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    Hello All, as you all know our server has been pretty successful as of late always maxing out slots, which even forced us to switch to 100 for a small period of time. That being said with this it's become more difficult for gamers to join in as the slots are always full, so far the staff's main job is to kick AFK people to make up for this but no offense to the staff but it's still a major issue at times. This is why I suggest an AFK Kicker. I have a few addons here that I searched up, one is a gmodstore one (paid) but adds a few extra features, the second being a free one off the workshop that is bare-bones. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/away-from-keyboard-utilities-anti-afk-more https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=311164219&searchtext=afk+kicker I have been thinking hard about this and suggesting it for ages with no real follow up so I'll lay out some stuff here that could benefit our server with an AFK Timer. -Staff don't accidentally kick players who were afk for 5 seconds or people loading in. -It's automatic so it's only the players fault for going AFK. -prevents people staying on for EXP, something from what I gather is barely moderated. However with every addon is a downside or two, here is a few I could think of. -Staff have one less duty (if you could consider that a downside) -Training that relies on standing still such as faces or Jedi meditation could be put at risk, HOWEVER the AFK timer can be changed to accompany this. Besides it is unlikely this will have a major effect as most people don't go long without moving atleast a bit. Obviously this Addon is not 100% needed but really with people constantly asking for AFKs to be kicked it would be nice to have a system in place that runs itself at least, Staff will probably be asked to boot people none the less but this could definitely help. If you feel there is any negatives to this please post them here! Dog Bless.
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    Thank you everyone for playing the Campaign and helping me the Campaign. I had alot of fun doing the Campaign and making it. I'd hope you enjoyed it too. As I said before. There will no more Beast Campaign. It's over! I will do future Campaign but not related to the Beast. @Astro @Buck :) @Sharky @Bullet @Eclipse @Gforce_ @Quebix @Dingo @InquisitorRedmayne @Jazza @Maso @Pyro @teddybear @Katarn @Kix @Captain Flowers @FLiP @Jarr @Sas These were boys in the background helping the Campaign. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for @Servius and @Aussi for the Contents and the Music. It have been an fun story to write and make but all good thing must come to an End. I enjoyed every moments on those 3 Campaign. I will never forget them. Thank you Gateway. @Spirit or any Forums Staff. Please lock this post.
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    Clone Wars PAC3 Application Template Requirements Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:38129419 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198036524567 Current in-game alias: Pandakka Time Played (Hours): In total combined with my old hours, around 580 Are you a donator? Yes i am PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? Sure have. Why do you want access to PAC3? To be able to further my RP and make my and others experiences more fulfilling on the server. How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? I enjoy making custom animations, little things that add up to a better experience, I enjoy helping others with their PAC's so being able to do both those things and help others will enhance my time on the server greatly. PAC3 Examples: 5 videos In order are; Meditation, A conscious thought made manifest. Lightning/Healing, 2 sides of a coin, one to heal and one to deal death. Flourish, A deadly dance with the blade only the strong of heart will partake. T2, the personal slicing/comm link spider leg companion Meditation.mp4 Lightning.mp4 Heal.mp4 Flourish.mp4 Bot Recording.mp4
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    Jedi Tryouts Hello everybody, on the 22/02 post 8:30 event there will be Jedi Tryouts hosted, which means the most applicable candidate will be given the $75 Jedi donation perk. At the moment we only have one Jedi slot to give, so best of luck to all of you. A rough guide as to what the tryouts will contain: > Leaping >Dueling >Meditation >RP If anything changes I will notify you all in this post. Best of luck.
