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  1. One of the best EM's and CO's back In the day, will definitely fit right in with the EM Teams +1 Goodluck!
  2. I've known Spooky for a long time now, he's the nicest and a respectful person I know and loves to support the community. I believe he can be a great asset to the moderation team. (っ◔◡◔)っ +1 goodluck man !
  3. Nice Bio @skampy01, Keep it up man
  4. Akali

    show me your set ups

    My new gaming setup lit af
  5. *Pluto leaves EM* Me: How can you do this jk, you're one of the best EMs in the EM team and I think (nah you will) be one of the best Moderators in the Moderator team +1
  6. Hey! @Loki I Highly recommend joining either 501st Legion or 7th Sky Corps as they are a starter regiments and specialized for new players to the community to get use to the basics for advance regiments.
  7. Hey, that's pretty good!.mp4
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