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  1. You're a good man, now get out there and enjoy the real life I kept telling myself to get. In all seriousness though, you pulled your weight like no one I've seen before and made my job as a CO a lot more easier when I was balancing full time work and running 7th at the same time. Take care my boy.
  2. You did good son, farewell.
  3. I will forever dedicate Don’t stop me now by Queen in your name.
  4. not when you're spitting straight facts son
  5. Come on centurion you know better than anyone else this application compared to others is not up to par with what people are looking for in a moderator application. There have been a massive surge in them since I was last on the server, and if you don’t put in the effort others have with theirs, then it’s going to be overlooked.
  6. Yeah sorry bud, this application isn’t very well written, it’s very bland. And I personally think the age requirement for moderator should be re-considered. 14 is a very young age and I don’t have a lot of faith you will be able to handle yourself in difficult situations. I would recommend you wait off a little and ask other mods how they have handled similar situations in the past.
  7. While I haven’t been on the server for over a year now and can’t really throw you a vote, your application is really good. good luck champ.
  8. Free games? Why not, throw me in the draw.
  9. I thought it was a real douchey move when you ditched 7th with no explanation whatsoever, however after reading this I understand where you’re coming from. When I was CO of 7th my life was go to work for 10-12 hours a day come home, play gateway, go to bed, repeat. At times it was mentally exhausting, especially around CO promotions from Field Com to Marshal when you had to bust your ass off to get them. On a few occasions I felt like ditching the reg and handing it down to whoever was next in line to receive it, but in the end I pushed on Since I’d already come so far. It’s great that you have given explanation you did, even if that meant tapping a little into your personal life. Most understand the state of your mental health takes priority. I’m glad you’ve gotten better and feel you’re ready to make a return to the server. Good luck with your application bud, take care.
  10. The best part of 612th was when Andy set up a pop up cart begging for people to join the reg.
  11. Jesse

    Windu's Fist

    hey thats actually pretty good
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