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    @Jeff The Māori @Dan @AnnoyingTaco (Herd) @s8ncaat @Linguine @Aussi @Splash/Geeloot @Jarr @Spirit @Twat (Bill) @Mongo @Pork Good job on being minges, you made the cut. Leave a comment x
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    lol, frags. bcus your kill count in a 18fps event is the true indication of skill. Kills are useless and are mere chance in an event. Levels makes much more sence as it is also an indication of kills Not only that, but any event master would dominate the scene bcus it will once again become common place to end every event with a davy crocket just to mop up the left over kills
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    Accessing Naval Public Database...... Entering Alias: Lambros#2345 Enter Password: ####as1 Acess Granted.. Naval Public Database Successfully loaded... Navigating to User Database (Char Bios)... Begin input: ========================================================================== Name: Lambros. Occupation: Republic Navy. Clearance Card: Naval Level I. Designation: #2345 Rank: Apprentice Crewman. To whom it may concern. Hi, This is Lambros of the republic navy. I have tasked myself with creating a biography stating my information and foundations. Be aware I am but another clone who Was born and bred to be apart of the republic navy, So as for physical appearance and attributes I neither lack nor succeed in any way to my brothers. Regardless I am who I am and my personality differs from that of a regular Clone, Well at least I think it does. Psychological Information: Mental State: Sane. Likes: Analyzing data & documents alongside creating or editing them. Formality & procedures. Dislikes: Ignorance, Stupidity, Defects. Physical Information: Physical State: Fit. Age: 2 Years of Age. Weight: 78kgs. Build: Bottom Heavy, (Thick as in the Booty) My back story is as generic as it comes, I was conceived on Kamino where I was placed into the Naval training scheme. I underwent 1 year of full training learning the base systems of Navy. After that, was assigned a Venator and sworn int to serve under LT Commander Doherty. Sadly my time with him was short-lived as he has killed in the line of combat nothing more than 4 rotations after my original designation. Which in turn lead to the promotion of another clone by the name of Ajax, who is know sworn in as the Naval Commander. This concludes my Biography, though short and common it explains my details correctly. End input. ================================================= #2345 Lambros Logging out.... Logout wascessful....
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    READ THIS BEFORE CREATING A PAC3 APPLICATION Recently there has been a concerning increase in plagarised outfits being used as examples in PAC3 applications, and it is becoming quite irritating when moderating possible applicants. FROM THIS DATE ONWARDS (17/07/19), Any applications containing even a single example found to be plagarised will be immediately denied. This has always been a rule in the past however applicants were given the benefit of the doubt when considering their remaining examples, this is no longer the case. Whilst players with PAC access on the server are completely free to use any Pastebin outfits that align with the theme of the server, it is unacceptable for these public outfits to be used as an example of 'skill' within an application. Included below is an album of public access outfits, any examples within future applications that resemble or blatantly plagarise these outfits will be denied. Some examples such as animations have been omitted as they are part of the gamemode and included addons. This list will be updated when necessary. Possible future applicants are encouraged to view these outfits and ensure that any similar outfits that they create differ enough to not be considered plagarised. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://pastebin.com/vvWmwcpT - Handheld hologram - Held Clipboard or subsitute - Crossed arms in front of body - Carrying an item over one shoulder https://pastebin.com/Vzv2LBac - Astromech droid pet https://pastebin.com/KddkkFB2 - Holographic computer setup https://pastebin.com/sYSJYWr7 - Wrist device & viewing animation - Another handheld hologram - Surrendering animation/pose https://pastebin.com/u/TheKiwi09 Any Pastebin outfits created by TheKiwi09
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    Jedi Tryouts (Yay) Myself and @Lunar have been aiming to host Jedi tryouts for awhile now so... Friday the 26th after the 8:30, (6 days from now) We'll be doing Jedi tryouts. We'll be testing a bunch of things, 90% of it will be roleplay based, and we'll be looking for those who can do good rp over those who can leap good. SGT+ is required for you to tryout, exceptions may be granted if you are a well-known member of the community. Best of luck to everyone! (and no, if you already have Jedi you cannot tryout.)
