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  1. Current and previous In-game regiment, rank, and names: Currently: Padawan Adil Al-Kumit Previously: Marshal Commander Cody Steam Link & ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198277401590/ STEAM_0:0:158567931 Discord Name Gary#5831 Why do you want the role? I heard 7th needed a CO and I thought it couldn't be too hard. Why will you be the best candidate? I have limited experience in the role, but I think that I could be pretty pog at the job.
  2. ItsGary


    I don’t like this Head EM guy, I think the old one was better
  3. Yeah look I'm a bit fucking inactive so its only fair that I finally call it quits lmao. In the real though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time over the past year and couldn’t have asked for a greater community to spend it with, Ill probs still float around in TS and on the server here and there but my EM days are done for now. Now, here's some shoutouts: @North: The first good mate I made when I returned to the server and stayed a great friend all the way up to his departure from the server. @Florida: Newest to the server out of all these guys but has been a great friend in his few months on the server @Rtiz: Hood lost a real one when he left @Buck :): Being a sick Head EM and Server Manager and someone I could always have a laugh with and talk too about anything I needed help with. @Sloth: Shit cricketer but a legendary friend. @Jax: Danish Lad @Pab: Biggest retard on the server… But a funny one. @Cryo: Good luck as Head Left Clicker Anyone in 7th: Most of you did my head in but for the ones that didn't cheers for being a great regiment. EMs: Someone's gonna have to start doing half assed shoot droid events now I'm gone Hopefully I never return for my own sake but like everyone that says that I’ll probably see you in a year.
  4. April 2021 CWRP Base Map Rotation
  5. Denied Feel free to reapply in a month.
  6. Thank you Sydney, very cool!
  7. User Will Undergo a Trial PeriodPlease contact @Gecko to start your trial period
  8. User Will Undergo a Trial PeriodPlease contact @Florida to start your trial period
  9. March 2021 CWRP Base Map Rotation
  10. This mans Event Idea has more pages than all the current EMs apps had combined.
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