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  1. That is a good point I didn’t take that into account
  2. If the system were in place it would be watched very carefully and written down before an EM changes maps
  3. And whoever did get the most frags during events would get a special mention in mission debrief
  4. Thanks for everything Herd, good luck with everything you decide to do mate.
  5. Haha I didn’t see this we stole the demotion office
  6. Yoho

    Unknown Talent?

    Oh yeah montage of heck
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    Haha then then the b-sides and stuff. I’m a big fan of Nevermind but I have listened to In Uetro or Bleach apart from the signals of course
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    I could play the ones I’ve listened to but I haven’t listened to all the Nirvana songs haha
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    I play drums
  10. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to S.I.S database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Wrath Carbon Known Aliases/ Nicknames: Carbon, Helmet Previous Occupation: Republic Anti-Corruption Investigation Bureau Leading Officer, Strategic Advisor Of Task Force Gateway, SIS Specialist Operative. Current Occupation: Sub-Director of the Republic Strategic Information Service. Known Languages: Sub-Director of the Republic Strategic Information Service. Hobbies: Fencing, Exquisite Artefacts, Jet packs, Sharpshooting, Hunting on Naboo and drinking. Alignment: True Neutral PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities: Depression Likes: Order, Clean, Working, Strategic planning, and precise logical actions Dislikes: Incompetent Troopers, Corruption, Disorder, Discourse, Impulsive actions, THEOLDGODS, Betrayal. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 45 Weight: 125kg Height: 6 ft 4 Build: Tall and Muscular Disabilities: Prosthetic left eye and Prosthetic right hand. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Advisor 45/187 'Yoho': Carbon took down Advisor Yoho’s smuggling ring of contraband, specifically smuggling and the dealing of alcohol to Republic Commando Squads and the 501st, Niner and Batnor were apprehended after a long night of drinking in the Jedi Temple., the two stole High General Mace Windu's light-saber. Then in an attempt to evade capture from General Anakin Skywalker and Commander Ashoka Tano, they stole Anakin Skywalker's DELTA and crashed it into the side hanger. General Skywalker was furious at the two and ignited his lightsaber as he hunt the two Republic Commandos down. Eventually, Skywalker caught up with Batnor and noticed that Batnor was intoxicated. Batnor was taken to Med-Bay to recover from their drunken haze. When he recovered they were interviewed by 2nd Lieutenant Vyve. Batnor was given the choice of assisting with the investigation or be sent back to Kamino for termination. Batnor fearing termination willingly assisted with the investigation giving up key information to 2nd Lieutenant Vyve of Coruscant Guard, he gave up three names; Advisor Yoho, a Flight Cadet and Petty Officer Coric. 2nd Lieutenant Vyve had been investigating this black market contraband trade for some time. Niner was then apprehended when he came into Aquila Squad bunks with his guns out ready to fire, Vyve went to arrest him but Niner passed out in his cell, A-99 ‘Buck’ got Niner into a speakable state. Once Niner had woken up he gave the same information Batnor had given, Vyve tapped Niner to become an inside man to gain recorded evidence. Niner as per usual went to pick up his daily liquor shipment, Coric was caught in the act. Petty Officer Coric was interviewed first as there still was not enough evidence to arrest Advisor Yoho, Petty Officer Coric gave all necessary information willingly providing Vyve a motive and evidence to why Yoho would do it. Carbon was called in along with Bureau Officer Drek to investigate these accusations, Advisor Yoho was confronted at the Navy bridge where Carbon noticed that Advisor Yoho was acting erratic, paranoid and unreasonable he was arrested on suspicion but managed to evade escape by firing a blaster bolt into Drek's hair. Advisor Yoho did not make it very far past the Navy Bridge, CG arrested and interrogated Yoho, where Yoho admitted to his crimes. Just as Yoho was about to be cuffed he dropped a flash-bang and managed to escape to his ship, he captured Bureau Officer Drek along the way in order to gain leverage against being shot down by the turbo laser cannons. Yoho gave his whereabouts to his accomplice Petty Officer Coric who passed on the information, he was in the slums Nar Sharada, where he had bunkered down with the 818th attack battalion. Who were manipulated and tricked into to do Yoho’s bidding they caused widespread chaos during their short time in the city. Taskforce gateway stormed their location and 818th Battalion was terminated, Yoho was cornered and arrested. Yoho ended up getting what he deserved, he was publicly