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  1. Budds


    Im afraid i have no commander that matches that description
  2. Buck's talent as a video editor should automatically credit him a place as one of our designers. The extra additions of the new award designs and UI improvements automatically put him miles above the standard applicant (which have been accepted in the past no less). +1 If i was to critique anything currently provided here, i would suggest having the various elements of the concept HUD blend together a bit better, things such as the heartrate monitor seem kind of pasted in. Perhaps also pick a uniform font for both rank and health.
  3. Ah yes. this inflates the ego
  4. Fortunately there has already been some testing done with this pack, no news yet regarding whether or not it's actually coming but anything official will come from @Linguine or @Spirit
  5. That's right kids. be on your worst behaviour or it's no ARC for you
  6. // Accessing Jedi Archives // // Password Accepted // // Accessing // // Welcome // ------------------------------------------------ GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Los Kal Age: 20 Sex: Male Status: Active Species: Trandoshan Affiliations: The Jedi Order, Kal Family Rank: Padawan ------------------------------------------------ PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: NONE Likes/Interests: Los' had a traditional Trandoshan upbringing before his transfer to the Jedi temple on Coruscant, for this reason Los was adequately knowledgeable in hand to hand combat and weapon handling, as well as tactical planning. Due to his upbringing, Los has learned to respect individual strength, both physical and moral. Los enjoys the thrill of combat, however is mindful of the fallibility of becoming emotionally invested in a practical task. Honorable actions gain the respect of Kal, as well as those who are tactically minded; for this reason Kal has a natural respect for the clones. Dislikes: Los was taught to distrust Wookiees, he has no personal issues with any members of the species however is inherently mindful of them due to the nature of the two species' cultures and history of conflict. Los hates cowards and those lacking moral fiber, liars and those who take advantage of weaker individuals. Personality: Los is a determined yet level headed individual, very calculated and tactically minded; he will assess most scenarios carefully before committing to combat. When provoked however, Los can be ruthless. ------------------------------------------------ PSYCHICAL INFORMATION Physical Traits: Tall, Well built, broad shouldered, imposing Weight: 95kg ------------------------------------------------ JEDI INFORMATION Current Jedi Rank: Padawan Jedi Master: Jacques Barrick Appearance: ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ HISTORY / BACKSTORY Birthplace: Trandosha Homeworld: Trandosha Family: The 'Kal' Family ------------------------------------------------ Hailing from the Mid-Rim planet of Trandosha, Los was taught the way of the Hunt at a very young age. Luckily for Los, the Kal family was not involved in the slave trade or poaching games that the planet's inhabitants had become infamous for. Los developed a broad set of skills that would prove useful not only on his home planet, but the jedi order upon his enrollment. Skills such as tactical thinking and acrobatics alloweed for easy traversal of his environment, whilst also becoming knowledgable in both unarmed combat and weapon handling. Due to his family's very distanced traditions from those of the rest of his species, Los was not brainwashed by the many prejudices that others of his species carried. Los was not completely immune to these prejudices however and developed an unwarranted distrust of Wookiees. At the age of 5, Los was discovered by the Jedi order and taken to the temple on Coruscant where he began his studies as a youngling. Los developed some aggressive tendencies during his training, which concerned his Jedi trainers. Luckily for Los and his trainers, Mace Windu personally assisted in honing his aggression into focus. Los found enjoyment in the acrobatic nature of lightsaber combat, it reminded him of the freedom of traversing the treetops of Dosha', and whilst even at this time he was almost a foot taller than all his other classmates, his size did not hinder his acrobatic ability. Around the time of the first battle of Geonosis and the beginning of the clone war, Los was finalising his early training at the temple. Los was assigned to Master Jacques Barrick who took on the responisbility of Los' continued training and now necessary combat experience. Los was glad that his tactical aptitiude may be utilised and appreciated by soldiers as loyal and competent as the clone troopers, who Los developed a high opinion of through their unwavering bravery and loyalty. Los Kal was not the first member of his family to be inducted to the Jedi order, and many years prior his distant relative "Hosk Kal" joined the order and was later given the rank of Master and General in the early months of the Clone Wars. As far as Los is aware, a mission went wrong and Hosk as well as his entire clone legion was reported missing in action on the planet of Aleen in the Mid Rim. Los has developed a personal investement in the investigation of the battle and the search for his relative. // Logging Out //
  7. Budds

    917th at their best

    attempting CPR during open chest surgery? smh
  8. Well since 1313 was cancelled, as well as Amy Hennig's open world SW game, I dont think EA finds open world single player rpgs to be as profitable as a live service. Fallen order was probably a wakeup for EA that people still do like singleplayer games. I guess for the moment SWTOR is a fun open world RPG experience, you can kind of see it as a singleplayer experience unless you really want to do thee big MMORPG dungeon raids and shit.
  9. if that's the route that the server wishes to take, i can make some skins for the dc17m. Not sure about the sub-categories such as the sniper, launcher etc, but def the base rifle because every RC has it
  10. I am more than happy to continue working on my skinned weapon variants. i'll include some examples of what i had made as a concept in the past. These were planet inspired, by planets such as Geonosis, Umbara, Kashyyyk, Mustafar, Hoth etc. this is only an example of what's possible right now, and i enjoy making them. here's an album of all of my tests Obviously some of these would need to be redone once we have our final weapon pack
  11. Uh yea, I dont think many people were legitimately concerned about the state of the server's timeline out of the situation of casual server discussion/bitching. Both options offer trivial changes to the server that would only currently inconvenience players, there has been a rather long time since I have seen EMs create events directly affected by the clone wars timeline, and that would be the only reason i would justify this tiny change, just to give the EM team a stronger foothold in creating more "in-universe" events. On that note, the events i have seen happen are well done and have encouraged new and old EMs to be creative with their events, now that they have the opportunity to tailor events to a handful of reg's at a time, so personally i dont think the change would hugely impact the server for the better. Timeline votes like this would be a much more important discussion if the timeline were to be reset, rather than adjusted. my vote for now is: Don't care, didnt ask, too busy chimpin.
  12. That completely goes against the point of the event server. The point isn't to fill up the server, but to let EMs specifically tailor and detail their events to the regiments they know are playing in advance. This results in more immersion on the part of players and more stabiltity and cohesion in event gameplay and story. letting anyone in to these events would result in a return to the chaotic event structure that existed prior, either leaving regiments with absolutely nothing to do for extended periods of time or putting unecessary strain on EMs in order to broaden the scope of the event without ruining the story. 6:30 events are available to everyone on the main server as a compensation for reduced overall events, however if you feel like you are not playing as many events as other regiments, it's a concern that should be brought to your regimental commander, not the EM team.
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