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  1. Flxnks

    Windu's Fist

    Fucking oath I reckon we bring it back hey
  2. While this may be the case in the long run, if there is someone who is edging on that age requirement and says they’re mature, they need to show it. Personally, I managed to juggle a mod role at 14, and make admin within that same year. I was still pretty much a squeaker but I managed everyone’s expectations of a 14 year old admin and I think I did fine. Here we are two years later and the same people I worked with on that staff team generally hold a decent relationship with me even to this day. Anyways; Gecko, when you first came onto the server, I have no doubt that everyone saw you as a minge. Fast forward a few months, I’ve seen you time and time again show the qualities of a more than adequate leader. Although my experiences with you have been limited, from what I’ve seen, you are more than capable of showing that mature side. I’d like to see you keep this up and succeed. For now, you’ve got my +1
  3. Someone give this man the Pulitzer Prize
  4. Flxnks

    Best Meals

    Chicken Adobo with rice goes hard
  5. For a fiver, you print it off for me. Now that's GAME FEEL
  6. If I can put it IN my samsung fridge, I'll happily purchase 10.
  7. Flxnks

    What we reading?

    Oath. Waiting for someone to suggest 1984
  8. Flxnks

    What we reading?

    Legit feel like I'm back in english vro. Comparing dystopian and utopian futures. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is pretty pog if you can look past the mass r*pe
  9. Decided to take a break and take on a few commissions. Slowly getting back into my server roles. <3
  10. Flxnks

    Mess hall RP?

    I hear Lupus cooks up a storm.
  11. Okay Chef Advisor, go make me a Meatball Sub, Italian Herb, Old English, No Salad, Salt and Pepper, No Sauces, make it a combo meal, One White Choc Macadamia Cookie and One Choc Chip, takeaway and a 350ml Coke.
  12. Deja Vu! I've just been in this place before!
  13. Uhh awkward coincidence considering he was just on TS last night. Still stands, it’s been over a year, we’re a community of second chances
  14. I’ve known you for a long time and we’ve worked closely during that time both on and off the server. I’m not sure what’s happened to you in that time but it seems you’ve somehow either not changed or had a drastic change in which you went downwards. My only recent interaction was in the TS tonight and from what I heard I can’t properly judge whether you’re serious or not, so if you’re really here to play, you’ve got to earn that. If accepted I hope to see you making that effort like you did in the past. The player base is fairly new and don’t know you so take this as a chance to possibly restart from scratch. +1
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