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  1. Good to see this, hopefully it can be the solution to a long time issue.
  2. If your after something similar to what you have posted, i'd be searching through chillstep playlists on youtube. Should provide plenty of fruit.
  3. Nexoit

    The Return

    I am quite happy to be interviewed if Rambo wants me on
  4. Nexoit

    Giveaway Again

    I require the $50 voucher so I may distribute this game for the union. https://store.steampowered.com/app/362930/Garfield_Kart/ Steam Gift card tho
  5. Didn't you arrest a group of people for marching around the ship in a single column? Hate to see what would upset you as a moderator. Obvious big -1
  6. Pineapple is good in all forms.
  7. Twi'lek meth edition sums it up. Enjoying the Mandalorian but there is not much happening currently to develop the story. It's still not a bad watch though.
  8. All Juiceboxes have an expiry date.

  9. Hey fellas, Humble Bundle currently have a great monthly deal. It includes the new Spyro, Crash bandicoot and CoD WW2 all for only $12 worth checking out if interested. https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?refc=S5P0rA Just remember to cancel the recurring payment once purchased. Otherwise they will bill you next month.
  10. +1 Bit hefty? Gibbzy has been a well established member of the community for some time now, a previous marshal commander and staff member. I do believe he deserves more of a chance than 2 warns? Unsure how staffing is being done nowdays but there is a general rule of progression within punishment. Warns>Kicks>Timed Bans>Perm Ban. Seems like Astro has gone over the top jumping from warns to a perm ban... Specially for as I said, someone whos been around for a long time. A dear message to Astro
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