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  1. Hey Rusty. If you are referring to CW 187th, currently it is still in the server, but it has been disbanded for awhile. I believe Xao had purchased the deposit for regiment and it is now currently 5th in queue to be brought into the server. Our server has a donation system where you can deposit 20 AUD for your regiment and it will be added into a waiting list. Once your queue is up, then you must pay the remaining 80 AUD for it to be officially brought into the server. (Please make sure you contact Senior Staff or RHC before you make the deposit) But regardless, it is best to ask RHC if you have any further queries regarding the regiment. You can contact either @Serboor @Snickerss since both of them are Republic High Command on the server and can help you out if you have any further queries again.
  2. Greetings Murphy, much agreed with the comments above, I hope you will use the feedback above to further improve your application and your status as a user in the community. My few interactions with you have been friendly, but I definitely would like to see you interacting with the other community members of the server. Unfortunately I don't know you much, but regardless I will keep my eye on you to see how you present yourself in the server and to other people. Till then, I will leave a neutral for now. Best of luck with your application.
  3. Choog has been in both Imperial and Clone Wars staff team and has always done well in his position. I believe he'll do well again if given the chance in the team again. Best of luck with your application Choog. +1
  4. Hey Coric, great to see you applying for T-Mod again. My interactions with you has always been 100% friendly and you've always done well in the staff team. You'd definitely be a great addition. Big +1
  5. Regardless, the application should be presentable and professional. We cannot take an T-Mod application seriously when they only consist of a few words. I'd highly recommend you to re-edit this application and somewhat make it presentable for the community/staff team to look at. Unfortunately I will have to -1 this application untill you edit your responses. Although I wish you the best of luck still.
  6. Macka has been one of the more active members of the community and in regards to which he was removed the last time was a bit unfortunate . But regardless, Macka has always been an alright staff member to me. Your application is quite textbook, and shows your experience within the team. I just hope the past mistakes won't be made by you if you get a chance back at the team. Besides that, I'd be glad to have you back in the team. +1
  7. Greetings Taiga, I believe the comments above has already pointed out most feedback and concerns we already have for you. Besides that, I believe you're an active member of the community, although definitely I would like to see you branch out more towards other users to expand yourself and make yourself more well known. So far I've seen you around teamspeak just randomly chatting with people, which is good to see. You're taking feedback from others and using them towards improving yourself and that is a good trait to have. Besides that, I've no real issue with you besides to expand yourself out more towards the community. I will leave a +1 for now as I've seen some improvements from you. Best of luck to your application.
  8. Good to see you applying for Moderator Falcon, although I do have few concerns that needs to be addressed. You've recently returned to the server, and your current activity isn't at that level where it would be acceptable to be considered for a Trial-Moderator position. You just need to play more Gateway, and increase the hours you have in the server. Ever since you left and returned recently, we have a few newer blokes in the community that probably does not know who you are. Highly recommend you to spread your wings, talk to people outside your current regiment and in Teamspeak. Honestly, I am a bit surprised that you put in an application for Moderator instead of EM, but regardless it doesn't matter anyway. I've never had an issue with you before when you were JEM, but nevertheless I'd recommend you take the feedback above to get yourself a better shot at a Trial-Mod position. For now I will leave a -1 from now, till I can see improvements coming from you. If you need anymore feedback my DM's are always open on discord.
  9. 100% EM material. I believe most feedback has been given by the comments above, and I definitely think that you've earned a chance for a spot in TEM. Good luck with your application! +1
  10. Hmmm...... took awhile to convince you to post this Mr Hazzi, but I'm glad you finally did. You're overall one of the friendliest guys I know and probably the easiest to talk to. He came to me for feedback for his application before posting this, which is one of the good traits to have if you are going for T-Mod. I wish you the best of luck dude, and don't doubt yourself. You've got this. Big +1
  11. My interactions with Domino has always been great, even through there were concerns about your past mingy self, I believe you have reformed yourself for the better. Your event idea is great, I can see that you've spent a lot of time fleshing out your event idea and your application. I'd like to see you get a chance in the EM team and show the community what you've got in store. I wish you the best of luck with your application. +1
  12. Hello Qrow! Good to see that you are applying for Moderator and it is really great to see that you have passion to help the server. Now I do have few feedback I would like to address to you. Firstly, I'd like to see you expand from your friend bubble in Galactic Marines, and get yourself more known in the community, from the examples above, teamspeak is one of the best way to get yourself out there, or just generally being a friendly person in the server. Good answer. Although I would like to see this expand from Galactic Marines to perhaps other players from other regiments. I'd like to see you expand more on this, probbaly add in more detailed ULX commands to show your previous experience as a moderator. Good answer, although if the player is going to be contesting your warn, it would be best to contact a senior staff member ASAP to watch while you are talking to the user. It is always best to have a second opinion on the situation especially from a Senior Staff member. Good !gag usage on the user, and even through staff decisions are final, players always have a right to contest their warn if they believe they were incorrectly punished, although to do this they must use the correct channels to contest their warn. I do like your take on this situation. It shows your previous experience as a Moderator from different servers you have been staff on. Although generally we would like to be a bit lenient on the cadets as they are new to the server and most of the time does not know how our server works. As for my vote, I will leave a Neutral for now, until I can see improvements coming from you. Although I wish you the best of luck with your application!
  13. Greetings Durian! I have seen you grow from a minge to a reformed player and it is amazing to see, great to see that you're applying for Moderator. From the comments above, I can see that you have taken their feedback and is trying to implement them to improve yourself generally as a user in the community. I personally have seen it myself and it is quite great to see. As Serbo stated above, we wouldn't want our applicants to lie in their applications, as it would generally make them look worse in the situation and I hope you understand our concerns. But besides that, I wish you the best of luck. I shall leave a +1 for now.
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