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    187th Revival

    As Dank mentioned, 187th already has an interested party at this time, and is on the active queue to be reintroduced to the server. Currently Xao is set to be the next Captain and CO of 187th, however if you wish to be involved in this coming generation of 187th, i'd suggest you get into contact with him. The current rank structure only allows the donating commander to take the rank of Captain upon the regiment's addition, and unfortunately we dont allow for users to retain a high rank such as Captain after such a length of inactivity, and the disbandment of a previous regiment. If you were to join Xao's coming 187th, you would need to start from the bottom like everyone else.
  2. For context, Graham was banned in July of 2020, with one previous temp ban in 2019. Both were for Mass RDM. While your reason for wanting to be unbanned is rather blunt, after such a period of time im sure you've had plenty of time to reflect on your actions. I dont see a reason to blow this unban appeal out of proportion, and i doubt any current staff members have any real recollection of the events surrounding your ban. Dont see much of a reason for you to stay banned, And im sure you'd enjoy seeing how our server has progressed since your last visit. +1
  3. "Hey man, where's the rest of your squad?" wheresyoursquad.mp4
  4. Just remember that with CGI, we likely avoid any DMCA by Dice or EA if it became an issue. However nearly all of our assets will need to be redone from scratch. And anything we make cannot be sensibly shared with a possible future Imperial server unless that also follows a CGI route, which would require its own vote. BF2 would get us out of the gate much faster CGI would retain the charm that gateway has always preferred, but will take a while longer because everything will be original. If it comes to the wire and this isnt ready on SBox launch, we kindly ask that you keep your patience with the Development team and not immediately jump ship to the first SBox community that pumped out some freshly ripped assets.
  5. "hey guys, lets be clowns on this thread tonight. It's gonna be so funny!"
  6. Got the man on speed dial
  7. Budds


    Event ends, server shuts down until next event
  8. @Beatroot I need you to gather the Ryders
  9. You have some legitimate criticisms that I do know that other people would agree with. I suggest creating proper feedback threads for them however, farewell posts seem to bring out the clown makeup from some people, and your true criticisms are drowned out by some pretty personal attacks. This doesnt mean you must depart from gateway, and im sure s8n would listen to any proper concerns you have. Never too late to set some new goals either.
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