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  1. Mans wrote a longer backstory than anything he has at school
  2. @Akali @Stoneman b5fad6f345b64f61a1db391749c9fcfa.mp4
  3. Truce has been a great Kenobi for 7th, involves himself with everyone and makes the effort to get to know them. Easy +1 for someone who shows the qualities fit for a moderator.
  4. Terrible episode to be an Arachnophobic
  5. Your a great person to talk to and you personally talked to me about how you could improve your application and for some additional information about being an EM. I believe you are a cool calm and collected person and can hold your nerve in stressful situations which will be crucial in being an EM. +1
  6. Excellent Officer in 7th, great to talk too, and displays the perfect personality traits of a moderator. Easily a +1 from my completely Unbiased Opinion
  7. General Category Player of the Year: @Mconnell @Me nam e Jeff Best Artist/Content Creator: @Buck :) Best Meme: I Andy, Straightway Gaming, Monkee Most Memorable Player: @Jazza Best Username: @Choog, Admiral [email protected] Most Improved/Redeemed Player: @Halves Roleplay Category Commander of the Year: @Rambo Regiment of the Year: 187th Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff: @Stingel @Andy Most Helpful Staff: @Andy @Stingel @Pluto Best Staff Newcomer: @Pab Best Developer: @Aussi @Rhinous Best Event Master: @Buck :) @Andy Most Friendly Staff Member: @Pluto
  8. This man shall be stripped of all rank and privilege and subject to execution by his former brothers.
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