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  1. you asked for monke I GIVE YOU MONKEZ
  2. Cccccccrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinge

  3. Get EM already you minge :P) +1 Alright lets look at whats good about you and this app, you're a good lad, you're a funny minge, fucken amazing application, you're not salty when it comes to taking criticism and actually like to build off of said criticism, in turn becoming a better person. And alot more shit I cant be fucked saying, in short I'd say you're a fairly good lad who deserves the position of Event Master. :P)))))
  4. That's just how it be when you decide to write a short narrative for your backstory
  5. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives ========================================================= GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: lacerta filius [Lass-err-tah fill-eeus] Known Alias’/Nicknames: 'Scaley", 'Erta'. Previous Occupation: Youngling of the Jedi order Current Occupation: Padawan of the Jedi order Known Languages: Basic, Dosh Hobbies: Practicing his presence masking abilities with the force, dueling, meditating, drawing. Alignment: The Jedi order / G.A.R ========================================================= PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities: Occasionally shows a lack of empathy for others who he may not know Likes: Drawing, progressing in the ways of the force Dislikes: Immense heat, dryness Personality: Talkative, surprisingly optimistic and positive for a trandoshan, a generally nice and friendly lizard ========================================================= PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Very fit, well built and tall Age: 14 Weight: 70kg Build: (As stated earlier), well built and quite large for someone his age - though this is mostly thanks to his race Disabilities: Lacerta often relies on his strength rather than speed in battle, this more than often results in him being defeated by his opponent with sheer speed and or agility. A weakness that he is actively working on improving. Appearance: A yellowish-orangish green eyed trandoshan, standing at around 6'1 - 6'3. He is equipped with custom fitted dark brown robes ready for any kind of interaction, casual or combat. Lacerta is rarely seen not wearing it. Oh and also he wears 3 necklaces, 2 of which were originally worn by his father and brother who tragically died in an encounter with a sith. ========================================================= JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): General / Master Tiberius lightsaber details: a yellow kyber crystal encased within a hilt made mostly of his father's wooden hunting spear. Combat style: Form 1, hoping to become a user of the jar'kai form or even a Saber staff wielder. ========================================================= BACKSTORY Like almost every other trandoshan, Lacerta was born on the planet of Trandosha. Lacerta was born into one of the most cruel yet generous families in his village, his father who was probably the largest trandoshan in the village used his hunting skills and sheer physicality to brutally kill the wildlife of the planet, giving off the extra food that he would gain from his hunts to the other families who had been less fortunate to have a father like Lacerta's. Among Trandoshians, Lacerta's father was definitely an odd specimen. Growing up around such a cruel yet also selfless person gave Lacerta mixed feelings about his father, not knowing whether to learn from him or to despise him for the brutalities he committed in that forest. His brother on the other hand, who was much older had taken great inspiration from his father and frequently went on hunts with him so as to learn more about the way of the hunt, Lacerta on the other hand preferred staying in their home, entertaining himself with different gadgets his father would sometimes bring home from trading with the other trandoshans in exchange for meat. As a child of around 5 years of age, Lacerta was quite quickly developing, both mentally and physically, by his 6th birthday not only had he already begun to shed his scales to reveal a much more vibrant orange looking colour, but he was already the tallest one in his classroom, coming close to being the height of most of the older kids. The speed at which Lacerta was growing at was almost abnormal, though it didn't seem too concerning seeing as how his father and - from what he had heard from his father - his deceased mother were 2 of the largest trandoshans in their village. On a very rare day, where Lacerta actually decided to join his father and brother on a hunt, he and his brother had sensed something... A presence, and a strong one at that, almost intimidating, though neither of them questioned it as they continued to move through the forests of Trandosha. After some time of walking, the presence had only grown stronger and it felt as though it was nearing closer and closer to them with each minute, his brother alerted their father, stating that he believed there was a prey nearby and that they should be