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  1. Slasher is an edgy clone of the Republic who is looking to obtain black armour at all costs, he only doesn't join ARC because he is too cool for ARC and definitely not because he sucks.
  2. Just thought of something else, hopefully it hasn't been commented on since I can't be bothered reading at the moment. What will happen with placements and regiment of the week, I know the likely answer will be it being removed or reworked, but placements has been a core part of why people rush to get to debrief and are so attentive during the speech, it brings competition and can inspire newer players or newer commanders to really push themselves for those dopamine points. Regiment of the week was never a huge thing to me, but I feel like if it were to be kept in the server, it would be hard to judge with no placements giving it a point system, will there be some way around this like a more subjective approach similar to potw?
  3. Bruh reading that gave me a headache, imma go lie down. ARC literally go through pain and embarrassment in the server to get to the SGT ranks, where even then last night it was mentioned that they still need to work their asses off to become true ARC at the blue ranks or WO+. This is why they can have such advanced equipment, they work the hardest for it, some of these players had to attend multiple screenings just to make it in, and usually it's given to proven players who are older not because of any bias, but because they have spent an amount of time in the server constantly proving themselves. Also, the lore argument is, I'm sorry, completely retarded and hurts my small brain. In lore, technically ARC should be more op than they are in the server, but through balance ARC are actually brought down in my opinion, these are the people who were seen in the original Clone Wars TV show destroying every droid in sight with no casualties like it's nothing, whilst over 10 times the amount of any normal trooper would struggle. Maybe the slot argument could be valid (If you weren't so rude about how you approached it), but last night I gained more insight from the CO meeting with comments about how ARC have so many fields they specialize in that they can successfully train the entire server covering all fields with many competent players, so why ruin that? I've learnt from the past that sometimes being controversial on the forums isn't the smartest thing, maybe next time have a CIVIL debate with someone privately before you embarrass yourself on the site, you do know that when you decide one day you want to play the server more seriously a post like this will always exist, and always hold you back.
  4. I miss when I could climb SWEP on the map without the risk of being warned and arrested. Very minor but just a small thing I used to enjoy. Maybe even if it was just no Climb SWEPing on certain buildings or areas like how it was when first implemented so I could muck around elsewhere.
  5. Pac abusing for bodygroups before it was cool
  6. Sounds good, guess I'll need to try it before judging too early. Also another question, does this mean that the new map rotation on the main map is gonna be Rishimoon and Baocarra or am I gonna have to quit the server
  7. I do like the idea a lot, but does 7-8 mean only that many events per week, because that is a massive stepdown from 21 per week and a major flaw I had with Imperial is that 14 events per week or 2 per day felt boring in between with longer wait periods.
  8. Having been in GM for a week or something, you've really shown that you have brilliant qualities which excel you as a Commander but would also do great as a moderator. You have a great mindset on how no matter what your position is you should remain friendly and approachable to everyone, even more so if staff or a high ranking CO, and since joining GM I've felt extremely welcomed and comfortable in the regiment and back in the server with the community you have created within it and in ts. I believe these qualities, as well as your dedication to your roles and the server should easily be enough for anyone to confidently +1 your application. +1
  9. Thank you for burping in teamspeak, it really butters my quarantine
  10. Episode = bad I wonder if I can turn this into a 10 minute+ episode review on youtube
  11. Tops' profile picture is cursed and deserves a spot in a GG hall of fame Or in the Venator secret room - If you know you know
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