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  1. We should do a romboli squad special for Gateway
  2. Do you guys need a video editing Crew? here's my resume https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-GNuIRExHU_81TJNwq3zbmfctoTy9GitIZLNhIQAP9Y
  3. @Servius the problem with restricing this and the comparison you made have very large differences. Thermal detonators can't kill b2's with one throw. They would need multiple to kill even a group of 4-6 b2's The firepuncher has a mag of 25 shots, 10 of them (2 shots because they take 5 per shot) can eliminate a group of 25 B2 droids in less than 3 seconds. I guess as a temporary fix it would suffice, but this definitely needs a fix before EMs get angery from spawning a group of NPCs and coming back 10 seconds later to see it all disappear because a guy with a 600dmg sniper can kill them all while he's snoozing. Either way, you're doing a great job with the new guns. Take your time on finishing them off. Thanks fellow gamer servius
  4. Bucket also likes to drown fish
  5. Just call it StraightWay Gaming this is amazing, follow my footsteps young grasshopper and continue the minge
  6. please no offensive comments on the forums THANKS Thanks for keeping this forums safe, Forum Moderator!
  7. join arc to get the smol gun
  8. Steam Name: BuckYouSteam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/BuckYou_/In Game Reminet/Group Affected: Snipers/Marksmans of the serverName Of Gun: FirepuncherCopy to Clipboard of Gun(ask staff to help with this if you cant get it yourself): servius_crosshairrifleWhat the stats need to be(Please reference the stats that they used before the update): 250-300 damage on impact, 15% damage on Area Damage This is literally fried amounts of damage for a sniper. > 600 DMG with a Area of Effect (Medium AOE) without damage dropoff. You can invade geonosis with the firepuncher with green tibana gas
  9. Another gamer down. Good luck with future blaze ill see you in a few weeks
  10. Any EM's that want to make a trailer for their campaign hmu 8) I genuinely enjoy making them
  11. great use of pacs, just remember you cant use particles on the server. other than that, these are amazing +1
  12. I see you are a man of culture
  13. Would love to see an episode with these 2, too bad its only one season
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