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  1. +1 I think it’ll be good to get some more forum staff back up. It’s not the most difficult job so I’m sure you’ll do fine.
  2. Hello there kind sir known on the Internet as 'Rug'. I have come to address that I am indeed interested in participating in the game you refer to as 'skywars' on the hit game created by the successful Swedish company Mojang, 'Minecraft'. I will send you my username as quickly as possible but first I must be given a gaming schedule at which we can efficiently play the video game known as 'Minecraft' and the popular multilayer server of 'Hypixel' Signed, Otis
  3. hi walter i would love to minecraft game with u
  4. As I breathe, you will not pass
  5. Already did in the shout box
  6. Otis

    no ur not
  7. I went to my dog and yelled sicko mode then proceed to slap him as a epic funni prank!. It was very funny until he pulled me up and now I am scared1
  8. Whatever chuck us in
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