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  1. Actually reading the server rules is "unecessary effort"? obviously it's contained in the !rules command but you'd want to ensure that it's actually being acnowledged.
  2. If they're driven away because they don't want to read server rules, what does that say about them? removes the excuse in sits where they say "i never saw that rule" or "it wasnt told to me"
  3. Na i mean, hide a tickbox somewhere in the rules, and you can't accept without finding it
  4. Perhaps rewarding players with experience or pointshop credits for reaching the end of the rules section and ticking a box that they would only see if they actually read the rules? I know pointshop is obsolete to most but we're talking about new players for the most part.
  5. As I percieved it, pilots in all iterations never functioned well as an independant regiment due to the very temporary nature of it's commanders, with most not keeping the role for long. Attaching pilots to navy was just a measure that ensured there was always a big navy man keeping an eye on things when there wasnt an active pilot with a rank high enough to do it for them. If it is shown that a suitable commander is willing to oversee the regiment and actually stick around longer than a few weeks, then i see no serious reason why pilots could not once again become an independant regiment. It had just become a stupid cycle of new CO, pilots become independant, CO leaves, pilots merge with navy. If you believe that cycle can be broken, all power to you.
  6. Let's not endorse being spineless, there's enough of that going around. If for some reason silly you care about forum reacts, then the current system allows you to ask them personally why they have that opinion. Really don't understand the stigma behind calculating the value of a thread based on the reacts, unless it is oficially stated that reacts will be monitored to draw an opinion, it shouldnt matter who reacts what.
  7. Your Name: Budds Your In-Game Name: PVT Birch / Hosk Kal Highest Rank Achieved In-game (Depending on what role you want, specify clone or Jedi ranks): Clone Commander / Jedi Master/General What position are you interested in? Ini Why do you want that position? I had spent a decent period of time as Bardan Skirata, the Null jedi, with the only reason i stepped away being my lack of interest in playing jedi. Clan Skirata is one of the few truly unique experiences left on the server, and I would be interested to experience a roleplay style different to both clone and jedi. I would like the position of Ini speicifically, due to his plain yet standout appearance. I may have been finished with jedi, but i can't say i'm finished with Clan Skirata, and I think Zia deserves filled slots and active members for the time and effort he has put into reworking and keeping the Clan going.
  8. READ THIS BEFORE CREATING A PAC3 APPLICATION Recently there has been a concerning increase in plagarised outfits being used as examples in PAC3 applications, and it is becoming quite irritating when moderating possible applicants. FROM THIS DATE ONWARDS (17/07/19), Any applications containing even a single example found to be plagarised will be immediately denied. This has always been a rule in the past however applicants were given the benefit of the doubt when considering their remaining examples, this is no longer the case. Whilst players with PAC access on the server are completely free to use any Pastebin outfits that align with the theme of the server, it is unacceptable for these public outfits to be used as an example of 'skill' within an application. Included below is an album of public access outfits, any examples within future applications that resemble or blatantly plagarise these outfits will be denied. Some examples such as animations have been omitted as they are part of the gamemode and included addons. This list will be updated when necessary. Possible future applicants are encouraged to view these outfits and ensure that any similar outfits that they create differ enough to not be considered plagarised. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://pastebin.com/vvWmwcpT - Handheld hologram - Held Clipboard or subsitute - Crossed arms in front of body - Carrying an item over one shoulder https://pastebin.com/Vzv2LBac - Astromech droid pet https://pastebin.com/KddkkFB2 - Holographic computer setup https://pastebin.com/sYSJYWr7 - Wrist device & viewing animation - Another handheld hologram - Surrendering animation/pose https://pastebin.com/u/TheKiwi09 Any Pastebin outfits created by TheKiwi09
  9. Sharing or "Taking ideas" form anothger person for your own PAC application doesn't work, especially when the outfit in question was never made by either of you. PAC apps are a demonstration of skill within the addon, and stealing somebody's pastebin outfit is not skill. Your application is being denied for the same reason as Nebula, plagarising outfits and claiming to own them. People within this community will quickly call you out on this, as while it is perfectly fine to use these pastebin outfits, you can't just claim to own them. You may reapply with your own outfits in a month. DENIED.
  10. Had you followed correct procedures within the application, I may have been able to consider this application. However as recent discussion has revealed your inclusion of plagarised PACs as a demonstration of your 'skill', I have no choice but to deny your application. As per standard PAC application procedure, you will need to wait one month from the date of this response to reapply for PAC access. DENIED.
  11. Obviously the first and easiest course of action is to verify your file integrity. You can do this by finding gmod in your steam library list, right clicking and selecting 'Properties'. Navigate to 'Local Files' and select 'Verify integrity of game files...' once this process finishes, retest the issue. If that doesnt fix your problem, it may be an issue with your installed addons. Disable or uninstall all of your addons whilst in the gmod main menu and retest the issue. If the issue is fixed by this method, you unfortunately have the new job of enabling your addons one at a time to locate the problematic addon. It is recommended that you only install the addons in our !content list while playing on the server, as conflicts from other addons may be causing your problem. Post here if the issue continues.
  12. GM already got rolled by job-cap, this breaks my immersion.
  13. Cute, but it doesn't compare to the Skirata Skeng.
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