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  1. Not the place to discuss this. take it to a PM on discord or something
  2. yea like a cross between dark troopers and the security droids like K2SO
  3. ANTLION EVENT ANTLION EVENT na but that episode was shit
  5. You don't need to tell me how to develop for this community or any other, I developed for gateway for the most part of the last 3 years. You are applying to be a Gateway community developer here - not a one-off outsourced developer. Your name is going to be labelled as a developer for everyone to see and you will become a person for many to turn to for development concerns, both within management, and from the community. You don't have to become a "developer" to recieve work, you are applying for the community position of Gateway Developer, and thus a stable and constant community presence is required. I am not at all trying to discredit you or your abilities, just trying to make you aware of the actual role you are aiming for with this application.
  6. That's a big assumption. I can tell you from experience that a server presence is enouraged and required. There is no truer way to recieve unfiltered feedback on your work than walking around incognito and hearing your work being discussed by the people that it actually affects. Playtime also builds a level of trust between management, players and potential developers. There is close to fuck all that a server owner would want a dev with no obvious investment or interest in playing their server. As with any role in Gateway, server and community presence builds your reputation and puts you above other applicants. Sometimes a job is handed to a developer, but most often projects are developer driven - once the approval of execs and the interest of the playerbase is gained. Anything made that benefits the experience is considered, and most of my past contributions as a developer has been the product of my own invested interest in the idea - and it made a place for itself. Show initiative, you're not gonna be some robot on an assembly line, you are expected to actively improve the systems that affect the players.
  7. Budds

    917th - Order 66

    "During an era when the Hippocratic oath had been downgraded to an optional Hippocratic suggestion"
  8. Had been using some HyperX clouds for the past year or so, but the shitty fake leather on them started to flake and i think the headrest had snapped by the time I was done with them. Currently using some Logitech Pro Xs that my girlfriend bought for my birthday, good so far but will need to see how they hold up after a while. the volume control on the cord is really sensitive though so for the first few days i thought my audio drivers were fucked because everything was quiet at max volume. For my mic I swap between a standalone Blue Yeti and the headset mic, depending on how much desk space i need.
  9. If it turns out garbage it will be the single biggest gaming calamity in the last 20 years. like bigger than Battlefront 2 launch, bigger than No Man's Sky launch or Anthem. By this point it's probably impossible to live up to 7 years worth of hype, but CDPR has an amazing track record of great RPG games and a pro-consumer ethic. The game has been delayed several times because they still weren't happy with it, meanwhile EA pumps out a new game every 6 months and only fixes it when someone takes them to court. It may not live up to the hype, but theyve put in so many failsafes that i can say withh confidence that it will set the bar for next gen RPGs.
  10. Hello gamers, as we know this year has been fucking awful. I had my 20th last Sunday so i have abit of extra cash to toss around, So here I am to do something good for 2 lucky people! I am giving out 2 Steam preorders of Cyberpunk 2077 - probably the only thing we have had to look forward to this year. The winners will be drawn on the 1st of November and the game will be given out in the form of a Steam gift. All you have to do to enter is react to the post and leave a reply below, along with a cool monkey pic (the last bit is optional) Some rules for the giveaway, to ensure that it is as fair as possible. If you have already preordered Cyberpunk on ANY other platform, I ask that you be honest and considerate, and sit this one out. Give others a chance. You may nominate someone else, but similar to the last rule, not if they already own Cyberpunk. If you are aware that you WILL NOT be able to run this game on your computer, please reconsider entering the giveaway. I don't want to give out a game that you cannot use. No applying with alt forum accounts to increase your chances. If you win I will contact you and add you on steam, If you do not respond within 24 hours, I will redraw a new winner Good luck gamers, check back in on the 1st of November to see the winners!
  11. na, this is a halloween image
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