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  1. It does shoot at an extremely fast rate as is. A fire rate nerf could be a potential option if it is possible to do
  2. Vyve would be a good fit for the staff team, he has experience and is very active. He also presents himself in and good way and isn't afraid to speak his mind +1
  3. This is not the correct format for change on this matter. In future I would suggest leaving these matters to the co’s of the regiment as they understand the correct form of change and are directly apart of any negotiations that may take place. If there are any further issues please feel free to contact me in game or on discord/teamspeak
  4. Not much needs to be said for Crossfire. Dedicated, well behaving member of the community. He performs well and I have confidence in his ability to staff. +1
  5. Can’t argue with that +1
  6. HC have had a chat and its been decided that the changes be reverted. It is highly recommended that you use the teamspeak as it does enhance players experience since most active community members use it. However if you choose not to use teamspeak then we ask that you attempt to move over voice communication from private discords over to our GG discord that was created not long ago.
  7. Everyone who's put themselves forward for the chess tournament have been sorted into a randomised roster. I wish everyone good luck and hope everyone has fun. I'd also like to mention that there is a prize which has been donated by @Simba 1st place = $25 2nd place = $10 3rd place = $5 Roster can be found here: [URL]https://challonge.com/GG_Chess_Tournament[/URL] I have made a discord for those competing so that times can be sorted for players to play their matches. Spectators are welcome at the matches.
  8. Kyroe is a calm and collected member of the community, easy to get along with and he has the qualities of a good staff member. He has a history on the server within the staff team. I believe he'd be a good fit for the team and should do the job well. +1
  9. I'm pleased to announce that @Simba has been kind enough to provide a reward for the Tournament. A big thanks to Simba, I really appreciate it and I'm sure the players will as well. 1st place = $25 Steam Card 2nd place = $10 Steam Card 3rd place = $5 Steam Card.
  10. I'll be posting a reply with an idea on how to work the schedule. If players who are versing cannot attend at a certain time arrangements can be made that suits both players.
  11. I have been thinking for awhile about hosting a tournament for Gateway players, I've decided to start small and host a chess tourny using a knockout style. This post is for player interest. Please comment if you have interest in being in the tournament, you will be added to the list to compete. For those who have asked it is hosted in-game, a schedule and times will be worked out, spectators will be allowed for those interested. It will likely go over multiple days. You have until Wednesday to put your name forward There is a reward for the finalists of the tournament. The reward has been provided by @Simba Thank you for your generosity. 1st place = $25 Steam Card 2nd place = $10 Steam Card 3rd place = $5 Steam Card So players understand the style of knockout I've created this example. [URL]https://gyazo.com/f41760676d8ee5d6e8ccdafa7e2b670d[/URL] Chess tournament expression of interest list: 1 - Nexoit 2 - Argo 3 - Splash 4 - Rippa 5 - Kyroe 6 - Thire 7 - Andy 8 - Bismark 9 - Rover 10 - Storm 11 - Dank 12 - Snow 13 - Blowpa 14 - Miller 15 - Icarus 16 - Spirit 17 - Centurion 18 - Dan 19 - Stone / Jeff 20 - Goatward 21 - Sevens 22 - Linguine 23 - Otis 24 - Gforce 25 - Rein 26 - Rhino 27 - Bueno 28 - hambo 29 - Jarr 30 - Buck 31 - Crossfire 32 - Vyve
  12. Nexoit

    Good deal

    Humble monthly has a good deal going at the moment for those interested. Pay $12 and you get Assassins Creed Origins as well as 4 random games. The 4 random games probably aren't to special but $12 for origins is a good deal. https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_twos_tile_index_1_c_may_2019_monthly Keep in mind its not a constant monthly fee, you can do a one off payment and then cancel the subscription. I've done it many times. Enjoy
  13. Big fan of dark souls so I’ll get this game for sure. So far what I’ve seen and heard has been all good
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