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  1. Shark

    327th On Felucia

    oh shid youre right, least I now got the next project in mind
  2. Shark

    327th On Felucia

    Hello! Quite some time ago I decided to get into scene building/pose art for Garry's Mod and its become something I've wanted to get back into since I've come back to the server. I figured that it might be worth sharing to everyone because hey why not it could be fun. I made this quite some time ago so forgive me if it isn't the highest quality work. There isn't a lot of context or background for this piece, just the 327th on patrol on Felucia with armoured and air coverage. I hope you enjoy.
  3. They are, I primarily used the battlefront 2 and the movie design as a reference for them
  4. Graphic Designer Application Checklist: Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/simpleclone In-Game Name: 3601 Teamspeak Name: Draa Age: Prefer not to disclose ____________________________________________________________ Questions: What programs do you use to create artwork? I currently use Adobe Photoshop for my pieces. How experienced are you in graphic design? I've had a fair amount of experience in graphic design. I've had a passion for graphic design for quite some time, having done basic picture editing and artworks for a while and creating primarily Clone Trooper designs. What is your preferred art style? Line art mainly focused around clone troopers, semi realistic is preferred. Why do you want to be a graphic designer? Digital art and graphic design is something I've personally enjoyed doing for myself for quite a bit. I believe it would be good to be able to contribute back to the community after my recent return to the server. I take enjoyment out of making of Star Wars designs so I figured TOS: It's important to recognize that IF you become a Graphic Designer for Gateway Gaming, the content you possibly provide is for the use on Gateway Gaming ONLY. If you are caught distributing any content without the permission of the Executive Staff team, you will be community banned. Do you agree to this? Yes. ____________________________________________________________ Artwork Showcase: Please provide examples of some of your artwork (2-3 Items): https://imgur.com/a/ccjSyck
  5. A Star Wars Galaxies style of game could be interesting, open world where you have different careers and factions ect. Personally I think if they modelled an MMO off of the Destiny style it could be relatively successful and enjoyable, with some changes to certain systems and mechanics of course. As Budds said, since the closure and shutting down of these kinds of projects, it shows the companies don't exactly seem keen on creating something of this nature because it wouldn't be as profitable while being more time consuming in comparison to creating a single player game. Saying that we can always dream, and them producing a single player open world game, some akin to Fallout could still be possible.
  6. Shark


    I personally would like to see this thing try and arrest somebody lol
  7. Shark


    Going off how K-9 units handle their service animals, the animal will always be a higher rank than their handler because it means if the handler was to assault their animal, it would be classed as assaulting a superior officer. This would mean the rank of the massiff itself would be dependent on the handler, because they should always be a higher rank. I don't believe the massiff itself would have the authority to conduct an arrest, nor would it have the cognitive or physical capabilities to do an arrest without a handler present.
  8. Shark

    Giveaway Again

    $50 steam voucher to pay off crippling debt
  9. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: 10/3601 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Jigsaw Previous Occupation: Clone Marine Current Occupation: Aegis Company Trooper Known Languages: Galactic basic, sign language, Droidspeak & Jawa Trade Language Hobbies: Tinkering with terminals, droids & explosives, baking Alignment: Chaotic Neutral PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: [Expunged] Likes (optional): Gonk droids, explosives & solving simple puzzles Dislikes (optional): Trandoshans, Geonosians, insectoids, pirates & extremely hot temperatures PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State/Build: Muscular and fit Age: 12 Disabilities: N/A BACK STORY After serving apart of the 416th Star Corps as an Infantry Clone during the 1st Battle of Geonosis, Jigsaw was transferred to an Acclamator Assault Ship and later a Venator Star Destroyer, serving a Clone Marine apart of the Systems Army Epsilon Assault Fleet, also known as the 6th Fleet. Jigsaw would undertake zero gravity, ship boarding and demolition training before deploying. Several months into the war, Jigsaw was recommended for Naval Special Operations after displaying promising potential during an operation assisting an Alpha Class Advanced Recon Commando with his squad of marines. Jigsaw returned to Kamino and received additional training in special operations, infiltration, stealth operations and slicing. During his time apart of Naval Special Operations, Jigsaw would be awarded a Silver Crescent for rescuing his fellow squad mates Sabretooth and Backlash. Once this act of valour was recognised amidst the transition into phase 2, Jigsaw would be selected for a newly founded unit known as Aegis. Briefly being screened before once more receiving additional training before being deployed for active duty operations. Jigsaw attempted to look into the convoluted origins of Aegis, though almost all of the information was expunged or classified. Soon he would be assigned to Task Force Gateway, joining the frontline once more. Jigsaw still attempts to dig into the past, with limited success. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Friend Republic Naval Personnel: Having served aboard Republic Naval Vessels for a vast majority of his service, Jigsaw learned to get along with most Republic Naval personnel, whether it be crewmen, technicians, pilots, engineers or fellow marines. To be expanded
  10. Shark

