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  1. still waiting for the return of budds commissions
  2. Your answers aren't anything special and could use some polishing which would occur in a trial period should you receive it. That being said, I do lean a small amount towards the favourable side as your answers do desmontrate a mindset that's compatible with the expectations of a staff member. The main thing I want to talk about, however, is my interactions with you in the past when you were in CG. From what I can remember, you were pretty good. You were reliable and could always be counted on to do your job. As a sergeant, you were also dependable in that you would keep the lower ranks in line and help them out with whatever they need. To me, this sort of character is very much fit for a position within the staff team, or at very least a chance to display traits desirable for that of a staff member. +1
  3. See video. I've tried reinstalled Gmod itself and that didn't seem to work. Anyone know any possible fixes? Recently got new RAM. I previously had 2x8GB and now I have 4x8GB. The 4 sticks are new and this issue has appeared ever since I installed said new RAM. Appears to only be happening in Gmod and no other games. Desktop_2020_07.06_-_17_32_14_02.mp4
  4. Your answers are pretty inoffensive but personally I don't know you at all so I can't really say anything about your character and whether or not you'd make a good candidate for moderator.
  5. Is this for RC squads as well? If so is it just, like, $10 deposit and $30 purchase?
  6. Pretty good answers showing expected maturity. From the time you came back to the server, you've shown nothing but dedication to whatever role you got. When you were in my CG you went hard, now you're in ARC and you're going even harder. From the current Beta ARC program that you've created as well as the aspiring Alpha ARC trainings that have been happening recently, I can safely say you're in no lack of both motivation and commitment. Overall good traits for a candidate. +1
  7. Time to see another group of kids waste their life on a shitty reg on some Gmod RP server.
  8. As Rhinous stated, my previous response was based on inaccurate information and I freely apologise. Something I took great note in, however, was how mature and measured Flanks was in the DMs. Flanks reached out to me wanting to clear his name and rather than calling me a liar, which he had every right to, he kept his composure and was very much focused on rectifying something that was wrong. At no point in my interations with him throughout the entire ordeal ever unhealthy, which can often happen in volatile situations. This, to me, demonstrates a level of maturity fit for a moderator. +1
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