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  1. So you hate an entire nation of people, based on the fact that they are from that nation, and you're saying it's not racist? Denied You can make another one in a month and I'd suggest making it a bit more sincere. Perhaps talk to some Palestinians if you get the chance, they have it pretty rough.
  2. and turned into giga racism?
  3. Hello, Been thinking it would be cool to get a ship map made that could replace venator_extensive. Would you guys like to see an Acclamator or a Venator? We're well aware that a lot of people have their issues with ship maps, so please tell us what you would like to see and what you would not like to see in this thread.
  4. Is there a plugin that increases player count?
  5. Denied. You may reapply in one month.
  6. Your event idea is currently inaccessible, please fix. Your app could also do with a reformat, include the question you're answering and add some colours. I'd recommend looking at some other apps.
  7. User will undergo a 3 event trial
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