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  1. Is there a plugin that increases player count?
  2. Denied. You may reapply in one month.
  3. Your event idea is currently inaccessible, please fix. Your app could also do with a reformat, include the question you're answering and add some colours. I'd recommend looking at some other apps.
  4. User will undergo a 3 event trial
  5. Objective menu should be used whenever possible. EMs will forget sometimes. Sometimes an event won't benefit from the use of objectives. Budds summed it up with bombers.
  6. Management and the EM team are currently working on some solutions. Will post a proper update once some stuff is set in stone.
  7. With the release of the event server, it became apparent that a lot of people were used to very easy events. To give the EM team a general idea of what everyone wants I'd like to start a discussion in this thread. A few questions I'd like to see peoples thoughts on are: What are your thoughts on the current difficulty of events? What percentage of events do you think should result in a loss to the Republic? How should you as a player, have to play events? Should you have to be constantly in cover, scared of droids or should you be able to stand in a line with other clones like a firing line? A new set of bombs have been added to the server, should these ever be used to kill groups of players? If so, what should the context be? How many times should you have to be hit by a B1 droid before they kill you? If anyone has anything extra they would like to add, go ahead. If anyone would like to discuss this privately, feel free to message myself or anyone else in the EM team. P.S. We are aware that XP levels are not currently transferring between servers, this will hopefully be fixed soon, although there will be some changes to the way it works.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm happy to announce that the event server will be releasing on Monday 20/4. As it currently stands, each event will have 4 regiments and 2 squads at max participating (this may change depending on player count). The Event Master hosting the event will switch over to the event server to begin setup well before the scheduled time for the start of the event, this means that the events will be starting much closer to the scheduled time. Once the setup is complete and the scheduled time has arrived, the event master will whitelist participating regiments, allowing them to join via a LAAT on the main server. Event Masters may be on the main server to do a small briefing for the participating regiments however if the main server is full, it will be up to regimental officers to get their regiments to the event server (for people that are late or have crashed, the server will be visible from the server browser). It is correct that there will be less events available to each individual player however we believe that the jump in quality of the events will be worth it. There should also be quite a bit more to do on the main server as the lower player count will allow for more mini events and other roleplay. If you've got any questions regarding the event server, feel free to leave them below.
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