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    Hello everyone. As we move through 2020, I will be making an effort to provide these short updates for you all regarding events, promotions, content updates etc. I hope you're all having a fantastic time on Gateway and continue to do so. Now, let's get started. Promotions Coric [Junior Manager > Server Manager] With my transition into the Executive Staff Team, the position of Clone Wars Server Manager is open. Having spent a lot of time in and leading the Staff Team, @Coric has been chosen to take the role of Manager. He is now in charge of all day-to-day operations on Clone Wars RP, and so is your main point of contact for major CWRP concerns. Congratulations! Siff [Trial Event Master > Junior Event Master] @Siff has completed his trial events and has shown the skills neccesary for our Clone Wars Event Staff Team! A big round of applause for him. We hope to be seeing more awesome experiences from you soon. Noceur [Trial Moderator > Moderator] Flea [Trial Moderator > Moderator] Cappa [Trial Moderator > Moderator] These three have now completed their trial periods and have proved themselves capable of joining our Clone Wars Server Staff Team in a permanent capacity. Well done guys. You'll be seeing them answer your tickets a lot from now on. New Server! Gateway has expanded into Rust as of yesterday afternoon. We're currently operating a modded 3x server over on the popular survival game from Facepunch. Be sure to check it out! The details can be found here. Updated Unassigned Models for CWRP For those who like to roll on the Clone Wars server as Shinies, we've recently had our old models updated thanks to the magnificent work of @Budds, including new, more and correct bodygroups, great textures and a neat feature where the higher a rank you are, the more dirt and battle damage your model will aquire. Thanks for tuning in, and thanks for playing. ~ The Executive Staff Team
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    Hello my name Jayee Also known previously as Medic: 7290 Twitch of GM Currently Warrant Officer 7290 'Keller' 7290 Twitch (Vanguard Company) am sneakerhead, am play r6 siege, am big brain hours 24/7 2 hours a week +1 to all the lads i have interacted with in gateway because i can Giv +1 pls
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    [Level 5 Clearance - Classified RSWD Director Documentation] # ... 05 Administration Identification Required ... # # ... Level 5 Administrator accepted ... # # ... Declassifying RSWD Director Biography ... # # ... Access granted to RSWD Director database ... #
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    Hey @Pab, Good to see you making a staff application. I do have a few things to note regarding your application. First off is your community engagement, throughout the past month, I have seen a dramatic increase in your jumping around of TS channels in attempting to meet more of the community, this is a really great thing. And, even though I may sound like a broken record, you do have a bit of a prior history of being a minge, but lately, I have seen that behaviour completely disappear. With your application, there are a few spelling and punctuation errors, but they are quite minimal. Your application feels very well written and reads smoothly. Your answers make sense and your key / legend is clear and easy to read. Additionally, you have written how you would act in response to multiple different scenarios, and while your answers are concise, they add that extra little bit of depth to your application. Now, onto a few points regarding how you have answered some of your questions. With your answering to this question, you have only really answered one part of it. You talk about how you would deal with the verbal abuse component, but not about how you would deal with the contesting of the warn. When someone contests a warn, even if they are hostile, you have to think of their reasons behind being hostile. If they honestly believe the warn was unjustified or unfair, even if it was, it can definitely cause users to be a bit more aggressive, and while it is still poor behaviour, you have to think about their side as well when handling a situation. Generally it is just better to let a higher-rank member of staff take the sit, try and talk to another member of staff and inform them of the situation and context behind the warn you gave, and let the staff member make their own decision if the warn was fair or not. By letting another member of staff deal with the user contesting the warn, you eliminate any bias that may have been there, and it shows the user that their complaint is being dealt with in a fair way. You should always try and solve problems in the here and now. Don't try and put off problems until after debrief or any other in-game event, always try and get to things when they come up. Just for note, any staff member has to be prioritising staff issues above that of any RP. Generally, there is no need to RP inform a staff member about a non-RP issue, as the player showing NITRP is not an in-character problem. Asking the SGT+ to PM you or to make another ticket would be a better way of handling this, without wasting the SGT+'s time in having to RP. Just to summarise, you are a very positive member of the community who has taken the effort and the time to get to know people. You have also acted on your application's feedback quickly and to a good standard, improving how you have answered your questions. You are positive, light-hearted and in my view, you could potentially be a good staff member. Keep up your good behaviour and community engagement, this is a +1 from me regarding your application. Let me know if you have any questions regarding any feedback given. Good luck on your application.
