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  1. Can't wait for Polar to come in saying I'm available
  2. [COLOR=#ff0000]-1[/COLOR] First thing is that I have no clue who you are you need to get yourself out there and be noticed, also use such things a TS and Forums and be active there too. Also this App has been poorly done you removed some questions and only had answers which got me really confused. I don't think you are ready in the slightest and you need to get some hours on the Server. Good Luck! @Magnus
  3. Just to inform people Ghost Company is sorta useless right now besides the lore of it. It doesn't have anything special and it's not interesting unless you become a Medic or a Heavy. Since 2nd AC [Which Bullies me] have jet-packs, I was wondering if Ghost Company could get something. Yes I am paying for the Change but I'm not sure what they should get. Any Ideas?
  4. Nails

    MegaMind 2.0

    When you look at @Spooks the wrong way [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/403842583014408194/463246896199237642/20180427152806_1.jpg[/IMG]
  5. +1 He already a EM which makes him trusted already and he is friendly. Not much else to say Good Luck!
  6. +1 Even though I only just figured out who Gruff was when he became Cody but I think I already know this guy just because he has been super friendly. He also seems responsible since he has been doing a good job as Cody. Good Luck!
  7. Neutral I do sorta know you, but I don't ever seeing you fitting this role. Even though this is your 4th mod app you to not really change since your previous one. I might change my decision if you prove me wrong
  8. +1 Zly is someone Is someone who can be trusted, He has also been a mod before and he did a good job at that. Good Luck
  9. +1 I don't know about anyone else but almost every time I talk to Eddie it's always friendly and positive. I Think he is responsible and he's always tries to be helpful towards others. He has a moderators attitude and I think he deserves a chance.
  10. In-game name ; Captain Abberan Regiment ; 7th Sky Corps Who is left ; Battalion Commander Cody, 2nd Lieutenant Jarr [When he comes back] and Warrant Officer Blaze
  11. The Activity Is something that is changing because I believe I want this role so I'll be on everyday Until the application resolves. As for my experience once again I do not have as much as Harry but I will be Trying my best. Thanks for the Feedback
  12. Before applying for admin make sure you understand that you must agree with everything in this thread, These are the rules. Remember at gateway gaming we care for the players above all, Passion takes you further than anything else. You may ask players to post their opinions on your application. Begging for +1's will give you a negative reputation. To all players +1'ing remember your +1 must have context and a reason as to why you as giving your +1. Jokes are also not tolerated. Good luck with your application. Pre-requisites: ○You must be already active. ○You must be calm and know how to handle stressful situations as an admin you will get stressed, a lot. ○You will need to participate in events and in some circumstances, Do events. Aswell as sits. ○You must be 14 years or older, or very mature. ○You must understand that your rank can be taken from you at any time. ○You agree that you will participate in play on the server at least every other day for longer than an hour or two. ○You must understand that you may not get Admin when applying ○You must always be aware of event slot times and be active for them Basic Information: Steam Name: Snails Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:101499289 Steam Community: https://steamcommunity.com/id/GGNails/ Age: 14 Time Played: Over 785 Hours Questions: Why do you want Admin? When I became Admin I wasn't excepting to Reach Admin but know it's something I have been wanting to get since a month ago. I had no opportunity to become a Admin until Lupus asked me to make one I was happy to see that I could do it. I want Admin to help The community and support other staff members with issues. What makes you a better applicant than others? Me Myself don't have as much experience as for example Harry, but that doesn't mean I will do terrible I believe I have enough skill to earn this position and hopefully use that position well What makes you Trustworthy? When I became Mod I was known for being abusive and annoying others by no clipping around but I have changed ever since that and I am responsible with my abilities, I will not abuse the Admin power like I did with Mod Have you ever been punished on the server? If so, Why? I have only ever received a written warning once by Dust for Prop Abuse In a Few Words, How would you describe yourself as a person? Your Traits, Abilities and Disadvantages. (What Kind of Person are you?) I think I am friendly 80% of the time to new/known players. Whenever I do get angry It can get quickly out of hand I will try to calm down and fix the situation. I'm dedicated to doing my job even if I might fail or get Denied for something I will still continue to do my best until the final result. List the current Staff Members of Gateway Gaming Community Director - Stooge Community Manager - Spooks Chief of Staff - Satan Server Manager - Loff Head Event Master - Aussie Head Admin - Lupus Teamspeak / Forum Manager - Shenpai Senior Event Master - Gary Senior Administrator - Dust Administrator - Kelthun Administrator - Zombie Administrator - Raider Administrator - Zia Administrator - Janda Senior Moderator - Ulrik Moderator - Sevens Moderator - Remi Moderator - Flanks Moderator - Ajax Moderator - Nails Moderator/JEM - Tastik Moderator/EM - Noc Junior Event Master - Jyrus