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  1. Trying to balance 3 slots at an actual level will always eventually lead to a slight burnout that follows with a fallout in one of the 3. I believe that the main slot should be prio like stated multiple times earlier, with a 2nd/3rd slot being an escape from the 1st here and there instead of any sort of commitment so that you don't overdo yourself on the main, whilst avoiding any distractions from your most important roles. Besides, all of the best runs I've seen from people come from those who put 100% of their effort into the role, not 50%, or 75% and so on.
  2. Not normal cricket but the big bash is pretty cool.... when renegades aren't being butt fucked all season
  3. Yea na I know me joining and leaving is a joke but I got perma banned this time so I made sure I don't come back. It's been cool have a good time. Still open to a community ban as an extra layer of being unable to join back.
  4. All of 7th Sky spamming copy that binds even when no one said anything
  5. This felt like a shitty Star Wars RP event
  6. It's about time, I guess that long overdue PC has finally come. I've stuck with Xao for over a year now and he's proven to me that he's nothing but a dedicated and trustworthy member of the community, and with his efforts in the server finally having the opportunity to be recognised having climbed the ranks swiftly recently as Lock, he's finally had the time to show to the community what he can contribute. Having had countless chats with Xao, he's never thought negatively of the server, has always been open to learning something new and treats absolutely everyone with respect if you put personal memes aside. The event as well is one of the highest quality events that I've read from an app before, and you've really put your high literacy skills to good use and I believe that you'd do great in this type of staff role. Best of luck, massive +1 from me.
  7. a) I wanna see Ahsoka come up and not just be a small cameo this season b) I wanna simp over Sasha Banks
  8. Disclaimer This thread will contain spoilers for the latest episode of the Disney + original series "The Mandalorian" Chapter 9: Share your thoughts on the episode below!
  9. I've been able to interact more with Dank in the last month when I was in Horn with him joining frequently in the TS. Dank would make a great Moderator again, and he's never had an ounce of negativity about him. +1
  10. General Category Player of the Year - @Mconnell Best Artist/Content Creator - @Aussi @Budds @Merc Best Meme - What's a TN @Xao_Acroheart Best Newcomer - @Mconnell @Pepsi Most Memorable Player - @Beatroot (To justify he hasn't been on much this year but he's still quite memorable with his charisma) Best Username - TBD Most Skilled Player - @Brother Rein Most Improved/Redeemed Player - @Arsenic Best Builder - @Rover Roleplay Category Commander of the Year - Gani- *Shudders* I mean @Stingel Regiment of the Year - 7th Best Roleplayer - @Xao_Acroheart Best Duelist - @Truce's Rj Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff - @Pab @Siff Most Helpful Staff - @Spirit Best Staff Newcomer - @Siff Best Developer - @Aussi @Rhinous @Merc Best Event Master - @Buck :) @ItsGary Best Campaign 2020 Most Friendly Staff Member - @Pluto @Noc @ItsGary
  11. After 6 of these things finally make my first (brief) appearance.... great video, surely we see another after the long holidays
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