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  2. The GG Dev team has been hard at work creating updated player models for the server. These models are all made on a new mesh different from any of our current models and have brand new textures designed to capture the look and feel of the tv series. Due to this, we are taking this opportunity to update what is currently permitted for custom player models. Soon we will be releasing new guidelines on custom player models along with a form for those with existing custom models to have their model recreated within the new guidelines. All players who currently have their own custom model will be provided the opportunity to have their model recreated within the new guidelines for free. More information to come when the form is released so stay tuned for updates. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me directly on discord at Rhinous#3183 or reply to this thread New Model Showcase Check out #content-showcase in the Clone Wars RP section of the discord for some more pics
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  5. Hey man do you want to watch batman? Add me back on facey pls xox


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      We are waiting for you to come watch Batman, please hurry!

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  7. Not a very big update but as there is a new F2 menu I'll be going over some of the new/removed features to hopefully answer any potential questions New shortcut menu! This menu will show various options depending on your staff rank, in game rank and current squad status. By default to open the menu you press "t" while nearby and looking at a player. The keybinding can be changed in the "settings" section of the updated F2 Menu. New F2 Menu! The menu has been changed to a new full screen semi-transparent style menu, the new menu has some added features as well as some removed features. There has also been a complete rework to the backend of the menu but obviously that can't be seen! Home Page/General: The whole menu has been changed to be full screen. New Teamspeak link with the other links. Can create a staff ticket from the menu bar now. The home page now gives a preview image of the map you're on and has an editable blurb about the latest Gateway Gaming news. Characters Page: The characters page has remained mostly the same apart from the addition of telling you what loadout each of your characters has. Regiment Page: Regimental Message & Links - The regiment page has been changed to be more useful. Instead of having a bunch of outdated rosters, there is now an editable regimental message which can be set by your CO (CPT+) There is also regimental links which can be set by the CO, hopefully this will help with keeping the links updated this time Currently Active Regiments - There is also a list of all the currently active regiments on the server on the right of the page. Each regiment has it's own description which can be read by clicking on the regiments name. If your regiment is not on the list it's because your CO hasn't submitted a description yet! Removal of promotion/demotion screen - Promotions and demotions are now easily done through the shortcuts menu instead of needing to open the F2 Menu! Economy Page: Making space for new features - The economy page is largely empty at the moment as it will be accommodating a perk system that will be coming in future content. This does mean space had to be made by removing the leader board that used to be there. A chat command to check the top 10 players will be added shortly as a substitute. Currency Conversion - A new addition to the page is an area where you can buy pointshop points with your credits instead of having to use the chat command. Payments - You may have also realised that there is no field to pay people! This is because paying people will now be done with the shortcut menu which will bring up a little payment prompt when selected. Presets Page: This page is the first of the pages that are not accessible to everyone, it remains mostly the same but now shows the loadout of each preset, similar to the characters page. Security Page: Another page that isn't visible to everyone. The security page has had a bit of an overhaul with the AOS/RFA submissions being merged into the same spot and finally a player search feature. Arrest Logs - All arrests submitted are now logged by the server and are accessible by CG Navy Page: Another page that isn't visible to everyone, this page is simply a merger of the old defcon and bookings pages so no new or changed features Settings Page: A new page for the menu, the settings page allows you to customise the look of the menu & change the binding for the shortcuts menu. If you find that the semi-transparent style of the menu doesn't contrast well enough against certain backgrounds, you can go here to edit the transparency/colours to your liking The settings page will be updated in the future to add even more configurability for the menu. Any feedback is more than welcome, hopefully we'll have a new HUD out some time in November but that had to be side-lined while we try to fix the performance issues at high player counts. If you experience any bugs with the new menus please send them my way and I'll get them fixed ASAP. (Vote Rhinous for best dev )
  8. I disagree with this, not every developer has to have some unique specialty, we have multiple developers who do the same work with modelling/texturing. Having additional developers who have the same skillset can allow us to spread out the workload and speed up the time it takes to complete new projects (which is why I am interested in getting more developers who can work on LUA projects). That being said, This is just incorrect. Of course there is going to be variation in LUA developers, it is such a broad topic that just because you generally know how to use the language does not mean you will have the past experience or knowledge to complete what another LUA developer may have the know-how to do. This is literally the reason for asking for examples of your work, so we can gauge what kind of capabilities you have which leads to my next point I find this quite strange as I've heard that you have supposedly been working with LUA for 2 years so I would assume you could provide more than 2 unique examples and more variety than just 2 VGUI menus. These examples show that you know how to make VGUI menus and that's it. Showing more variation in your work would go a long way with selling yourself. Budds hit it pretty much on the head, this application is to become a Gateway Developer which is an actual community position. Within our community we split developers into two main types, those being freelance developers and Gateway developers. Freelance developers are the ones who don't necessarily play the server and just work on specific jobs that they're commissioned to do by management/executive staff (This is what I think you would be more fitting to fall under). Gateway developers are the ones who are actually linked to the server, they're members of the community and since they are members of the community they're additionally rewarded for their work in ways that a freelance developer wouldn't be (such as their in game abilities and their status within the community). Gateway developers are also trusted with more than a freelance developer would be, for example they can get access to the development server and custom content that the server has had made if they want to make edits. This kind of thing isn't entrusted to people who aren't known members of the community, hence the needed distinction between Gateway developers and freelance developers. Since this is an application to become a Gateway developer I'm going to deny you as even if you were to provide more variety in your examples you wouldn't currently fit the community side of the criteria to become a dedicated developer for the community. If you are still interested in being commissioned for a couple small LUA tasks DM me on discord and I can discuss them with you - Rhinous#2568
  9. The size of the box is just an issue with how it was originally configured, if you check the tmod applications they already have text areas instead of text boxes, I'll fix the EM app now
  10. Can you link larger images, I think you just linked the preview images from discord and not the full size ones so they're too small to read. Thanks
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