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  1. How would full day/ multi day campaigns function here? would certain regiments be locked out of playing events for a whole day? Will there still be 'onbase' events for those that arent booked into the event server, or are main server events no longer a thing?
  2. I wondered how long it would take for people to notice that
  3. Im sure it sets up the ahsoka mandalore arc, but fuck this was a waste of an episode. Help the lesbian mechanics to stop the angry robot.
  4. s8n

    i like your monkey picture/s

    1. Budds
    2. s8n


      why he got penis out?!!

    3. Budds


      rock out with your cock out


  5. Budds


    We definetely need optimised event maps more than we need hub/base maps. Most of the ones we have serve their purpose, however are not made with Star Wars in mind (cars and tanks everywhere etc.) I feel that a few uniquely themed event maps with clearly defined 'stages' would make the EM's team a bit easier when planning events. For example, Wide open maps are excellent for vehicle and starfighter based events. but make it very difficult to restrict the progression and movement of troopers. While relatively narrow but long maps with corridors and bottlenecks make it easier for event masters to steer players down a specific path and set up a linear story that can't be "Bypassed" by certain players. This helps for EMs to pace events and suits 'infantry' based events much more.
  6. Budds

    Regiments Photo shoot

    I like that 501st trooper that is straight up cooming on the battlefield
  7. Nothing gets my head spinning like a swift blow with a metal 32"/25" Steel alloy Silver Baseball Bat.
  8. To think I'll never hear you getting Zia riled up again, it's a strange feeling. You're not gonna believe it, but i'm actually crying laughing so hard right now Take it easy ISB Orion Black, we'll be in touch when it's time for Molten Gaming First Order RP.
  9. Yea i will add this ugly bee hat to the draw from my own backpack
  10. Budds

    Sea of Thieves

    ♫ OOooOo Uh-y̵͚̺̻̲͙̦̏͗̚ͅy̷͎̺̝̩͘e̶͔̍̀́͆́̚͝ȩ̸̥̭͓̒̈́̆̅͗̕̚̕͝a̸̼̦̍̓̓̃̈̌̄a̵͚͗͂̃̉͛̇͂́͋u̸͎͉̣͉̓ū̶̲ĝ̵̛̪̘̱͇̬̈́̇̄͊́̈̔͜h̷̢̛̯̖̟̹̬̫͂̃̀̍́̓́͜͠ͅ, Im JUst, SaILinG Thhe 𝕊𝕖𝕖𝕖𝕒𝕒𝕒𝕒𝕫𝕫𝕫𝕫 ♫ ♫ O҉O҉O҉O҉a҉a҉a҉o҉o҉o҉H҉h҉h҉g҉h҉h҉h҉h҉h҉h҉h ♫ ♫ iN mY PirAte ShIP α𝐚ᗩ𝒆𝕖έ𝐞ᗴᵉⒺ𝑒𝒆ᗴ!!! ♫ ♫ I'M GOINg WIth ThE ῳıŋɖ ♫ ♫ I'm GOing wiTH tHE WÌÌÌÌïïïññññññÐ ♫
  11. Didn't he just lose custody of his kids, and get forced out of his state?
  12. We team up with the Director and watch his huge robot fucking smack down with the beast.
  13. Budds

    I'm training MMA.

    I'll just sit in noclip
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