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  1. I've been gone for a bit, but I will share my opinion on Ace's application. He has done a great job in his previous time as staff on the server, and I believe that he can even do a better job if he gets accepted. +1 from me. Good luck!
  2. The ketamine has finally made me brave to actually introduce myself
  3. Dank Machine

    Giveaway :D

    Star wars battlefront 2 please and thanks
  4. Been a few months in gateway, and I’ve realized I never made a proper introduction. I’m a Malaysian man, whos been playing gmod for few years now. Been here since phase 1, but didn’t really stuck around back then. Kinda got back to playing gmod by sticking to SEA servers, but they were bit too boring for me, so I decided to come back, and made myself a full dedicated gayway gamer. No offense, you lads are whack and I am attached to this server because of that. Here’s to greater days gamers. -Machine
  5. Welcome to the community and the forums buddie.
  6. I do agree, this would be useful for the newer players on the server, I believe this could be a great addon that could be added on the server to show players what is happening in their regiments in the server.
  7. Squad is really good, but too broke for days . Cool idea tho, I do like having the community playing other games besides g'mod.
  8. Say no to bright mode, my eyes can’t handle that reeee
  9. Dang that looks fancy, can't wait to see the map.
  10. Tacit is a friendly, vocal, and responsible player on the server. From the interactions I've had with him on the server, and on TS, he is very mature and can be a capable staff member if he is given the chance to. +1 from me, good luck Tacit.
  11. Welcome back Dempsey, glad your enjoying the server now.
  12. Dank Machine

    Im sorry

    After being banned, you didn't show anything of you wanting to come back to the server, harassing players, earraping players in the teamspeak, and after all that, you want to be unbanned? The community deserves better luca, you have been given way too many chances. I believe you should stay banned, take time off the community to level your head and actually think about your actions. -1
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