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    [Offline...] [standby...] [Loading...] [Password: *****] [Access Granted] [Loading Info...] ONLY LEVEL 3+ ACCESS ONLY, DO NOT ACCESS THE INFO IF LOWER [Please insert Access Card] [Loading...] [Granted] The Return of the Beast Troopers, I'm not sure if you remember the mission known as 'Monster Terror'. We've been working on this project, that Space Station you saved was the station that orbit the Beast Planet. We've set up an outpost located on the surface of this terrifying planet. Commodore Vail is currently stationed on the planet. As you know, this Beast is quite powerful. Able to take down a whole army of clones. However, this project was to capture the Beast and use it against the CIS, hopefully ending this war. We're currently on the work with captured Beast, this one is young. Perfect opportunity to tame the beast. Myself, Captain Andy will be leading this project. However, we had some CIS at our doorstep. Commodore is calling reinforcement to hold them off. This mean, we will be living there as we work on the project. Until then, Captain Andy is signing out. *OOC* Hey! Now, you probably remember the last Campaign I did on the Monster. This time, I am giving him a return. This will be a 10 hours Campaign, however, the time is not set at the moment. The reason behind this is my life is quite busy. I'll update this once I'm no longer busy. This Campaign will happen, you can trust me on that. Message to the staff, Any EM's, Back-up EM's, Staff wish to join me and help me with this Campaign please contact me on discord, steam or Teamspeak. Your help would be appreciated. Any question about this Campaign, please ask away here.
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    This is just for the meantime, I was going to talk to @Rhino about possibly altering the scoreboard, making it a little wider so we can fit kills AND levels and some other cool stuff. But that won't be for a little.
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    Well, it's been mad. After more than two and a half years, it's time for me to finally ditch this shit and go onto a better game 8)) It's unfortunate that this kind of decision was rather forced upon me, however it was going to happen at some point in the near future anyway. I'm not one to really care about making special mentions, but @s8ncaat, you don't have to worry about me arguing every decision anymore. I can now go back to not being a bit of a dickhead to everyone. The best quote that I think applies best over the year I'd been in ARC, and it's Commander for more than 6 months of it, was in this video: "He was asshole, but he was our asshole" Cheers to the Gen10 boys, you lads made it actually tolerable getting on the server and made sure that Feb26th was the right decision. Laters lads, probably still hang around the TS from time to time gen10bestgen
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    So many people are giving back and I'm sure everyone appreciates it. I hope whoever wins enjoys it a lot and are able to gain a bunch of unique server experiences with it. Good luck everyone!
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    Greetings All, Last week I did a Jedi Giveaway & received a lot of thank yous and interest in another one so I have decided to up the Ante. I am doing another Jedi giveaway and 2nd Character slot giveaway also. If you would like a chance to win please reply to this thread with Your In-Game Name, Alias, If you Want Jedi 2nd char or Both, or if you are nominating someone reply with their In-game Name, Alias, If they Want Jedi 2nd char or Both. All Entries eligible will be put into a wheel decider and the winner will be announced on the 20th (next Saturday). There will also be some RP Involved for the all the current server Jedi & Saturday nights Raid will be based around the giveaway. Thank you. -Beatroot.
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    I think it would be nice to have it optional and toggleable via a !scoreboard command or something like that. I believe it would get people more engaged in events and allow for some friendly competition, but I also see the negatives.
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    Kills, personally, I don't really see much of a point of showing level when all it really means is you get extra 5 hp, also a new player shouldn't rely on looking at someone's level instead of looking at a staff rank or clone rank like 2nd LT+ to get help
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    Honestly levels since it shows who are quite experienced on the server and who you might be able to approach for help.
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    @Evoz You're silly I don't use Weebly I have to code for it and never been on Colossal isn't that a military RP server.
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    I've heard it said many times that Gateway is a community of second chances, I have no issue with you being unbanned and returning to the server if you truly do wish to RP. However, I feel threats to DDoS should be reviewed by the senior and executive staff members. @Ajax @s8ncaat
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    How many are able to receive jedi?