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    +1 Good guy, when i joined 327th he was quick to show me the ropes and give me opportunities. On top of that he was polite patient and has a positive reaction & relationship with most. He follows all rules and reminds new comers of them to help keep them in line. I believe he would make a good staff member. Good Luck
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    Not sure how to begin my feedback so I guess I'll go down in order of the application. Your answers are great however I think it could use a bit of formatting work. Such as different colors for question and answers and not having size 0.0001 font. Now your examples are quite common on our community.. Although we've seen a lot of CPR and custom model PACs, I like how you've taken a further step by using custom animations to further enhance these common PACs. My only criticism is the fact that they are pretty common unfortunately, which in my opinion dulls out your amazing custom animation knowledge. Having said that, I should offer up a few suggestions for the application. Edit formatting, make it a bit easier to read and understand questions to answers. Show us more of your custom animation skill. It's clear you know how to use it and I think you have an advantage as the current PAC3 standards have raised a lot. Adding on to the previous dot point, create some more PACs. If you're lost for ideas, think of PACs that can effect different sub specialties such as medics, or marksmen. Currently I view your application as very neutral, similar to other ones we've seen recently, however I think that you can easily edit this to make it better than what is currently the standard. Fixing up formatting, and showing us more creativity with those custom animation skills.
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    We welcome players of all different skill levels and I can always try to give you tips as I am quite the experienced player.
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    Uno: https://play.unofreak.com/ If you give me +4, I'm resetting lobby.
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    Hello everyone. At the moment, GG already hosts minor Game Nights outside the server through a series of friend's groups and server staff. I'm happy to be able to announce that we will now be enabling those who like to host nights by creating a space to advertise your GN's. We have opened up a new Subforum in the Community Tab under Game Nights, and invite anyone to create posts announcing your events. A list of reccomended games will be updated in this post. Feel free to use that thread to suggest your own games. For the highest turnouts, we reccomend announcing your Game Night several days in advance, and including the following information; 1. The Name of the Game/s you will be playing in your session. 2. The maximum amount of players able to join a single game server at once. 3. The cost of the game, if any. Mark free games as such to avoid confusion. 4. A Short description of the game you will be hosting. If requested, your Game Night can be announced on our Discord with a link to your forums post. I will be creating a role on Discord that players may give themselves to be alerted for Game Night pings. We hope you make the most of this opportunity, and cannot wait to see what experiences you can organise for your fellow players! ~ The Executive Staff Team
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    # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Alem'ame, Alema Me Known Alias’/Nicknames: Alema Previous Occupation: None Current Occupation: Padawan of the Jedi Order Known Languages: Galactic Common, Twi’leki Hobbies: Dueling, Piloting, Long Strolls Alignment: The Republic; Neutral Good PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Healthy Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Nature, Younglings, Ryloth, Brother, Ohari Dislikes: Pirates, Ryloth Personality: Aggressively defensive with a very cheery attitude Wants the best for everyone and to not only defend those that cannot defend themselves but teach them how to defend themselves PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Healthy/Fit Age: 14 Weight: 56 Kilograms Build: Lean Disabilities: None Appearance: Olive Green with two lekku and always a smile on her face JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Knight Ohari Lightsaber details: A basic Hilt wrapped in Whiptree bark from her Home planet of Ryloth, sporting a vibrant blue blade of standard length able to be wielded both double handed or with a single handed grip Combat style: Aggressive yet Elegant Form II Makashi BACKSTORY Before the Order Alem'ame was born on the Twi’lek home planet of Ryloth in the year 36BBY, Her father a Tukian spent most of his days farming to provide for their family alongside her brother who was six years her senior. Alema was forced to wear her brothers hand down clothes, when she protested about how it made her look too much like a boy her mother would always say that she could always not wear anything and freeze. Her mother a Lethan spent almost every single day hidden away within their home, Alema spent the first seven years of her life at home with her mother as well as sneaking out to play and frolick with the other children from the village. Alema longed for the days that her brother was not working the fields, days that she could spend talking his head off. The days available with her brother and father soon faded though, the crops requiring more attention than before and the work days becoming longer and longer. On the eve of her seventh birthday Alema began to work the fields with her brother and father, the family were financially challenged and so Alema was required to work the fields with them to keep food on the table. Her first