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  1. Hello Mr Marshal Commander
  2. Karma, GForce, Nebula, Ace, Mongo, Quebix, Capps and myself are the trainees @Remi
  3. glad to see you've made a forums introduction. Hope you continue to enjoy the community. #nina4jedi
  4. Just a reminder Jedi tryouts are starting after the 8:30 event tonight.
  5. I'll miss spamming the zoom on binoculars with you. All the best in the future mate.
  6. Worth the wait every time
  7. I'd like to nominate @TheActualNinja for a jedi slot as well if he wants one.
  8. If you guys have any feedback feel free to PM me (or any of us I’d imagine), Ultimately this s for you guys and we want to provide the best possible experience.
  9. Lunar

    Skirata Clan

    Anything confirmed for the screening?
  10. Be seeing you at the order 66 event
  11. I've known you for as long as you've been on Gateway, and I haven't had a bad interaction with you. You always present yourself in a calm and respectable manner. Furthermore, as others have mentioned your application is very detailed. I believe you would make a good EM +1
  12. Lunar

    Uh hello

    Welcome to the forums
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