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  1. waiting forward for year-long sieges of planets
  2. Centurion


    Just wanted to say that Bannerlord is out, fellas. Get in.
  3. I've known Cappa for a while now and I can say that he does have the capacity and maturity to fulfill the role of a moderator. His application clearly shows a good understanding of ULX functions and commands which is great to see. What's even greater is that it also comes with good demonstrated judgement which I believe to be the most important trait in a staff member. Cappa understands the powers and limits the role of a moderator entails and I believe him to be of sound character to not misuse or abuse it. The only thing concerning is that Cappa has applied for moderator in the past and for whatever reason just dipped. I only hope that will not occur here. +1
  4. From my experience with Hacketty he has proven to be a capable and mature individual of the community who has provided us with an application that clearly demonstrates his satisfactory knowledge of moderation systems in place and a satisfactory judgement framework to properly exercise said systems +1
  5. imagine pasting with constraints this post was made by the pasting without constraints gang
  6. So when you get a hangover what's a tried and true method you use to get rid of it?
  7. To me this application demonstrates an adequate understanding of moderation systems and a proper judgement to exercise them properly. Indeed you have been known as a minge in the past and whilst you seem to have taken steps for reformation I personally have not seen that so until I do my endorsement will be neutral.
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