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  1. Another big head boy joins the jedi ranks, time to outsmart all the aliens
  2. I don't see any issue in him being unbanned if you are really sincere in coming back to the server to fully roleplay, plus I do believe in second chances. +1, good luck buddie.
  3. Augustgrad? Dope bio anyways, enjoyed reading it.
  4. man did a speedrun and yet the bio is still good
  5. Well, its about time this man put up an application lmao. Truce is friendly, vocal and I enjoy his company in TS. This guy pretty much breathes gateway as I always see him online everyday. He would be a great candidate in my opinion, and I will be leaving a +1. Good luck man
  6. I've known Tags for awhile now and he is an amazing roleplayer, friendly and generally a good person just to have a chat with. I wouldn't have a doubt that he would be a good staff member. +1
  7. time to go kill some rebels
  8. Firstly, the application is great. You are a friendly and easy going guy, all my interactions with you were great. You have the attitude of what a moderator have on the server and I think you'll do great on the team. +1
  9. Application is great, interactions with him on the server is fine, had no troubles from him at all. I will +1 this app. Good luck man
  10. While he may seem young, although I am not entirely sure regarding the age situation, but he is very keen. He asked me for feedback and I had a chat with him on discord. Yes, he needs to polish his application, but his initiative to ask for feedback seems like a good start to me. Hop around TS channels bread, get involved more in the community, you seem like an awesome lad. Don't take the criticisms into heart but instead use them to see what you can improve on yourself as a user on the server. I wish you good luck!
  11. New f2 menu is very POG, thanks Rhino
  12. Xao is a long time player on the server and has probbaly played countless events. His knowledge/skills would be beneficial to the EM team if he officially gets accepted in. I agree with Richard that he is a trustworthy player. Big +1
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