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  1. At least i have a job you unemployed fuck
  2. Name: Knotts Current Positions: Jedi Knight Age:17 Desired Position: Beta ARC Previous Roles: Lt Captain of the 501st legion for 116 days Have you ever been/are you currently a staff member?: Nope Capability with ClimbSWEP: All Why do you want your specified role in 187th?: Because purple is almost blue Are you willing to be an active and helpful member of the regiment?: Yes What will you bring to 187th that will enhance the appeal of the regiment to incoming players?: The fact i can tell funny jokes Are you currently an active member of the server?: Yes 1 hour played in the last 12days
  3. Through practice i gain understanding, Through understanding i gain knowledge, Through Knowledge i gain victory,
  4. General Category Player of the Year [No Staff] @Jazza [Best Minge] Best Newcomer [No Staff] @LongInchOfLove @Gecko @Shadowz Most Memorable Player @Cort is a legend @Jeff The Māori @Cryo Most Skilled Player @Humbug Most Improved/Redeemed Player @Grif @Liquid Roleplay Category Commander of the Year @Stingel Regiment of the Year 501st Legion Best Roleplayer: @Coric @Corvus Best Duelist: @SOUL @Akali [Form 5 DOG]
  5. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Knoot Uccell Known nicknames: Frog, Greenfish Previous Occupation: Jedi Padawan Current Occupation: Jedi Knight/Lorekeeper Known Languages: Galactic basic Hobbies: Dueling and talking with people Alignment: Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities: lack of connection to the force Likes: Dueling, Studying the history of the order Dislikes: Consular duties, learning about the force, using the force Personality: Unremarkable and uninterested in most subjects apart from dueling PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Average Age: 20 Weight: 71kg Build: Average Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Green skin, black eyes JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Knight Masters: Hosk kal,Verlon Merlo,Rann learrn, Jari janl,Gary Felman Combat style: Shii Cho,Djem So,Makashi,Zero Lightsaber details: Green Kyber crystal encased within a standard hilt wrapped in Gundark leather, sporting a Azirit plate engraved with imagery of the domes of Rodia inlaid with gold BACKSTORY in 40BBY Knoot Uccellis Born on Rodia in 38BBY Jedi recruiter Feirefiz Verlus reported the findings of his search of the planet Rodia, the report stated The Jedi recruiter had found 2 force-sensitive infants in the town of Krilf, the parent of one of the infants had refused to hand over her child, the report further states the recruiter used the force to convince the mother to surrender her child to the Jedi order. in 32BBY Knoot Uccell had been assigned into Wolf clan along with 7 other younglings In 30BBY a report is made by Jedi master Jari Janl expressing his hopes for the younglings in wolf clan in 27BBY Jedi clan wolf underwent the gathering guided by Jedi padawan Zandar Mellz, All member of wolf clan would obtained their Kyber crystals from the Jedi temple of Ilum, The members of clan wolf crafted their sabers aboard the Paladin-class corvette "Crucible" under the guidance of the Mark IV architect droid "Huyang". in 25BBY Knoot Uccell underwent the padawan trails, During the force control demonstration Knoot Uccell was unable to show a basic understand and use of the force, Due to Knoot Uccell constant failures at controlling the force the young Jedi feared not being chosen as a Padawan, During the Dueling Demonstration Knoot Uccell defeated all opponents using the masterful blade work of Form 1 shii Cho, the young Jedi was assigned to Jedi Master Hosk Kal in the hope that the Jedi master would improve the young Jedi's control of the force, Knoot Uccell would practice meditation every day under the supervision of his new master. in 22BBY the clone wars started leading to the deployment of Jedi Master Hosk Kal as a General in the grand army of the republic, Knoot Uccell was deemed unfit for active service due to his lack of control of the force, During the early months of the clone wars Knoot Uccell studied under Verlon Merlo, The teachings of the Jedi blade master leading to Knoot's refinement of Shii Cho an adoption of Djem So, the young Jedi would study dueling an Jedi theology spending little time to the spiritual aspects of his masters training preferring instead to refine the dueling skills the padawan had used to reach his current rank, Due to the lacking interest shown in the force Knoot Uccell would be reassigned to Jedi historian Rann learrn the pair would visit many old Jedi temples during