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    # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Entering password [501-238 Nin] # ... Password Denied # ... Entering password [501-238 Circ] # ... Password accepted # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: B-04/2308/1 (Ninja) Known Alias’/Nicknames: "Circuits" "Ninja" "Vodka" Previous Occupation: Naval Staff Current Occupation: 501st Legion (Beta ARC) Trooper Known Languages: Galactic basic. Hobbies: Cleaning weaponry, Training in all areas, Leading. Alignment: Republic Equipment used: Dual DC-17s Pistols, DC-15s, Republic Sniper, standard medical supplies and rations. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: slightly insane Mental Disabilities: Depression (that has now been cured) Likes (optional): Training, leading, reading, and teaching. Dislikes (optional): None PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit as an ARC trooper. Age: 15 years Weight: 85 kilograms Height: 1.85 meters Build: Tall, muscular Disabilities: One eye RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Jedi: Ninja respects all Jedi equally, he believes they are here to help the troopers in this war. And to this day remains confused as to why so many troopers hold a grudge against the Jedi. Alpha class - Advanced Recon Commandos: Ninja sees the Alpha ARC's as egotistic troopers that don't care about other troops who don't hold the rank of "ARC trooper", even so Ninja see's the ARC troopers as images of what he himself should be. Obviously not in attitude, but in skill. A-09 'Humbug': Probably the only ARC trooper that Ninja respects as a whole, Ninja see's Humbug as an ARC trooper but without the attitude of one. Humbug reminds ninja of his old Beta ARC mentor that was announced MIA After the CIS launched an attack on the outpost we were stationed at, called Jania Neo Base. Major Knotts: Ninja is an old friend of Knotts, they've been through a lot together. Even though Knotts outranks Ninja, they both still act as equals and as friends. CT-5476 Ninja: B-2308 Ninja was at some point best friends with a trooper called 5476 Ninja. At the time 2308 Ninja was going by the name of "Circuits". Circuits owed his life to Ninja as he was the one who performed surgery on his eye, and stopped it from infecting the rest of his body. Sadly, before Circuits could repay Ninja, he was told that Ninja had presumably been KIA This news made Circuits go into a depression as he had not only lost his best friend, but also wasn't able to repay him for his duties. But thanks to a naval officer going by the name of "Pac", Circuits was able to get through his depression and in the end took up the name "Ninja" In honor of his old friend. To this day, Ninja misses 5476 Ninja. DC-15s [Nick named: "Alpha"]: This DC-15s has been through a lot, it had at one point been with CT-5476 Ninja, but now belongs to B-2308 Ninja. Ninja uses this in every one of his deployments, he called it "Alpha" after blasting down a couple of clankers and showing them who was the Beta Trooper. Of course, you can't have a Beta without an Alpha. So Ninja nicknamed it "Alpha". This gun is precious to him and he would do anything to get it back. Backstory CT-2308 "Circuits" Started off just like any other clone. Going through training most of his early life, by the time he was age 9, he was ready for war, he was sent out and deployed onto a venator, at the time nicknamed "The S8nator". This venator was where Circuits would spend most of his life on. While stationed on this venator, he had been assigned to the republic navy as he showed skill and interest in that area, during his time as navy, he met a trooper called "Ninja", he was a previously a medic, but at the time was a torrent company trooper in the 501st legion, they became best friends and almost never left each others side. At some point, Circuits was suddenly moved onto an acclamator during a deployment, to provide air support for the main force. When he exited the acclamator to slice a terminal. A CIS sniper shot at circuits and hit him right in the eye. Circuits quickly requested medical support as he was hit. When he said that, his vision went black. When he woke up, he was still on the battlefield, but now in a medical tent. Circuits looked up to see that Ninja was there treating his eye. When Circuits saw what was happening he thanked Ninja. Circuits then sat through the surgery, completely conscious, it of course wasn't painful due to narcotics, but for some odd reason, Circuits was feeling tingly and weird, he attempted to move his hand and found that he was paralyzed. When he realized this, he asked Ninja why he couldn't move, Ninja was confused as the pain killers were only meant to numb the pain (obviously) and not paralyze him. Ninja did a quick scan on Circuit's body and Ninja found that Circuits had a sort of chemical running through his body. When Ninja found this out he immediately began surgery (of course by this time the eye was treated) Ninja had Circuits go to sleep with use of some chloroform. When the surgery ended, Circuits was happy to hear that his body was fine again. This left Circuits very grateful to Ninja, as he had not only saved his eye, but he had saved his life as well! Of course... Before Circuits was able to pay Ninja back, Ninja went MIA, Presumably KIA, as all that left of him, was his