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  1. To reiterate my previous statement. A red lightsaber, which is contained up until a point of contact would not emit the same levels of radiation as a burning star. I also want to reiterate that when I mentioned Cell's Arena, I was using it as a a form of imagery to depict an even playing field. They could fight on a basketball court, a train station platform or the top of the Q1, but generally speaking, with defined context, or undefined context Superman wins. As I said, outside of the field of boundaries, Superman is stupidly OP, I won't disagree, but the issue with fighting two comic book heroes is that they don't follow the same lore and canon as you've stated. If Original movie Superman fought Vader from Comics yes he'd probably die. If Silver Age Superman (the one that sneeze the galaxy away), Vader wouldn't even have the chance to utter his name. The real question though, is Who Wins Between Kirby vs Luke Skywalker?
  2. This debate wasn’t pertaining to the legitimacy of a character and their powers or every Jedi would be ruled out of every conversation so I don’t see your point in saying that Superman’s existence is illogic but I digress. A lightsaber (outside the context of our little arena fight), is actually filtered. Its filtered, regulated, it’s even got a personality, so again, the radiation it emits is null. A Red Star does not emit the same radiation as a traffic light and neither does a saber emit the same radiation as a red star otherwise instead of it burning/heating up at the point of contact with another object, it’d burn the hilt it’s attached to/housed in. Now you can throw epic physics equations that relate to one of the aforementioned powers that supermans powers, but again, the CONTEXT provided doesn’t prove the radiation and I doubt you could find direct reference to the radiation levels that you’re talking about in the comics. If we’re delving out of the contextual boundaries that sought to balance this death match, I’ll list a few things that throw balance out of this mess and instantly remove Vader from any competition, regardless of what material you find; - Superman survives a nuclear explosion - Superman survives the Big Bang (defeating your idea of his weakness regarding gravity) - Superman benchpresses the earth for 5 days (bit rough but it happened) - Superman sneezes so hard he destroys a galaxy (good luck with Vader’s fleet)
  3. If you can find reference to lightsabers emitting that much "red radiation" in the original trilogies/rebels I'd be more than happy to yield, but the Superman films were alsso made in the 70s/80s and depict his speed. Take flying around the earth for instance. If he flew that speed at Vader, no matter how fast he predicts, the physical limitations of his mortality would suggest that the velocity of superman, and the distance from him to Vader would require him to react in such a short time span that isn't probable for someone like Vader especially taking into account the fact that he has to perform a slicing maneouvre. Vader also can't account for the freeze breath/heat vision (you may rebuke with the fact that he can just block the lasers with his saber which in most cases I'd agree with). Again, if it were really a stupid fight, context given, fair arena etc, Superman flies around him from a solid 10-20+ metres away and hits him with freeze breath. We see how far Superman can cast it in both the films and Justice League. Back to Vader's lightsaber emitting radiation simply because it's a red light source (I use that term loosely as you haven't described the differences in the radiation from a Star vs A Light Source) would his own Laser Vision not kill him? A Lightsaber would produce very different radiation to an entire Star. A red traffic light, by your logic, would weaken Superman to some extent. Ultraviolet Light, which is what Stars (in most cases) produce, would not be emitted from something like a lightsaber, a melee weapon. If the radiation was to be that emissive, like I previously stated, would almost instantly cause debilitating effects on it's users and those nearby. An example (which you failed to provide but instead mocked my argument), the 1986 Chernobyl Meltdown. Now although it is a different type of radiation in itself, it caused terrible effects to humans, especially first responder firefighters who were within just 300m of small chunks of the core were subjected to immense pain and suffering, sometimes resulting in their immediate deaths or very soon after the fact. Sith Lords and Jedi alike are very much still mortal, susceptible to cuts and flesh wounds, somebody like Vader, who is already very brittle in nature, would have died if his saber were to eject those absurd amounts of radiation, regardless of type.
