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  1. a) I wanna see Ahsoka come up and not just be a small cameo this season b) I wanna simp over Sasha Banks
  2. Disclaimer This thread will contain spoilers for the latest episode of the Disney + original series "The Mandalorian" Chapter 9: Share your thoughts on the episode below!
  3. I've been able to interact more with Dank in the last month when I was in Horn with him joining frequently in the TS. Dank would make a great Moderator again, and he's never had an ounce of negativity about him. +1
  4. Back from LOA this Friday due to finishing my final SACs of the year, leaving only exams (Let's be honest who goes for anything but a pass for exams) so I'll be happy to have the app open for responses on that day forward.
  5. General Category Player of the Year - @Mconnell Best Artist/Content Creator - @Aussi @Budds @Merc Best Meme - What's a TN @Xao_Acroheart Best Newcomer - @Mconnell @Pepsi Most Memorable Player - @Beatroot (To justify he hasn't been on much this year but he's still quite memorable with his charisma) Best Username - TBD Most Skilled Player - @Brother Rein Most Improved/Redeemed Player - @Arsenic Best Builder - @Rover Roleplay Category Commander of the Year - Gani- *Shudders* I mean @Stingel Regiment of the Year - 7th Best Roleplayer - @Xao_Acroheart Best Duelist - @Truce's Rj Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff - @Pab @Siff Most Helpful Staff - @Spirit Best Staff Newcomer - @Siff Best Developer - @Aussi @Rhinous @Merc Best Event Master - @Buck :) @ItsGary Best Campaign 2020 Most Friendly Staff Member - @Pluto @Noc @ItsGary
  6. After 6 of these things finally make my first (brief) appearance.... great video, surely we see another after the long holidays
  7. Gonna put this app on hold for a couple weeks as activity will decrease as a result of nearing exams and just getting a job. I ain’t giving up yet tho boys I’ll be back going hard soon.
  8. It's back boys let's go
  9. After having some discussions with you in discord and teamspeak a fair amount, as well as getting a fair judgement of your character since joining 7th Sky, I can comfortably say that you'd definitely make a good fit to the staff team, and that although you're on the newer side, your attitude towards this application proves to me that you're deserving of a trial position and that you'd fit quite well in it. Easy +1 from me
  10. What do you mean. Switching sides faster than Italy did is so realistic for a life long trained Imperial officer.
  11. I watched gameplay for the squadrons campaign and all I felt was zzzzzzzz Very lack luster imo, but I think BF2 at its current state is fun as well as fallen order your first time through it.
  12. From a perspective of somebody who hasn't interacted with you in-game or in teamspeak, your temper on the forums worries me with a few moments I've seen with you going back and forth with people as well as coming off as quite rude or aggressive at times. Along with that, after reading through your event example I believe that it lacks a lot of detail, and it needs to include more points such as possible ECs, the specifics in what enemies they may encounter where, some more detail on the RP could be nice as well. Along with that you need to prepare for alternate situations, what if something goes wrong? What if you can't get the regiments you desire? I've seen many EM apps with documents containing multiple pages worth of detail on what there event is going to be and how it'll play out. Sure maybe you think what you wrote should be enough for what you want to do, but you need to keep in mind that in a way your application has to compete with current applicants as well as current EM applications, where whoever puts in more effort will please more people than the person who doesn't. I'm going to -1, but if I see your attitude towards people change in the coming weeks as well as an edit to the application, I'll reconsider my vote.
  13. This man isn't applying for pac, pac is applying for this man.
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