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  1. you forgetted to tag me soz
  2. Not in tier-list format. Literally unreadable. 2/10 rotten tomatoes
  3. @Budds He stole your thing
  4. Flanks

    Dust is back

    Not for long
  5. Flanks

    Gateway Moment

    one time i die to droid then kill droid
  6. You’re an absolute champion. Been staff previously and proved yourself in those roles. Scenarios are good too but let’s be honest, those don’t matter as much as we make them out to be. phat +1 senior mod is a joke iykyk
  7. @Simba Hire this man
  8. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Imperial Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Matthew Costa Osta Known Alias’/Nicknames: Matt, Matty, Osta, C Previous Occupation: Engineering Professor (M.S.E, B.E.E) - Institute of Starship Engineers Current Occupation: Intern within the Regional Government Known Languages: Basic, Droidspeak Hobbies: Designing prototypes of miniature starships Alignment: Galactic Empire PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Likes (optional): Fellow Regional Government Employees, well designed starships Dislikes (optional): Clone Troopers (remaining from the Clone Wars), badly designed starships, rebels PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Age: 26 Weight: 78kg Build: Lean Extra Details (Optional) Rank: Intern | Regional Government Combat Experience: 2 years within Stormtrooper Corps - Never saw combat BACKSTORY Born into an affluent family on Coruscant who were particularly involved with the politics of the Galactic Republic, Osta was much smarter than the average child on Coruscant. Attending the Coruscant School for Gifted Kids, Osta was given the best education possible. He spent much of his time tinkering with speeders and small starships. Following his adolescent years, Osta was enrolled into the Coruscant School of Engineering and passed both his Bachelors of Starship Engineering and Bachelors of Electrical Engineering. He decided to stay and complete his Master's Degree in Starship Engineering. Shortly after graduating, and only in his first few months as a Starship Engineer for the Republic Navy, the Galactic Republic was reformed and became the Galactic Empire. Following a large need for human employees (after the "release" of many workers that feigned loyalty to the Empire), the newly formed Institute of Starship Engineers required Senior Professors. Still being quite young, but having intelligence beyond his years, Osta applied and was hired into the role. He spent the better part of a years lecturing aspiring Starship Engineers, many of which passed their certifications with flying colours... then the Rebel Alliance was formed... following the formation of this new found enemy, Osta was conscripted into the Stormtrooper Corps, out of place and unwilling, Osta was happy when he was stationed to an Outer Rim System and saw no combat for two years. Tired of endless patrolling, Osta put in a form to be reassigned to some sort of Engineering/Educational role, but was informed that there were none available. Given this, Osta was desperate and said he'd be willing to perform administrative duties and thus he was upskilled and sent to work within the Regional Government.
  9. Flanks

    Zia return

    Hello welcome to Gateway Gaming. You seem new here. I'm Flanks, this is my server. We mostly do MLPRP but sometimes do Star Wars stuff on the side. Feel free to ask for Mod Perms
  10. blasphemy. take it back or you're not allowed to leave
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