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  1. Yes indeed, it'll be awesome for a sound enhancement for the server.
  2. Does anyone know what is room is for on the main map we use. I've remember using once but I went to see it in Singleplayer. Hard to get too but its so hidden.
  3. Name: 4037 FCP Jacob Alias: Jacob Jedi and 2nd character
  4. WELCOME TO JACOB'S GALLERY. Sorry about the layout, if kept removing images as I changed the size.
  5. Help him S8N your his only hope!
  6. +1 Ajax is a great person and I'd love to have Ajax as a Moderator. He nice, creative and he deserves a +1 from me! Congrats on being a Mod (A lot of +1's I bet you're gonna make it in)
  7. Falcon

    Hi I'm back!

    I saw and I have nightmares
  8. Falcon

    Hi I'm back!

    Thanks Otis, make sure that the armor gets dirty!
  9. Ok, so when I played IG I enjoyed it for 3 days. Until the next 2 days I got a lot of crap. 3 people have mistreated me in the IG community. Now, I heard that Phase 2 have come out and also 327th is alive as well or 717th. The main reason why I'm returning is because Gateway Gaming knows how to treat each others. Being kind one to another. Gateway Gaming is more friendly than IG. I'm back baby! I'll be on at 3:00pm (NZDT)
  10. Merry Christmas everyone hope you having a awesome time with family and friends! Still remember joining Gateway and now today is Christmas! Lots of wishes for you guys in the future and good luck!
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