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  1. As Tom mentioned 82 hours for a mod is quite low, people are looking for dedication when you are applying for a mod position.
  2. You seem to have a petty decent knowledge of pac 3. However, I believe pac 3 slots are filled on the server as of this time. But you’ve still earned my +1
  3. No one really cares much for time on the server when it comes to these things, they look more at each applicants history rather than playtime. While a stable playtime does contribute to a small percentage its not the main factor.
  4. After almost a year on the server and pushing through to max rank as Cody despite some hiccups along the way It’s time for me to hit the road again. From my time in gateway I’ve made many friends and met some interesting people I’ll say. We’ve all had our ups and downs but most of us managed to push past them and move onto something bigger that we never thought possible. I won’t be completely leaving the server but will need a much needed break when I finishing getting blaze settled in as Cody. I wish you all the best in the future and Blaze as the new Cody. Just some shoutouts to finish of with @Tops The man the myth the legend, first person I looked up to when joining the server. Your dedication towards CG is to be commended. Trained me as a cadet the first time I joined back in phase 1. @Tom Helped out significantly when I first received Cody, made sure I was right on my feet and ready to run solo before you left. Had some great memories of the stupid shit we did, I’m forever grateful you leaving me with a vibrant and well coordinated 7th Sky. @Strac Wow we go way back, joined in when you were a sergeant in 7th, and I was just sleazy private. After you made me do 10 laps around the whole map because I didn’t salute you I knew you’d go far with what you had. Reaching field commander was a great achievement for you. Since you are also leaving I wish you the best. @Spirit Taking you into 7th was the best decision I ever made, you honestly amazed me how much dedication you had to the regiment, were a tremendous help when I started to feel the burn of being a CO. Now as senior admin you put that effort into something bigger. @Lunar Never stop dreaming of that perfect turn. Since @Solid Snake Rock hard wants go out of his way to cringe react everything I have 2 words... Fuck you
  5. You are of a mature age which is what we need more around here in Gateway, looking at your experience and seeing you around quite often is enough for my +1
  6. I still remember you in the role of Rex, those were the days. Anyways, sucks to see you go but you clearly have your reasons. Hopefully I’ll catch up with you again later down the line.
  7. Good application, but as stated before I recommend getting some more time on the server before you apply for these kind of things.
  8. Jesse

    Gateway Sax Time

    Had a great time lads, hope all goes well for you in the future.
  9. I see why some are hesitant to let you back into the staff scene, but I saw you around a lot back in the day and as RHC. Honestly I think you deserve another shot +1
  10. Jesse

    Unknown Talent?

    Mate I worked in a Pizza shop and I bloody hated it.
  11. This man accepted my PAC application back in the day, aside from that I love these designs you have a lot of different variety. +1
  12. I’ve seen pilots go in and out so many times I’ve lost count the amount of disbandments that ran in the pilots family tree, so to speak. Pilots as a seperate regiment never works out hence why it became a sub company for Navy.
  13. It’s not a necessity, but it’s strongly encouraged your PACs are clone wars era based. 
  14. I think you need to familiarise yourself with ULX commands before making a mod application. Simply putting “Using the bring command” isn’t really a valid answer. Everyone wants to see the command typed out as you would In-game. Also as Coric mentioned the colour scheme definitely needs a change, I’d have the base text white then the command/action in another vibrant colour.
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