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    I am going to edit Anaxes next, and I want YOUR suggestions! You can put them here, and I will consider all of them, don't be shy!
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    Yea na I know me joining and leaving is a joke but I got perma banned this time so I made sure I don't come back. It's been cool have a good time. Still open to a community ban as an extra layer of being unable to join back.
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    All of 7th Sky spamming copy that binds even when no one said anything
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    Time for Padme Hologram RP
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    @Akali @Stoneman b5fad6f345b64f61a1db391749c9fcfa.mp4
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    Possibly add front gate controls to the main control area for navy so they don't have to run to the towers on the strip.
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    Thanks buddy, much appreciated! Will do!!
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    Surely if it was trandos or something you will have a handful of people commenting on their distaste for them
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    Commander Lock: [>Command] Surely deploy Turrets
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    The self-awareness in this thread is palpable lol
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    Gateway Gaming Clone Wars RP (RP ANAXES) | Unban Appeal _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6020 Checkov or 5020 Johan https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198295940019/ STEAM_0:1:167837145 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mathew? Permanent Fail RP? I've donated Money which I intended to go to good cause, If that doesn't matter to anyone I'd at least like to eventually upgrade my padawan from being a midget. Just wish you guys enjoyed my humour
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    User will undergo a 2-Week trial. Trial initiation will be delayed for 1-Week.
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    Thread has been moved to correct thread Just gonna say this now, donating money to the server does not exempt you from the rules that have been made. You are responsible for your actions and shouldn't think you have a special pass for breaking rules after donating any amount of money to the server. Also you didnt even provide a reason for your ban, so how are we meant to know what happened and how to justify the situation
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    Imagine not having the self control to just not play that you have to get banned. Hold that L
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    See you next month
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