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  1. Woah bro, nice cock.

  2. Hmm yes Colonel Richard is this you?


  3. How am I gonna know my post has been read without the proof of Aussi reacting, smh my head.
  4. *No longer laughs in black animated swirls *
  5. This does put a smile on my face *Laughs in black animated swirlies*
  6. Back when you were first a tmod and I was that useless staff buddy, I saw you had a lot of great staffing potential, and you lived up to that. Although you've always had a lot of controversial opinion,s which may make you a very controversial player to a few, your staffing seemed to be unbias and very fair to those you dealt with, and your maturity in these situations especially with Marshal Commander and RHC experience always added to this fact. I haven't been around nowadays and can only go off of word and the last couple of days I've been on, but I've heard a lot of the hard work you've done in ARC as an officer within it, and I can't see why you can't have another shot at staff. +1
  7. Haven't the intelligence naval company changed those letters like 100 times in the past year?
  8. Idea... Gateway crates, they cost $0.50 each. The keys are $2.50 There are multiple different crates that drop different stuff to fuck over peopl- I mean to add variety. The crates include things like promotions, regiments and ulx/staff ranks. There is a 0.00001% chance to receive anything actually good, every other time you receive a photo of Beatroot's dog to make you happy and spend more money, so basically a 100% chance to get something good. Then the money can go towards buying out every other clone wars server, creating an empire stronger than Star Wars, to finally combat the evil company of Icefuse to finally become the ultimate gamers of all of Gmod. Stonks
  9. Richard

    May the 4th Sale

    Fucking dedication
  10. I think the second half felt a bit cheap and rushed, with cheesy shit happening at the right time with no build up and a meh pay off. The first half had me pumped with the eerie music and shots of the clones just blankly staring, not a word from any of them unlike the banter we are used to from even the most unknown of clones. I still wished we could see some of the ROTS scenes animated into the show, maybe the last episode could be an hour long if they want to gift us, and we could even see Ahsoka interact with Vader/Anakin somehow which made me think how pre burnt vader would think, since Ahsoka didn't agree with the Jedi and Anakin still had light in him before he got burnt. Too bad there's no pausing in the movie inbetween order 66 and the final battle I think. Overall, disappointed by this one since it's the 2nd last of the entire show and doesn't live up to the first 2 of the big ones. Really looking forwards to the finally however.
  11. This is the wholesome Gateway Gaming we need. Time to expand Gateway to Sonic Riders?
  12. I haven't currently played the server for some time so my feedback is purely based on how I see Noc from the past and on the forums so keep that in mind. From what I have seen, Noc has come back to the server with a lot of energy and seems prepared to put a lot into the server again with a lot of care. You're never afraid to speak up about what you find right or wrong about people or the server and you display a lot of confidence, come off as very approachable and seem very reasonable and kind to people. The old drama from the past is in the past now and it seems you have easily fixed your reputation in that sense with your actions, and even then I saw a lot of the good things you did in the past when you ignore the drama and I know you display many qualities an all rounded staff member would have. Seeing you go for moderator is in my opinion a smart choice as even when you were HEM you always knew how to handle situations that I could see an admin or senior admin+ handling naturally, and with the high role of HEM being quite involved with the staff team you would know what is expected of you as a mod, and self-awareness can be quite crucial nowadays. Overall, based off of your previous roles and also your current attitude towards the server, I'm going to give this an easy +1
  13. I was constantly thinking of when order 66 was going to hit but I'm kind of happy it didn't since I didn't want the next episode to be the climax and have the 4th feel more like a drag, but this entire episode had me nervous from start to finish with the constant switch in viewpoints from the clones to Ahsoka and the live updates on the RoTS timeline with Dooku's death and Anakin turning. Even though we know what happens to these characters I can't help but be stressed about what will happen and more how it will happen, if Rex has been defective the whole time, if he will remove his chip last second, if he will go through with it and Ahsoka will find a way to stop him. I really can't wait until next week to hopefully find out what will happen, and I kind of want to see some other perspectives although less popular like already existing moments from RoTS like the Obi-wan vs Anakin fight but shot from either a different angle or just done with the Clone Wars touch because why not, maybe even viewing some of Anakin's or Obi-wan's thoughts during what was happening before and after. Overall great episode. These 4 episodes could easily possess the quality to carry the entire season to one of their greatest, even though I did enjoy the more unique story lines the clone wars offered in previous seasons separate from the movies, but they have done very well reviving things.
  14. Nothing beats finishing an event, flying off, and having one of the 80 people simply press a button to commit a mass murder.
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