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  1. That was not trass. That was a TK. No relation to SCAR. But we’re a community of 2nd chances = +1
  2. Apologies, but there is no freedom of the press in the Empire, we will be meeting with you shortly.
  3. What does this even mean? You’re applying for mod not a community advisor. also this is your current activity on the server
  4. Can we get SCP Star Wars?
  5. ....Accessing Regional Government Database.... ....Identification Pending..... Provided...... ...Accessing Galactic Empire Gazzette.... ...Submitting Legislation File "Galactic Empire Naturalisation and Regulation Act"..... ...File Upload.... Complete.... Requesting.... File Abstract.... The following Act has been constructed with the intent of maintaining the security of the Galactic Empire following increased aggresionary behaviour from terrorist forces who wish to subvert the ideals and values of the Galactic Empire and by extension the will of his excellency. This Act defines and implements the various species that are capable of making an application for citizenship into the Galactic Empire and which species are barred in the interest of maintaining security. It discusses the restriction of behaviour of alien citizens so that the Galactic Empire can ensure all citizens uphold our values. This act also brings in Visas which can be given to species suitable to service within the Galactic Empire, but do not qualify for citizenship. The capability for certain citizens to apply and serve within the Imperial Armed Forces is also defined. Galactic Empire Naturalisation and Regulation Act
  6. Yeah so I gotta prioritise life. I’m in year 12 and got other priorities that need to be placed above Gateway. There’ll be someone else whose cool enough to replace me. I’m thinking Alex. I thought about staying as em for a bit, but rather just cut myself off completely from Imperial instead of deciding I’ll play again. Me leaving is out of nothing but my own selfish self interest, all you Imperial fellas are great and have equally good rp. I’m sure I’ll be back, but today is not that day. My greatest gift to the community is I now leave 4-LOM an open slot, so you rats can fight for it. My Discord is now free from hourly regimental pings. @Deadly if you ever see this
  7. Santa


    I recognise one head em https://youtu.be/4QQkAHDPj1k
  8. This is an example of staff disrespect, the player should be warned for such. It is an expectation that you are able to sustain a role in game and be a member of staff. Many commanders are a part of the staff team. It would be preferable to say something that you can bring that’s unique, like a hard drive or skilled leadership. Your answers are generally extremely barebones and lack detail as others have said. One thing I would recommend is utilising ulx commands in your responses to show off your knowledge. another major issue, is that being in DT, I’m well aware of your existence. Though I have very little to say about you in terms of presence. I would like to see you more in the community before you become a member of staff. Apologies but -1
  9. In the empire, mental health is not an issue. Everyone is outwardly happy and content!
  10. No, he kills enemies of the state.
  11. Current and previous In-game regiment, rank, and names: Previously Petty Officer Santa Steam Link & ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ShoulderToCry/home STEAM_0:1:42337913 Discord Name SantaIsReal#1664 What experience you have in Navy: Was a Petty Officer in Navy, served under Commander Ganthet Here is a sample of my comms rp /comms *RP* Signs into flight logs /comms *RP* Uploading flight log /comms *RP* Upload 25% Compelte /comms *RP* Upload 50% Complete /comms *RP* Upload 75% Complete /comms *RP* Upload 100% Complete /comms *RP Signs out of flight logs Why you want the role, & why you will be a viable candidate: Want to feel young again
  12. That sounds pretty cool man. People should join that.
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