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  1. I've seen that you've been reaching out and asking regiments about their certain playstyle in order to meet the specific needs of the playerbase, which is a great sign that players will enjoy your events if you're able to cater to what the players actually want. Certainly a +1 for me, I wish you the best for your application.
  2. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database Strike on Rinn'Mat - 2 Operational Overview Since the last precision strike against the Synfar Clan they have become ever aggressive in their operations, at this time they have been classified as a civil insurrection by the local planetary government. We have reason to believe that they are receiving support from a Techno Union subsidiary and by extension the Separatist Alliance. The Rinn'Mat Authority has requested Republic Special Operations support as local Security Forces have been unable to quell the Clan. Due to our past interactions with local forces, we have been sent in to clean up their mess. We have been provided execute authority by the Rinn'Mat head of state in order for us to operation with impunity. Our goal is to gather physical and digitised evidence of outside involvement and support of the Synfar Clan. This includes: - Documentation of transactions - Photographic collection of data - Battlefield interrogation (Acquire transcript - Ensure procedure is recorded) - Collection of Separatist linked iconography - Shipping and storage manifests Securing and destruction of stockpiles and caches is our primary directive and paramount to operational success. Demolition has been granted on: - Munition storage - Weapon stockpiles of any variety - Narcotics/Narco-spices stashes - Vehicle depots - Fuel containment areas Reconnaissance operators from the Tombstone Battalion, 62nd Regiment, have already provided an intelligence report of the surrounding sector, cross referencing data with data gathered by localised Security Forces and civilian reports. They have complied a map of the area for our operational purposes, courtesy of Captain Halvar with 1km grid squares. The operational area primarily consists of dense temperate rainforest, with thicker sections of foliage marked. Terrain is relatively uneven and unstable, with a near mountain range segmenting the battle space in half. Outbound patrols in the areas near target zone have been sighted 3-5km away from the direct target zone. The target zone itself, highlighted in red, was unable to be directed charted by ground reconnaissance units. Within this zone is believed to be a headquarters/logistics structure acting as a forward operating base for the Synfar Clan, with Republic Intelligence indicating this site houses a large percentage of total Synfari weaponry. Due to the nature of such a location, it is believe there will be an on-site spaceport and motor pool. If we are to rid of the Synfari threat, this operation must be conducted swiftly, we cannot afford for their activities to be expanded.
  3. A small fleet of acclamator assault ships and supporting frigates would be an interesting concept, they'd be pretty cramped due to their relatively size, not sure if that concept has been done before but there are already existing examples of acclamators working as a potential Venator replacement, ie the Kamino maps
  4. Shark

    Naval Command Centre

    I reckon I could, most likely it'd be relatively different, getting the poses the exact same while looking relatively normal would be, a challenge
  5. Shark

    Naval Command Centre

    ah not like people would be willing to pay for scenebuilds
  6. Used to have a combination of IRL and in-game friends that I was primarily play with, though over time IRL people would lose interest and such. Mainly just online friends that I met through Gateway that I play with now within the reg I'm in.
  7. Naval command centre diorama. Any suggestions for future works are welcome I was asked to do Navy Console RP, so here it is.
  8. Shark

    612th Field Surgery

    Excellent suggestions, I'll be sure to get around to doing those
  9. 612th field surgery diorama. Any suggestions for future works are welcome
  10. Shark

    Regiment Dioramas

    I've already got a combat medical orientated scene with 612th which I will be putting up in the near future
  11. Shark

    Regiment Dioramas

    Hello! Thought it'd be interesting to create a few diorama style scenebuilds for a couple regs using the same base. I'll probably be creating a few more individual pieces in the near future, already have a few stockpiled for later, any suggestions are entirely welcome. Unassigned 7th Sky Corps 187th Legion 501st Legion
  12. Mans used to be my SEM during my time as an EM, taught me a fair bit, very much a competent an enjoyable EM +1
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