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  1. Not to repeat too much on what everyone else has stated, but Bobby truly has changed his outlook and attitude and really wants to join back to have some more fun with the guys. He understands the server limit and has really matured his way of thinking. It's been a while since he was banned and I don't see why he can't have a second chance. +1
  2. Otis

    Funny Image 2

  3. Sorry Buck apparently I can't have an opinion, GOODBYE!
  4. you made the funnest events that you could enjoy without messing around in them, now that's some serious talent. great work to you good sir.
  5. I remember you had connections with diclan and it was pretty obvious that both of you were only there to minge. although you weren't as bad as diclan, you were still a huge minge but it's been a very long time and I think you can have a second chance +1
  6. Otis

    funny meme

    thank you walter, this is funny!
  7. Otis

    I am back

    sorry bro just a prank!
  8. Otis

    Ban Apreal

    Can you at least explain what could have led you to get banned? Were you minging or something like that?
  9. +1 A perma ban is just way too far. This is just a clear ignorance from Astro who has showed this before in another ban he committed.
  10. if ur reddit karma isn't 20 or above then don't talk to me 

  11. i remember @Karma used to do this unsure if he still does cant wait for you to be stream sniped
  12. *repost because my original comment was deleted for being to mean minus 1 you are a very toxic player to many people. sure, some of it was justified against me as my behavior was atrocious but you are needlessly toxic towards everyone and throw a tantrum when something doesn't go your way. as an example, when yoho gave you negative feedback after he ran with you in an event, instead of taking it into some form of account you accused them of reg bashing and upheld a grudge. I can't ever see you in a staff position as I feel you would just abuse your powers on someone if they called you something mean.
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