this time period, the pair would discover a hidden training hall inside a already discovered Jedi temple on the planet of Perlo 4, the discovery of the training hall would lead Knoot Uccello to construct a lightsaber in the style of the old Shii Cho masters. in 21BBY Knoot was deemed capable for active service an deployed along side the 501st 3rd infantry company under the command of Captain CT-11-4782 and Jedi general jari janl, the young jedi would be granted the rank of commander an was advised to learn the art of war from CT-11-4782 before the companies next deployment, the unit aboard the republic destory "Protector" would rondavoo with republic destroyer "Watcher" near the CIS world of Cerlo, during preparations for the jump to hyperspace Jedi Padawan Knoot Uccell would meet an familiarize himself with tactics of the 3rd infantry company, The Unit would successfully jump to the rondavoo point and under the orders of jedi General Jari janl Republic destroyers "Protector" and "Watcher" would begin deployment of Fighter escorts for the LAAT'S, Jedi Pawdawan Knoot Uccell along with CT-11-4782 an the troopers of the 3rd infantry company would begin the forward push along the rocky terrain of Cerlo, During the march 1st platoon reported Droid forces had setup a roadblock 1 klick ahead of the main unit, Jedi general Jari janl ordered the company to divert half the companies force to the roadblock well the other half joined with 4th company to begin the siege of military base Bravo , CT-11-4782 took command of 2nd and 4th platoons leading them around droid forces, Jedi Commander Knoot Uccell Continued leading the remaining platoons along the main road till the unit came into conflict with the droid forces at the road block, during the engagement Jedi commander Knoot Uccell was unable to deflect the incoming fire, the unit was unable to advance due to the state of Jedi commander Knoot Uccell who had been hit in the chest well advancing with 1st platoon, 1st platoon leader Lieutenant CT-07-5936 informed General Jari janl of the current state of the remaining units still assaulting the droids on the road, the unit was advised to retreat with the wounded and abandon the dead, Lieutenant CT-07-5936 following orders boarded all wounded troopers atop the units AT-TE, the unit would mange to escape with minimal casualties due to the efforts of CT-07-5936, taking the main road back to the landing zone the unit was met with no opposition along the trek back, once returning to the landing zone CT-07-5936 ordered the wounded troopers transported to the 12th medical platoon, after 2 months of fighting on the planet of Cerlo the CIS surrendered allowing republic forces to take the remaining towns and outposts, Commander Knoot Uccell would spend the remainder of the campaign in recovery, after General Jari Janl reviewed the combat reports from the troopers of the 1st an 3rd platoons the general began training the Padawan more studiously training the young jedi in blaster deflection, the young jedi found the motions wrong due to the padawans past as a lightsaber duelist. Early in 20BBY Knoot Uccell was promoted to the rank of Jedi knight after completion of the Trials Of Knighthood. in 20BBY Knoot Uccell during personal leave would travel to the Jedi temple on coruscant to visit the retired Jedi general Jari janl, During the visit jari janl would inform Knoot Uccell of the newest group of younglings undergoing their Padawan trials, Knoot Uccell had abstained from view the trials since they had already completed the dueling classes 2 days before his arrival, During Knoot Uccell's final day of personal leave had been summoned to the council chamber by grand master yoda, Knoot Uccell during the meeting stood before grand master Yoda and 3 other member of the high council the meaning behind the meeting soon became clear as the grand master began talking about the purpose of a Padawan learner, Knoot Uccell would state his desire to not take a Padawan due to his role as a general in the grand army of the republic, the grand master would assign Jedi Knight Knoot Uccell as the mentor of Anos Voidigoad, Knoot Uccell would met Anos Voidigoad aboard the Republic destroyer "Protector" one week after being assigned as the master of the young Jedi, Knoot Uccell would take the first day introducing Anos Voidigoad to the members of the 3rd infantry company aboard the "protector". in 20BBY The 3rd infantry company was deployed to the planet of Neevda under orders to protect the planet from the CIS, The unit aboard the PROTECTOR would jump to hyperspace, arriving minutes before 3 CIS Destroyers appeared on the protectors