day was pleasant, grueling yet calming. She struggled at times, however her brother would always rush to aid her, as she looked at him happy, A shot rang out from the village… The three of them rushed back towards the village, as they neared they saw smoke billowing into the sky. “Pirates” the words held bitter and angry on her fathers tongue, He warned her to stay put but she couldn’t, not on the first day she had left her mother alone, if anything happened to her it would be her fault. Reaching the family home with farm tools in hand they realized they were too late, Pirates rummaging through the home had found her mother and now they dragged her out ripping her away as she grabbed for anything she could, kicking and screaming. Alema stood horrified, she had heard of pirates and their fiendish ways but never thought she would have to experience it, let alone watch her mother torn from her home by them. Blasters were pointed towards them as they approached and they were forced to drop their tools in exchange for not being shot, Anger and sadness welled up within Alema as they dragged her mother away until it could be held no more and as she reached out to her mother she unknowingly unleashed a force push sending the pirates flying, they recovered quickly and pulled their weapons with a deadlier intent. Alema had begun sobbing and as she looked up with tear filled eyes she saw the guns not on herself but her brother, who had extended his arm in an attempt to mimic that of a capable force user, Alema began crying louder as she realized. Thoughts raced through Alema's head she was helpless, useless, She couldn’t save her mother and she couldn’t save herself. Her brother had come to her rescue like he always did, he was strong, unlike her. The pirates now happy with their two prizes began to retreat back to their ship as Alema sat there sobbing uncontrollably in the consoling arms of her father. Life as a Youngling Alema’s father recognizing that it had indeed been his daughter that conjured the powers of the force not his son sought to bring Alema to the Jedi order, She would not be safe on Ryloth, not if the pirates returned. Alema was bought to the Jedi order where she connected with a Gungan youngling together they learned the Jedi Code and under Master Jaro Tapals teaching they learnt how to control the powers of the force, the way of the Jedi. The pair would often spend hours as younglings dueling each other with training sabers, and the rest of the days listening to Master Jaro Tapals teaching, through him She learnt patience as well as how to begin to control her emotions. It did not help when a certain Jedi Knight would constantly call her a Tail-head, berating her and baiting her into anger. Over time she learned that there was no ill intent in the knights words and that was just his character, Through meditation she was able to calm herself and instead take the words as a means to become stronger. Eventually it came time to complete her Gathering, she ventured deep into the caves of the gathering encountering 3 spirits that embodied the Jedi pathways. At each spirit she sat, listening to the ramblings of the spirit reminiscing and questioning about the current ways of the Jedi. Upon speaking to the last Spirit she felt a strong force guiding her, the presence and energy of blue, the way of the Guardian and presented before her she obtained A vibrant blue crystal. Life as a Padawan After obtaining her crystal and achieving the rank of padawan she was tasked by Jedi Master Corvo Bradrick to create her own Lightsaber, in her journey to create her own saber she traveled back to her home planet of Ryloth to carve the bark off the tallest and strongest whiptree, The whiptree to her signified the strength to survive especially in harsh conditions, a strength she wished to display in herself, The handle was carved to be held either single handed or dual handed to exemplify the adaptability of the tree and herself. After the creation of her saber she was assigned a master, to her surprise the same Jedi knight that had constantly called her a Tail-head as a youngling, she was fond of it now. Her master expressed great interest in her dueling ability and would call her to duel against him constantly, although currently in her whole time as his padawan she had only prevailed against him once (to which she believed was on purpose). While deployed one day with her master on a Venator within the Ryloth system situated in the Outer rim, they received a distress beacon from a ship nearby under attack by Pirates. Knight Ohari and Alema rushed to protect the ship from the pirates offensive, As they approached Alema noticed symbols she had not seen in a long time, Those of the pirates that attacked her family all those years ago. Pushing through the pirates that had boarded the ship they stopped their efforts before the ship could be scuttled, while Ohari focused on making sure the passengers were safe, Alema rushed after the pirate captain. After cornering the Pirate captain Alema held him at saber point, the anger and sadness from her childhood rising through her body and billowing out, She brought her saber up to slice the captain down when she heard a voice, "Tail-head", it was her master, Knight Ohari. In that moment she fell slack, the saber dropping to her side, She felt defeated and relieved, "Letting your emotions control you so much is not befitting Tail-head" Ohari mused. "You have much to learn, and I have much to teach" Ohari said as he led Alema away from the captain while troopers cuffed him and hauled him away. From there on Master Ohari taught her a deeper meditation that could help quell her anger and control her emotions. Alema continued her training towards the rank of Jedi Knight under the close watch of her Master ensuring her emotions did not get the better of her again.
