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  1. Damn Beatroot with the flicks man, I reckon you should be up for gateway gaming esports league
  2. This is beautiful art, and destined for pure greatness
  3. Alright First off, This is just bloody amazing just the way its put together, I subbed
  4. Yep definitely Easy +1 it will help out a lot for people being AFK and taking up slots
  5. Damn.. I was looking forward for the saga man
  6. @Beatroot I mean i don't know you that much but ay why not i have it.
  7. Now this is a Gamer music playlist
  8. Sir... The time has come as all good things come to a end
  9. Oops I didn't even realise i said shock i meant CG but anyways i have been used to saying that and thank you for the welcome my guy
  10. Ratatouille

    Giveaway Again

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection, My kind sir
  11. Okay, Hello there Gateway Gamers I am "Ratatouille" / Trainee 7802 in Shock currently. I have previously played Gateway before been off and on I am hoping to stay for a good amount of time, this time around and excited to meet you Boi's
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