  4. Blasters are much slower than bullets and Superman is shown in both the TV Show and Movies to be able to fly as fast and much faster. If Jedi are trained to deflect blaster shots with the force alone, why do so many force users, sith etc get shot? Not only is Superman faster than a blaster bolt by a substantial amount, Vader is shown to be a bumbling mess. His fights against Luke have him parrying in such a slow fashion, using his sheer size advantage over Luke to overpower him. The Force in your explanation of it would be a scientific factor that is natural, therefore not magic (Magic is the power to use supernatural forces to make impossible things happen, regarding your explanation of midichlorians, The Force is not considered magic). That entire segment about Vader's lightsaber emitting the radiation of a Red Star is a massive stretch. Yes it's pigmented Red however if the pigment in a lightsaber were to match the radiation of that of a celestial being, as soon as a Jedi got into a LAAT with their lightsaber, the instruments would've fried out under the sheer power of the unignited lightsaber. I've provided context in that we only use what is known to us from the examples and nowhere in rebels or the movies do they perform radiation tests on lightsabers. If the sabers were to emit such radiation their users would've gained instant cancer and died.
  5. Uhh but that's literally one of his three main powers. Nearly every iteration acknowledges his Superspeed, Laser-Eyes/Heat-Vision and invulnerability. Again a fight being a one on one. I'm adding context to Ratt's question because the question in of itself was convoluted. I'll set a scene. Imagine the Cell Games Arena from Dragon Ball (google for context) and imagine one side has Vader, the other Superman. They can both use any of their *mainstream* abilities and armour. In Vader's case, anything we see him do in Rebels and the Original Trilogy aswell as Superman's abilities in his original trilogy (Superman I, II and III aka 70s Superman) aswell as his abilities in his respective character arc in Justice League the show. Now both have three movies and a TV show to base their powers, take vader from the original trilogy (the first and most widely known version of vader) and Superman from his most original and widely known appearances and throw them in the Cell Games Arena. Again, any abilities seen in their shows/movies, first one to die (not including resurrections or ghosts) and they can't use outside sources (armies, allies etc). They're both at full power (maximum midichlorians, if that's even a thing, and maximum power of the sun) and they go at it. Superman literally kills him sub 10 seconds. In the original superman movies (the one which this superman is based off of), we see him lift an entire bus back onto a bridge with ease. Judging by the weight of the full bus and the human nature of Jedi/Sith, he could literally rip Vader's head off without him even realizing what happened. This may not be what Ratt originally asked but again, it was vague and for a fair fight to happen between two comic book characters, you require a lot of context and balancing. (Also Superman could literally fly out of the way of a Death Star Blast, it was designed to hit planets in orbit, not people that can fly as fast as a bullet.)
  6. Becoming a force ghost would still count as Death. I’m assuming this fight is a fight to the death. Again, it has to be fair on both sides to be a proper fight. Otherwise you don’t see an accurate representation of Superman vs Darth Vader. P.S, Darth Vader channeled his force to come back in force-ghost form as Anakin.
  7. If we're assuming Vader is at full power through the force, why would Superman not be at full power? If they fought on a common ground (Coruscant, Alderaan) that was both universes equivalents on Earth in a 1 vs 1. Vader gets his suit, saber and the force, Superman gets his suit and all his powers at full strength from whatever suns, Superman comes out on top. He can literally fly fast enough to turn back time. Regarding supermans powers, he could cheese the fight as if it was a video game. Fly circles around him with Heat Vision focused on Vader. I doubt the cripple could spin fast enough to block them with his saber. He could just fly into him, fast enough to literally make him explode into bits like a deer hit by a solid steel truck moving faster than light. Your basis for Vader winning is literally just favouring Superman. If the force happened to not work in Supermans world (DC Universe) then it'd be different.
  8. Flanks

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  9. Yeah but like... I reckon he could've done that hyperspeed thing and just fly through all their ships. Dude doesn't need oxygen.
  10. Wouldn't do much as there's only so far/fast you can throw a lightsaber. Superman has superspeed and can fly. I doubt it'd even hurt Superman anyways, dude survived a nuclear explosion.
  11. Freeze Vader with his breath, punch him into pieces? Although the force is strong, Vader has nothing at range, where as superman can literally laser beam the guy from a Kilometre away with more strength than a lightsaber can block. If Jedi can be bested by a cyborg and a Vader can be bested by his amateur son, imagine what Oldmate Clark could do to him.
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