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    @RenTheHen nup that's it, skirata want the $40 back Laters mate
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    legit just runs away with @Neato Mosquito $40, shameful we luv you ren
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    Its been fun lads. I know ive not had the best rep but I atleast had fun. Thanks for being good lads. - Love Ren
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    Made a cheese toastie in honor of this post, catchya mate.
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    Renn, I always hated your flying but you were a fucking legend. Pomey to Pomey, have a good one.
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    Neutral, Honestly pretty weak application. Your answers are very short and basic I encourage you to add much more detail and length to them by adding more ulx commands or trying to add some factors into your answers. I also don't really know you that well but that may be a fault of my own. I suggest getting yourself out there while you have a staff application up. Anyways I will be keeping a eye out to hopefully see this application get some length to it and for it to stand out a bit more. Good luck with your application.
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