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    Okay, Hello there Gateway Gamers I am "Ratatouille" / Trainee 7802 in Shock currently. I have previously played Gateway before been off and on I am hoping to stay for a good amount of time, this time around and excited to meet you Boi's
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    I really want to be trained by Kruger so I got jesus to help me. Master Kruger.mp4 Mr Kruger.mp3
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    rip @Evoz shidding for 30 mins
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    +1 Every DarkRP server has this type of addon to stop printer farmer which sucks, Fair nuff. All seriousness if there were a bypass to only kick those who have afk'd for lets say 5-10mins without typing or moving then it would be very beneficial to the server. As there are always people trying to connect. Yes Kicking AFK's works, but an automated system, that picks up on people or players who might slip past staff is an excellent idea. Also @Pasha, if there was someone attempting to bypass an addon that was designed to kick someone I can assure you their will be a rule added to punish those who do so, also falls down to exploiting which is against server rules regardless. Fair Nuff? (new favourite saying btw) But yes, Simple addon which we provides no real negatives.
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    For starters you posted the appeal in the wrong section, ( I have moved it for you) And can you remember what Name you have gone by, maybe not in-game but on Teamspeak etc? Your two Previous bans have been without context much like this one has, I get it was some time ago but it has been that recurring that it is more or less a joke. I would have more confidence if instead of "I believe it was RDM and NITRP" you took a deeper look inside and realised why and what the ban was for. The ban is for your overall behaviour and repeated rule breaks, it is not about what you do whilst you are not banned it is about what you have done over your time here. and to be Permanently banned twice in a single year is a pretty hefty problem. (That is what " I believe " the ban is for) Also four months have passed since your last appeal was denied, which on the outcome stated you may re-apply in a month, Which leads me to being curious about what brings you back this time instead of 3 months ago? Please provide some more insight, Also Ren did say it would be your last chance the first time he banned you, We are known as the community of second chances not 3 Meaning if you were to be allowed back and received any ban or you were reported as minging and acting out, you will instead of another permanent ban be receiving a community ban meaning you will not be allowed back at all. The reason I tell you this is because I am going to be giving you a +1 in hopes that you are a changed man. If the community responds well to this app and you are accepted, please be on your best behaviour. -Beatroot
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    Fair nuff, was speaking bout the XP grinder nerds doe
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    wouldn't console commands such as +forward / +right/left be a easy bypass to this?
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    Welcome to the Community. Can confirm Mr Rat, is a rather nice guy. We played some sea of thieves together, and I believe I have made a new friend. Which does not happen often, Thank you x
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    This is very gamer.
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    great use of pacs, just remember you cant use particles on the server. other than that, these are amazing +1
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    Ok it has been fun playing with you guys but it is time i say good bye as i have just not had the drive to play anymore and my life is just getting to busy and i want to play other games kike i said it has been a blast playing the sever I would like to say thanks to some off you that made it more fun and kept me staying for so long. First we have my old 7th co Jesse if not for you i would of only be on the sever for a couple of days thank you for showing the way for me. and now thank you Spirit, Coric, Yoho, Serbo, Maxonok, Astro, Jamway, Andy, Sharky, Tango, Corvus, Jarr, Limbo, Sloth, Khai, Unwanted, Bishop and more but if i was to put all of your names i would be here for ever. One last thing i am saying good bye but that dose not mean i am gone for good i will jump on ts and maybe the sever. But some time down the line i will most likely come back to the sever when i miss it till than good bye mates And good luck with 38th Flowers bye bye
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    ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your In-game Name: I am not sure what my in-game name was. Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119152814/ Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:79443543 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? Dust Length of the ban? Permanent Reason of the ban? There is no listed reason but I believe it was RDM and NITRP. Why should we unban you? I would firstly like to apologize for the manner of my last ban appeal, I acted like an entitled asshole and for some reason thought I deserved to be unbanned even though I really didn't. The main reason I hope to be unbanned is just to be apart of the community again. As I said last time, I have been playing GG on and off for a few years and have never really made my mark on the server other than being a minge. If I am added back I really hope that I can come back and just join a regiment and play the game as it was intended as opposed to minging like I have in the past. I again would like to apoligise for my manner last time and really hope that I can be added back. I would like to come back to the community and just help out, make everyone feel welcome and have fun, and perhaps stop people from minging by becoming friends with them and stopping them from minging.
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