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  1. Goodbye sir, thankyou for teaching me job code. I appreciate the effort you took into teaching a sperg how to job code, I'm sorry I disappointed you
  2. Yoho

    Any Musicians?

    I play drums I've been playing for about close to 7 years now. I've played in a bunch of bands and school bands.
  3. Gecko is a good fella in game he is very mature for his age and has done alot for the community as is. Simply put he would make a great EM Age shouldn't matter he has proven himself more than capable, I ran the EM team at 15 so age doesn't mean shit. +1
  4. Ok wtf Andy who gave you SEM
  5. Yoho


    Another strike, sorry this introduction is denied
  6. Back in my day 6.3 hours was a joke of a time to apply for staff, get more hours up champ and cruise around Gateway a bit more. Build up your name! Your responses are all dry, no substance there nothin. You need to go in depth; elaborate then elaborate. They need some more fat, need too be more juicy, go check out some other applications so you can get a geeze for whats good and whats slack. Go look at big Linguine's his was top shit. Your event also seems pretty run of the mill. If I had dollar for every time I did one of those events I would be a millionaire, do something cool, something outlandish but still achievable. Do something about ants or something about sharks make it cool. Your event should represent what kind of EM you are and capture your creativity and imagination. I wish you the best of luck Jordan4239 the next time I come back here to leave my 2 cents I hope to see you as the Head Event Master of gateway gaming! For the moment I'm giving a -1 sorry!!!!
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