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    Hello! Quite some time ago I decided to get into scene building/pose art for Garry's Mod and its become something I've wanted to get back into since I've come back to the server. I figured that it might be worth sharing to everyone because hey why not it could be fun. I made this quite some time ago so forgive me if it isn't the highest quality work. There isn't a lot of context or background for this piece, just the 327th on patrol on Felucia with armoured and air coverage. I hope you enjoy.
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    Where’s the 187th artwork bro? Top shit tho
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    Hello and welcome Twitch. Hope you enjoy your time here
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    yeah i'd be happy to give tracker roadway package service http://acronymsandslang.com/meaning-of/business-and-finance/RPS.html
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    idk if we can discuss suggetions here but, i reckon try not to differ to far from vanilla like some inv and some base stuff is cool but like rust isnt rust if you dont have the threat of being offlined or you base destroyed as a naked lol, adding simple shit that doesnt differ too far from vanilla rust is imo more fun and adds the rust feel of always not knowing if yo base getting fucked by hazies with rockets and explosive ammo runnin up in a mozzie. also hopefully the admin chat doesnt enable the spawning of items in by admins to appear in admin chat and not main chat thats cringe
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    Can't wait for the premium GG Rust experience.
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    You know he's a champion if he's making a late introduction.
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    Name: Ludwig Backstory: Ludwig was the fanciest mastiff of them all. He spends most of his time reading travel guide books whilst drinking lipton green tea. throught ludwig's training within CG's dog training course, Some other mastiff tried to rip off Ludwig's tuxedo. But instead he decided to grab his monocle and kill the other mastiff. He speaclizes in great style within the royal industry and loves to make tea for his buddys. Ludwig is a pretty cool gamer. kinda would look like this
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    A massive improvement from your other app but there are still things that could be fixed up. I can see quite a few cases where grammar is pretty poor as well as making sure you have filled out the whole criteria such as time played. Great work on taking that feedback on board though.
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    from my interactions with pab especially of recent and he is quite friendly to everyone as for the application itself it is very well done having multiple branches for situations speaking of situations they are also good showing a great understanding of ULX commands, overall 100% +1
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    so compared to the original post its much better still having grammatical issues but a few other problems in general are the lack of ULX commands in the post since as a EM you will need to know them quite well. Second is while it seems unfair there is a reason it says 14+ on the template or very matue which u might be so maybe try hopping around TS or be on more in game. And final thing to mention is while the game tracker doesnt work for some reason which isnt your fault i know you havent been around for a month since i was WF when you joined (so about 3 weeks ago at max) plus when it ask for time it usually means in hours and on your steam profile it says that you have only got 122 hours on Gmod and i dont think all of that would be on gateway. So while the application itself is ok i think you may need to spend more time on the server plus i dont really see you on the main server but i see you as EC's quite a lot. so good luck with your application
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    Yes, it certainly is. It's great that you've massively improved your formatting and you've provided some more detail to majority of the answers. However, the application & your event document is still infested with grammatical errors. If you fix the errors up, this application will be looking 10x better. Regardless, it's a solid effort and great to see you've taken almost all the feedback provided on board.