ready. Lacerta would tighten the grip on his spear, readying himself for not a prey, but a predator... After only a few more minutes, behind the trio is the sudden sound of a saber igniting. As they all turn around, they are greeted by what looks to be a sith, red lightsaber in hand and clothed in dark armoured robes, charging at the 3. Lacerta's father would be the first to confront the sith, his years of hunting rewarded him with great swiftness and strength, but it was no match for the Sith's lightsaber. Upon reaching the Sith, Lacerta's father would be impaled by his lightsaber, gasping as he fell to the ground. Somehow managing to find the little strength left in his quickly dying body to utter the words "Run..." as his entire body turned into a much more pale variant of the deep red that it originally was. As the Sith allowed Lacerta's fathers body to drop to the ground he would dash towards Lacerta, holding his lightsaber over head and striking down. As the lightsaber would come darting down towards the middle of his head, Lacerta's brother would suddenly grab Lacerta from behind and pull him back, getting him away from the strike. With tears in his eyes, Lacerta's brother would do something that Lacerta had seen his brother quite often practicing but never really understood, he would hold his hands out in front of him, using the force to push the sith away from the 2 of them. The sith, not expecting this would be pushed back, falling to the ground. Lacerta would use this chance to throw his spear at the sith, making an attempt to kill him. This, would utterly fail due to his lack of experience and basic skill with a weapon. Lacerta's brother would move to his fathers dead corpse and take his father's spear along with a necklace of his. He would urge Lacerta to run as fast as he could and back to the village as he stood back up, confronting the Sith who had now regained his marbles and stood tall on the ground. He would leap at Lacerta's brother and with great swiftness strike at his head from the side, though Lacerta's brother would see this coming, Ducking under the blade of the saber as it came across, striking at the feet of the sith as he did so. The sith would quickly step away from Lacerta, saying "You are strong, young one" to Lacerta's brother.. "But not nearly strong enough" As he said this he would use the force to boost himself over Lacerta's brother and instead of attacking the brother, he would begin sprinting and catching up to Lacerta himself. Though Lacerta was fast, the sith was faster. Catching up to him in mere seconds, he would use the force to pull Lacerta back towards him, placing him in a headlock under his arm. As Lacerta's brother would catch up, he would see what has just happened. As fear and adrenaline would take over him, he would utter a war-cry like scream and charge at the Sith who currently had his brother in his hands, stabbing at the Sith's side. Failing to do so as he was impaled by the Sith's saber, just as his father was. Overwhelmed with emotions, Lacerta would bite the Sith's hand with all his might, biting through the cloth and ripping out a massive chunk of his hand. As he did this the Sith would let out a scream of pain, dropping Lacerta due to simply the sheer pain of the bite. Lacerta would move to the corpse of his brother, taking hold of their father's spear in one hand and lifting his brothers corpse in the other, holding it in front of him and using it as a shield - To explain how the hell he lifted the corpse, basically he sub-consciously would use the force to boost his physical strength, along with just sheer adrenaline and also actual above average physical strength, anyways back to the story -. As the Sith would recover from the bite he would tighten his grip on his lightsaber, preparing to strike. But Lacerta would move quickly, even with all that he was holding. Stabbing forward with his spear, not around his brothers body but in fact through it, something that the Sith was not expecting. As the tip of the spear would pass through Lacerta's brothers body and impale the sith directly into the heart, the Sith would fall to his knees, un-igniting his saber as he would look down at his chest. With the spear still sticking out, finally he would let out almost a gasping wheeze, struggling for his last breath before dropping to the ground on his side. As the adrenaline in Lacerta's body would slowly fade away and leave him tired as ever, he would use the last of his strength to pull the spear out of the 2 bodies and drop it to the ground. Dropping down to collect his father's necklace along with his brothers own one, gripping them together in one hand as he used his last second of consciousness to take hold of his fathers spear once more before falling unconscious on the ground. After what he only knew was a very long time, Lacerta would awaken in a clean room, decorated with engravings all around the walls with drawings he could not understand the meaning of. In front of him would be a meditating Zabrak. Upon his waking the Zabrak's eyes would open, greeting the young one in a formal manner. Lacerta