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    Enjoy fellow Jateway Jamers also yes this is the finale. Collecting footage for the series is a grind and too risky hope everyone enjoys the last slice of the gateway pizza Edit: Forgot to mention the minges involved @Cappa, @TheActualNinja, @Andy, @Jarr, @RenTheHen, @Maxonok, @Mongo, @Spirit, @Clapp, @Gforce_, @nebula♡, @Quebix, @Aussi, @Karm, @Fracture, @Yoho If you've been featured in more than 4 of the videos, you are a minge at heart and I salute you.
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    Hello everyone. Over the past few months, we have been releasing various details on a large project being undertaken to overhaul the Jedi experience on Gateway Gaming. Today, finally, I can begin sharing some proper details with you. The update introduces loads of new content, ranging from a boatload of new force abilities, to new, custom made lightsaber forms and types. I will attempt to give a brief overview on them all here. Note: The Imperial server will be launching with a Inquisitor version of this update. Character Skill Trees In order to unlock all of the abilities and forms/stances for your character, you will need to earn "Skill Points", in the form of Holocrons handed out by Council Members/Staff. You can earn these holocrons by completing classes, participating in raids/events/tournaments, and a myriad of other means. Once you have enough skill points, you can spend them on a new form or force ability within your pathway's skill tree. Upon joining the Order as a Youngling/Initiate, players will have access to the "Fundamentals of the Force" skill tree, which hosts basic, universal abilites such as Force Push, Pull and minor force power and speed boosts. https://i.imgur.com/kxfdlWU.png After a player has completed the Gathering and been promoted to Padawan, they will then be able to start spending skill points on the tree for their chosen pathway. You will not be allowed to unlock certain abilities unless you hold the appropriate rank, as shown below. While this is not automatically enforced in the system yet, players unlocking abilities they should not have will have their character progress reset. The same goes for unlocking any forms or stances you have not learned. https://i.imgur.com/F85Sd81.png A lot of internal structuring will need to change to accommodate these changes, but I'm confident that we'll have it all ready to go by the time this update goes live. Below I will be updating this post with some key elements, a bit of a TL:DR. Key Points - 20+ new Force Abilities - Entirely custom saber forms [Form I - Form VII] - Skill points can be earned via holocrons for completing classes, raids, events and tournaments. - Masters will be able to take a test that will allow them to teach a certain form. - The first stance of any form can be learned by Padawan+ - The second stance of any form can be learned by Knight+ - Custom hilts, Crystals, Ignition Sounds, etc. - Much more to come. Here is a quick document outlining all the forms briefly. All Jedi will have access to Form 1, 5 and 6 whilst Form 2, 3, 4 and 7 will need to be taught by a specific master of that form. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SvXKLpZz5g0H4uYBQXv2AyTIjrwaD-F_oz_51KSS3O4/edit?usp=sharing
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    No clonewars will remain very much in the spotlight still for development, clonewars has had many people take care of it and its been inspired by a small group of executive staff over the years. Its been good to watch what clonewars has matured into and it will continue on in that direction. Clonewars is what we started with.
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    As an example, can you make a custom LFS Star Wars themed vehicle or Star Wars themed item? + attach images.
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    I’ve known evoz for a long time and he’s been shown myself and the community that he is a very responsible and mature bloke who does love his footy. But seriously I know evoz is very experienced in staff and would be a great fit +1 good luck mate!
