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  1. ive actually been gone for awhile but forgot to say bye, so bye ill be back tho
  2. Name: Sands Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/fluffyDee/ IGN: Sands laser sword go brrrr
  3. Laters dad, ill never forget the viking funeral. o7!
  4. Just wondering what kind of friends everyone plays with on the server.
  5. Very important question, which kind of year is more chad
  6. This is just a short general one, but way back in the ol 2016 days when O'Niner existed and Reg's would barely pull numbers in events so you would ask another CO if you could run with their reg for an event cos you were lonely. Then being called to their briefing and getting a promo recommendation, that was the good shit man. It really built a community and gave a lot of respect to the higher ups in each reg.
  7. Post any server related stories you have, could be funny, sad or most probably nostalgic.
  8. Free my boy Story TImePacked event. Ill check if i have any old screenshots later on my pc.
  9. surely you send demo man with them
  10. Sands

    Best Meals

    Hear me out, any fast food burger with 3 nuggets and chips put inside the burger. Shit slaps hard.
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