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  1. uhhh a scallop is a seawater clam not something made of potatoe, sounds exactly like scollop potatoe cakes cause it has potatoe in it. noobs.
  2. -1 I know im one of the only few, But I had a very negative experience with you today, so that has ufnrtunately lead my vote as im unsure why you would do that when going with this position, again I know im one of the only few and im just voicing my opinion, everyone please dont gang up on me thanks.
  3. This is really good, It also helps me watch my event and what I need to fix in them to hopefully make them better
  4. Im not 100% sure but im pretty sure you cant hold 2 beta arc spots, dont take my word as solid fact tho as im not entirely sure.
  5. It dosent matter who goes for it, they just need to meet the requirements I believe.
  6. You have a super good attitude for this position I think, Let alone your dedication to the server, mature attitude, and your help in events, and the countless other things you do, make me very much want to see you in this position, Good luck! +1
  7. When i use to scale myself as the most possibly smallest headcrab and sit in the corner, then have beets yell at me
  8. I havent fully read everyone else responses but I know there is a mix of people not thinking you are suitable and others that think you have the possibilty of potential. I am one of the people that see potential in you I think when you set your mind to something you do a good job, for example when I watched you in your rc squad you became a very different person, then on others you have run ins with others and create a bad image for yourself. With all things considered I dont think you have in my eyes earnt a chance yet to achieve this oppurtunity, with people stating what you need to improve you can now work towards those things and try improve and make those that believe in you happy that they where right. For now I will be Neutral and however you decide to act through the next few days will determine on what my vote will be, as you are a very mixed bag at the moment.
  9. Getting a really good idea now at least for me of what I want to try to do if I get em, obviously I might play it a bit safe with my trial events as I want to make sure my events run smoothly so that I hopefully get the position, but if I hopefully get em I will very much try to implement these ideas stated so far in my events.
  10. Yea.. I also was not a big fan of that event.
  11. Some very good ideas given so far, more would be awesome, thank you so far to everyone thats commented
  12. Really unsure how to think about this, not going to blow over what other people said so im not going to repeat what they said as its pretty valid. I am really unsure how you are personality wise, especially now, the risk of you coming back and becoming this little toxic person running around throwing shade here and there like some others in the past makes me feel very uneasy as to supporting you to come back. Stooge seems to somewhat of given you a chance and seeing as he is mostly the biggest victim from you maybe you have changed a bit. I would support the unban if maybe you where highly watched over, for example if you started to even act a little bit toxic in a manner that is just very much not needed or uncalled for as an example that the ban would be put back into effect. I guess thats my two cents on the topic.
  13. So basically im going to be starting my trial em phase soon, and basically I just want to know what players would like to experience and do in events, anything of the sort that would make it more enjoyable. Like for example a different sort of event instead of just a event that involves a lot of shooting droids, maybe one that involves a lot of passive rp, or maybe use something we have in the server a bit more like flare guns for marking an objective or airstrike, im pretty bad at expressing what im trying to say but hopefully you can interpret it, any sort of advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Dust

    Giveaway :D

    Garrys mod please
  15. Beta Arc look very cool!
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