to include the Youtube Links. = CW PAC3 Application Expectations = Minimum Expectations: NOTE: Meeting the listed minimum requirements for PAC3 is not guaranteed to get your PAC3 Application accepted, especially while PAC3 is at high demand == For the minimum requirements. You should aim to have: == - Not have Pastebinned or Dropbox elements in your PAC3 (your work must be your own) - Have Various Prop Models with bone manipulation in your PAC3 (Have props on your playermodel) - Create a bindable custom stance (Change the bones to make a stance and link it to an event) - Create at least one Basic animation for your playermodel ========================== Recommended Expectations: == For the Recommended requirements. You should aim to have: (But not limited to) == - Not have Pastebinned or Dropbox elements in your PAC3 (your work must be your own) - Event Based PAC3 that's linked to a different attribute (Make the players health/speed/stance; link to an event) - Utilize a Proxy within your PAC3 Submission(s) - Utilize submaterials within your PAC3 Submission(s) - Create a Custom Animation using your playermodel within your PAC3 Submission(s) - (Advanced PAC3, Good to have but not strictly required) Weapon Viewmodel Manipulation or First Person PACs ========================== = PAC3 Tips and Guides = Here are guides to certain elements of PAC3 to assist any newcomers, Avoid replicating the work listed in these videos for your submission
  3. DeniedPAC3 Examples are not up to standards required, Ensure that all pac3 work is yours, pastebin pac3 do not count as your work.You may reapply in 2 weeks
  4. Accepted Contact me on DiscordBuckYou#1138
  5. Buck :)

    187th Revival

    If you need anymore information on other regiments; Ive attached the queue of the disbanded regiments, (187th in 5th place by Xao) which means that they are 5th place until regiments disband and create new places for the disbanded regiments I believe all regiments on CW are booked in so becoming a CO is in high demand with little supply. If you wish to see more info, just message RHC from clone wars or you can check the Commanders Sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YCMYktZMPkfZDLRbqrdMjI1mmnTwWIA1i656ud0dYAY/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Accepted Contact me on Discord BuckYou#1138
  7. Accepted Contact me on Discord BuckYou#1138
  8. Denied PAC3 Examples are not up to standards requiredYou may reapply in 2 weeks
  9. tragic, guess youre denied then jokes aside, maybe have a proper read of the questions -1
  10. Back to take your rightful place as server manager i see +1, no need to explain myself, coric is great
  11. Send video demonstrations of the pacs that showcase the animations/sounds As stated in the pac3 application rules, ensure they are uploaded to youtube
  12. If i dont see a cameo from Dooms unit Jeff making a cameo at the 22 jump street performance, im throwing egg props at the stage
  13. At least put some effort with proof reading, the responses you provided are very lacking and theres no clear effort being put towards this staff app. Please go through other applications that have been accepted and see what is expected of the staff team before writing it up. Also these kinds of comments are something you should think about before making an app, not after. You're literally saying that you didn't bother to read the app, what makes you think that staff would allow you to moderate the server if youre not even bothered to go through the questions properly. -1
  14. Ahh I see Katar Lee vii is back to doing rock analysis rp
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