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    Having had Pab in my regiment for quite a long time, he has shown me his tireless dedication to the server and has an understanding of where the line between appropriate and rule breaking sits. Your app clearly shows an in depth understanding of commands and a level headed approach to all situations. My one piece of advice would maybe be to branch out a little more but all things considered, I think you'd make a good member of staff. +1
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    As with what Babatunde said, you do have a tendency to be a minge. However, being in 327th, I can see that you can be a good natured person at heart. Just try and cut down on the minging and I don't see a problem with you becoming a future mod. Some of your answers are a bit iffy and underdeveloped, I would suggest going over some of them and beefing them up. I will give a +1 for now and keep a close eye on you in game, Discord and TS. Good luck Pab!
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    Hey Pab, From what I have experienced with you in-game and in ts you used to be quite mingy, but these past couple months I have seen that attitude disappear, overall the application is well done which shows that you have a great understanding of the commands that are used within the server. The only thing I would love to see is you trying to reach out to the wider community and talk to everyone, the staff team is always looking for people that are able to interact positively with not only the staff team itself but the entire community as you would be the one setting the example for other users. I would love to see some more information within this question, we are not only looking for active and experienced members. We are looking for traits beyond that whether that be personality wise or the type of actions you take on the server to show that you are responsible enough for such a position. Overall you application shows that you have the drive and will to becoming a member of the staff team would just love to see a bit more depth within that question. +1
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    Nice application. Just suggest putting more space between the answers and questions. Also formatting it better would help make the application look more refined. EDIT: Refined the application and formated it. Lead is a good Player and quite active inside the teamspeak. +1
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    Yo where the Phase 1 Gang at? Wanna roleplay with the boys as Keeli Company
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    @Tesla has left the community approximately a week ago, he didn't want anyone to see what he has become. all jokes aside this is advertisement
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    The clones' organization when it's time to commit war-crimes.
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    Gateway Gaming | PAC3 Application -------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:203184195 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198366634119/ Current in-game alias: - RC-03/521 Lieutenant Captain 'Cyar'ika' - Youngling Tags Time Played: 97+ Hours Donator: No -------------------------------------------------------------- PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? Yes Why do you want access to PAC3? + How will having PAC3 enhance your time on the server? There are a few reasons for why I would like to obtain PAC3. Yes, some of these answers will be the generic sort of answer as with most applications. Which is why I am going to simply start off with my main reason for why I would like to get PAC3. I am an event character and being one is pretty fun. Although, I would like to at some point just sit down at my computer and make some PAC3 for characters. That way maybe it wouldn't be as much of a hassle for the event masters to try and find models, resize models, re-texture models. I think it would just make it much easier. But now, for the generic answers. I would like PAC3 to of course try to help enhance my role play on the server. Quite recently I obtained a Jedi slot and I personally think that PAC3 would be just perfect for that. It would help get an idea across, as well as just help make things a lot more interesting for others to view. Next, I would like to obtain PAC3 for my Commando role as Cyar'ika. I think that being able to show what I think the character would really look like is a key aspect of helping those around me understand what the character is. It would also allow for me to use animations for settings bombs, detonating bombs, and defusing bombs. Of course it would also help when doing other various tasks like slices. Also a quick note as to why I have combined the 2 questions. It is because they are basically asking the exact same thing, and it is easier to answer it in 1 simple question like "Why do you want PAC3 and how will it enhance your time on the server?" -------------------------------------------------------------- PAC3 Examples Display 4 screenshots of your own PAC3 based around Star Wars: Below you will find just a few of the various things I have made in PAC3, as well as some things that I made specifically for this application and for use on the server itself. -------------------------------------------------------------- My version of the normal massif has new textures which in my opinion look far better than the older textures. As well as it has more spikes on the back to just add a little more detail to the model. The teeth are also not as bright as the normal models teeth. This way it kind of blends in a little better. I have attached a few images of the new massif that I made in PAC3 above. It is a very simple PAC3, but it helps make the original model look a lot better. -------------------------------------------------------------- This is something that I made up just for this application. This is what I am going to call a "Temple Trooper". It is simply a clone trooper that has the Jedi Temple Guard logo on it. Along with a few colours here and there. It has a head band on the top of the helmet with straps that hang off of it. The gun on the back jiggles when moving around. There is a flashlight attached to the shoulder which works. There is a new typing animation that is more true to the clone wars. -------------------------------------------------------------- These are just a few of my examples. Of course I will be adding more to the list. I just didn't want to close this and have all the progress on the application lost. So sit tight for more will eventually come.
