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  1. Yea i will add this ugly bee hat to the draw from my own backpack
  2. Budds

    Sea of Thieves

    ♫ OOooOo Uh-y̵͚̺̻̲͙̦̏͗̚ͅy̷͎̺̝̩͘e̶͔̍̀́͆́̚͝ȩ̸̥̭͓̒̈́̆̅͗̕̚̕͝a̸̼̦̍̓̓̃̈̌̄a̵͚͗͂̃̉͛̇͂́͋u̸͎͉̣͉̓ū̶̲ĝ̵̛̪̘̱͇̬̈́̇̄͊́̈̔͜h̷̢̛̯̖̟̹̬̫͂̃̀̍́̓́͜͠ͅ, Im JUst, SaILinG Thhe 𝕊𝕖𝕖𝕖𝕒𝕒𝕒𝕒𝕫𝕫𝕫𝕫 ♫ ♫ O҉O҉O҉O҉a҉a҉a҉o҉o҉o҉H҉h҉h҉g҉h҉h҉h҉h҉h҉h҉h ♫ ♫ iN mY PirAte ShIP α𝐚ᗩ𝒆𝕖έ𝐞ᗴᵉⒺ𝑒𝒆ᗴ!!! ♫ ♫ I'M GOINg WIth ThE ῳıŋɖ ♫ ♫ I'm GOing wiTH tHE WÌÌÌÌïïïññññññÐ ♫
  3. Didn't he just lose custody of his kids, and get forced out of his state?
  4. We team up with the Director and watch his huge robot fucking smack down with the beast.
  5. Budds

    I'm training MMA.

    I'll just sit in noclip
  6. Probably don't need to get full on with designated reg bunks due to the unstable nature of some of our regs, as well as the possible introduction of new ones later. However i would recommend a prebuilt bunk template in all bunks such as Beds, stage and chairs for DB just to minimise the need for permaprops, some people suck at watching their prop count. RC squads don't need massive bunks like Regs, and could possibly have their own quarter/corridor. And ARC don't need the palace they always seem to want, they're literally the same size as any other reg. Unless you have an idea for those large rooms in the center, I have some suggestions: Remove the dividing wall between the 2 large rooms and have it be a central lobby, having the main entrance in the middle and removing the bottom doorways from the bunk corridors Have it be roleplay areas such as the ones found on the venator; Life support, fuel pump, armory, etc. Make the central rooms large enough to contain a corridor and add the smaller RC bunks along the side, with a larger ARC bunk at the end. use it for level transition, elevators/ramps/stairwells
  7. I'm please with all of the castings except Triss, who i feel could have been casted better. The books are very specific about her fair skin and red hair, i'm sure they were forced to make the 'diverse' decision to avoid scrutiny from the 'marginalised many'. I understand the reason for the jump cuts, trying to fit 3 (possibly 4 if you include Jaskier) character arcs into 8 episodes. The time jumps were necessary to properly tell Ciri's story and i'm ultimately pleased with how they tied everything together in the final episodes, which made clear the time skips for those that didnt underdstand until that point. Ciri's story was a bit snooze compared to Geralt and Yen, but that's obviously because they draw their story straight from the book rather than the constant engagement of the video games. But after reading the books, I'm sure that Ciri's arc really gets wild in the near future. The first season was a bold entry but it was still just to test the waters, in regards to budget this will surely increase in future seasons due to the overwhelmingly positive recieval of the 1st season. Pros of season 1: Actors for Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer were cast perfectly Action scenes were always entertaining. Some clever plot changes so that readers of the book arent able to predict everything. Character arcs were mostly satisfying, and each character has a cliffhanger that makes you want the next season. Directors drew inspiration from the CDPR Witcher games as well as the novels. GOT length episodes. Cons of season 1: Time jumps make pacing difficult, especially to first time viewers. Some castings could have been better, but it seems an unfortunate obligation of our political climate to stick a black lady in a major role. Triss didnt get much focus, though she is a major character. Budget may have been stunted for the first season. Could have drawn more inspiration from the Games for certain things (ahem, Nilfgaard and thier scrotum armor)
  8. What's the bet that Bo-Katan Kryze is the Mandalorian armorsmith, and she contacts mando to get back the darksaber.
  9. Ah yes i get to go into 2020 with my name on something. but because i didnt get first i'm pulling a Zbrills and taking down all my content, sorry ARC.
  10. Wish we could have seen that uggnaut get absolutely dusted by the speeder
  11. Na we're ignoring the real enemy, cunts that put seafood on pizza.
  12. cant wait to start 2020 with a redeemed superiority complex
  13. !warn Palpatine [Voice changer/Micspam]
  14. Greetings. With the recent release of the Imperial server, much of my 'development' focus had been on the preparation of new playermodels and general setup over the last few months. As some of you may know, I used to complete model comissions for the clone wars and some of my model packs are still used today. For those that are not familiar with my work or wish to see some visual references on the type of models I do, here are 2 of my packs that are currently used on the CW server. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1699509259 & https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1830375724 I'm happy to announce that I will once again be accepting Clone Wars playermodel commissions, and i'll provide a bit more information than i did way back when. These clone trooper reskins start at $20, with the base cost covering the following areas: Helmet Body Clone Head (all gideon hairstyles included unless a custom head design is requested) Additional bodygroups and secondary textures will cost more, additional prices depend on complexity and will be discussed on a situational basis Please ensure that you always present playermodel concepts to Management (Spirit, Coric or S8n) and get their approval before comissioning the model. There may be a waiting list so be prepared to wait a while if you choose to place a commission. I will keep you updated before, and during the completion of your model but feel free to send me a message if you have queries. I am most easily contactable on the Teamspeak server, however I would request that any commission information is sent to me on Discord so that I can kep track of Reference images and messages, my discord tag is: Budds#8206 The commission cost only covers the cost of the model itself and you will still be required to donate to the server before I can add the model to my content pack/s Thanks fellas
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