DC-15s and helmet. This left Circuits in depression. But after a while, Circuits realized that, just because his best friend died, it didn't mean he had to go all depressed and pathetic like he was. So Circuits decided to get past the fact that Ninja was gone, and instead honor him for his duties. By doing this, he took up the name "Ninja". And asked the RHC of the ship themselves, to reassign "Circuits" now called "Ninja" To the 501st Legion. RHC did so and assigned him to the 501st. Ninja went up the ranks, making many new friends that were previously, the old Ninja's friends. Ninja, after joining the regiment decided to join the 501st medics. Ninja served as a medic in the 501st, till he reached the rank of Sergeant, where he decided to instead join the sub-company known as the "Advanced Recon Force", more commonly known as "ARF", Ninja was glad to be in this sub company as it prepared him very much for his future role as Beta ARC. One of the current Beta ARC had sadly been KIA and so, the 501st was on the search for a new beta ARC trooper. After Ninja showed interest in this position, trials were done for troopers wishing to obtain the rank of "Beta ARC" and Ninja had participated. Ninja didn't have high hopes for himself as everyone who was trying out seemed a lot more skilled than him. When the trials were over, Ninja was picked to enter the trainee stage of beta ARC. Ninja was very happy about this and later found out that. The old Ninja, that had passed away previously. Too wanted to become Beta ARC in the 501st. And when Circuits found that out, in his head he just thought... "I did it for you." On the last day of Ninja's trainee period, he was to go through one final test. Ninja did so and the Current Beta ARC at the time, took him in. Ninja very much enjoyed fighting along side his mentor. And fellow beta ARC, going by the name of "Humbug" Ninja could definitely see how he became beta ARC. Though Ninja was once again saddened to find out that Humbug had gone MIA And Ninja is now on the search for another Beta ARC trooper. # ... Logging out # ... Exiting file 04-2308 of the clone database
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    Let me load my guns and quickly display that I can snake kills with an RPS at 2 fps, now that's gaming.
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    Bring the frags back to those wanting to flex
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    Oak's Log: Entry V Withdrawal // Accessing Clone Database // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File '6074' // // Welcome // It was morning, and everyone was thinking about how we lost 7064. Acro decided that we should head back to base once the sun rose, so we began heading our way back. It was a long walk but we finally made it back to the ground base. Acro was immediately sent to the medbay so his leg could get fixed up, whilst the rest of us were to go to bunks and get some rest. After Acro was patched up Slash came to see him, it looked like Slash wanted to discuss something with him. A couple of hours passed and we all got up and began to do a little bit of training. Acro came back to our squad and brought news. 'Boys, follow me' He ordered. Acro brought us where all of the rest of the troopers were gathered, with Slash in front of them. 'Line up men' Acro added. 'Alright men! We're withdrawing from Kashyyyk from now, a large separatist force is headed this way and with our numbers, we cannot do anything. Also, Acro's squad, please come over here' Slash said with a loud voice. 'You boys have passed your trials, and I have discussed with Gree that you will make the Acroheart squad, you will be trained to be elite soldiers for the 41st Elite Corps, after all, you survived the impossible, with the exception of 7064. With that men! Let us give a salute to 7064 who sacrificed his life for his brethren' And with that, the Acroheart squad was formed... Later that day we packed up all of our equipment and headed back to the sky, leaving Kashyyyk behind. What will happen now with the Acroheart squad? // Logging Out // // Access Revoked // Kashyyyk will be back in Oak's Log X, with the 3000-word essay! (Not even joking boss)
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    Oak's Log: Entry IV Night Trap // Accessing Clone Database // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File '6074' // // Welcome // It was midnight, and it was time for our squad to investigate the B1 tracks and figure out where their base was located. We set our visors to night vision mode and began following the tracks from the bushes. These tracks were once again leading us to the north, and whilst following these tracks we located a mysterious shack. Acro decided that this shack was worth investigating since it wasn't a Wookie structure, most likely built by somebody, or something else. As we entered the shack we were met with a Commando droid's head. I thought it was strange that some droid's head was in a shack in the middle of nowhere. I looked around the room. trying to find anything interesting until I noticed that there was a wooden panel sticking out of the wall. I decided to pull this panel off and was met with a shiny button. 'Acro! I found a button here! What's your orders' I asked Acro, hoping that he would let me press the button. 