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    Id like to report Supreme Advisor O'Niner to the Republic Administration of Racism
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    # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Mostly Sable Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Exploration, Adventure, Befriending others Dislikes: Those who disturb the peace and order, CIS, Grevious Personality: Arthur was shown to be originally naive and clueless during his time at the Jedi Academy, but overtime became more calm and patient to a degree under the tutelage of Grand Master Yoda. Ascending to Padawan, he'd would seemlessly become more reckless, charging straight into the line of fire and headstrong towards hostiles. However, under various of Jedi Master such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu and Plo Koon, soon learn how to pace himself, thinking before act and having patience and utmost trust in the Force. Despite that, he has a conviction to protect any and all forms of life, including his own enemies if chatting is able. Arthur greatly despises using citizens as targets, always thinking of civilians lives above himself even the clones. That being said, Arthur has a bit distaste towards the clones, finding them an unnatural existence, something that shouldn't exist to begin with. However, he still shows respect to Clone NCOs and clone officers regardless of his personal view, as making enemies out of them wont help at all, and be more useful as a powerful ally. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Stable Age: 15-17 Weight:1.8 meters Build: Above average physique Disabilities: None Appearance: Arthur is a tall 1.8 meter tall Terran (near-human) male born with brown hair, ocean blue eyes with broad shoulders. A rather above average physique, he would possess a nicely defined facial structure, along with noticable muscular physique. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): [TBA] Lightsaber details: Arthur possess a seemling standard saber hilt, by which produces a blue saber from hs kyber crystal. Combat style: BACKSTORY Early Life Arthur was the child of the Britannian king Uther Pendragon and his Queen consort Igraine. Uther was the king of Britannia for over 40 years, and had waged an civil war against Asturias, a rivial nation that wanted the entire planet of Britannia to be unders it rule. The King of Britannia had defended the borders for some time, however during an raid on Caledonia, Uther's pregnant wife Igraine was greatly wounded, and was taken into emergency care. Uther and his knights were able to fend off the attack and cripple the invasion battalion, forcing it to flee. However, according to his Knight-Medic, the unborn child wont be able to make it. In order to secure the survival of his child, Uther left Caledonia undercover, heading to the Forest of Avalon through the Highlands. Uther had rumours of an being capable of wielding magic, a line of supernatural practice to manipulate the Force through unconventional means outside of the Jedi Order or the Sith. The King wandered through the forest were a man appeared in grey robes, hiding his face from the king. The robed man told Uther that he knows why he seeks him; to save his son from death. Uther pleaded to the warlock to save his child, but the warlock had conditioned a deal. The warlock will take the child, simply as that. Agreeing, Uther was able to return to Caledonia with the warlock in secrecy. Taking him to the bedchambers, Uther showed him Igraine with a protuded belly showing she's pregnant. Laying his hands on her belly, he'd began to chant incomprehensive words before taking his away. Igraine sleeping, the warlock informed the child shall be safe, but with some aspects being there with him at birth, and soon reminded the King of the deal. Uther nodded and the warlock vanished, using teleportation. Few months later, Igraine gave birth to Arthur, and secretly gave the newborn to the warlock in secret. However unbeknowst to the King, Igraine passed away due to complications of the birth, which angered Uther. Taking a legion of knights, the King lead them into the forest where he realized the warlock was an [[dark jedi]], who held the newborn Arthur. Ordering his men to attack, the dark jedi laid the baby onto a tree be fleeing, knights be hide him. Uther quickly got to Arthur, and ordered his men to return back to Caledonia. With Igraine passed away and how he remembered that she always wanted a child, vowed to protect Arthur at all cost. Arthur was raised and educated at the Britannia's education capital, Central City and attained the Junior Academy of Science & Technology, moving into its first school years. Taught in the first years, was soon revealed to be force-sensitive when he accidently shifted an billboard when he was getting bullied, almost making it fall onto another student, which he saved by using this newfound power to grab. Placing the billboard, he'd ran away from the Academy by which the Kel Dor Jedi Master Traa Yalrec. Yalrec informed the young Arthur on that fact he has a gifted, chosen by the Force to wield its power. While confused, Yalrec told him it'll be fine in that he's the son of Uther, the king of Britannia. The Jedi Master then contacted the Britannian Royal Guard, informing them that she must speak with the King, and soon revealed his heritage as the crown prince of Britannia. Yalrec would then take the young Arthur back to Caledonia to which along the way would push back attacking hostiles. At the front gates of Caledonia, the Caledonian Royal Guard would help the Jedi defend the young prince, sending out an squad of guards to escort the two inside. Once inside, Uther informed Arthur on who he is and his path laid out to him. The boy accepted in becoming an jedi, to which Yalrec would take him to her delta, taking off world, to which Arthur looked be hide him, the planet Albion. Once the Delta was attached to an hyperdrive docking ring, they'd entered hyperspace to the planet Coruscant to become an youngling. Jedi Apprentice Taken to the planet Coruscant, the capital of the Republic, was taken directly to the Jedi Temple. Upon entering, Arthur was in awe with the architecture, to which Yalrec showed him the way to Grand Master Yoda. Entering an room that were filled with youngling, he'd greeted Yoda with his homeworld's salute; left hand on the back and the right over his chest. Yoda chuckled and had Arthur to relax. Yalrec informed the Grand Master that Arthur is an child who's