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  1. dude this guy is toxic ! ! ! !
  2. Name: Gibbzy Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/GibbzyLikesSnowCum/
  3. I like pineapple, i like pizza, so i said "hey mum can i get a pineapple pizza"
  4. This episode was meh, i liked it more than ep4 because of the areas they went to such as the landing zone where han solo kept his ship, and the cantina. But overall this episode felt like it contributed nothing to the story and killed characters way to quickly when introduced.
  5. I found this episode a little bit dull i obviously still live the series and will continue to watch but i would of liked to see where the mando's went since they had to leave. But i assume this will be released later down the line.
  6. Gateway Gaming | Unban Appeal Template Use the template below or your appeal will be void. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your In-game Name: 4999 Gibbzy/Bob Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/GibbzyLikesSnowCum/ Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:1:79190989 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? Astro Length of the ban? Perm Reason of the ban? No Intent to RP | Minge Why should we unban you? Now, right off the bat I am not here to say that i am not in the wrong because i am..... Slightly The reason i make this ban appeal is what happen was an outrageous overuse and power trip to Astro's head. Astro for somewhat reason has it out for me and whenever he deals with a situation he comes of aggressive, even in a civil admin sit he is hostile towards me. I received 2 warnings in 2 different situations. One being Attempted RDM in which i shot at a CG after he shot at me trying to break out of prison. I was under the impression that CG were enjoying this as Renn himself (The arresting officer) did state that it gives him something to do as it was before the events. After sitting in prison for over 30mins + the situation was resolved. by Buck The second situation a bit of a weird one, Most shinys were sitting in bunks talking about how we need justice for these "incorrect actions caused towards us" CG came in and arrested @RedPanda. Myself and Ethan another CT, broke him out and stood in front of the doorways trying to hear why Redpanda was being arrested. Redpanda was arrested again and dragged towards the doorway before myself and Ethan were both dragged to the ceiling by Astro, watching over us waiting for us to break such a petty rule which could of been dealt in character. As we got tp'd out at this point i was annoyed with Astro's attitude towards myself being extremely aggressive i ask for another Admin and Astro proceeds to warn me once again and states "This is going to be your last warning" Without letting me explain my side or even hear Ethans side and just ignoring us. After being returned the ticket made for another admin was claimed and resolved by Astro immediately, (He didnt deal with it and didn't let another admin deal with it) which i do believe is extremely wrong on his behalf. 30 Seconds later i was permanently banned for No Intent to RP | Minge. I do believe i should be unbanned as two warnings which can be easily disputed that it's in character or out of character etc should really not lead to a Perm ban. Even a week could of done it's justice but the power that Astro holds is just boosting his ego making him a power hungry thirsty admin. The excuse that i am an Ex Admin does not let you just skip out on my side of the story when im in an admin sit and doesn't let you skip out on Ethans side aswell. Even in the first warning situation i spoke to @Buck7778 and he Calmly explained to me over PM's how what i did is now wrong rather than having an attitude and being straight and forward rude. I do believe the outcome of this situation could of easily been resolved more civily but since Astro leads to aggression rather than hearing anyones side he leads to bans and warns. I now stand with a Perm ban because he honestly, truely has it out for me (even questioned him about it and he didnt respond lol) @Spirit I Do believe you may of issued the perm ban and astro complied but you weren't there to even see the situation so how come you have such a large ban when you have such limited information that is being given to you by Astro who has it out for me and obviously thinks he's in the right. After speaking to multiple people that aren't my buddies and even an admin they even agree this punishment was over the top for my record only consist of 2 warnings even though i minged a lesser ban would of been more valid. Also If i get denied to "Wait A Month" Is that just throwing the "Unban Appeal" out the window since admins aren't always right and thats why there is a ban appeal section where people that feel wronged can post why they should be unbanned.
  7. Serbo has done very good work as Shaak Ti, wouldn't suprised me if he smashed unassigned CO out of the park with his experience and knowledge on how Unassigned CO works.
  8. Gibbzy

    Giveaway :D

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/435150/Divinity_Original_Sin_2__Definitive_Edition/?snr=1_7_15__13 Pls and thx
  9. I nominate Lock/snake he wants jedi cause jedi is the best.
  10. I've seen you drop more roles than i can count, you've dropped staff previously and the record of you dropping CO roles is amazing, I don't think you are ready for going back into staff only recently you've received 2IC in 41st and the only reason i see you wanting staff is for that reason. -1
  11. Everytime i see you ingame you're always respectful and mature, you seem engaged with the community being in CG, and most of the time CG are always good staff members as they slightly deal with certain behaviours that staff deal with, besides that you're active and you're a respectful player of the community. +1
  12. I just find it nearly impossible you being able to deal with certain situations, your age signifies an act of immaturity even though you're quite mature for your age. Yes, the age will be an issue and it will be very hard to do staff duties. Even my self experiencing you breaking rules only a day or two ago I still don't think you're ready. -1
  13. Just regarding this and your response to it, I feel that you went very light punishment a warn wouldn't really fit this, it either be talking to him trying to sort it out or banning straight away and reporting it to a higher up staff. Unsure if you fully know what DDOS is. for now i'm going to remain Netural
  14. +1 Jarr is actively helping players and is always on teamspeak ready to have a chat, jarr also have previous experience as a staff member. Even though he was removed i doubt he'd do it again.
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