'Go ahead and press it Oak, I trust you' Answered back Acro whilst he was looking through some books. I pressed the button and the floor beneath me shook, slowly uncovering a secret stairway. 'What's this?' Acro speaking with an intrigued voice. 'Oak, head down there and see if anything down there is interesting. Me and the rest of the boys will stay up here making sure everything is safe.' I decided to head downstairs and was met with a bunch unfunctional or B1s, B2,s and Commando droids with smiley faces painted onto their heads. I thought, 'strange, what is this supposed to mean.' I looked around to see if anything else was suspicious Until I heard something. 'You are surrounded, surrender or you will be vanquished' I heard a very familiar voice upstairs. It was that of a B1 droid. I rushed upstairs to see what was going on. As soon as I got upstairs there were blinding lights in my face. 'Oak! Cover the windows! We've been ambushed!' Acro immediately commanded me to cover the windows, along with 6121, 5264 and 7064. Shortly after gunfire was coming from all directions, we were trapped and had to fight our way out. Acro commanded 6121 and 5264 to identify how many enemies there were, whilst 7064 and I were to concentrate fire onto the incoming B1 battle droids. 'Sir, we've got about a 1000 droids here!' Yelled 6121. All hope seemed lost, but Acro was confident. 'Alright, men, I got an idea, Oak, what did you find down there?' Asked Acro. 'A bunch of unfunctional droids sir, but what could they do?' I replied. 'Perfect! Give me a moment boys, keep defending!' Acro rushed downstairs and began doing something. I kept on firing at the B1 battle droids, hoping to gun down as many as I could. Moments later Acro came back to the top with a strange remote. I was curious about what he was thinking. 'Oak, here you go, the rest of you boys follow me!' Acro handed me the remote and commanded the rest of the troopers to follow him. They went downstairs, and I was scared alone. I thought that this guy was going to get me killed! Shortly after Acro yelled at me 'Press the button Oak!'. I immediately pressed it, and I was amazed. All the droids downstairs were marching upstairs and taking positions on the window walls. They were all equipped with blasters and began shooting the droids. Now was the hard part, to exit the building. Our only choice was to run out there, with the cover of our backup droids. All of the troops got together, and we prepared for a suicidal dash. I opened the door and rushed outside, I was feeling brave in the heated moment. I kept on running and gunning down any droids. The B2 battle droids were firing their rockets, all I could hear was explosions, I looked behind me and saw the rest of the troopers following me whilst the commando droids were sneaking up to our enemies. We kept on running, droids going down left and right, it seemed like we would get out of there without any problems. But that was not the case... Acro was shot in the leg and began limping. 'Run men! Keep on going! That's an order!' Ordered Acro. Suddenly 7064 turned around and began rushing towards Acro. 'You're not dying today Acro! Not after today!' 7064 pushed Acro towards the side, and began covering our retreat, Everybody else got in front of me whilst I was watching 7064's Valiant stand against the enemies. 'Run!' He yelled. 'For the Republic!' After that yell, he began blasting the enemies, dodging enemy fire and gunning down all opposition. Shortly after he was shot in the chest, fell on to his knees, and his helmet rolled onto the floor. 7064 sacrificed his life for all of his brothers. But at what cost? There was nothing to gain from this... We managed to get out alive, but what was to become of us, failing our job? Only time will tell... // Logging Out // // Access Revoked //
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    Had you followed correct procedures within the application, I may have been able to consider this application. However as recent discussion has revealed your inclusion of plagarised PACs as a demonstration of your 'skill', I have no choice but to deny your application. As per standard PAC application procedure, you will need to wait one month from the date of this response to reapply for PAC access. DENIED.
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    Putting other people's pacs on your application is a pretty big bruh moment, and saying that you were just going to use that as a placeholder doesn't really make it that much better because I doubt you would have changed it if Akaili didn't notice that you had stolen someone else's pac. As for application, I mean they are alright I suppose. They just aren't anything particularly special and nothing really stands out. Most of the pacs are just models and events, nothing with the more complex aspects of pac like jiggle, sub materials or proxies. The sci-fi prop pack doesn't really match in with the star wars aesthetic too well and most of the ideas in this application kinda just show what people have done countless times before. I'd be nice to see some truly original pacs, for instance maybe one where your 91st Beta ARC has his binoculars out doing some recon or something. I dunno, we just have seen a lot of people put cross arm and hologram pacs in their apps so it doesn't really stand out. If you ever need help with pac or the sort, i'd be happy to help out chief.