capable of becoming jedi. Yoda informed Arthur on the basics and duties of an jedi before instructing him to follow Yalrec to prepare for his training. Getting his own room in the Jedi Temple, did he fill it with books, and knowledge. Arthur seemed to have love in learning the history of the Order, and the planet itself. His table simply had documents pertaining to the Old Republic and the jedi during that era. Trained by Yoda, Arthur learnt the Jedi code; "There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force." Trusting the Force, trust in knowledge and serenity, Arthur while accepting the code's mantra, also became conflicted overtime. But thanks to Yoda's wisdom, did Arthur was able to progress overtime and became an padawan of Traa Yalrec despite being only 13. However, during his years where he was technically become of age to do the Gathering, he would had already forged his own lightsaber with a Kyber Crystal that he had since he was born, and was skillful enough even attain the rank of Jedi Padawan. Similar with Anakin Skywalker not going through the Jedi Trials, is the first jedi to not go through the Gathering to achieve padawan. Arthur during his early years as the padawan of the Jedi Master Traa Yalrec, the jedi who brought Arthur into the Jedi Order. Being no older then 15, did he embarked for his first mission with Yalrec to the planetary system of Ikraak. The mission focused on an unidentified group of bandits that began to raid and capture citizens of nearby towns of Valrok, an small constituional region on the continent of Rok. Landing their ship, Arthur noted that Valrok was an region similar to Tatooine; almost entirely lawless and void of trust. However, Yalrec still believes this town can be brought from lawless to that of law and protection. Arthur then walked beside, and went to question the locals, finding more details on the attackers. An civilian referred as Peridot Kyanite walked up to the two, and quickly ushered them into his home. Peridot introduced himself, and laid down the details. The government in the region was taken over by an corrupt official known as "the Operatot". The Operator was using the Valrok's citizens to mine something in the Valrok Highlands, an ancestral landscape said to been an Sith temple containing a Sith Holocron. Yalrec thanked the man before Peridot said that there's also an cult dedicated to the Sith by which he believed the Operator is an member. Arthur then asked how he knew of this information, but which Peridot told them he'd gained access to the government database and unlocked classified information for the firewalls was weak. Heading towards the Highlands, Yalrec told Arthur to prepare himself for they'll be in a firefight and thus experienced Arthur shall gain. Yalrec then told his padawan to stay close when they see the mining field. Getting closer, Yalrec would informed Arthur to stay so she can investigate further. However, Arthur became distracted by an unusual sensation before being captured by an cult member and taken away. As Yalrec got closer, she'd noticed Arthur being taken into the temple. Yalrec then got out of her hiding spot in her attempt to rescue her padawan, but took time as she deflected plasma bolts from the cult, which forced her hand to cut them down. Quickly running to the temple's entrance and entered to find her padawan. Yalrec was able to locate Arthur, by which she realied the Operator was the dark jedi referred as Warlock from before, and had Arthur on an altar, passed out. Yalrec ignited her lightsaber as soon the cult member began to fire onto her. Deflecting each and everyone, hitting their attacks and dying, the Operator ignited his lightsaber and the two clashed. Slowly awokened, Arthur laid up and saw his master battling the dark jedi. Wanting to help, Arthur noticed an second lightsaber on his belt, would use the Force to secretly get it off without the Warlock noticing. Quickly and swiftly did Arthur ignited the lightsaber, and sliced the Warlock's lower right arm that held the lightsaber. In pain, the Warlock kneeled by Yalrec and had them at his neck. Finding no reason to kill nor is it the jedi way, knocked out the dark jedi and despite the situation, thanks his padawan in helping. Mission over, Yalrec went to the alter and was able to secure an Sith holocron, and soon after checked on her padawan, and wandered why would the Warlock want him. Hoping to find the answers later, the Jedi Master was able to transport the dark jedi after contacting Mace Windu. Along the way, Yalrec also informed the Order of instablities on Ikraak, but would soon be resolved once the Ikraak senator is notified. Second Mission Arthur and his master was then tasked in invesitgating a incursion on the Republic star system known asArcturus , and landing on the world of Arcturus IV. Upon landing on the planet's surface, in the world's capital of Ursa Major, were greeted by the Tenno of Arcturus, Takai Tenno. His jedi master would greet and back, and Arthur did the same, bowing in respect with his master. Thankful for their arrival, Takai informed them of a disturbance in the northern regions of the planet, near the capital. Strange lights, and noises can be heard overnight and Takai fears of pirates. Yalrec would quickly inform Takai that she and his padawan shall investigate and stop the disturbance, by which Takai thanked them before providing transport to the town of Arcturia, just outside the walls of Ursa Major. Arriving at the town, and exiting the vehicle, both Yalrec and Arthur sensed a odd disturbance from the a forest]], to which were the direction were the Tenno said the disturbances originated. The jedi master then ordered his padawan to be on high a lert before entering the forest itself and to confront the disturber. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend Traa Yalrec Traa Yalrec was a female Kel Dor that Arthur had admired, she who was the one who taken him into the jedi temple and raised as a jedi of the Order, a individual he admired for her compassion to others, her bravery and selfless in virtues of righteousness. Inside, he even felt something else towards his master that went beyond that of friendship. After her death when she sacrificed herself to save the 200th Attack Battalion and himself, had a great impact on him, almost entering depression. Ahsoka Tano While they rarely interacted with each other, it was said Ahsoka helped him move on from the death of Traa Yalrec and got him to forgive him considering he blamed himself for the death.
