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  1. -Signal Intercepted- -[Loading…] -[Reconstructing Audio] -Hello, Task Force Gateway this is the best clone speaking… SUPREME LEADER JAGUAR! For your cruel and unfair actions against me and my troops, I will be taking down the Republic and the corrupt Jedi Order I once fought for, You will bend to my power. I have taken Tinnel IV, D'Qar, Riosa, Fondor, Halcyon and now Aquaris. My conquest in the inner rim is just beginning my influence is growing and spreading across the galaxy. I will crush you all like insects beneath the fist of my fleet. I will cripple your assets, your mines, your shipyards I will strangle you like a dragon snake! There is a reason Jaig eyes were named after me. Surrender now or you will be crushed. -[Recording Completed] Background Information The disgraced High General Jaguar has recently made a resurgence. After escaping a death sentence on Coruscant, he went into hiding in the outer rim with the last members of his Legion. Jaguar’s fame within the criminal underground gave him notoriety and fame. This caught the attention of another rebellious clone trooper, “A-Ø2 Spar”. The founder of the Mandalorian super commandos. Spar and Jaguar formed a beneficial alliance. Spar would supply the firepower, the troops, the ships, the artillery. Whilst Jaguar would bring the voice and be the symbol of a revolution. This revolution would be called the Ø2 Jaguar Militia a combining of radical ideals and hatred of the Jedi. This Campaign will be starting at 1pm on 18th, this Saturday. It will conclude around 9:30-10pm. Like all campaigns triple points for regiment of the week will be in affect. This campaign will have something for everyone to enjoy this will also bring an end to the Jaguar saga of weaponised autism and growly screeching.
  2. I can also confirm this is what happened.
  3. Yoho

    I'm training MMA.

    I will fight you at Surfers Paradise main beach 11pm, 20/3/19. The first Gateway Gaming boxing event.
  4. Your application is good and your behaviour in game is outstanding, you are a great role model for the server. +1 from me.
  5. Denied You may reapply in 2 months
  6. Although sceptical at first of letting Bobby back in the community. I have come to the conclusion through many conversations with Bobby personally that he is a changed player. People tend to get confused, Bobby was only banned once. Bobby was never toxic only having fun never at other peoples expense. I must admit though he did take it to far and that is what got him banned, but I think Bobby understands that and I think he should be given a second chance we have unban people for a lot more. I think he can start a new or on the server and he should be given one last chance to prove he can be a reformed player. +1 from me
  7. J 2021 Japan is a year away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yes happy new year Beatroot, don’t drink drive stay inside and drink ivisi drink.
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