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  1. @Zia Surely Head Chef Tavener is offered a spot
  2. Underneath your all white, without me there would be no wheelchair ems
  3. Supreme High General Jaguar is my favourite episode
  4. RIP A-07 Trident
  5. Yeah ok where the fuck is A-88 Bozak?
  6. I, on Walter’s behalf with a heavy heart regret to inform you that Walter has been community banned. Unfortunately this is 1st and last 4:30 debate we will see. To his fans, my heart goes to all of you in these tough times. If you have any messages for Walter I will gladly pass it on to him on your behalf. Free Walter
  7. farted (farted)


    1. Yoho


      You smell like you farted

  8. Yoho

    Zia return

    What are you doing!!!!
  9. Yoho

    Zia return

    I will join you only if you help me with maths and rap music
  10. Goodbye sir, thankyou for teaching me job code. I appreciate the effort you took into teaching a sperg how to job code, I'm sorry I disappointed you
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