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  1. @Zia Im sorry, i love you. but you really be out here like Donnie Thornberry in the chat.
  2. Been putting this off because im a lazy fucker, but it's my time to finally retire from my positions here on Gateway. Probably not leaving entirely but im sure my presence has already been noticibly lacking over the last month. Joined in the early months of 2018 because i felt like revisiting the Clone Wars RP scene after a few years without playing gmod, and it was a very good decision. I feel like i can comfortably say i have achieved all i wanted to achieve here on Gateway and i have 100 percented my Gateway Speedrun. this was the community that forced me to learn how to use teamspeak properly and i will forever hold a thankful yet hateful grudge. I also met a lot of very cool fellas while playing and got a comfy seat in a very powerful friend group which i will call out shortly. Like i said I will probably not be able to rip myself away from the community entirely, however I feel it would be unfair to not surrender my community roles whilst being such a useless fucker. I'll probably pop on the Teamspeak to have a chat with the oybays and play some games, but that's getting harder because im struggling to find games that I enjoy playing nowadays. Heres a couple of cunts i wish to shout out before I hit legs from my responsibilities (in a rough cronological order of when i met them). Some of these people may never read it but at least others can. @Arcus & @Hawke - My first commander siblings when a clueless young CT 2343 Budds joined the server and his first regiment in the 501st. I powerplayed you fuckers so hard and eventually stole the CO position from under your nose, thanks for the good first impressions of the Gateway server and easy ride into my first commanding position after 2 months of playing the server. @Gruff - big man Cody basically babysitted me through my SGT training and promoted me as a sympathy. Also lead me in events properly when i was lucky enough to not have my actual commanders online. @Flxnks - The first developer i ever met on Gateway, finally built up the courage to ask for a comission and after 2 days of leading me on your dumb ass said it was too hard. That was so infuriating that i decided to teach myself how to texture and model and eventually became a developer myself. Glad to see you got better at it eventually. @s8n - You saw that i knew how to open up the PAC editor in under 2 minutes so you decided I was good enough to take some pathetic workload off you hands and be the first PAC manager. You also made me one of the first Senior Mods for doing fuck all so I kinda figured out how to play you like a fool to get what I wanted; and a seat in the most powerful friend group in the community. Na but really you've been one of the realest blokes to play and talk to and we've had some really good times. You were basically the backbone of this community since i joined up until late 2019, then you got whipped with a gamer girl and got lazy. (i might finish that comission some day). This definetely isnt the last time we'll speak but keep stealing my monkey memes and sharing them on FB and we're gonna have some problems. @Zbrillz - I miss you bro, but fuck you're a spastic. Thanks for reuniting me with Beatroot - enjoy the comban. @Beatroot - Knew your name from back in the Monumental Gaming days, but i never played on the DarkRP so I wasnt sure if you Ryders were real or just an urban legend. One of the funniest people to interact with but you have the Commander's equivalent of Premature Ejaculation, not holding a reg for more than 2 weeks. I havent been on the teamspeak in a hot minute but I hope you havent left us for good, Hope to talk to you soon brotha. @Aussi - When i started playing i had heard of the greatest EM to ever exist but only met you afterwards, was kind of scared to talk to you ngl but you have probably been the easiest person to have a casual game and conversation with when all the other boys are rooting, working or pub crawling. You've been involved in Gateway for so long and you still give your all to the EM team and the players. I know we'll speak soon. @Ren - You and Beatroot are Gateway's boomerangs, you keep coming back. You look like a single season Nickelodeon character and i'm scared of the power you hold in these very professional jobs you work. You're one of the hardest people to read and i cannot differentiate your sarcasm from your sincerity and it's terrifying. love you. @Ajax - GAMER DAD GAMER DAD, One of the only voices of reason loud enough to make a difference in the echo chamber of autism that is the staff team. You were incredibly underappreciated in your roles and probably would have turned the community into a self sustained political power given enough time. You have the incredible power of starting shit and always ending up on the higher moral ground, and you can start Zia up harder than a Victa 18 Push mower. @Zia - I hope you dont lose it during your ZOOM classes as hard you do on the teamspeak. You are a volatile young man and can somehow swing between calm and actually intelligent, and full on ape rage at the drop of a hat. You're going to be a serial killer dude, but you were fun to listen to on TS. @Rippa - You got robbed of senior admin, but always put in a good chat. Nothing bad to say, you have a good laugh. @Spirit - You have an incredible workload and im astonished how you have so much free time to play minecraft. By the way, you're in charge of the minecraft server now - that'll teach you to have free time. You have probably done more for the community than anyone else in recent times and I hope they put you on a salary better than Woolies before you fucking snap and destory the foundations of this community. Pay this man. I'm sure i've forgotten people and i will update the list if i remember who i forgot. If you're not on the list but we've interacted on the server or the teamspeak, you're cool. Thanks Gateway, I will return to the sidelines to lurk once more.
  3. You may have escaped the clone wars. But you cannot escape minecaft.
  4. Almost as cool as that HOPE squad guy
  5. Budds

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    "ARC troopers, you were selected for this task because you are the best; the elite. You all know what to do." ―Obi-Wan Kenobi
  6. This is your vision after waking up in a certain community owner's basement following a donation refund dispute
  7. Budds

    What we reading?

    Another piece of high-school forced reading
  8. Holy fuck that will actually be mad
  9. Please read this before crying about lag
  10. /rtp should be fixed for those that were unable to last night Server may be pretty laggy for a good portion of this morning, prefilling all chunks to minimise lag later.
  11. Hello everyone. Over the past week or so, myself and a few other community members (namely @Aussi, @Rhinous and @s8n) have been reworking the old minecraft server for a return following the 1.16 update. As stated, the server currently runs the latest branch of Minecraft and runs a handful of helpful plugins, whilst remaining a rather vanilla experience. I thought the recent Nether update would provide an interesting new aspect for those that have never really touched minecraft as well as those who have played the previous versions a hundred times over. It was hoped that this "hobby" server would provide an enjoyable and less intensive way of interacting with the fellow Gateway members in your spare time. Some plugins selected to enhance the experience includes: MC-MMO, A large scale character progression system which rewards you for your chosen playstyles and encourages you to try some aspects you may have never focussed on, as well as teaming with some of your friends. Grief Prevention, a must have to keep your possessions and builds safe. You gain extra claim blocks for extended playtime on the server, allowing you to expand. DynMap, a live updating online map that tracks the actions and building of the players on the server. It can be viewed right now by visiting the link further down* There are some controls on the right side of the page allowing you to view player locations and change from isographic view to a 3d view. The server address should be the same as the previous Gateway MInecraft server, for those that no longer have it, see below: SERVER ADDRESS: ONLINE DYNMAP: Please keep in mind that this is a side project, so if any serious issues arise please contact me.
  12. Budds


    Im afraid i have no commander that matches that description
  13. Buck's talent as a video editor should automatically credit him a place as one of our designers. The extra additions of the new award designs and UI improvements automatically put him miles above the standard applicant (which have been accepted in the past no less). +1 If i was to critique anything currently provided here, i would suggest having the various elements of the concept HUD blend together a bit better, things such as the heartrate monitor seem kind of pasted in. Perhaps also pick a uniform font for both rank and health.
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