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    Ok I will probably been on tonight just send me a message on discord or poke me on ts if I’m on the server
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    Myself, Ling & Tops are looking for people who are interested in playing Squad Experience in the game doesn't matter, we can teach you how to play If you're interested in playing with us jump in this discord https://discord.gg/vYTAkBc
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    Made a cheese toastie in honor of this post, catchya mate.
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    Honestly, +1 to add de_dust to the rotation.
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    I'm only going to be echoing the sentiments of others, so I'll sum it up as a -1 You've constantly painted yourself a portrait as being a toxic and apathetic individual when it comes to the community and its rules. Your account was banned again with no fanfare because you had been permanently banned, and had not appealed your ban. I wasn't going to start making exceptions. If you really do want to return to the community, try and interact with said community. Talk to us, show us why you deserve to be unbanned.
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    +1 honestly a good person seems to be very interested in the role, he has explained to me that he is willing and eager to make a impact within the Imperial server for the best and wishes to help players, honestly excited to see what you do with this opportunity, and it's good to hear that you've fixed your drinking problem.
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    Bobby, i've never had any major issues with you myself and I personally believe after talking to you for a bit that you've learnt from the dumb and stupid things you've done in the past, although I believe if you were to be unbanned you should be kept on a tight lesh just like @luca I still believe you are able to come back and play the server properly like you used to do just without the minging. +1
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    Hide your gamer girls boys
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    Although I don't talk with Vilkas much nowadays the man has been very mature and kind in the past. Being an old gateway gamer he's got some fair experience and knows a few things that could come in handy when it comes to being a moderator. I reckon you deserve a good shot Vilkas and I wish you the best of luck! +1 Mate
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    That's a fair point, Either way we will be keeping an eye out, From what we know of his character he has a good chance,
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    Denied Feel free to apply again at a later date once you have further developed your skills and have some more original work to show off.
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    About time you made an app. Corvus is a Great, dedicated player that is well respected around the community. application is well written and detailed giving multiple case scenarios. Without a doubt a +1
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    It's good to see Jania once again make its return, here's hoping we can get some good RP flowing
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    Been a few months in gateway, and I’ve realized I never made a proper introduction. I’m a Malaysian man, whos been playing gmod for few years now. Been here since phase 1, but didn’t really stuck around back then. Kinda got back to playing gmod by sticking to SEA servers, but they were bit too boring for me, so I decided to come back, and made myself a full dedicated gayway gamer. No offense, you lads are whack and I am attached to this server because of that. Here’s to greater days gamers. -Machine
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    Denied Ensure that before applying, you have some knowledge of PAC3 and can provide the required amount of examples.
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    Did u remove Jarvis smh, your forever dead to me jk good bio dude
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    Talk about how you made these characters unique with you playing them as for dengar you made rp with negotiating etc talk about that
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    Would be a cool thing for engineers to have as well, adds a new element of RP. +1
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    Gonna miss the series ;-;7
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    Gregor's Clone Wars Moderator Application Prerequisites: Do you have Teamspeak 3 Installed? Yes Do you enjoy helping other people? Yes Are you willing to test your stress? I very much am. Age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.): 14 years and 2 months. List your current playtime (Minimum of 80 Hours) On Sever: 238.45 On Gmod: 1190 Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations? Yes, and I always will be open to learn new ways to approach situations. Do you have any active warns? No Do you have a problem with any of our current staff members? Nope, They all seem like very nice people. Requirements: Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:170936088 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/FoxTrot_/ Current in game alias / rank: RC-5576 SGT 'Gregor' How known are you on a scale of 1-10 (10 being everyone knows you): 7.5 How will you becoming a moderator make an impact on the community? Helping out with little situations such as giving tools or spawning in a ship for Pilots, just stuff like that. Do you believe you're able to deal with individuals and situations in a completely unbiased manner? I do Believe I will be able to to handle situations without being biased. Do you use our Teamspeak server often? I have started using it more. Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to the degree stipulated? Yes, I do understand. Situations: 1. A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? (The person RDMing will be called Trafty) Someone called Trafty has been RDMing and I have got multiple reports about him, I would Noclip to a secluded place and (!Bring Trafty) and (!Bring "Victim) I would (!Jail Trafty) and talk to the victim about what's been happening, After I have been talking to the victim I would check the (!logs) and get enough the evidence I need, I would then screenshot logs and send it to a senior staff member after I am done with the sit, I would then talk to Trafty and (!Warn Trafty, Reason: MRDM) and (!Ban Trafty, Reason: MRDM, Time: 3 weeks) and (!Return "Victim") 2. A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do? I'm going to assume this is during the sit and after I warned him. To start things of I would ask him to settle down and ask him why he doesn't think the warning is fair, I would then to proceed to tell him the reasons why he did in fact deserve the warning and why is is fair, Once he has settled down and realised what he was doing is wrong I would (!Return "User") 3. A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do? I would (!Bring "Username") and explain to him that we don't take DDos threats very lightly I would then (!Ban "Username", Reason: DDos Threats") after I ban him I would take a screenshot of logs and send it to a senior staff member. 4. A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? (!Bring "Commander") (!Bring "Lieutenant") To a quite area and ask them to calm down, I then ask them whats going on and tell them that they should be able to sort it out easily as they're both high ranking officers after things have cooled down I would (!Return "Commander) and (!Return Lieutenant) then I would message RHC about it. 5. A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do? (!Bring SGT+) To the cadet room and ask them to train the Cadet and if he doesn't listen and doesn't want to RP report him to me and I will give him a warning, if he still doesn't listen I would Kick him and then if he continues to put up the bad behaviour I would (!Ban "Cadet" Time: 2 days, Reason: No intent to RP | Minging.)
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    looks like a coruscant level in a VR game
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    Wish it did, but you have 2 modes. Folded up mode which is used for landings and you go straight up then you press space your wings extend and you go forward and weapons systems activate
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    Good lad, and knows when to act mature around others, I believe you will bring a positive impact to the Imperial team and honestly I've never had any bad interactions with you. +1 Good luck with your application
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    From my experiences with him in Skirata and on the server in general Rippa has always come off as an approachable and friendly player who can RP well. The application is well formatted and is personally easy to read and gets straight to the point. It will be a +1 from me and good luck on your future endeavours.
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    floating dead in the vacuum of space
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    Okay. Reading the responses. People are complaining about his lack of ulx knowledge and how little detail there is. This is for Trial mod. I've known blaze a while and i know he can learn and adapt quickly. Ulx isn't too hard to learn and i don't see the need in being the perfect moderator before getting a trial. I know he will do good as Mod and personally i feel it would be stupid to let him go. He is by far one of the most humble people on the server and detail or not. He would make a good mod. +1 from me
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    he could finish in a week if he wasnt so busy filming his gmod map review series
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    Hello all, So made i was talking to a few mates on the server last night about "The Clone Wars" and i how i was about to binge watch all of the 6 seasons before season 7 comes out, and they asked me how i was watching it as they couldn't find anything to watch it on since they took off Netflix. if you are in the same boat I got some good news for you! Season 1: https://kisscartoon.xyz/star-wars-the-clone-wars-season-1/ Season 2: https://kisscartoon.xyz/star-wars-the-clone-wars-season-2/ Season 3: https://kisscartoon.xyz/star-wars-the-clone-wars-season-3/ Season 4: https://kisscartoon.xyz/star-wars-the-clone-wars-season-4/ Season 5: https://kisscartoon.xyz/star-wars-the-clone-wars-season-5/ Season 6: https://kisscartoon.xyz/star-wars-the-clone-wars-season-6/ Yes all of this website is safe! I have used this website for cartoons for about 2 years now!
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    +1This is Beautiful
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    DK's do lack in the mobility department only having 2 abilities off the top of my head being Deaths Advance and the one from talents. However a couple speed pots make up for this lack of mobility. I do believe DK's need alot more mobility however with defensive CD's they dont cater to every enemy unlike a paladin.
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    Bobby and Luca are quite different people believe it or not.
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    Tringee has done well in the past as a staff member and would be a great addition to the staff team +1
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    Congratulations @Tacit! Will you still be playing Clone Wars?
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    Alias: Karm In game name(s): [NS-7] 'Crimson' Current rank: Operative Why you are interested in the role: I've always been interested in CF-99 Since it was announced months ago that it was coming to the server, The two roles i'm most interested in are 'Crosshair' and 'Wrecker', I've been a part of most regiments throughout my years on SWRP, but CF-99 is something I've never experienced before, and I think it'd be a good change and a fun role to fulfil. I'm quite confident in my skills in all areas, although I may be a little rusty in some more then others (Not too rusty though). Looking forward to hopefully hearing from you! Regards,
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