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  1. Jesse

    Unknown Talent?

    Mate I worked in a Pizza shop and I bloody hated it.
  2. This man accepted my PAC application back in the day, aside from that I love these designs you have a lot of different variety. +1
  3. I’ve seen pilots go in and out so many times I’ve lost count the amount of disbandments that ran in the pilots family tree, so to speak. Pilots as a seperate regiment never works out hence why it became a sub company for Navy.
  4. It’s not a necessity, but it’s strongly encouraged your PACs are clone wars era based. 
  5. I think you need to familiarise yourself with ULX commands before making a mod application. Simply putting “Using the bring command” isn’t really a valid answer. Everyone wants to see the command typed out as you would In-game. Also as Coric mentioned the colour scheme definitely needs a change, I’d have the base text white then the command/action in another vibrant colour.
  6. It’s happened in the past many times and it unfortunately never ends with a happy ending.
  7. Probably the longest bio I've seen in a while.
  8. This has been mentioned it other PAC3 applications, we are a Clone Wars RP server not an Imperial. It's best you provide Clone Wars era examples rather than Imperial.
  9. Great use of PAC, however I'd suggest putting some more examples in, you have 6 screenshots of 3 examples just taken from different angles/settings. Anyhow, one of the best PAC applications that have come through recently +1
  10. The “good times” were way back in phase 1
  11. It’s an honour you mentioned me
  12. Saw you trying out for 187th today, seems Richard has scored with you.
  13. Well detailed bio, the effort and dedication shows in your work
  14. I've had this forum account since November/December last year
  15. Re download the model pack, if that doesn't work you may need to re-install all gateway addons. A file may be conflicting with another.
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