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  1. This is because they are rules, they're made to be enforced. There is only one set of cuffs (ie only one 'difficulty'). The reason why people usually only break out of one set is because there is an OOC rule that you cannot break out of cuffs more than once. This is because it is extremely easy to break out using a macro while also being quite difficult without one. What gave you the impression that there should be the possibility of escape? It's a CWRP server, not darkRP. Escaping prison shouldn't be a significant part of your RP on the server (neither should getting arrested in the first place). Seems pretty irrelevant to the taser issue overall. Issues like this should be taken to the CG CO or a CO meeting if the CG CO cannot resolve the issue. Why do you expect CG to encourage players to break the rules as part of roleplay under the guise of them having a chance at escaping afterwards? This should only be done if the EM specifically gives CG permission to do so. If not, it should be taken to the CG CO. I don't see why there should be a debate on how easy it is to escape from prison. You're not supposed to, regardless of how much you want it to be part of your roleplay. Ideally it would be impossible to escape from the inside which keycards do quite a good job of. That's the entire point of the settings. So they can spend the extra time doing training, ID renewals, bunk inspections, patrols (ie roleplay that is actually positive and productive for the server). So they can do more productive RP. The main job of CG is not to spend 5-10 minutes chasing someone. They'd probably try doing a bit more if they weren't constantly arresting people for breaking rules that are incredibly easy to follow.
  2. Your app is pretty well written, the event idea is also good and shows you have a decent grasp of what makes a good event. My main gripe with you is that when you achieve a role you tend to sweat it for a short time, then leave it. If you actually think you'll stick it out and spend a decent amount of time as EM then it's a +1 from me.
  3. Some climbswep training would be cool
  4. Can't wait to get striked by ARC for being in administrate for their screenings.
  5. Gungang getting back together?
  6. Was a bit of a stomp tbh, felt pretty bad for s8n and rippa afterwards. GG kids
  7. Before you were banned for crashing the server, you spent most of your time stirring trouble. You almost never positively effected the server. Outside of the gmod server itself, you were just as bad. From being a pain in TS to spam negative reacting a user simply to put down their reputation on the forums. Most of your toxicity was attacks against specific individuals that you disliked for whatever reason. You're generally just not a nice person and make the server and the community as a whole significantly worse when you're a part of it. -1
  8. Minecraft Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve
  9. Congratulations Linguine, I'm so proud of you honey, you've really outdone yourself this time! I can't wait to see all the amazing events filled with passive RP that come out of this promotion! You really are a star! Lots of Love from me and your mother. xox 

    1. Jeff The Māori

      Jeff The Māori

      Very proud 

  10. The main gripe people have with you becoming an EM is that you've garnered quite the reputation for being a minge. It is definitely true that when you joined the server you were fairly mingey, racking up a lot of warns. However, in your time as 2ic in Horn and now as the CO, you've proven that you can rise above the urge to minge and can become a fairly responsible member of the server. I don't really see why you shouldn't get a chance to do some trial events based on your behaviour on the server. When it comes to your application, everything looks pretty good. As far as your event goes, it's one of the most original ideas I've seen. +1
  11. While you claim to have matured and improved your attitude, your behaviour suggests otherwise. There have been quite a few times in the recent few weeks where I have seen you interact pretty poorly with other players, you are not approachable and are quite hostile when something doesn't go your way. If you would like an example, when you were arrested today and someone in CG had a go at you for breaking out of cuffs, you had a go at him, telling him to fuck off and ask an admin, even using the "I'm an old player" card. While you may have been right about the rule, the way you 'explained' it was pretty horrible. -1
  12. From my time knowing you on the server, you've never been that approachable or friendly in general, you often come off as quite arrogant. When things don't go your way you become incredibly toxic and loud, spewing hate through you microphone. In general your attitude seems to be bad and you're quick to lose your temper. I fear that if someone were to rub you the wrong way in a staff situation you would be more likely to make the situation worse instead of better. -1
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