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  1. monkie isn't a person, it's a creed.
  2. Budds


    Never feel guilty for putting yourself first, and dont base your worth on your most recent mistakes - nobody else does. There will always come a time to take a step back or move on, everyone will eventually. The sooner you realise that a change is needed, the quicker things will get back on track. You've been one of the most influental members of gateway in recent history, and the community would likely not have broken the mold without your enthusiasm and dedication as an event master and memeber of the community. In your absence, others that have criticized you will realise this fact. You've been a great mate both on the server, the teamspeak, and the other projects we would parttake in on occasion - and you will be missed. You will always have a place and people to return to, but if you enjoy your time away more than you have enjoyed your time spent here, don't feel guilty for it. People will never always agree or get along, Gateway is a fucking cesspool of different values and aspirations, so dont judge your validity on the opinions of the loud few. Best of luck Andy.
  3. Budds


    When the imposter is CIS
  4. 41st is second in line to be added, this means that there will not be a 41st until 2 more regiments disband. Once 41st does eventually rejoin the roster, speak to the commander that donated for the regiment to be added. This can take months sometimes, so I suggest finding another active regiment to join and play with in the meantime. Otherwise you won't have a very fun time waiting.
  5. Budds


    Damn you're uncultured
  6. Why the fuck are people still posting here lol
  7. These are pretty excellent and I have seen how much of an impact you have already made helping the EMs with their campaigns, that's the kind of effort that keeps players engaged and helps Gateway stand out from other SWRP communities. monkie approved +1
  8. By lore, all Jedi generals have to be absolute bumbling idiots, and many troopers MUST die.
  9. From the outside it just looks plain greedy seeing someone being "Reg 1 Commander", "Reg 2 SubCO Commander", "Reg 3 Jedi Master", no matter how good they are or how much it is done in good faith. The fact of the matter is that they are taking these opportunities away from others and it's normally a detriment to each of the regiments they're involved with. "Doing enough" on each of these slots is a stupid excuse and it's just accepted because of how long the issue has actually persisted. It leads to regiments suviving, but not thriving - which in turn means that regimental donation cycles are stupidly long. While it is argued that regiments living longer are better for the players, when you pay attention to how shit the quality of the reg actually becomes, you can see it's not good for those players either. It's infuriating how much people try to keep failing regiments/subregiments on life support by plugging it with an experienced player from somewhere else, it's not really for the benefit of the current reg members and it just prevents new opportunities for other players.
  10. Needs more SCP Femur Breaker micspam
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