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  1. Name: pYROSteam Profile Link https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198136196516/In-game Name: pYROServer: (Imperial RP)Why do you want it: he want the lifesave and fight of the blue lifesaver and he might come back
  2. Not even mention Doom SMH. Sad that you’re leaving CW. But excited to see you on Imp more, take care.
  3. That's Disney for you. They only put effort into Frozen
  4. Very Good, only concern is color, everyone here has very poor eyesight and the text is very bright and hard to read
  5. Now he gonna die or become a Inquisitor, poor lil' Andy
  6. As Sparx says, very basic PACS. You have potential but just need to show your imagination and skills a bit more
  7. Its very sad to see you go, I wish I could of experienced more of your events and talked with you a lot more. Good luck mate.
  8. should of broken it at the end.... To resemble your flying.
  9. Goodbye buddy, return to us one day! @Farrow Mel You ok mate?
  10. Very sad it’s over. It was a lot of fun to watch these. Amazing as usual Buck.
  11. He sounds like a goose
  12. Stop cringe reacting pls, thank you

    1. Solid Snake Rock hard

      Solid Snake Rock hard

      I'd cringe react but I'd get in trouble 😕

  13. Absoultly Amazing Pac's that you have made. +1
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