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  1. #<...Entering Alias.> #<...Alias accepted.> #<...Input Clearance Codes.> #<...Attempting Access.> #<...Access Denied to -REDACTED-.> #<...Bruteforce Protocols Detec---.> #<...Access Granted to -REDACTED-.> #<...Acessing Info.> GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: <...Breach Detected-- ERROR. #&*%#> Known Alias: Stewie Previous Occupation: ██████████ Current Occupation: INQUISITOR Known Languages: ██████████ Hobbies: <...Lost Contact with Investigators.> PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: ██████████ Mental Disabilities: ██████████ PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: ██████████ Age: 22 Weight: ██████████ Build: ██████████ Disabilities: ██████████ PERSONNEL HISTORY Stewie comes from an unknown rich family in the outer rim. When the business of spice selling started to fail his family sold him to slavers to make some easy credits. He was purchased by a bounty hunter shortly after & used to do the bounty hunters dirty work. After chasing a few bounties & getting treated like Gizka shit day in & day out for the next few months Stewie started to notice that he could use an unknown power to bend things to his will. After coming to the realisation that he was the one in control of these actions he started training in his cage on the bounty hunters ship in secret in hopes that he could one day use this power to kill his current master & begin his own journey to greatness in the galaxy. Stewie was caught by the bounty hunter within the coming months on upon investigating his cameras on his ship during a raid from pirates. Stewie started slamming them into walls with no effort & crushed the last pirates throat while he was begging for their pathetic life. The bounty hunter realising he could make some serious bank off of Stewie, realising that he must be a Jedi. After asking around an unknown contact agreed to meet with him on a planet Stewie to this day does not know. Upon arriving the bounty hunter carried the cage out & threw it on the ground covering Stewie in mud. Another ship started landing across the field that he had never seen before be it because of the mud in his eyes or not. Troopers wearing a deathly black armour with glowing red visors came sprinting out of the ship forming an advance firing line pointing towards the bounty hunter & Stewie. They demanded the bounty hunter drop his weapon & walk towards them. Knowing that this was most certainly going to be the end of his journey before it had even had a chance to start, Stewie used his powers to knock the unknown troopers over while they were focused on the bounty hunter. Stewie crushed the lock on the cage with his power & pushed the door open at which he ran as fast as he could towards the bounty hunters ship. The second he got up to the top of the ramp he felt like his life had slipped away from him, like he could no longer breathe & he had lost all feeling of the pressure on his burdened feet. Although unable to move his head, he was able to see he was actually levitating at this point. He started to panic & grasp at his neck to try breathe again feeling that he was soon about to pass out. As he turned around he noticed a crimson blade that he thought to only exist in stories. That is all Stewie could remember before coming back together. Although disoriented he knew he was strapped to a metal surface as if to be a bed where there were a whole bunch of torture devices around him. It is unknown to himself whether the time spent in that hell was the true ending or beginning of his destiny within the galaxy. <...Breach Detected-- ERROR. #&*%#> <...%Found*You^@#(].> <...*Now#You!Die9&2#$.> <...Terminal Lockout.>
  2. Love you my man


  3. Clone Wars PAC3 Application Template Requirements Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:176925398 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/LeonardoDUC/ Current in-game alias: SGT 2134 Leo/Knight Leonardo/GSG 9873 Michelangelo Time Played (Hours): Approximately 537hrs Are you a donator? (YES/NO) PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? No, this is my first time using pac3 Why do you want access to PAC3? I would like to have access to pac3 because I'll be able to add minor things to my clone trooper and my Jedi character that will enhance my practical RP and other peoples Rp as well. How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? Pac3 will allow me to find new ways on how to do RP, Even if it's just passive RP and also develops my Current RP abilities. If I even get access to it will significantly improve my hours and so with Endless possibilities. PAC3 Examples: (A Trooper working on a holo laptop.) https://gyazo.com/f25c767e44b4371fc84f5e0b9d6c68bd (Being able to take off a helmet from a trooper that doesn't have bodygroups for it.) https://gyazo.com/2c3fb27d331c5dc1a4056fdb832667df (A standard heavy trooper with a backpack, z6 and DC-15a, being able to remove the weapons as well.) https://gyazo.com/0f7990cce7b9cb659aa4c52f9a71c66c https://gyazo.com/2911892953bc525931e0e28e186f94db (A trooper setting up a detpack on the wall) https://gyazo.com/a684ad631d8d5ff7f165b633e4a9053d
  4. Introduction of Character Name: Tssimorth Ust Age:? Gender: Male Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Hetero Nickname(s): Birth Date: 02/18/BBY Status: Alive Species: Reptilian, Trandoshan Affiliations/Organizations: Jedi Order Occupation: Jedi The Character’s Appearance General Appearance: A large Reptilian Humanoid creature with Sandy Brown Skin Height: 6ft Weight: 110kg About the Character Personality: Quiet person who barely talks Favorites: Building Weapons Hobbies/Interests: Collect weapons parts Building Weapons Phobias/Fears: Unknown Habits: Sitting around doing nothing Skills/Talents: Unarmed combat Best Qualities: Brave Worst Qualities: N/A Morality/Ethics: Never leave a man behind. Goals/Motivations/Dreams: Achieve mastery of the force and become a Jedi Master The Character’s Relationship With Others N/A The Character’s Abilities Jedi?: Yes If Yes, Rank?: Padawan Color of Lightsaber: Blue Powers/Abilities: Regenerating tissue Strengths: Unarmed combat advantage Weaknesses: Unknown Restrictions:? Alternate Form(s): N/A Fighting Style: N/A Preferred Weapon(s): Unarmed, lightsaber, blaster Knowledge: 6/10 Motivation: 5/10 Will to Act: 5/10 Agility: 7/10 Force Control: 4/10 Swordsmanship: 8/10 Hand-to-Hand Combat:9 /10 Piloting Skills: 7/10 Offense: 8/10 Defense: 7/10 Social Skills: 3/10 The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information Homeworld: Trandosha Family: Unknown Familial Background: Unknown Character Background: Unknown
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