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  1. To be continued.mp4 CG after 12am.mp4
  2. They are such adorable little clone troopers
  3. AYeee welcome @Pepsi! The glorious and benevolent vibe king
  4. Love the design @Tanker I like what you done with the bevel & emboss blending options
  5. That’s a bit rude, I don’t see a problem for him/her to make, I understand what your saying but it was unnecessary to put that last bit in Nice bio @A r d i i i, but do remember you don’t need to make one if your a lore character lmfao
  6. Missed the Doom's Unit The Doomephiles...
  7. I think in my opinion Hugh Jackman would definitely fit the role of Joel if they applied a bit of makeup on him making him old and rough around the edges like the movie Logan but it would be weird for me seeing him not being aggressive but yeah Nikolaj Coster would be my second pick for casting Joel, for Ellie I think Ellen Page would definitely fit the role In the Last of us but they would need to make her look young and not noticeable that its been edited with the technologies they have but then she had history with the developers that created Last of Us accusing them for "ripping off" her likeness which would be hard choice for her to bring In for casting, but Kaitlyn Dever would be my second pick.
  8. My man has no ass...
  9. Welcome back @[GG] Scyther!
  10. I'm surprised that Echo or Rex didn't mentioned Fives when they were reunited
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