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    Just want to point out that the one with the holographic computer is not your design https://pastebin.com/KddkkFB2 which I found on the website with the same design
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    # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Alpha-66 Known Alias’/Nicknames: 'Muzzle' Previous Occupation: [REDACTED] Current Occupation: Advance Recon Commando CQB Black Ops. Known Languages: Sign Language, basic galactic, Some mando, little bit of wookie. Hobbies: Black Ops training, training other troopers. Alignment: Galactic Grand Army of the Republic. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities: [REDACTED] Likes (optional): Stealth training, treating wookiees and aliens equally, talking to A-65 'Striker' (Well did), also talking to A-07 'Trident'. Dislikes (optional): Slavers, People who can't be independent, People that don't treat other equally. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 20 Weight: 124.7 Kg Build: Tall and Muscular Disabilities: [REDACTED] RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Alpha-Class Advanced Recon Commando: Muzzle has gotten to know his brothers very well during the trainings and hard fights they have fought in the battle field together. A-66 'Muzzle' has built a close circle of friends with ARC and would do anything for them like they would do anything for him. A-65 'Striker': A-65 'Striker' was one of the people that stuck by Muzzle's side during the trainee phase of ARC through the brutal training they did as ARC trainees. Striker was part of the same team as Muzzle, red team, as soon as they got this team assigned with each other they know they could easily get through the training. Once they got past the training phase Striker was fighting battles with Muzzle and the other ARC troopers, until one day [REDACTED]. Wookiees: Muzzle sees wookiees as the same as other races. Humans: Sees them as the same as other races.
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    IF IT ONLY HAPPENS ON THE ONE MAP: Uninstall the map and then re-install it. One of your map files could be corrupted or something along those lines. Make sure you unsubscribe from the map, and then go to your gmod addons folder and delete the .gma for the map by using the search bar. Gmod tends to neck itself if it tries to render a corrupt texture or file. You could try Verifying your game cache but that will only fix the problem if the problem lies within your gmod game install. IF IT HAPPENS ON OTHERS: If Coric is correct when he says that the areas you're referring to render the whole map, and the crashes happen when the whole map is loaded then the problem probably lies within your hardware. How much memory does your PC have? and are your drivers for your CPU n GPU up to date? It's not commonly known but for Gateway and a lot of other servers, you should have at least 8gb of ram. Gmod likes to load things as needed and Gateway has a lot of custom content. This means that you will be loading the models and textures for the map, as well as each individual players model and weapon models into your ram so that they can be displayed on the screen. This is displayed if you open up the q menu and click through all of your add-ons, you'll notice a significant performance drop. And potentially when the entire map and all of its contents are being rendered at once, you may crash. Do a fresh reinstall of Gmod and make sure you have at least 8gb of ram You could try Verifying your game cache but that will only fix the problem if the problem lies within your gmod game install. Tip: Lastly, remove all add-ons that aren't required to play on gateway. This is just good practice and removes the possibility of addons clashing with each other.
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    WELCOME TO JACOB'S GALLERY. Sorry about the layout, if kept removing images as I changed the size.
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    Yeah, to be honest it looks like something made in weebly. I mean, look at this for example https://www.weebly.com/au/themes/merch-theme/678894260575363684
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    Oak's Log: Entry VI B-6258 Crash // Accessing Clone Database // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File '6074' // // Welcome // After we withdrew from Kashyyyk, The Acroheart Squad was formed. An elite squad led under freshly promoted Sergeant 6073 Acro with its members including Corporal 6074 Oak, First Class Private 6121 and First Class Private 5264. We are called an elite squad, but that's not really true. First, we have to undergo the most gruesome training, then participate in real operations, after that, then we could be considered elite. It seemed like a bright future for me, making a name for myself in the Elite Corps. To undergo this training we were sent to Kamino with Gunnery Sergeant Slash supervising our training, however, we still didn't know who was going to give us our training. As soon as we landed on Kamino we were greeted by a fellow clone trooper, though this time he was an ARC trooper. 'Greetings Acroheart squad and Slash, I am B-6258 Crash, and don't ask how I got my name'. This trooper was Beta ARC 6258 Crash, considered one of the best soldiers in the 41st Elite Corps, minus his piloting abilities, which he is notoriously known for crashing many times. Crash guided us to the Kamino training facilities, there we would spend the next month in harsh training. 'Alright men, the first thing you will be doing is trying to complete the harshest citadel known to the Clone Army. With droids set on the highest proficiency.' said Crash. I could already tell that this would be hell, based on my previous training, which was hard enough. 'First, we will assign you areas to sleep, which won't be pretty either. You will begin training tomorrow so get prepared for it, trust me, you're going to need it. I got to my bunks and I must say... They were pretty bad. It was just a room, no blankets, just a metal floor for all four us to sleep on. The squad went through hours of discussion based on the training we were going to get, and after the discussion was over we all decided to go to sleep. I got comfortable in a corner and went to sleep, after writing this entry of course. // Logging Out // // Access Revoked //
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    i'll make it 2 bro
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    Everyone SGT+ that doesn't want to donate
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    Any idea on the map? Would be preferable if we didn't use the same map as the last campaign.
