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  1. Hi Airbag, I do agree with the responses above, the answers given were very short indeed. You need to show on your application that you know basic ULX commands at least to an extent. I've met you a few times on the server, and you seem like a good bloke. I'm not sure whether you are staff material or not, and the application is disproving whether you are capable. Like Choog said, just edit out your responses to make them look proper. Besides that, good luck.
  2. Hol Oh my god, the OG wolfpack squad, I miss them so much
  3. If only it had lasted longer
  4. You're a certified gateway gamer now. Welcome o7
  5. Thanks spirit. Lol satan I could never stay away from this community
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Sposh Ilghaust Known Alias’/Nicknames: Sposh Previous Occupation: Scavenger/Thief Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Basic, Shyriiwook(Learning), Jawa Trader Talk Alignment: Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities: O.C.D Likes: Traveling, Sports, Keeping himself fit Dislikes: Rudeness, People disrespecting clones, Disorganized people Personality: A neutral/cold jedi whom likes to get into action as much as possible to get much experience from it. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Strong Age: 16 Weight: 85 KG Build: Average Disabilities: None Appearance: 6"0 JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Jedi Padawan Master (current or previous): Commander Bullzy Seye Lightsaber details: Customised Sentinel Saber Combat style: Shii-Cho BACKSTORY I was born in Tatooine, a shit-hole of a dump. As a child, I was taught ways to pickpocket and steal from other people from my parents. I found out that I could levitate objects with my hands, which I indeed kept a secret from my family. Poverty and starvation had led us to do a lot of things that I wasn't proud of, but I did what I had to do in order to survive that harsh planet. My parents had almost nothing to their name, so we were moving all the time, scavenging for parts, stealing, living day to day. We deceived and mislead people. I loath at myself thinking about it. Me and my family wanted out of Tatooine, we wanted to start out a new life somewhere peaceful, we thought. We were saving up some credits to get passage to Nar Shaddaa, to book a shuttle from a black market dealer from one of the guys that my dad used to know. We heard of a rumour that someone had crash landed on Tatooine and had left their ship to rot, we set out immediately to find it. This could be our way out. For the first time I felt hope. Finally! after all this time scavenging useless parts, we found the broken down ship and it looks like most of the parts of the ship are still intact! We started strip out the ship one by out, checking which parts were still usable to be sold on the black market. But we kept on hearing beeping noises from the main console of the ship. My father told me that it was an emergency beacon and asked me to ignore it. It was a bit odd as there was no one inside the ship when we found it. Fast forward a few hours later, we got ambushed by a squad of hungry bandits and we took defensive positions on the broken down ship. My parents was armed with small blasters, but we were outnumbered and outgunned. My mother had hid me in one of the compartments of the ship, while my father and mother kept on shooting at the bandits. At the end of the day, I saw their lifeless corpses on the grounded while the bandits searched them for any loot. I remember myself being in that hidden space, sobbing quietly while waiting for the bandits to leave. After the bandits left, I was in a catatonic state for hours, and would of died from starvation if I had not been found by Knight Bullzy Seye in the ship. He managed to calm me down by using the force, and ever since than he took me in the Jedi Order and I have since been a Padawan and he my Master. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Clones - I like the clones, they are fearless when it comes to war unlike most people I've met. Knight Ar'ren - A brother from another mother I would say. One of the tallest and strongest wookies I've ever met. The Jedi Order - The Jedi Order is like family to Sposh, as his parents were killed and he was saved by them. He also sees the Jedi Order as some kind sort of guardians of the galaxy, who would battle evil and save countless people. Commander Bullzy Seye - My beloved Master. I remember him teaching me not to be attached to my emotions, but he means the world to me as he had changed and saved my life.
  7. I've been gone for a bit, but I will share my opinion on Ace's application. He has done a great job in his previous time as staff on the server, and I believe that he can even do a better job if he gets accepted. +1 from me. Good luck!
  8. The ketamine has finally made me brave to actually introduce myself
  9. Dank Machine

    Giveaway :D

    Star wars battlefront 2 please and thanks
  10. Been a few months in gateway, and I’ve realized I never made a proper introduction. I’m a Malaysian man, whos been playing gmod for few years now. Been here since phase 1, but didn’t really stuck around back then. Kinda got back to playing gmod by sticking to SEA servers, but they were bit too boring for me, so I decided to come back, and made myself a full dedicated gayway gamer. No offense, you lads are whack and I am attached to this server because of that. Here’s to greater days gamers. -Machine
  11. Welcome to the community and the forums buddie.
  12. I do agree, this would be useful for the newer players on the server, I believe this could be a great addon that could be added on the server to show players what is happening in their regiments in the server.
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