    Jedi Giveaway #2

    Your Name / Nominated Players Name: Draa Your in-game Name: Darman Your Regiment: Omega Squad
  11. Don’t know if you will see this but just saw your resignation and goodbye and wanted to say thank you for everything, being friendly on the server and ideal staff to look up to, to behave properly

  12. I remember that event, definitely was a highlight of Gateway
  13. Afternoon, After about playing Gateway since 2016, it’s been a fun ride. From 21st to 41st, Republic Commandos, ARC, the horrific display of Zulu Squad and everything in between. It was enjoyable and I learned many lessons from Gateway. Over the past couple months, thing haven’t been the greatest for myself, both at home and real life, as well as petty server politics. I’ve been growing ever cynical and toxic towards other people, for which I apologise. Things haven’t gotten that much better, I’ll say that much. I enjoyed my time as an Event Master, while hesitant to join Senior Staff as a SEM, I believe me joining the role has impacted me, more than most would think. However, after almost 2000 hours of Gateway Gaming, and over 5500 of gmod itself, things got a bit repetitive. I’ll do the generic list of names, because this is my resignation. Due to the forums being epic, the formatting was wack without being this block of text. Flanks, Gary, you were my boys, doubt you’d read this but, you were cool people. My 41st, best experience of Gateway I had, I miss a lot of you guys and girl. EM Team, this I’ll include those past and present, or at least those I interacted with. You guys did leave a big impact on me, even if you only part way through the trial, never had a negative interaction, bar Otis lol. Speaking of Otis, you were an amazing friend and EM. While I was toxic to you towards the end, I do still appreciate you. Keep on clowning. Avary, you were… something else I’ll admit. You amplified my love for Warhammer 40k and Star Wars in general, for which I thank you. Continue in your weird ways <3. Sparks, you gave me inspiration to join ARC, helped me through some tough times. One day I’ll take off your offer to join you in Arma. I still laugh about when you asked if I was gay. Crow, well. We had some really deep connections. You were a really good friend, through and through. I still remember that late night, or rather early morning time we played Arma with Amy in the call, was extremely fun. I’ll be honest though, you prevented and talked me out of well, you get the idea. Love you man. The boys, Rover, Andy, you were exceptional friends. Your events are bad lol. Knotts, you are not Senior Event Master material. We had that weird 5 hour talk, it was nice I’ll admit. Keep on smiling man, don’t fall on your spear, it would be rather impaling. Lunar, once more you were a cool person to get to know. I appreciate you and your late night wisdom. Keep on Yoda-ing. Jeff and Vyve, you boys made me feel welcome outside of my usual friendship circle. Loved that RP we used to do, it was fun to do, hope it was for you too. S8n, thank you for all you’ve done for the server. I know you’ve been slow as fuck to get stuff added, but you’ve had your reasons. I still appreciate your work. Simba, where to begin. You were with me from the very very start. Trained me up in 21st, you affected my mindset on many things. You brought me back to the server for 41st in 2017, and I’ve been playing ever since. Despite the flak you get, I do truly appreciate you. Zulu Squad, those who served in it, I appreciate standing by me, even for a brief time. I apologise if you weren’t mentioned, I wrote this up at 11 pm on my birthday. Was a real good feeling knowing I was removed from SEM on my birthday. Thanks Noc. Not sure if I’ll be leaving the community for good, we’ll see. I'll try and stick around, no promises, just see how life treats me in the coming days. Deinceps usque mane Another one bites the dust
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