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  1. this is a bruh moment
  2. fat fucking minge stop saying bruh it hurts my feelings

  3. Otis

    Favourite regiment?

    187th certainly was something
  4. +1 Snake is very capable of doing the right thing when necessary and I've heard that he has indeed been doing this by fixing up his act and whatever. The EM team really needs some fresh new EMs who won't limit peoples abilities and be total ass wipes.
  5. that is cheating, no demons 1 on 1 fists only bruv
  6. eNOUGH OF THIS tomfollery, lets take this outside bruv
  7. Nice try bruv but I live in Piccadilly so that asteroid will hit some random wanker
  8. Oi listen here wanker I go for machester don't spread these lies of me liking that dogshit liverpool ye. Me and charlee are gonna belt you down at the train station ya bellend.
  9. Otis

    Bright's Hairstyle

    what a useful thread
  10. If you want to leave try breaking all connections, i.e uninstalling Gmod or Teamspeak or just don't check the forums and focus on your schoolwork :))
  11. I would've liked to leave without so much tension unfortunately me acting like an idiot hasn't helped that. I apologize to anyone I might have affected. In short, I'm leaving my role as Lock and Event Master and I most likely won't return back to the server. Over these last months, I've grown incredibly cynical towards the server and my overall enjoyment just hasn't been there. Put it simply, I'm burnt out. After playing around 800+ hours of one server, you start to get a bit bored and overall there is no point of me holding onto my roles as my attitude just hasn't been there. Not going to put in any cheesy bullshit but I appreciate anyone who has helped me or considers me their friend. No shout outs for names, if you were close with me you know who you are. cya :))
  12. You honestly work your ass off for the server in many regards and it’s very applaudable. You’ve written up an extensive application and you have shown that you want Moderator to truly help and benefit the server, rather than power gain. +1
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