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    I had a lot of fun making this one, depending on my mood and if I have enough clips, I might make another. Enjoy @Jeff The Māori @Coric @Rein/Shockwave @Lιʅ Akali @Spirit @AnnoyingTaco (Herd) @Dan good job. you guys made it into the video. leave a comment
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    Greetings All, Last week I did a Jedi Giveaway & received a lot of thank yous and interest in another one so I have decided to up the Ante. I am doing another Jedi giveaway and 2nd Character slot giveaway also. If you would like a chance to win please reply to this thread with Your In-Game Name, Alias, If you Want Jedi 2nd char or Both, or if you are nominating someone reply with their In-game Name, Alias, If they Want Jedi 2nd char or Both. All Entries eligible will be put into a wheel decider and the winner will be announced on the 20th (next Saturday). There will also be some RP Involved for the all the current server Jedi & Saturday nights Raid will be based around the giveaway. Thank you. -Beatroot.
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    @Jeff The Māori @Dan @AnnoyingTaco (Herd) @s8ncaat @Linguine @Aussi @Splash/Geeloot @Jarr @Spirit @Twat (Bill) @Mongo @Pork Good job on being minges, you made the cut. Leave a comment x
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    User has been community banned.
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    Forum Rules These rules will be subject to change. General Rules: Be respectful to everyone on the forums. Harassment or bullying will not be tolerated The use of racial slurs or outright racism will not be tolerated Advertisements are forbidden (Unless a personal project of some sort, i.e an SFM or Workshop item, etc) The use of alt accounts isn't permitted. Threatening or doxing will result in an immediate forum and in-game ban. (Releasing private information, irl names, addresses, phone numbers, pictures, etc) Thread/Posting Rules: Ensure all threads/posts are posted/created in their allocated sections. Do not create multiple threads/posts for the same topic, use the edit option. Do not post links to external websites that may contain pornography, malware, advertisements, etc. Do not create shitposts to boost your post count. Be humble and considerate when commenting on applications. Creating inappropriate threads and signatures will result in a forum ban. Ban Appeal Rules: Ensure that your response is on-topic to the reason the user was banned. Make sure your argument/defence is valid. Make sure you use the correct template. Application Rules: Advertisements and asking for +1's on your application will not be tolerated, if you're caught doing so your application will be denied. Only the applicant can bump their own application. (7 day bump cooldown) You are only allowed to have one staff application posted at a time. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Breaking any of these rules will result in a forum warning/ban depending on the severity of the case. Contact a forum staff if you have any queries or problems.
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    Current Map Rotation Roster Monday - Venator Tuesday - Venator Wednesday - Jania Thursday - Venator Friday - Venator Saturday - Jania Sunday - Player Vote (Jania, Venator, Kalist, other outpost maps, etc) When the Coruscant Base Map arrives, this post will be removed and a new one will be posted on the altered rotation roster.
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    Hello, troopers this is Admiral Joff. We have been contacted by General Huxford, and he has asked us for his assistance in one of the bloodiest outer rim conflicts. The battle of Mygeeto has been being fought for a long time by the Galactic Marines, lead by Marshal Commander Bacara. They have been losing ground to the CIS forces in the area and need reinforcements asap. We are set to arrive within the fortnight, ETA being on the 13/07 at around 1 pm. Helping us with this mission is High General Lunar of the Jedi Order, Rear Admiral Aaron & Commodore Jordo. We are expecting for the fighting to last 10 hours before victory is achieved over CIS forces. If you have any queries or requests about this campaign, contact me on Teamspeak, Discord or In-game.
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    I understand the desire for something new like a space station, however i'm going with a new Venator for the following reasons. It is a staple of Clone Wars RP. Provides Navy with plenty to do, and have it actually make sense. Our current Venator is not designed for our playerbase, and there are many flaws that lead players to hate venator_extensive. Previous versions of the Venator are regarded with fond memories and nostalgia from players and staff, suggesting an obvious enjoyment. a new venator map tailored to the community would fill the crucial gap of having a half decent venator hub map. Combine these reasons with our coming Coruscant map, and the popularity of the community will likely increase among possible new members and existing ones alike.
