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  1. Accepted Welcome to the EM team
  2. You did great last time despite being very sick, you are very nice guy and keep a level head. I think you'd be yet again a great fit to the team. +1 from me.
  3. You did great during the short time you were an EM you did great thought the trial I had with you, I think the mod path would be better for you. You do certainly have the ULX knowledge now, I think you would be a great fit you are level headed and switched on. I think you'd be a great edition to the mod team, I think a little more detail would be better. it's a +1 from me mate. Good luck with the rest of you application.
  4. I would like to become Luke Skywalker
  5. Wow ok Paul Mcartney, bring the Beatles back together you rat
  6. Yes, maybe this time I can become a Jedi man.
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