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  1. Glad you broke away from that lot, i'm sure there's something you can enjoy here, wb.
  2. Everything is takeaway if no-one sees you steal it. by that logic, here are a few of my favourites: A key template of each colour from my local hardware store A handful of Zenith 8G x 50mm Stainless Steel Type 17 Countersunk Rib Head Decking Screws from Bunnings. A safari sticker book from the IGA i work at. A SanDisk Cruzer Force 16GB USB Flash Drive from Officeworks Subway
  3. I have a theory that ARC are 'Were-Cunts', similar to how a werewolf transforms during a full moon. ARC transform on the night of a screening and bless their peers with unnecessary criticism on one of the most situational and useless aspects of the server, climbswep.
  4. H.O.P.E squad, they're like the star wars equivalent of care bears EDIT: make it happen https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1442753125
  5. Very well structured application and interesting (yet familiar ) event idea. +1, good luck.
  6. Budds

    Meditation Night

    i am ready to masturbate meditate, no jokers here.
  7. Just because you're disabled, doesn't mean he has to do what you say. Get back to Crossroads.
  8. Budds

    Talent Show

    Sounds fun but i'd rather watch
  9. Budds


    to be fair, it was unmined ore, and your shit's unclaimed sooo uuuhhhh
  10. Welcome, don't believe we've met in the last 4 seconds, welcome to Gateway.
  11. Pommel kills only
  12. As it currently stands, this application will only be denied. You should practice creating PAC outfits in singleplayer or another server before applying here. Examples are a mandatory requirement within your application and your other responses also cause your motives to be brought into serious questioning. I will give you a week to provide examples in your original post, and to work on your actual responses. Otherwise I will have no choice but to deny your application.
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