would ask many questions with the Zabrak answering all that he could, explaining that he was in the jedi temple and that the jedi order will be teaching him the ways of the force, as when the apparently Jedi Master who was the Zabrak found Lacerta's body, he sensed a strong connection to the force within him. The Zabrak would introduce himself only after explaining every question, stating that his name was "Tiberius" and that was the only name he preferred to be called after. Lacerta would then be introduced to the other younglings, who upon meeting him would instantly begin calling him names such as "scaley" even after constantly telling them that he felt uncomfortable being called that. For the next few years Lacerta would be bullied by the others on a daily before it just kind of ceased, as they grew older they matured greatly and with each lesson they would only become more powerful, whether it was mentally or physically. Lacerta in this case would be no exception, growing to be a very tall height at the age of 14, just as he became a padawan. One of Lacerta's most memorable classes as a padawan was when Tiberius took him through putting together his own lightsaber, with the hilt being custom made from a part of his fathers spear. Now, Lacerta stands tall [literally] in the jedi order, fighting alongside his master and one of the most elite regiments of the G.A.R, Dooms unit. He is a sentinel of the jedi order, aiming to become a jedi shadow and eliminate all that is connected to the dark side of the force. ========================================================= RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked/Does not respect | Untrusted/Negative feelings about | Indifferent/Acknowledges their existence | Acquaintance/Neutral feelings about | Liked/Friendly with | Friend/Respected | Best Friend/Extremely Respected | General [Master] Tiberius: Lacerta holds great respect for his master and looks up to him as someone who he himself wants to become as a person. G.A.R Clones: Lacerta sees the clones not as slaves or copies of one another, but as brave fighters who although are kind of fighting against their will, he has respect for them, especially those that he works closely with such as the troopers in dooms unit, who he holds at very high regard. Commander [Knight] Knoot: Although sometimes VERY narcissistic and somewhat rude, Lacerta sees Knoot as a great friend and a very good dueling partner, he has learnt alot from battling him in their spare time and hopes to see Knoot stand at the position of master someday. Padawan Anos: As a fellow padawan, Lacerta immediately has a high level of respect for his good friend Anos, not to mention his helpful and just friendly personality. Lacerta has learnt as much from Anos as he has from Knoot, if not more! Note: As time passes I will be updating this and possibly even re posting as I make more and more progress throughout my time as a jedi. Also I put alotta effort into writing this so like, yeh. Thanks for reading.
  6. Alright, imma just get straight to the point. In terms of writing this is a bloody marvelous application, or atleast that's what I think, it's well formatted it looks to have alot of detail and just overall seems like you put your maximum effort into it. But writing isn't the only thing that will get you staff, you yourself as a person have to respectful and a well known player on the community, and while I will say you are an amazing person to hang around and just chat with, you're not very well known which is kinda you're biggest downside. Although before you left gateway you were probably a well known player, currently you're really nothing more than just a returning player who only a certain few know about. Sorry if this seems kinda harsh im just trynna be honest with you lol, but back to writing my response. As I just stated here and in our dm's on discord, you're not very well known, so my biggest piece of advice for you whether or not you do get accepted or denied, just try to get yourself a little more known around the server, aside from that I really dunno what else to say. You're a good dude to hang around, quite trust-worthy and from my interactions with you solely on discord you seem like a mature person, I'd say you're fit for the role. +1 big ole' +1 for you my good friend :P) oh and also great usage of ULX codes :P))))))))
  7. player bashing* I never bashed on your regiment, I was just insulting you and knotts Or atleast making an attempt to also I want to box you for the title of gateway boxing champion, fight me kawnt
  8. Ya'll are straight up cringe
  9. Name: Ninja Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198169935663/ In-game Name: Core 104th - Specialist 5476 'Ninja' Why I want it: For almost 3 years on gateway I have been basically dreaming of having a Jedi character or even a 2nd slot, with the only thing holding me back from actually donating for them being the simply fact that I am unable to. Plus I think being able to actually kill the darn droids that have like 5000 health and take 50 rounds to kill would be pretty god damn enjoyable.
