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  1. Hello Mr Marshal Commander
  2. Karma, GForce, Nebula, Ace, Mongo, Quebix, Capps and myself are the trainees @Remi
  3. glad to see you've made a forums introduction. Hope you continue to enjoy the community. #nina4jedi
  4. Just a reminder Jedi tryouts are starting after the 8:30 event tonight.
  5. I'll miss spamming the zoom on binoculars with you. All the best in the future mate.
  6. Worth the wait every time
  7. I'd like to nominate @TheActualNinja for a jedi slot as well if he wants one.
  8. If you guys have any feedback feel free to PM me (or any of us I’d imagine), Ultimately this s for you guys and we want to provide the best possible experience.
  9. First of all, thank you for the feedback. However I believe having a slightly larger staff team would benefit the forums greatly as it’s impossible for the few forum staff members to be on at all times.
  10. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Profile Checklist: Your In-game Name: Yoda Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Fishyy99/ Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:0:26888086 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions: How often do you use the forums? I use the forums on a daily basis Have you ever received a verbal or recorded warning on the forums? I haven't Do you have any previous experience with InvisionZone Forum Software? I don't but I've been learning how to the software via their guides Do you have any previous Forum Staff experience? I do not. How much time do you spend on the forums a day? 3-4 Hours. I always have it open on my 2nd Monitor Have you applied for or currently hold any other staff positions in this community? I currently hold the rank of Admin on the server Why do you want to be a Forum Moderator for Gateway Gaming? I would like to be a Forum Moderator to help provide a safe platform for the community to interact with one another. The Forum staff team is quite small at the moment and I'd appreciate the opportunity to step into another staffing position within the community. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Scenarios: 1. A group of 4 users from another community come onto the forums and start antagonizing the members of the community with hate speech, how do you deal with this group? I would start by removing the post/s in breach of forum rules. After ensuring that there is nothing in breach of server rules still able to viewed by the public users I would start a group message with all forum users involved informing them that their actions are in breach of forum rules (providing them with a link to the forum rules) and inform them that further actions in breach of the rules will result in warnings and potentially a ban from using the forums. 2. An ex-staff member has re-joined the community recently, they become active on the forums but start behaving in a somewhat undesirable manner (slandering or being abusive to other users in the shoutbox, etc.) How do you deal with the ex-staff member? I believe all users are to be treated the same regardless of holding a previous position within the staff team or not. I would again start by removing and posts or messages in the shout box/forum threads from public view, Then once again I would message the user informing them that their actions are in breach of forum rules, I would again provide them a link to the forum rules and issue them with a warning and inform them further breaches of the Forum rules will result in warnings and potentially a ban 3. A user has posted one of his YouTube videos of the Clone Wars server in the "Regiment Hub" forum, Is this the proper area for the thread? If not where should it be moved to? I would inform the user via personal message that they have posted their video in the wrong area. Informing them of the right area to post their videos in future. I would then move the thread to the appropriate area. Thank you for taking the time to read my application any feedback would be much appreciated.
  11. Lunar

    Skirata Clan

    Anything confirmed for the screening?
  12. Be seeing you at the order 66 event
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