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  1. Back in my day 6.3 hours was a joke of a time to apply for staff, get more hours up champ and cruise around Gateway a bit more. Build up your name! Your responses are all dry, no substance there nothin. You need to go in depth; elaborate then elaborate. They need some more fat, need too be more juicy, go check out some other applications so you can get a geeze for whats good and whats slack. Go look at big Linguine's his was top shit. Your event also seems pretty run of the mill. If I had dollar for every time I did one of those events I would be a millionaire, do something cool, something outlandish but still achievable. Do something about ants or something about sharks make it cool. Your event should represent what kind of EM you are and capture your creativity and imagination. I wish you the best of luck Jordan4239 the next time I come back here to leave my 2 cents I hope to see you as the Head Event Master of gateway gaming! For the moment I'm giving a -1 sorry!!!!
  2. Goodbye my son.
  3. Hello everyone this is formal resignation from Gateway Gaming and all my roles on the server. I have been playing this server since 2018 with Otis, Bobby, Walter and Bingo. We served under the legendary Commander Viking. I am surprised I played the server after the level off retardation I had to put up with. But none less a lot has changed in my personal life from my simple days as an 187th Republic Commando. I'm still in school and all this covoid-19 shit has got my school acting strange, as a music student it means I have to learn to produce and record instruments with my Iphone :). Thank you everyone for making my time special and great, these past months have been awesome. I have met some great friends some I even know outside of task force gateway . @s8n You made me who I am on the server today without your comment on my EM application and your guidance I wouldn't be where I am today. When I finish school I'll see you at the tavern. @Zia We've become really close friends, I remember the day of you yelling at me because I asked how school was haha. I'll be sure to meet up with you one day mate me and Snake will see it through personally. @Spirit Thanks for teaching me how to code even though I was a fucking Gorilla at first. You were a really good mentor and I hope everything goes well for you mate. @Beatroot I'll call you when I need you big fella. Next time my dad breaks my door or my uncle is lost at sea i'll give you a ring. Keep well in these hard times big man. @Buck :) I'll miss you man ever since our Omega days we've been great friends, I'll miss the long nights buildings bunks and hosting minge events. @AvaryAce You kicked me from the discord I was hoping to join the series but I think I am going to see you in court. @Bright See you at grill'd ARC I did shit as ARC General but thanks for being there boys. @Quebix Please stop sending me videos of you singing in the shower @Jarvis See you in Brisbane for a prayer session. @Serbo Thanks for baby sitting Walter and looking after the chickens @Linguine I'll be sure to visit the coffee shop one day so we can discuss lore. @Rhinous Thanks for fixing the server when I broke it and stressing out my IP. @Aussi You were honestly the biggest help during my times as HEM. You were a role model for what a good HEM should be. @Stooge Keep on gaming, unban Viking. @Humbug I will never forget what you did @Sean I'm not a simp fuck you. @Gforce Go outside @Coric Better Yoda then @Spooks @WraitheAU You should write a book @Marvin I hope your ok. @Rippa I'll meet up with you at the Uki pub @Vilkas Do what I could not my son. @Jarr Stop being a minge and you'll be ARC Commander @Snow Stay longer then 2 weeks. @Astro Sorry for never playing Jedi thanks for buying me the model. @Otis Thanks for teaching me how to be an EM but fuck you for doing what you did on that dark rp server. @Simba @Servius Thanks for making all the cool shit. @Andy When you stop stealing @Budds joke you will get SEM. @Sloth Keep sending me those memes please @Tander I still cannot believe we are the same person. @Ajax Stay cool old man\ @Stooge Thank you sir for your live work commentary in ts. @Red Crow S8n did you wrong man you were really good at dark RP jobcodes. @Ren Stop minging on the forums, also I hope the pregnant women gets fired. Goodbye everyone, sorry if I forgot you. I might be back one day but don't count on it.
  4. Vilkas and I are more than happy to talk privately with you.
  5. Spirit and I have nerfed the Westar 3-4 times now as well. It's really not a golden gun.
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