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  1. Richard

    Giveaway Again

    $50 steam voucher for siege operators
  2. Gateway Gaming is a pathway to dedication some consider to be unnatural. Even though I wasn't a fan of a few of your actions, I respect that you made an effort to try and fix your reputation. Have fun with what you decide to do next.
  3. Im getting Viking vibes
  4. Richard

    I am sorry

    If you would like to have a chance for being unbanned, please follow the provided unban appeal.
  5. Feelsbad, have fun with whatever you decide to do in the future though!
  6. Name 3939 Richard Regiment 7th Sky Corps Sub Company Beta ARC if possible Rank Captain Attitude, Laid back
  7. I'll always tell my mates to form their own opinion and even note it down before reading/watching any reviews when it comes to Star Wars
  8. Offtopic but am I the only one who thinks that bloke is very punchable and unlikable? Just a weird thought I had.
  9. The dark saber was pretty sick, but I was kinda annoyed with how he survived. It was pretty poor how he just crashed in the only tie that decides not to explode on landing and somehow gets out with all limbs intact, but whatever. IG-11 is my new favourite. Honestly baby Yoda is cool and all but he had some badass scenes with the aimbot and all. I think the dev team may need to tweak the gun dmg as event masters may find it difficult dealing with a one shot dual wield gun. The face should have been hidden in my opinion. Technically we are living things, so I thought they could've turned the camera away and left the secret to respect the Mando culture, and also because I may have accidentally googled the voice actor and spoiled myself after episode 1 I think they were smart to exclude the rumoured Boba Fett cameo, as it could be useful for the rumoured season 2 and could drive the plot pretty well along with old mate with the dark saber. Also I wanted to see a big Mando vs Imperial fight scene, but instead they kinda threw the Mando's out the window. Overall, the episode was an enjoyable watch, and ties the season up smoothly. Some of the other episodes like about 2-3 in the middle did lack a lot, but overall the season was quite fun to watch.
  10. I've spoken to Centurion here and there in the past with a few shared roles, and he knows how to take his roles seriously and enters with the right mindset. Centurion would be a great fit in the staff team. +1
  11. Now I haven't talked to Duck very much recently, but I've never seen him step out of line since I first encountered him. Probably one of the most behaved players who always strives to do the right thing. +1
  12. Pizza? But what about those gym gainz bruv. We need those Gateway triceps.
  13. You shouldn't need to think much of it. It requires constant good behavior over a long duration with your reputation, not just 2 weeks. Also you need to take initiative to prove to people that you have changed, like avoiding any forums drama as an example and just posting some positive stuff for a bit. Also, continuing in navy to a higher respectable rank of power overtime will help too, it just takes longer than 2 weeks man. Best of luck however, you do seem very keen on proving you have changed, you just need to stick to it.
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