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    I leave now. Thanks to all the gamers that played with me while I was actually active.
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    I cant tell if you are high/drunk or just plain old... not gonna say that word. Genuine shitposter.
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    +1 I've seen some of the other stuff you've done and although what you provided was simple in design, it was well executed and the minor details like the additional lens flare and edge blur was a nice touch. Could use some new Gateway propaganda anyways.
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    Name: Harry Backstory: Hacketty's old dog. He performed immortality experiments making the Massif one with the force and unable to ever die.
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    Name: Mango Backstory: He was found outside of jania and taken in by the medics until he managed to start a fire and dig up a bomb and Tx droid He was taken by Cg since the medics wouldn't be able to use his true potentioal Real story too was hosted by buck Loved it
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    Name: Brutus (MK1-MK Ꝏ) Backstory: Brutus is a mysterious, immortal Massif, that despite being "killed" various times, has always managed to come back...
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    Name: Snuffles Backstory: Snuffles was born with an impossibly accurate sense of smell, even compared to others of his kind.
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    Hello everyone, A recent question as of late has been "Where are we at with the timeline?" As of recent we've been pretty pressed with the idea of setting a defined timeline period, seeing as season 7 of the clone wars has concluded, it's given us time to see the story from start to finish. This has brought myself and management to a point where we are torn with two different options of where to sit and hover at in the timeline, which will be listed below. Option 1: Season Four The season four option would be ideal for the purpose of lore character involvement (Ahsoka remains in the Jedi Order, Fives is still alive, etc.), it would put us in a position that is essentially the closest to the "middle" of the Clone Wars, while still being in Phase 2. This period in the Clone Wars would allow events to have a non-lore specific orientated, however, will be able to involve a large range of villains as people like Cad Bane weren't in in Prison for an extensive time or weren't dead. Option 2: Season Six (End of season 6/the gap between season 6 and 7) The season six option would allow for less lore characters (Ahsoka has left the Jedi Order, Echo is dead, etc.) but will allow the characters that remain to have more development and roleplay opportunities. Being towards the end of the Clone Wars would allow us to hint at things like Order 66 and the fall of the Republic, sort of how the Clone Wars T.V series progressed, it was uplifting and eventually got darker, we would be around the dark period. Each option has it's own set of issues that would currently change the way we play the server currently. We would either have a bunch of lore characters for a wide range of different regiments or we have limited lore characters. Roleplay would be subtly changed, as i stated previously, things like Order 66 would be hinted at. Equal event opportunities, however, each option would entail a different timeline which would include more or less possibilities to event characters or stories. A large problem with our current timeline is that we have no real idea where we're at, we can infer since Echo is in Bad Batch, we are somewhere around season 7, however, this is way too late for us, we're wanting to move back and refine who exists and what makes sense. We want to seek your input and decide on what you want to do, we encourage if you play the server that you vote. Any discussions or questions can be posted in the comments and will be answered by management members.
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    If its not broken don't fix it. We shouldn't let the clone wars timeline define the server. The negatives outweigh the positives imo. I believe there should be a 3rd option to just keep the server flowing as it is currently. That way a fair judgement can be made.
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    Re-vote with third option or riot
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    Uh yea, I dont think many people were legitimately concerned about the state of the server's timeline out of the situation of casual server discussion/bitching. Both options offer trivial changes to the server that would only currently inconvenience players, there has been a rather long time since I have seen EMs create events directly affected by the clone wars timeline, and that would be the only reason i would justify this tiny change, just to give the EM team a stronger foothold in creating more "in-universe" events. On that note, the events i have seen happen are well done and have encouraged new and old EMs to be creative with their events, now that they have the opportunity to tailor events to a handful of reg's at a time, so personally i dont think the change would hugely impact the server for the better. Timeline votes like this would be a much more important discussion if the timeline were to be reset, rather than adjusted. my vote for now is: Don't care, didnt ask, too busy chimpin.
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    im not in cg but tracker should get rps other than reaction
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