Junior Event Master - Hsabirot Trail Moderator - Herd Trail Moderrator - Omo How many hours do you use the forums/game daily? I always check the Forums daily, I usually don't post unless asked to or if I really want to. Are you currently a staff member on another server? No Do you understand that abusing your powers will result in a demotion and most likely an IP ban depending on the situation? Yes I understand the consequences of abusing Do you have any previous moderating experience? If so, please explain. I have Been a Moderator for 3 months+ now Situations: 1. Yourself and another Admin are the only staff online. You notice that you are the only one handling reports whilst the Admin in question is RDMing constantly. When you tell him to stop and help with reports, he ignores you and continues to RDM. What do you do? I'd first message a higher up staff member to come on and help me with the issue, Whilt I'm waiting I would try to take screenshots of the RDM's in console and Visually seeing the RDM's by doing !spectate [user] I Will then Inform the Admin that a Higher up staff Is getting on the server, If he continues to the Higher up staff can catch him and punish him in a appropriate manner I'd also send the screenshots to the higher up staff so they have proof. If the Admin stops RDMing when I say the higher up staff is getting on the server we would wait for the higher up explain the situation, send the screenshots and the higher up can decide the punishment. 2. You slay someone for RDM and he abuses you for it. The player then goes on an RDM Spree, When you jailTP him he apologizes trying be forgiven. What do you do? If the Trooper is apologising and he knows what he has done wrong his I will still give him a punishment but not as bad as what it could of been. I'd tell him that he has broken the rules of RDM and he has harassed a Staff Member I'd also Tell him that he will be receiving a ban and he will need to learn from his mistakes and come back fresh. Then I'd Ban the user !ban [user] [7200] Reason: RDM x#, harassment of Staff, Come back when ready 3. There is a Player on the server who is new to star wars Role play. He Doesn't know how to play the game and is caught 20 minutes after being white listed being accused of RDMing during an event. He doesn't know that shooting at fellow clones is a ban-able offence. What do you do? When I get the report I'd quickly talk to him telling him to please stop killing clones, kill the droids instead and wait for me to explain after mission debrief, If he doesn't listen then I'd warn him and tell him again to not kill other clones and wait till after mission debrief. After Mission Debrief I'd take him to the Cadet Room tell him that you can't kill other Players and can only kill NPC's and then I'd show him the rules encase he missed them any others. 4. You are on the forums and you notice a user being harassed by others in the Shoutbox and in Threads. What do you do? I'd message a forum staff member to come and deal with the situation. Whilst I am waiting I'd ask the bully's to please stop annoying the other user. If they continue I'd tell them they will be receiving a punishment and will most likely get banned. If they still continue hopefully the Forum staff sill arrive and deal with the situation. 5. If there are a few users began saying "THIS SERVER SUCKS!" and spamming it everywhere, what would you do? I would !goto [user] and ask why they are saying this in chat If they say it's a joke I'd tell them not to do it again and this is a verbal warning. If they actually mean what they are saying I'd ask why and how I can fix it. If they ignored everything I have said and continue to spam I would warn, then kick, then ban 6. A friend comes to you complaining that he has been banned by another staff member, and wants you to find out why. Upon further investigation, you discover that you believe the ban is unjustified. How do you handle this? I would go to a higher up staff and explain that a user has been banned wrongly and deserves to be unbanned, I would then provide info that I gathered and see if they see if it was wrong, if it was They and Myself would go to the user that banned my friend, they explain their story, If they were wrong the higher up would allow the ok for the unban and my friend would be back in the server. If they Higher doesn't think it would be ok to unban the user I would tell me friend that they will need to make a unban appeal and see if it gets accepted.
  13. [quote name='Chreign']@Nails Appreciate the feedback mate, I understand we haven’t interacted much on the server to really get to know each other. Although yes I am a fair bit younger than the rest of the staffing team I am working towards not acting like an immature little kid. With the chaos of these events, I will admit that I wouldn’t know it. Although I have seen some great acts of improvisation during events and some events stuff up, it’s not going to prepare you for the “wall of chaos” mentioned beforehand. But thank you for the honest feedback and I’ll try and have a conversation with you in game or on TS (if you’re around).[/QUOTE] Always happy to talk I’m in TS everyday
  14. -1 Knowing you even though t hat's not a lot of Info I Just don't think this will be something that you will be good at. You're young, everyone has but when you are you are more immature, annoying and overall a nuisance. Also you event seems short it's doesn't show every situation [From when I looked at it] and that just makes me think you'll not be ready for the brick wall of chaos that comes with doing events. Best of luck
  15. Need access to the doc So I can comment on this app
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