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  1. Y'know it's been 10 months and this application still hasn't been accepted, tf.
  2. Hi all! I've been playing on this server for around a month now and this is my introduction! I'm completely brand new to start wars RP and I have to say, gateway has been an absolute blast and it's player base has provided me with a wonderful welcome into the great world of SWRP, I can't wait to see where I'll go in this server! One quick change of personality later... All jokes aside though it feels good to be back here, over the past few weeks I've been really enjoying Gateway and just getting back into it really well, it's nice to see that the community is continuing to stay active and strong. Oh and also the reduction of toxicity was a very nice addition, I must admit. But in all honesty, it really is good to be back. And now since I don't want to carry this post out too long, imma be ending it here, really sorry if my writing is garbo, I'm on mobile right now and you know how writing on a phone can be. Also sorry if this was just an overall badly written post, writing ain't exactly my strong suit lol. -Specialist 5476 Ninja, signing off
  3. how is blowpa

  4. https://youtu.be/3Cny6Lc6dzU It reminds me of those days as ARC trainee, hopefully for the next batch of trainees it'll be just as hilarious and fun as I experienced it to be.
  5. I guess it's confirmed that Imperial RP is coming to Gateway. And I ain't gonna play it cause fuck that, Storm Troopers are disgusting and I want to keep my good aim. Lol, nice to see that Gateways gonna do something else tho
  6. Haven't done an update in a while, I am CURRENTLY

    RC-1140 CPL 'Fixer' Of delta squad, I'm having a lot of fun on the server and yeah 😕

    pretty short update but just wanted to sum it all up

  7. don't ask but I actually thought you were already staff, I think you honestly have what it takes, plus this application I think has quite a bit of detail. Big fat +1 from me
  8. This is genuinly epic. Please teach me, lol. But yeah, big ol' fat +1 from me
  9. oh ok, makes sense. But again, nice job on all of this
  10. Oh damn, this is like really cool. Nice job guys. Also just a question, how will you stop troopers that are below SGT from collecting tools from the tool dispenser?
  11. K, so I just want to clear some things up, I know i've been playing on gateway for more than a year now but I realized I never properly made an introduction so... HI, my in game name is 2308 Ninja, I'm, NOT NEW to the server, I like playing on gateway, doing RP, drawing, using pac3, playing video games, and more. if you need help with something on the server and can't be bothered looking for staff, and see me. Ask me, cause i'll most likely know how to solve it. Adios, idk why i made this, i just did
  12. no problem my dude. Thanks for seeing my comment on a post from April
  13. *Sheds a tear* th- thank you... *Starts sobbing* the nostalgia is real.
  14. My fav character(s) list 1. Fives (favourite) 2.Rex 3.Echo 4.Clone 99 5.Gregor 6.Fox (I have a death wish for him, because he killed fives)
  15. Yoooo.... We using the same profile pic
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