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  1. your not wrong, just wanted to attend but i going to one of them slutty halloween parties that night where everyone gets pissed, high and ends in a stinky af bathroom sex
  2. understandbly do the halloween event on halloween but like, usually this is one of the nights people like... go out... slutty halloween parties and trick or treating and horror movies and the rest..
  3. # ... Starting System analysis. # ... Start up complete. # … Enter Alias: Padawan Ty'rese # … Alias Accepted. # … Enter Password: ********. # ... Password Accepted. # ... Access granted to clone database, Welcome back Padawan Ty'rese. # ... Search: MENTAL INFORMATION. # ... ACCESSING MENTAL INFORMATION. # ... MENTAL FILE DETECTED. Mental State: Mentally Stable at this time. Mental Disabilities: No Mental Disabilities Detected. Preferred names: Ty'rese Nickname: Tye Likes: Persuing saber skills - Playing Terran Instrument "Gew'tar" - Working on physical body Dislikes: Betrayal, Battle Droids, Dark Force Users Personality: Ty'rese' personality can often come across as agressive or stern due to his career working side-by-side in the Galactic War as a strategist for small squadrons of troopers. His childhood was not traumatic but also not the sunshine and rainbows the Jedi Order would have liked it to be. Being a young, dark toned human boy from the planet Comp'ton, Ty'rese was no stranger to dangerous conflict and running in with the wrong crowd. This all took a flip when the young lad was picked up by the Jedi Order to begin his training at the age of 12. Being a quick learner and having previous exposure to dangerous combat, Ty'rese flew through his initiate phase and quickly rose to the rank of Padawan within the Order. Ty'rese now works alongside his master, General Skyda, and through association, the 187th Legion. # ... Search: PHYSICAL INFORMATION. # ... ACCESSING PHYSICAL INFORMATION. # ... PHYSICAL FILE DETECTED. Physical State: Pristine Age: 15 Weight: 83 kgs Build: 5'7 with a sleek, defined build. Disabilities: No Physical disabilities detected. Appearance: Ty'rese is a lean, fit and well defined 15 year old adolescent human with a dark skin tone due to his heritage on the planet Comp'ton in the outer rims. He has long black hair kept in a neat bun on the back of his head with very little facial hair so far. For the most part, Ty'rese often looks stern and if not for his young appearance due to his age. Ty'rese' main weaponry is a basic Jedi lightsaber with a blue crystal and basic tuning, complimenting the Guardian pathway he persues. Alongside his lightsaber, Ty'rese' mind is by far his greatest weapon, being an surprisingly great stretegist despite his low exposure to the war. # ... Search: JEDI ORDER FILE. # ... ACCESSING ORDER FILE. # ... ORDER FILE DETECTED. Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): General Skyda - Council Member Lightsaber details: Standard blue crystal, single handed lightsaber. Combat style: Ty'rese currently uses the basic Form I (Shii-Cho) lightsaber stance as taught in his initiate phase. However, despite this he also seeks to learn a stance mroe attuned to his strong, muscular build such as Form 5 (The Way of the Krayt Dragon). # ... Search: BACKGROUND FILE. # ... ACCESSING BACKGROUND FILE. # ... BACKGROUND FILE DETECTED. Not much information has come forth about Ty'rese' background thus far. We is known to be of the human planet Comp'ton, with a dangerously rough childhood, often left on his own at a young age to traverse backstreets rivaling the dangers of Naa Shaddaa. He was taken in by the Jedi Order at age 12 and quickly tranceded to the rank of Padawan at age 15. Quickly after transcending to the rank of Padawan, Ty'rese found himself a student of Master Skyda of the Jedi Council. Relationships Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Master Skyda Grand Master Yoda Commander Stingel 187th Troopers
  4. It'll all come down to how much work is put in to make sure it is properly organised and set out. If the work is put in, this will be absolutely fantastic and a great new way to incorporate events and other RP scenarios. If however, this gets half arsed, it will collapse and we will need to go back to the drawing board. My advice is to take your time and once its done, make it super clear exactly what needs to happen by everyone for it to work. All in all, if you pull it off, this will be fucking awesome.
  5. Smooth


    Are permanent bans even a thing anymore? Usually its just 20000 minutes or something. This guys done his time he should be given half a crack to return and if he acts up again, he'll just find himself back here once more, unable to play.
  6. A campaign that isnt order 66 or geonosis v413? looks like a serious bit of fun around the corner
  7. Smooth

    Regiments Photo shoot

    Andy if your interested, GGNN need a few photos of like troopers set up in a band. I got an imagine that i'll li nk when i get back home but i'm sure you'd do much better. The idea of it is its for the upcoming GG Album that is currently in the works. Preferably, it would be created using 187th models, the shark jedi model, maybe windu on the bass or something would be cool.
  8. I mean if we can get a hold of those 187th ones for the sheet nah jk, good lad mate and you did well working with us in GGNN. +1
  9. Mature, Good Leader, Reliable. Don't need to leave a paragraph restating everything everyone else already left. +1
  10. And then there's debrief when you see them use the grapple hooks to make the trainees look like pets and ask em to bark n shit. Kinda stupid if you ask me. yeah sure teach them humilty and to follow orders and that, just at that stage its become borderline minge and it gives off a pretty negative image of ARC
  11. Not much here, just i reckon ARC should be more intuitive and need to conduct more with the other regiments, eg; what happened to 'proper' ARC Open Training. I remember when that would be a quarter of the server lined up actually being taught how do be better at certain areas. These trainings just about were an event in themselves. Furthermore, the ARC have kind of dimished in dicipline, especially after the traineeship. For example, during event line ups and that while EMs are getting ready, often you can find the ARC members joking around, throwing each other around with their physguns or abusing their kit loadouts. ARC need to be the top standard and need to be a role model for every other player on server. So yeah, just to sum up, ARC would be seen much better if they buff up that ego, learn a bit of dicipline and show your the top dog and put the effort in to teach and critique other troops.
  12. Smooth


    +1 Maybe a bit biased from me as i know this bloke IRL but what he's saying is definitely correct. He's a pretty good lad now and has definitely matured in the last 3 years, personally i'd like to see him on again because when he was back in the day, he was good at what he did and i'd like to see that come back.
  13. Scotch n rocks (Monkey Shoulder atm), Great Northern, Canadian Club w/ Dry. and if i'm feeling extra special, i got JD devils cut w/ coke.
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