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  1. LOGGING IN... Trooper Information > Biographies > 612th Trooper: 9825 - Selected. Full Name: CT - 9825 Known Alias’/Nicknames: 'Apollo' Previous Occupation: 612th CT Current Occupation: 612th Combat Medics Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Enjoys practicing medical techniques, tends to also practice climbing skills and his aim on the DC-15A. Alignment: The Grand Army of the Republic - Neutral CT PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: Minor case of PTSD in "loud noises" Likes (optional): Troopers who don't get shot, dead droids and the DC-15A. Dislikes (optional): Droids (Obviously), Gun with no Ammo, Troopers who shot others. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Minor"ly" Stable Age: 24 with aging Weight: 81kg Build: Average height & thin Disabilities: None of the kind PERSONAL CONFIGURED BIO Apollo since he was born has dreamed of the Medical Career, as he trained he discovered he kept skills in Combat and Front Line Assist. Apollo found his dream coming true once he joined the 612th Attack Battalion, a regiment that was perfect for his characteristics. Later in Apollo's career he was able to join the 612th Combat Medic Sub-Regiment, which was even better. It was the true definition of Fighting and Healing. Apollo loved the Front Lines, but as much as he is a Soldier - he is also weak, not weak as in strength wise but more that Apollo would "complain" for small things. Apollo also had a friend who he fought with in his early 16's. He was 9824, a code down from Apollo - nicknamed Artemis (Not a real trooper, just canon in Apollo's story.). Artemis was the opposite of Apollo, he worked in Navy managing troopers - from time to time Apollo found moments during the day to talk to Artemis. Artemis mentioned many troopers, some unique and some original. Artemis and Apollo were best friends. Although, during a mission Apollo and Artemis were both in - the ship that Artemis was aboard on had crashed. Apollo tried to find Artemis, looked everywhere. But the debri has ignited from the remaining fuel and Apollo was hurt. He received 3rd Degree Burns to his chest. But yet, Artemis although considered dead may still be alive. In summary, Apollo is a strong fighting trooper - but his medical skill is only from what had happened on that day. Apollo will always continue to search for Artemis. In his free time he searches through databases and maps to see if Artemis is mentioned. And during missions on the planet which that event took place (Kashyyyk), he searches when on patrol. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading (If you did), if you have any questions of Apollo please ask in the replies.
  2. It'll be cool to see a scene of the 612th Combat Medics, or maybe even the 612th itself. With some people aiming guns and medics maybe doing some medical stuff. Even way this artwork is very well done and looks awesome. Nice job!
  3. Gotta say that's a +1 I would straight up enjoy that event, learnt quite a lot just reading that. Pure mastermind that would be an awesome EM to have.
  4. Yes indeed, it'll be awesome for a sound enhancement for the server.
  5. Does anyone know what is room is for on the main map we use. I've remember using once but I went to see it in Singleplayer. Hard to get too but its so hidden.
  6. Name: 4037 FCP Jacob Alias: Jacob Jedi and 2nd character
  7. WELCOME TO JACOB'S GALLERY. Sorry about the layout, if kept removing images as I changed the size.
  8. Help him S8N your his only hope!
  9. +1 Ajax is a great person and I'd love to have Ajax as a Moderator. He nice, creative and he deserves a +1 from me! Congrats on being a Mod (A lot of +1's I bet you're gonna make it in)
  10. Thanks Otis, make sure that the armor gets dirty!
  11. Ok, so when I played IG I enjoyed it for 3 days. Until the next 2 days I got a lot of crap. 3 people have mistreated me in the IG community. Now, I heard that Phase 2 have come out and also 327th is alive as well or 717th. The main reason why I'm returning is because Gateway Gaming knows how to treat each others. Being kind one to another. Gateway Gaming is more friendly than IG. I'm back baby! I'll be on at 3:00pm (NZDT)
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