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  1. +1 I've seen some of the other stuff you've done and although what you provided was simple in design, it was well executed and the minor details like the additional lens flare and edge blur was a nice touch. Could use some new Gateway propaganda anyways.
  2. Flxnks


    At least Sands has moved on from throwing trackers onto landers from kilometres away.
  3. Flxnks


    Ok Draa. Considering in Russia, bears are trained to perform breach and clearing abilities, I reckon a Massiff could perform an arrest.
  4. Flxnks


    Considering you gotta move out of the way for them, at least 2nd Lieutenant.
  5. An @Magnusandtraingirl swep so I can shoot my shot
  6. Again it's not a situational thing, it's your overall behaviour. You didn't care to even spell your own name correctly in the title (presumable on purpose), you put little to no effort into the app and you just seem to not care about how you're viewed. Everything Chunky said is true and I can see this becoming a common recurrence.
  7. "Your In-game Name: COMMANDER PEPERONI" Speaks for it self, you can wait it out
  8. Get tastik to do it vro. We can use the Helios base xx
  9. new rebels season looks nice
  10. Flxnks

    Giveaway Again

    Would appreciate a $50 steam code. Chur
  11. That is not what I was saying in the slightest ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What I am saying is regardless of your examples and knowledge of PAC3, your reputation a trustworthiness is the ultimate factor. You could be a modern-day Da Vinci but also have the most warns, kicks, bans and have the sort of reputation that when people say your name they associate it with "minge".
  12. I would agree if I didn't disagree. If they are competent they are competent, if they're not competent they'll look up a youtube tutorial. PAC3 is less of a "who has more creativity" and more, if you're sensible and have enough of a rapport on the server (as well as a somewhat decent application) you'll probably be accepted. It's not something that is detrimental to someones enjoyment and it honestly doesn't matter.
  13. Sergeant Rolld and Corporal Soul Origin enroute.
  14. Uhh yeah cool but Jaig Eyes not so cool
  15. 1. Elementary (Modern Day Sherlock Holmes) 2. How I Met Your Mother 3. NCIS (Except New Orleans, that shit stinks like ass)
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