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  1. Budds

    Farewell 917th.

    Needs more SCP Femur Breaker micspam
  2. Bittersweet moment, it's high time you either gave yourself a break - or actually started recieveing salary for your work here. It wont be the same without you as the first-mate but it is a time of changing and nobody can say you havent earned your leave. Good to see you havent broken ties completely and I hope to game with you soon and into the future. Now to share our first ever interaction. That was a tall order.
  3. The issue is really that money means nothing on the server. The economy was hyperinflated by the casino kit and there is no reason for most players to work towards buying new guns and attachments. Forcing these money based interactions is great, but not in the current server state, new players suffer the hardest and players that were around during the time the casino kit actually worked can basically piss on any type of money based RP and not think twice. The issue stems deeper for roles that revolve soley around money, such as bounty hunters. Without the requirement for daily use of money ingame, the economy will keep inflating and players will never have a use for any of it. -- Tickets, fines and bail-outs are a good idea but money should never overrule or cancel rp.
  4. Damn that's a mad Necropost
  5. Hypo clearly has the skills and the will to create useful content for the server, for the players. His past record clearly causes concern among some of you but we have seen worse people reform and return to Gateway. s8n has already explained how developer's ingame roles actually function, only 2 of us have direct server config access and both are basically executive staff. All of Hypo's work can be checked over before going anywhere near the server files, and dismissing him due to his interactions with one discord server notorious for their gatekeeping is an incredible waste of talent. +1, I look forward to seeing what you can do for Gateway.
  6. This is a blatant lie, and completely discredits the rest of your argument in my eyes. The event had not concluded and roleplay was still occuring for the ENTIRETY of the playerbase. The event master gave the order to shoot the event character in an RP firendly firing squad. Someone from jet troopers jokingly pulled out a rocket launcher and immediately the event master and half the players said "no, do not use the rocket launcher", dont bother feigning innocence by singling out the admin that pulled your trooper up on what happened next. Multiple players and myself can recount that bingus - FOLLOWING recieveing the verbal warning by the event master - proceeded to unholster and fire his rocket launcher at the ground in front of the not yet killed event character. 70% of the server's players were immediately killed. The vocal majority were not "laughing this off". The admin then did his agreed duty to the server, and applied the punishment agreed on for the severity of the action. These rules are agreed to by EVERYONE that passes the rank of cadet and begins to play on our servers. This is not a stimulation of ego, it is the fulfilment of a staff member's duty. The fact that your man had been apparently "playing on the server more than most people", should have suggested a more developed level of self control and maturity. Properties that i can't see a lot of jet troopers displaying in recent memory. As the 703rd has yet to realise. The end of an event does not mean that server rules no longer apply, the action was neither an accident nor done with any prior engagement or consent. Once again, these are the rules agreed to by ALL players from the rank of cadet. Nowhere in the rule list does it say "rules do not apply after an event ends". The fact that you continue to encourage further acts of defiance for staff and server rules is a disgusting misuse of your position in JT, you perform the same action obviously after being warned of the implications, and act curprised when you are held responsible for your behaviour. This final part clearly shows the misplaced values of you and your friends, which are obviously at an impasse with longstanding and widely abided server rules. The irony of accusing our staff of stroking their ego and ruining people's enjoyment of the server isn't even funny. JT was never a group of saints, however since the LOA of Mitts there has been a substancial decline in the behavior of JT, displayed by their attitude towards players, RP and staff, and the misuse of their kits. Nobody is above the rules, and your immaturity is now public for the entirety of the community to see. You are correct that everyone comes here to relax and unwind, but why does that mean that one group gets to define what "fun" is at the expense of everybody else?
  7. waiting for medics to raid bunks to farm AFK player's wallet
  8. This application deserves more attention. Rippa has excelled at staffing both the clone wars and past imperial iterations, holding the rank of admin on both if i remember correctly. He's a natural choice for the current imperial server. +1
  9. This feels like a cry for help
  10. bro he's an EM on the imperial server
  11. Hi i'm replying to your application as a long time PAC user and former PAC manager for Gateway Gaming. Most of your examples are very impressive, and your skill with PAC shines, however your chances of acceptance are significantly diminished due to you having little to no presence on the server yet. Work on your playtime and this will no longer be a problem, putting you in good standing for acceptance later on. My only other piece of input for you in the event you do get accepted is that excessive use of PAC features like sounds, lights, sunrays, proxies, projectiles, silly animations and complete/excessive character model changes are either banned, discouraged or outright disabled. Your outfits here show your skill however many of them will need to be adapted and simplified to be suitable to use on the server. While players can disable PAC clientside, they shouldnt have to just to keep an acceptable framerate in your presence. Good luck.
  12. Budds

    3D Printed Darling

    if you posted this in 2021 it would actually be a good contender for meme of the year. that's cursed
  13. that model doesnt actually exist right?
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