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  1. Christ this just turned into a pointless personal insult fest, but the point still stands that hasn't exactly been disputed yet of the Scumbags and the clique-based nature of gateway. Which if nobody realized, was the primary post topic as well as the leaving words of a long standing community member. If you're here to reply/quote someone else with a personal insult and nothing to contribute to the topic at hand please try and have some self-control.
  2. Ignoring the whole slur meme shit part of this thread, glad you covered the last 2 smaller paragraphs on your side, Stooge. But nothing about the other 4 paragraphs and the primary topic of the post?
  3. One of the reasons I was happy to leave this place behind in the end. Gateway is dominated by little high-school level cliques with the Scumbags being the popular girl group at the top, having control in almost every aspect of the environment leading their friends to the top for the sake of just being in that clique. It's always been pathetic to see, and I'm glad someone who has been here longer than I was and has been apart of the inner workings much more said it. Love you lup-lup ☻
  4. This place is still gross.
    1. Flxnks


      Head back to Salvation then <3
    2. Snap


      legit, i forgot salvation and envy existed, that place went to the fucking dust
    3. Zly


      It's because you and I aren't playing anymore, obviously
  5. Snap


    Welcome to literally how Staff on any server works, It's always going to be a popularity contest. People will always vote for the people they like best, no matter what, even if they say "no bias" or anything of the like trying to say they aren't because of popularity. That's how this server works, its how almost any works.
  6. Snap


    Tends to make people not want to check the forums, agreed.
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  8. Snap


    Watch It Burn
  9. *OOC* Genuinely made me laugh.
  10. Snap

    cursed images

    I now realize this.
  11. Snap

    cursed images

    I regret everything
  12. Fuck I came back.
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