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  1. +1 same reason why everyone above has said so
  2. -1 never heard of you seems like your not really taking this seriously as you just retaliated on comments made towards you negatively.
  3. Maybe a mix between a space station and a Venator you could have the Venator for Navy and bunks soon with a full operational Hanger system and the space station for Training and so on if that makes sense.
  4. I was actually gonna get them made for H.O.P.E Squad but I lost interest yeet
  5. Honestly won't agree but won't disagree with everything said but looking at the comments I see people I personally want fucked off due to a constant negative standpoint as well as never wanting to move forward, I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to stand my ground but if the server was toxic to you at any point of time it may be because of something you have done or constantly did yea I won't fully agree with the scum bags and at the best of the time ill smack my head on their door like the rest but I'm not gonna give up because of that ill learn from my mistakes and keep moving on as the server does. it will be sad to see you leave lupus and I wish you chose a better way to leave then this.
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