  10. Oh and also, I forgot to show this but here's 2 custom animations :P) Here's an idle animation with cross arms that I made myself and a constantly itchy neck Video3.mp4 And here is my trooper inspecting his gun, running his finger across it and finding a weird substance, who knows what it is? He sure as hell doesn't, so he just swipes it off of his finger and goes back to shooting Video1.mp4 BTW sorry for flooding this place with videos and pictures of PAC stuff, I just wanted to show you guys everything I was originally planning to show for this application.
  11. Okay. Seeing as how I was limited to only 4 PAC examples with no way to explain them, I shall do it here for example 1 and 2 I feel as though they are pretty self explanatory, an intimidation animation for situations where I need my character to seem more intimidating and example 2 is just a custom jet pack with some yellow slapped on to it to show that I'm in 327th. Now for example 3 and 4 it may be a little trickier to understand Example 3: Example 3 is a custom backpack and a data pad which usually sits slotted inside of it but with the click of g I am able to toggle an animation and pull it out, removing it from my backpack and placing it into my hand. Example 4: Example 4 is just a simple model replacement for the old binoculars to not only make them look right when you use them but also to switch them out with macro binoculars, although it isn't too much of a skill flex it's still quite noticeable and stands out. Alright time to post even more of my PACs, or atleast one that I'm super proud of and worked on for literally like 3 hours, a PAC designed to change my model slowly but surely as I take damage, the more damage I take/the less health I have, the more my model becomes "battleworn". This is what the model looks like at max health, literally nothing is different from the default model Max Health Appearance.mp4 Here is how it looks at 75 health and below, you can begin to notice the battle marks (and yes I did take inspiration from the old point shop body group) 75 Health Appearance.mp4 Here is its appearance below 50 health, you can see how the battle marks are beginning to cover the Armour and are starting to become more and more visible 50 Health Appearance.mp4 Here is below 25 health, here you can actually see a change in posture, going from a tall standing trooper to what one can only describe as a battle-worn clone, losing the will to continue fighting and moving into a slouched position 25 Health Appearance.mp4 Here is the custom stance for when I hold a DC-15s with under 25 health, the difference may not be that big but it is definitely noticeable DC-15s Wounded.mp4 Here is how the model looks when it holds a DC-15a with under 25 health, although not the most perfect looking stance, it kind of adds to the RP aspect of it, the trooper is becoming tired and worn-out and struggles to hold the DC-15a in the correct manner and as such resorts to holding it in a more awkward position that although doesn't look good at least provides him with some comfort in his state. DC-15a Wounded.mp4 Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read through my application, I am always open to feedback and comments so don't hold back if you're going to comment on this application, I am open to criticism.
  12. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104834967 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198169935663/ Current in-game alias: Gunnery Sergeant 5476 'Ninja' List your current playtime: 1556 Are you a donator? No Have you used PAC3 before? Yes Why do you want access to PAC3? I want PAC access to have the ability to enhance not only my experiences on the server but others aswell. With PAC a player is able to immerse themselves in RP and turn the text they type into chat, into a reality. How is PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? With PAC I would be able to instantly enhance a scenario, whether it be in RP or OOC, with PAC I would be able to make sure everyone is having fun. Eg; I walk into the medbay with a PAC'd in twisted ankle, pretending to be in pain through my mic. This would instantly not only catch the attention of the medics inside the medbay, but it would also make them feel as though they were actually in the situation and were standing there infront of a genuinly hurt trooper. PAC3 Example #1: 849757398_IntimidationAnimation.mp4 PAC3 Example #2: 1559930081_CustomJetpack.mp4 PAC3 Example #3: PAC3 Example #4:
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