executed by fire squad for high treason against the republic and for intent to cripple the republic’s army. His body was burnt and his prosthetic eye was given to Petty Officer Coric as a thankyou gift. To the republic's knowledge Advisor Yoho is deceased, but Carbon fears that due to his resourceful nature he crawled out of the fire, he puts these thoughts down to paranoia but he can’t help but fear for his only life as he knows if Yoho is out there his mission will be to bring Carbon down as Carbon destroyed him. Bureau Agent Drek: Drek was Carbon’s apprentice for many years during their time in the Republic Anti Corruption Bureau they formed a close bond Drek felt like a son to Carbon and his death affected him greatly. He was unfortunately murdered during the Old God's recent venture of obtaining the Shards Of Nihlus. The dark side energy released from the ritual on Koraban shattered the Acclamator Derek was on. vaporizing him immediately, all that was left of Drek was a pile of ash. Carbon has since turned to drinking, in order to try to deal with the pain of losing Drek. 2nd Lieutenant Vyve: Carbon and Vyve formed a close working relationship, Carbon respects Vyve’s professionalism and ability to get the job done. Carbon wishes to work with Vyve more in the future. Petty Officer Coric: Originally enemies Coric was an accessory to Yoho’s smuggling ring. Coric regretted his actions; and turned himself in to be questioned, where he gave information willingly to Vyve. Master Katar Vii Lee: Carbon and Master Katar had been friends ever since Katar was a Jedi Knight. The events that unfolded during the Nihlus Crisis tore their friendship apart. Carbon wanted to weaponize the remains of the Shards into a planet-destroying superweapon, with the assistance of Katar. Katar was completely against weaponizing the shards, Katar wants to destroy the remains. Katar left the order and Carbon felt regret from not listening to Katar’s warnings of what would happen if the 12 Shards were united. Katar and Carbon have not spoken since Katar left the order. THEOLDGODS: Carbon is vigilant of this group as he knows nothing of them, the encounters he has had with them are limited and their motives are unknown to him or the republic. He fears their power and their grip on the galaxy, the members remain unknown to him as the file is missing. He seeks revenge on the group after the events that led up to Drek’s death. Carbon will pay closer attention to the cult as they are cunning, powerful and unknown. SIS Director Vice: Carbon respects his boss but he fears he has ulterior motives, Carbon’s interactions with Vice are limited, Vice blames Carbon for the resurrection Of Nihlus, even though ultimately it .is the fault of Vice and Vice alone. Carbon has his suspicions of Vice but will still follow his orders and respects the man, Carbon will be paying closer attention to Vice. SIS Advisor Gillette: After the death of Drek, Carbon took on another student. Gillette has proved his worth to Carbon and collaborates with him whenever he can. He may never be able to replace Drek but Gillette is still a great commander and student. Although something has been off with Gillette ever since his encounter with the Night Sisters, Carbon hopes Gillite gets better soon. Alpha ARC: Alpha ARC has proven themselves capable many times. Carbon regularly utilizes Alpha ARC in missions. Their ability to quickly and efficiently do tasks is commendable in Carbon’s eyes. General Skeng: Carbon feels as though General Skeng does not treat Carbon seriously. General Skeng makes Carbon clean his ship. He also makes Carbon clean his shoes and armor General Skeng also takes all of Carbon's alcohol because it is imperative to the effectiveness of the Clone Army. Carbon does not understand what Skeng means but it does not matter as Carbon will follow Skeng's orders blindly, Carbon thinks Skeng is a good leader who has a drinking problem. Ziro the Hutt: Carbon hates this fat slug more than anything in the galaxy. Ziro is responsible for Carbons' injuries during his time as a field agent, Carbon was sent to investigate Ziro’s crime syndicate. Carbon was undercover disguised as a Bounty Hunter. After 2 months Carbon was ratted in by a rival bounty hunter who was jealous of how close Carbon was getting to Ziro. The bounty hunter discovered his secret when she noticed Carbon’s republic issued DC-17. Carbon was tortured and beaten relentlessly for over 6 months personally by Ziro. Ziro's location was eventually made known to the rival crime syndicates. Zero fled and left the fortress abandoned with Carbon still inside. Carbon was left in the ruins for 6 more months until he was found by A-88 'Bozak'. Bozak found Carbon gripping on to life with his teeth. Bozak got Carbon the medical attention he needed just in time. Carbon was given his prosthetics that night, Carbon hopes to take an eye and a hand personally from Ziro as Ziro did to him. Carbon keeps a close eye on Ziro and feels Ziro is always two steps ahead of him.
