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  1. Application answers are bare and seem rushed. Perhaps taking more time to consider the questions and scenarios and surrendering your time and energy for a better effort would be appreciated. Whilst a 5 is fairly low you may still be overesitmating yourself. Even as a Council Member within the order, I still dont recall seeing a Knight Kos around the place. Your name also isnt familiar to me and your alias' are in the same boat. Perhaps reaching out a bit more in game and in the teamspeak to get yourself known is a better course of action. This is neither new, nor creative. You've given a very basic overview of a Campaign. Your going to need to put a little more thought into your application than this. Reach out more and put your hand up to be an EC. This is not even the bare minimum requirement. Shooting troopers for 20m is not running an event. I'd suggest taking Gecko's advice to seek out more supporting roles in Events to account for the lack of experience. Mate to be very honest with you, you've rocked up to a job interview with a crayon written resume and your favourite pair of haviannas; not to mention your double parked. Whilst you may believe your dedicated to this role and eager to try it out, you need to first show the rest of us you have the initiative to stepup and perform before you are considered. -1
  2. Despite some of the more recent occurances in Jedi; I believe you may have just found your calling. Whilst your enthusiasm to the Jedi Order does not go unnoticed, it does at time seem a little out of place. However, i believe this may well be your opportunity to properly place that enthusiasm into a project. and really show the rest of the Gateway community that your eagerness to showcase your creativity may be just what we need. Excited to see where this leads for you. +1
  3. Grif is an amazingly hard worker and so damn proactive i literally struggle to keep up with him. He seems to be able to juggle 4000 things at once and no bat an eyelid about it. Since his time in Council he has been a drastic game changer for the Jedi Order and definitely a member all the Jedi look up to. Prior to this, Grif was one of the hardest working troopers I've seen in some time and his efforts in 187th seemed to show no boundaries. The amount of solid, hard work he puts into all sections of his playstyle and the members he interacts with should be more than enough reason to allow him into the trial phase. It will be great to work alongside you in both the Mod team and in the Council and i cant wait to see what wonders you can bring to the rest of the server. Legend. +1
  4. Denied, must be more active on GM slot. Nah jokes aside, previous SEM and has plenty of experience in the field. Whilst the Imperial server obviously differs in terms of atmosphere, content and rp, I'm sure Pasha can accomodate it. Definitely would like to see this happen. +1
  5. /me returns old ladies bag from the thief /me thieves $100 from it as I hand it back
  6. Friendly, good hearted bloke. Definitely active and I'd agree with about a 6 in terms of who knows you around the place. My only feedback is I dont see you much outside of RSC so it's great to see you in 91st and beginning to stretch out a bit further. I believe if necessary you'd make a form fit to the staff team. +1
  7. Do you have any other notable roles or alias' either in past or present? To be honest I don't actually know who you are nor have I heard of you; most likely because you seem to only dwell in navy roles which is pretty indepedent from the rest of the server. Perhaps look into spreading your wings a bit both in game and through the teamspeak. Outside of that, you seem to know what your doing with your scenarios. Best way to see more is to give you a shot at your trial and see if you can put words to action.
  8. In my time with you as 187th, I got to get a closer glance at your behaviours and general attitude towards the server. My first impressions of you were pretty lacklustre. For lack of a better term, you were a bit mingey and quite disrespectful in a “fun” kind of way. Very eager to rebel and break rules etc. However, I cam comfortably say you’ve moved on from that. You r definitely got the right mindset and a brain in that noggin of yours so as long as you can keep up this great new attitude, I see no reason why you shouldn’t get a shot. +1
  9. I havent had the chance yet to branch out to Imperial and haven't spoken to Rippa much since his return. However, i do remember him being a great admin on the previous Imperial server and on the current CWRP server as well. As an already experienced member of both previous staff teams, it goes without saying he should be able to fit straight back into the mix of it. Definitely got the background to support him on this. Would be a great choice to begin trials. +1
  10. Unfortunately, there is more traits to consider beyond just the age bracket. The age bracket for a staff application is more than just ensuring your not a toddler running an event. It is a necessary part of the process which is very difficult to look over considering how much development and character changing occurs during your early teen phases. Quickly before i continue, please note this is nothing personal against you, Bread. I expect all reading to keep an open mind and just hear me out; it's important to consider a realistic approach in these scenarios. Now, whilst i also agree that Bread can be a trustworthy staff member due to his maturity; there is more to consider about the downfalls that comes due to his age. At the age of 13 we are all still developing mentally and physically, much like Bread is at the moment. Due to this, Bread has a higher pitch voice then most, underdeveloped sense of humor and appropriation and a larger difficulty to see the bigger picture afoot. Unfortunately, these cannot really be helped until he is able to stretch him wings and grow more in the real world. The worst part of this is the actual reality of how this will impact him as a moderator. Whilst Bread will easily be able to work around giving tools and fixing stuck players; all the less interactive issues, he is going to feel the brunt of his age when he is faced with sits and minges, especially during the holiday time. The sad reality is, even though we as a community can accept him to work alongside us because we already know him and his capabilities, they will be misportrayed to new players and certainly taken advantage of. I don't think i need to ask too many people to find out that at 13, you've just moved into high school and your the underdog. Now picture yourself in grade 7 or 8 trying to tell off the grade 12s for doing the wrong thing and attempting to give them a punishment for it. Whilst he will have the permissions and power to do it, it wont sit correctly and they are going to do nothing more than laugh and terrorise. Thats just the crude and dark nature of highschool, the primary audience for this server. So do I think he would make a great moderator that we can trust and count on? Bloody oath i do. He's shown plenty times before that when he is dedicated he gets shit done. However, I cannot see how having such a young moderator can realistically work in the grand scheme of things. The dead hard truth is in that position you need to have a stern influence on people of the server's age group, something that you simply cannot get at his age. Once again i would like to remind you all that this is by no means a personal attack at Bread or his capabilities. It is not his fault he wouldnt make a great fit; its the idiots who he will have to deal with on a day to day basis. -1 (This is a difficult topic to discuss on paper. For more information or feedback on what I am attempting to portray, please meet me either in discord or teamspeak for discussion.)
  11. Not entirely convinced this one is true. Considering your most notable clone trooper characters only reached as far as Sergeant and Lance Corporal respectively, I am not convinced you have really delved into that side of the server. It is fair to say that both Jedi and Clone Troopers have very different roles on the server and unless you go out of your way, remain particularly independent of one another. For this, we can bring up your current regimental attachment. At the time of this post, you are currently attached to Omega squad. Yes this does mean that should you like you can participate alongside Omega squad but at the end of the day, thats 4 out of a very large variety of troopers across the field. Along with that, I dont really see you assosciating much with other players in Teamspeak other than your fellow Jedi which just further leads me to believe you haven't stepped too far out and put interest into meeting new players who don't associate with the Jedi. However, I do believe you would be more than willing to change this. It doesn't need to be much, just a bit or RP with a group of troopers you dont know or spreading your wings a bit more on the forums or teamspeak would be great. No doubt you probably have much more ties than could be observed from an outsider looking in, it is just time you really showed those off and made effort to connect with everyone. I also do believe that having the chance to become an EM can set you up to really emphasise community outreach and get your name and personality out there. Good luck with the app my man. I'll cast a vote in a few days.
  12. *looks around for the next battle of geonosis coming to a gateway near you; March 2021*
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