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    hey you were the only one that made it back, so you were fine 8))
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    I think Kills incite some friendly competition of course however when things like suicide, deaths and other random garbage affect your frag number it overall gives an inaccurate score. However I personally feel that levels are useful to gauge who a person is and their "Skill Level" more then "Look I got 150 Kills in this one event I swear" since the scoreboard doesn't save frags after map change. I know it helps me find out who is new to the server and who is not. For example if someone says a new player has come to the server to minge and he's a shiny but didn't know the name. I'd be able to guess the level 1 CT 3843 Chungas is the minge as opposed to Level 45 CT 4865 Apollo. But thats just food for thought, hopefully the scoreboard gets changed so we can get both who knows? that being said I voted for kills at 4 am so maybe I'm a hypocrite >:^]
  38. 1 point
    G O O D T H I N G T H O S E B U G S C A N T A I M
  39. 1 point
    Will kills via entities count (turrets hehe xd)????
  40. 1 point
  41. 1 point
    @Spirit Would like this withdrawn. I need to work on things.
  42. 1 point
    Sharing or "Taking ideas" form anothger person for your own PAC application doesn't work, especially when the outfit in question was never made by either of you. PAC apps are a demonstration of skill within the addon, and stealing somebody's pastebin outfit is not skill. Your application is being denied for the same reason as Nebula, plagarising outfits and claiming to own them. People within this community will quickly call you out on this, as while it is perfectly fine to use these pastebin outfits, you can't just claim to own them. You may reapply with your own outfits in a month. DENIED.
  43. 1 point
    Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:66520027 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/AboriginalForHire/ Current in-game alias: Tranq Time Played (Hours): Adding up both my old and current steam name [GG] Gaben and [GG] Humphrey I can conclude that my hours are above 870. Do keep in mind that I have changed my name many times in the past and I cannot recall all of them. Are you a donator? No PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? No, however I plan to learn more in future. Why do you want access to PAC3? Enhance the roleplay experience How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? I already play around 3-4 hours a day so it's not going to make me come on more often however, it will give me something to do when I'm not hosting training or playing events. PAC3 Examples: https://imgur.com/a/YLQjOXa
  44. 1 point
    Obviously the first and easiest course of action is to verify your file integrity. You can do this by finding gmod in your steam library list, right clicking and selecting 'Properties'. Navigate to 'Local Files' and select 'Verify integrity of game files...' once this process finishes, retest the issue. If that doesnt fix your problem, it may be an issue with your installed addons. Disable or uninstall all of your addons whilst in the gmod main menu and retest the issue. If the issue is fixed by this method, you unfortunately have the new job of enabling your addons one at a time to locate the problematic addon. It is recommended that you only install the addons in our !content list while playing on the server, as conflicts from other addons may be causing your problem. Post here if the issue continues.
  45. 1 point
    I nominate Ingame: Ninja Alias: @Ninja both jedi and 2nd slot
  46. 1 point
    I'd like to nominate @TheActualNinja for the Jedi Slot. The fella deserves it :~)
  47. 1 point
  48. 1 point
    Cant help but notice I'm not on here Jarr-seh onfroy
  49. 1 point
    Thanks to everyone that participated over the 10 hours and shoutout to all the EC's that help. Special shoutout to @Lunar @Coric @Vyve @Andy for doing all the work behind the scenes over the campaign. Hope everyone had fun.
  50. 1 point
    I think a lot of people have covered it pretty well, but I’ll throw my opinion into the mix here as well. No one can doubt you convictions in regards to the server, despite your short break, that can still be seen. Though I’d urge people that comment on these applications to not throw stones from glass houses. You’re an adequately member of the staff team and you adamantly stand up for yourself, those around you and your ideals, a trait I find endearing in many people. However, much like myself you fall into the trap of not backing down, giving no quarter when arguing, something I myself have been trying to amend for some time. Sometimes it’s good to break before bending, but there’s often little wrong with bending. Ultimately, I’d be a hypocrite for denying you the chance of admin again when I have similar aspirations myself in the future. You’ve done it before and proved yourself soundly, you have my +1
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