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  1. This mans Event Idea has more pages than all the current EMs apps had combined.
  2. Denied Feel free to reapply in a month.
  3. User Will Undergo a Trial PeriodPlease contact @Cryo to start your trial period
  4. February 2021 CWRP Base Map Rotation
  5. Gday, Recently Buck, myself, and the CO’s have discussed a change in the event structure and after some debate the following changes will be introduced: 8:30 Main Server events will no longer be happening, 4:30 Event Server events will also be no more and in its place will be a 4:30 Main Server Event. Due to there being 7 less booked events a week, the maximum number of booked events regiments and squads can have a week will be lowered from seven to five. These changes will take effect on Monday (1/02). If you have any questions regarding the changes feel free to ask below or DM myself or Buck on discord.
  6. The amount of effort and time put into this app I believe is being under appreciated. You can really tell that you've put a lot of thought into each of your answers showing steps and multiple scenarios that show you can think adaptively which is a key component in running events. As for your event I really like the way you've set it out I feel I'm readying a story more than an Event plan and I actually got drawn into reading it more and more to see what would happen next. It's quite creative and you have multiple objectives that tailor to different specialties (Such as Jedi, RC/ARC, and the everyone else) which although would spread you quite thin during an event, with a little help, you could pull off a very well planned and creative event. To finish off I want to commend you on how you've gone about becoming an EM prior to this app, you got in contact with many EMs including myself asking about what its like to be an EM, how to go about events and some idea's you could implement into your event plan but not only this you have also been the first person to put your name forward to be an EC every time one is asked for and, apart from the blocking as Magna Guard, you have done an excellent job looking to give RP to the troopers and getting in your character. Can never say how well someone will go as an EM however you definitely have the spirit for one +1. Also this man made a fucking clone wars episode, what a chad.
  7. Name: ItsGarySteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198277401590/In-game Name: Marshal Commander Cody/Rear Admiral DoyleServer: Clone Wars RPWhy do you want it: I've been playing for 3 years on this server and have never been or experienced anything to do with Jedi, would love to finally delve into a different part of the server and give me something fresh to do away from being an EM and Commander.
  8. This man loves Navy too much. Welcome back again though
  9. Apart from the original app looking like cancer it's pretty well done answers wise. You've been around for a while and you and I have known each other for a while. No issues here +1
  10. Represent yourself well amongst the community and I believe your very well liked. Your app is pretty good and I see no issue with you in becoming a mod +1
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