radar, The protector during the brief encounter sent out a destress signal under order of Jedi general Knoot Uccell, the Protector would sustain damage to its engines forcing the Protector to crash land on the planet surface, During the Protectors entry into atmosphere the troopers of the 3rd infantry company were boarded into the Protectors escape pods, The troopers would land on the planet surface in escape pods upon landing the 3rd infantry company troopers began regrouping at the ancient abandoned city Of Ne'a, The 3rd infantry company began preparing the city for the battle soon coming, Scouts from 1st platoon reported droid lander 3 klicks from Ne'a with this information the ARF troopers of 1st platoon were ordered to return to Ne'a, Droid forces would reach Ne'a 6 hours after the troopers had reinforced the city minimal defensive capability, the Battle started when Ne'a was sighed by the droids then blaster bolts began to fly, the troopers of 3rd and 4th platoon held the main entrance with CT-11-4782 "Knotts" and General Knoot Uccell leading the defense, The 2nd and 1st platoon were stationed in the cities few remaining buildings as support for the ground units protecting the main entrance, The troopers of the 3rd infantry company held the city till the droids halted their advance as the burning green sun began to set, During the night the troopers of 2nd and 1st platoons were assigned with guard duty with Commander Anos Voidgoad acting as commanding officer well General Knoot Uccell and Captain "Knotts" rested, the 2nd platoon reported droid contacts shortly after first light leading to the 4th platoon rushing to reinforce the 2nd platoon with General Knoot Uccell Along with Captain "Knotts" and Commander Anos Voidigoad following behind, The company was able to hold the perimeter till droid bombers began bombing near Ne'a forcing the unit to take cover in the builds, to retreat inside the buildings, After the bombing 2nd 3rd and 4th platoons returned to defending the main entrance during this time Commander Anos Voidigoad would take command of the 1st platoon, The units of the 3rd infantry held the city of Ne'a for 102 hours after the crash landing of the republic destroyer "Protector" the casualty report for the battle at Ne'a states The naval members aboard the Protector, All members KIA The medical personnel aboard the "Protector",38 out of the 41 KIA The Troopers of the 3rd infantry company in Ne'a 1st ARF Platoon 2 out of 41 members KIA, 2nd Infantry Platoon 12 of 41 members KIA, 3rd infantry company 27 out of 41 KIA, 4th infantry Platoon 11 of 41 KIA. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Jedi Order: The order is a sign of hope for the young jedi Jedi General Hosk Kal: Being his first master the young Jedi views him as one of the greatest Jedi in the order Jedi Blade-Master Verlon Merlo: Being the main reason the young Jedi has spent most of his young life learning an mastering Shii Cho Rann Learn: Teaching the young jedi the value of the history Jedi General Jari Janl: Serving under him during the Cerlo campaign the young Jedi views him as a true leader Jedi knight Gary Felman: After being deemed too focused in his pursuit of mastering Shii Cho the young Jedi was reassigned to the Jedi knight Gary Felman to learn more about the force Jedi Knight Charls: Serving as a Padawan at the same time as Knoot Uccell Jedi Knight Tomas Orell: Serving as a Padawan at the same time as Knoot Uccell Jedi Padawan Anos Voidigoad: Being the Padawan of Knoot Uccell, the master cares greatly about his student Jedi Padawan Lacerta Filius: Meeting him during a visit to the jedi temple the massive lizard had a habit of standing out Jedi Padawan Alicia Clessid: Meeting the young jedi during a visit to the jedi temple, Knoot Uccell views the diplomat path as a noble one but stating its lack of combat training shouldn't be the weapon of a jedi during war Padawan Jett Malone: Meeting during a dueling class in the jedi temple the young jedi didn't last long Padawan Edward Proudmoore: Meeting the young Umbaran jedi briefly before leave the temple Republic: The young Jedi feels the republic are the hero's standing against the evil CIS 3rd Infantry Company: The young Jedi views the troopers in the 3rd infantry company as brave men 3rd Infantry Captain CT-11-4782 "Knotts": Leading the 3rd infantry company under the command of Jedi general Knoot Uccell, 3rd Infantry lieutenant CT-07-5936 "Hammest": Leading 1st Platoon during the clone wars CT-07-5936 was the undisputed 2nd in command of the 3rd infantry company
  6. Oh,are we friends @PartAlien?
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