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  1. 1. Are we starting straight after order 66 timeline wise 2. Are there companies similar to CW? 3. Is there a list of all regiments that will be included on launch 4. Will some lore characters like Cody be involved? 5. Will RP rules be different since everyone is a normal human instead of clone brothers with chips?
  2. So we can finally use the E-11D?
  3. This one brings back memories @Jesse
  4. Tom

    Ban Apreal

    Look at ban appeals made in the past that have been accepted, the detail even after the edit is poor and if you really wanted to play you would put more time and effort into it than what you wrote
  5. Forsaken did a lot of great things for the game and all my mates are saying Shadowkeep has done even better so I assume so
  6. I remember how dedicated you were when we were first tmods long ago, it was unfortunate that you lost staff back then but I believe over time you have definitely proven that you have wiped your mingy reputation, and behave better than many staff we have currently. I believe you would be very deserving of a 2nd chance at staff. +1 Would be poetic if we were accepted as tmods at the same time ey
  7. Tom

    Unban me

    I'd recommend re-writing this, even if you think you were in the right it doesn't mean complain about being banned on the forums, write a proper report and sound sincere, apologies for anything you may have done and put effort into it, it will greatly increase your odds of being unbanned instead of called the Head Admin 'this kid'
  8. I was quite surprised that you didn't make it in the first time around as you were killing it at the time. With the recent addition of Shiny CO along with your consistent positive attitude towards the server, I feel you would fit in great in the staff team. +1
  9. I would recommend reading through the app again and add some colour to the questions so it's easier to read, and add some ULX commands to the situation since they are very basic and show little knowledge of ULX. If you need help feel free to browse through resolved apps that have been accepted for some guidance. As well as that I think 82 hours is very low being just about the requirement, so I'd also recommend getting yourself out there and noticed on ts and in the server more so people would be more inclined to +1 your app. Neutral for now, I'll be keeping an eye out in game to see how you are as a person and I'll change my vote on a later date. Good luck with the application.
  10. Tom

    Favorite streamers

    Asmongold since WoD
  11. Tom

    Ban Appeal

    You’ve been banned and unbanned in the past, there has to been reason right?
  12. Tom

    luca ts ban appeal

    I believe you need to spend a long time away and disconnected from the community in regards to ts and the server itself, be patient and give it some time and try again later when people feel like you have really waited a long time and served out your ban. As well as that from what I've seen from you, you were quite toxic and annoying when you were on the server and from what I've seen in discord and what not, you seem generally the same. I do not believe you deserve to come back to both the ts or the server, sorry mate. -1
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