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  1. Well, this was quite sudden, but here we go. To be honest, when I came back to the server, I thought that it would be bit repetitive to play again. But most of the reasons why I stayed again it was because of the people I met, and the whole community. Time to list out the shoutouts. @Gecko @Ratinson - You two were literally the first people I tried to communicate after being absent from the server. I really enjoyed our conversations and rat being wack 24/7 lmao. Good luck to the both of you when 612th comes out. Don't be strangers. @Pluto @Flea @Pab - The adminge squad. If not for you guys, I would not have enjoyed my time as staff. I appreciated our off hours gaming and how fucking dumb they can be sometimes. Good luck in Uni gents, make me proud and Pab, stay in school please. @Macka @Shadowz - Massive edgelords. Macka, don't ever stop being cringe, my Australian queen. And shadows, keep up your support with the Mods. I'm sure you'll make it up there one day. @Truce's Rj @Andy - Thank you Andy for giving me another chance into High Council, and generally for giving me laughs when we were playing phasmophobia with Akali. As for Truce, you actually have a great personality, and I appreciate that whenever we're just talking alone together about is it either about jedi or just some stupid shit. Good luck to you in running jedi. o7 Now it is time to me to return back to them, I'll still be around TS ladies and gents.
  2. Oh, congratulations to @Bullet @Macka @Threes @Narwhal on passing the tryouts, hope you enjoy your time on Jedi.
  3. Damn, Spirit is leaving. I'm big sad. I remember the days when you were my Mace and RHC at the same time, can't believe you took on both jobs at the same time lmao. Good luck to whatever commitments you have in real life, still hope we'll be playing valheim now and again Oh, I'll still be waiting for the day you finally change your profile picture hahahaha
  4. I've interacted with Sydney ever since he first joined the server, here is my opinion regarding him. When he firstly joined the server, I only saw him as a minge, and a minge only, dealing with this man was my forte, but it wasn't easy. I was not impressed at his attitude in jedi and as a overall user. Over the months, I noticed Sydney actually trying not to minge and trying his best to become a better community user, and is incredibly friendly to whom what he previously was. He has reformed in my eyes, and could potentially become a good staff member if given the chance and the proper training from us. He started from a sketchy background, and I believe he is a different person today. Although what I wrote the above is positive, I still have some feedback for you. I'd like to see you interacting with other community members more often. Perhaps just joining the teamspeak and hopping around channels and saying hello now and again. Perhaps interact more in OOC or the forums positively and I'm sure you'll be golden. You may have reformed in my eyes, but in others it may not. Nevertheless, I wish you good luck on your application.
  5. Name: Dank Machine Current Positions: High Council Age: 21 Desired Position: Grand Master 187th Legion Previous Roles: Grand Master Yoda Have you ever been/are you currently a staff member?: Yes I am good staff member Capability with ClimbSWEP: I can rack that 5th wall g Why do you want your specified role in 187th?: I require to become the Grand Master of 187th. Are you willing to be an active and helpful member of the regiment?: I am super active, and will become the best Grand Master for 187th. What will you bring to 187th that will enhance the appeal of the regiment to incoming players?: Mate I'll suade all these people to join 187th. Are you currently an active member of the server?: super active g
  6. Jedi Tryouts Greetings Gateway Gamers! The Jedi Council has decided to host a Jedi Tryouts this weekend on Saturday [20/2/2021] thanks to @Truce's Rj. Truce is being a very pog Yoda and would like to give out three jedi slots to the ones that whom passes the tryouts. The Jedi Council is also discussing in pitching in more to have more slots to tryout for. We will be hosting the tryouts after the 8:30 event so I hope to see you guys over there. May the force be with you. Forgot to add this in, might as well. You will be tested in various things, good luck. I'm sure this will be fun for Jedi and for you guys trying out. [Edit: This post will be edited to include how many slots will be given out.]
  7. Greetings, Sevy, based on all the replies above, unfortunately I have to agree with them. I'd say you're at least a 2 in my opinion, but don't let that deter you, you can always improve on this. My suggestion is to hop on the teamspeak more, just joining in channels and just having a chat and perhaps participating more on the forums. Not gonna lie, us staff members mostly use teamspeak for meetings and etc, highly recommended that you have it installed. That is great to hear. Although if you'd like to provide a fun and experience for everyone, you first will have to prove it to them that you are capable for the job. A staff member needs to be well known throughout the community as they trust us to help them with their issues on the server, not the other way around. I hope you can take whatever feedback that has been given to you to improve yourself as a community member and potentially a staff member if you do get accepted. Nevertheless, good luck with your application.
  8. Textbook application, it looks great and it looks like you've put in the effort for your answers given. I've never had any issues with you, nor any bad experiences before. I'm sure you'll do fine if you were given a chance to join the team. Good luck with your application. +1
  9. Absolutely pog. I've known Shanny for awhile now, and my interactions with him has always been great. I'm sure he'll do great if he gets accepted for the Trial phase. Good luck! +1
  10. Greetings Bullzy. While some of the responses can be improved, your attitude on the server has shown me that you can potentially be a great staff member. Bullzy here is mature, responsible, and extremely friendly. I know he will be able to do the job if he gets into the Trial phase. Good luck buddie! +1
  11. Event idea is great, you're honestly an amazing person and I'm sure you can do the job well. Although I would like to see you increase your presence on TS more, would definitely make your well known scale to a 10 very easily if you did. Besides that, good luck with your application. +1
  12. Greetings Rix, looking at the feedback given so far, I hope you can take them into note and use them to improve yourself within the community and the server. Now for my part. Yes, like the other feedback the others have given, I will only leave the feedback that I think you should improve on. I am questioning this scenario, as the answer is very short and lackluster. As a staff member, you need to hear his side and calm him down, not just instantly warning and ban him if he contests your warn. You need to give him the proper channels, for example the forums, or bring in a senior staff for a second opinion regarding your sit between the user. I know you, but I try my best to get to know everyone on the server, although I'm not so sure about the others. Try increasing your presence in the forums and teamspeak to improve this scale. I also received word that you like to bash EM's if you dislike their events. I am quite disappointed to hear this, but I hope would stop when persuing T-Mod. Good luck.
  13. Imagine being a japanese ARC Trooper bro
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