  11. I’ve read it now lol, I can’t tell you’ve put a lot of effort into developing your character great job man
  12. Haven’t seen it sorry
  13. Very good dude, I love when people put time into these to develop a character.
  14. File///THETA-24599 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /File///THETA-24599 # ... Entering alias #... Clearance Level 4 #... Clearance Check Failed #... Clearance Revoked #... Clearance holder is registered as incapacitated #...ERROR.exe ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #... Unauthorised manual override detected #... Clearance Accepted # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Advisor 45/187 ‘Yoho’ #... Accessing Confidentiality Agreement ALL INFORMATION ON THIS FILE IS CONFIDENTIAL AND IS ONLY TO BE MADE AVAILABLE TO THE REPUBLIC STRATEGIC INFORMATION SERVICE AND REPUBLIC HIGH COMMAND. IF THIS INFORMATION IS COMPROMISED OR DISCHARGED WITHOUT AUTHORISATION OF THE SUB-DIRECTOR IN ANY WAY IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF THE PERPETRATOR/S WILL BE ENFORCED. DO YOU ACCEPT //yes #... Accessing A-88 ‘Bozak’ Mission Audio Logs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [AUDIO RECORDING B-9930] Deployment went I’d say as smooth as possible, I made my way through the swarms of BXs units undetected. I successfully made it to rendezvous without a scratch.Target’s fortress is within view, I can not make out any defences which is a good sign. Omega Squad, should almost be at our rendezvous point shortly, ETA 10 minutes. *TRANSMISSION ENDS* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #... Redirecting to [AUDIO RECORDING B-9931] [AUDIO RECORDING B-9931] It has been 11 minutes, And I must say working with a Republic Commando squad is not my speciality nor am I accustomed to it. But I do not disagree with the mission parameters this mission is difficult and executing Count Dooku is no easy task, their skills will be useful to this operation.However if they prove themselves incapable of meeting me at our arranged rendezvous point I will have no choice but to complete this mission ,by myself! *DC-17m fire Fire can be heard in the background* It looks like my position has been compromised! *Niner Skirata can be heard in the background* “Sorry we're late, we were caught up with something!” “BX UNITS can be heard in the background” You’ve got to be kidding me! *TRANSMISSION ENDS* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #... Redirecting to [AUDIO RECORDING B-9932] [AUDIO RECORDING B-9932] After fighting of the swarms of BX units *Fi Skirata in background* “Bozak you moron, you did nothing you lost your knife inside one of those clankers and spent an hour trying to find it! For a aruetii with a lot of guns you certainly overcompensating for something Ner Vod!” *Bozak turns away from recording advice* “Don't ner vod me you black big idiot, SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF MY TENT BEFORE I BREAK YOUR LEGS!" "Your Mando'a is shit!" *Bozak turns back to the recording device* *Coughs* As I was saying, we have set up a camp for the night within a forest near the target’s fortress. Perimeter scans suggest the target is prepared for such an occasion, attack strategies shall be reviewed tomorrow at dawn. The one they call Darman has informed me that he has enough explosives to blow a hole big enough for the whole building to collapse. Atin is assessing the structural imbalances now. This mission is very important and we have to succeed, this mission if proven successful could win us the war over and out. *TRANSMISSION ENDS* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- END OF REPORT MORE INFORMATION WILL BE MADE ACCESSIBLE WHEN AVAILABLE #... Security Breach Detected #... External Storage Device has been inserted #... Security Breach #... ALERT #... ALERT #... ALERT #... Firewall bypass #... Contents of file THETA-24599 extracted #... File THETA-245919 Deleted #... Planetary database information on Serenno deleted #... THETA 245919 Uploaded onto external data cloud #... Systems failing #... Storage corrupted #... Sub-Director S-12/011 Carbon terminal shutting down...
  15. Why would you have that as you’re avatar in the first place?
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