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  1. Oh you playin gateway. I like ya cut g
  2. This thread gave me aids
  3. In regards to the above posts it has been followed up and found that these responses were to a situation that was highly exaggerated and made without proper knowledge of what transpired as it is a fact that at least one of if not both the people making responses were not present. I am honestly disappointed that current staff members would post responses about another community member on their application saying that they had done something "Completely unacceptable and downright disgusting" when said staff members had only heard a rumour from one person which was highly exaggerated. Basically as a summary of what actually went down was there was some banter towards a certain regiment and that regiment's commander got upset, exaggerating what happened whilst telling the other members, leading them to post these scathing replies to defend a friend. I'm going to leave the posts up so others can see what I'm talking about but as the situation has now been resolved externally, I'd like to ask that no further posts be made in regards to the situation thanks Now for my response to the actual mod app, Flanks is easily mature enough and capable of being a moderator for the server. He has past experience which always helps, and he has already been doing some staffing duties whilst there are no staff available, utilising his current powers as a developer. He's shown he's committed to playing the server with his daily activity and I think he would be more than fit for the role. +1
  4. I'm keen to become the Two Time
  5. Hey everyone, Just making this post to try and see how many people might be interested in a CS:GO Wingman tournament. As Wingman only requires 2 players per team it won't require nearly as many players as a 5v5 game tournament would. If you or a friend would be interested in participating in something like this, just chuck a response down below! For those of you who haven't played the Wingman gamemode:
  6. Just a note about “Among Us” You can also get it on iOS/Android for free and cross play with those on PC if you can’t afford the $7.50
  7. I am ready to clap some nakie cheeks
  8. Re-vote with third option or riot
  9. My immersion breaks knowing that Mary Poppins squad even exists
  10. i expect to see the map dev application soon brother. The triangle was very promising
  11. Hey everyone, just an update on the development for the Clone Wars server (no Jedi Update just yet) A lot of the changes that have been done this time around are more back-end changes of how the gamemode & some addons work to prepare for the Event Server, however there is some new content that I'd like to share with you all Added Content/Changes HUD Changes The player name label had been updated with a new font and styling Chatbox The chatbox has been changed to a more simplistic style based on the Battlefront chatbox. The chatbox also now has some new useful features. F2 Menu & Home Page Overhaul Brand new menu layout to give more screen space to the actual page and less to the menubar. The home screen has been overhauled, it now has an announcement box, A POTW section and a ROTW section. Fancy sounds have also been added throughout the menu. Presets Moved to F2 Menu This change only really applies for Event characters or Lore characters who used to use the presets system. It has now been fully integrated into the F2 menu. Arrests System for Coruscant Guard Coruscant Guard will now be able to place AOS' and RFA's through the F2 Menu. (Possibly more additions coming soon) Event Server All the needed changes have been made to the gamemode for the Event Server to work. The server itself has also been setup and is ready to go An explanation post and FAQ will all be answered in a post made by @Linguine very shortly. If you think you've found a bug or error with any of the content changes please contact me Upcoming Content J̶e̶d̶i̶ ̶U̶p̶d̶a̶t̶e̶/̶s̶ Pointshop 2 Revamp Level / XP Revamp NPC Rework Currency System Quest System Training System
  12. With people being locked inside by these Corona Curfews, A few of us are going to be putting an ARK server together. If you're interested in playing on the server, jump in this discord to get announcements about the launch and vote on what map we should use. The server will have 5-10x Rates and a couple quality of life mods (like structures+) but will be mostly vanilla. If you have any more questions just ask and myself or @Linguine will answer
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