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  1. I find most people don’t really seem to care about the written part, most just scroll down to see the PACs or click the links provided. It’s more about what you can do. Animations seem to be the new criteria when it comes to being accepted.
  2. How I met your mother is my religion
  3. Yes, I had fun listening to him whine about the must stupidest things.
  4. Pac was just an all time favourite of mine to use on the server, I probably abused it more than I should have. But beside the point I’ve known Ack for as long as I can remember and he’s always shown heaps of maturity and confidence in his work. +1
  5. Who the hell is this guy?
  6. Great effort put into this bio mate
  7. Perma banned for 1 RDM case, bit extreme if you ask me.
  8. Most people these days are looking for animations when it comes to PAC. When I first threw mine into the mix I didn’t have any animations but made sure to incorporate something unique that no one had really seen before back then. The problem with the Pacs you displayed are majority of them can be found on pastebin which can easily be copied over and claimed as yours. I’m not saying you did but try and expand out and think what you can do to really grab peoples attention.
  9. We’ll guess you’ve heard everyone’s feedback
  10. Since you mentioned some of them contain animations, you’re probably best to try and make a short video showcasing them. It’ll up your chance way more than trying to explain it verbally.
  11. Yeah wrote this pretty late and only just noticed it was an imperial application, but I still stand by what I said. Majority of mods on Imperial RP are well known from clone wars RP or have had a great deal of experience in the field before. So unless Happee has spent an immense amount of time on CWRP or has taken up the role of moderator on the server in the past that I’m not aware of, then I still believe what I mentioned needs to be worked on.
  12. It had X-men origins wire work but shitter.
  13. Alright first you need to proofread your work since some of your spelling is off. secondly, you have a week on the server which is no where near enough time to prove you can be a good and well trusted moderator. Thirdly, you need to work on your ULX commands as they are vital when being a mod. Simply saying bring them here or take them there isn’t going to cut it on an application honestly being the age you are it’s quite difficult to know whether you’re going to take this seriously or not. Maybe get some more experience on the server and show everyone you’re moderator material before you submit an application.
  14. Well when I walked out that theatre I was tempted to ask for a refund.
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