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    Bring Back Phase 1 venator please
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    lol, frags. bcus your kill count in a 18fps event is the true indication of skill. Kills are useless and are mere chance in an event. Levels makes much more sence as it is also an indication of kills Not only that, but any event master would dominate the scene bcus it will once again become common place to end every event with a davy crocket just to mop up the left over kills
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    Accessing Naval Public Database...... Entering Alias: Lambros#2345 Enter Password: ####as1 Acess Granted.. Naval Public Database Successfully loaded... Navigating to User Database (Char Bios)... Begin input: ========================================================================== Name: Lambros. Occupation: Republic Navy. Clearance Card: Naval Level I. Designation: #2345 Rank: Apprentice Crewman. To whom it may concern. Hi, This is Lambros of the republic navy. I have tasked myself with creating a biography stating my information and foundations. Be aware I am but another clone who Was born and bred to be apart of the republic navy, So as for physical appearance and attributes I neither lack nor succeed in any way to my brothers. Regardless I am who I am and my personality differs from that of a regular Clone, Well at least I think it does. Psychological Information: Mental State: Sane. Likes: Analyzing data & documents alongside creating or editing them. Formality & procedures. Dislikes: Ignorance, Stupidity, Defects. Physical Information: Physical State: Fit. Age: 2 Years of Age. Weight: 78kgs. Build: Bottom Heavy, (Thick as in the Booty) My back story is as generic as it comes, I was conceived on Kamino where I was placed into the Naval training scheme. I underwent 1 year of full training learning the base systems of Navy. After that, was assigned a Venator and sworn int to serve under LT Commander Doherty. Sadly my time with him was short-lived as he has killed in the line of combat nothing more than 4 rotations after my original designation. Which in turn lead to the promotion of another clone by the name of Ajax, who is know sworn in as the Naval Commander. This concludes my Biography, though short and common it explains my details correctly. End input. ================================================= #2345 Lambros Logging out.... Logout wascessful....
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    READ THIS BEFORE CREATING A PAC3 APPLICATION Recently there has been a concerning increase in plagarised outfits being used as examples in PAC3 applications, and it is becoming quite irritating when moderating possible applicants. FROM THIS DATE ONWARDS (17/07/19), Any applications containing even a single example found to be plagarised will be immediately denied. This has always been a rule in the past however applicants were given the benefit of the doubt when considering their remaining examples, this is no longer the case. Whilst players with PAC access on the server are completely free to use any Pastebin outfits that align with the theme of the server, it is unacceptable for these public outfits to be used as an example of 'skill' within an application. Included below is an album of public access outfits, any examples within future applications that resemble or blatantly plagarise these outfits will be denied. Some examples such as animations have been omitted as they are part of the gamemode and included addons. This list will be updated when necessary. Possible future applicants are encouraged to view these outfits and ensure that any similar outfits that they create differ enough to not be considered plagarised. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://pastebin.com/vvWmwcpT - Handheld hologram - Held Clipboard or subsitute - Crossed arms in front of body - Carrying an item over one shoulder https://pastebin.com/Vzv2LBac - Astromech droid pet https://pastebin.com/KddkkFB2 - Holographic computer setup https://pastebin.com/sYSJYWr7 - Wrist device & viewing animation - Another handheld hologram - Surrendering animation/pose https://pastebin.com/u/TheKiwi09 Any Pastebin outfits created by TheKiwi09
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    Thanks to everyone that participated over the 10 hours and shoutout to all the EC's that help. Special shoutout to @Lunar @Coric @Vyve @Andy for doing all the work behind the scenes over the campaign. Hope everyone had fun.
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    # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to S.I.S database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Wrath Carbon Known Aliases/ Nicknames: Carbon, Helmet Previous Occupation: Republic Anti-Corruption Investigation Bureau Leading Officer, Strategic Advisor Of Task Force Gateway, SIS Specialist Operative. Current Occupation: Sub-Director of the Republic Strategic Information Service. Known Languages: Sub-Director of the Republic Strategic Information Service. Hobbies: Fencing, Exquisite Artefacts, Jet packs, Sharpshooting, Hunting on Naboo and drinking. Alignment: True Neutral PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities: Depression Likes: Order, Clean, Working, Strategic planning, and precise logical actions Dislikes: Incompetent Troopers, Corruption, Disorder, Discourse, Impulsive actions, THEOLDGODS, Betrayal. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 45 Weight: 125kg Height: 6 ft 4 Build: Tall and Muscular Disabilities: Prosthetic left eye and Prosthetic right hand. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Advisor 45/187 'Yoho': Carbon took down Advisor Yoho’s smuggling ring of contraband, specifically smuggling and the dealing of alcohol to Republic Commando Squads and the 501st, Niner and Batnor were apprehended after a long night of drinking in the Jedi Temple., the two stole High General Mace Windu's light-saber. Then in an attempt to evade capture from General Anakin Skywalker and Commander Ashoka Tano, they stole Anakin Skywalker's DELTA and crashed it into the side hanger. General Skywalker was furious at the two and ignited his lightsaber as he hunt the two Republic Commandos down. Eventually, Skywalker caught up with Batnor and noticed that Batnor was intoxicated. Batnor was taken to Med-Bay to recover from their drunken haze. When he recovered they were interviewed by 2nd Lieutenant Vyve. Batnor was given the choice of assisting with the investigation or be sent back to Kamino for termination. Batnor fearing termination willingly assisted with the investigation giving up key information to 2nd Lieutenant Vyve of Coruscant Guard, he gave up three names; Advisor Yoho, a Flight Cadet and Petty Officer Coric. 2nd Lieutenant Vyve had been investigating this black market contraband trade for some time. Niner was then apprehended when he came into Aquila Squad bunks with his guns out ready to fire, Vyve went to arrest him but Niner passed out in his cell, A-99 ‘Buck’ got Niner into a speakable state. Once Niner had woken up he gave the same information Batnor had given, Vyve tapped Niner to become an inside man to gain recorded evidence. Niner as per usual went to pick up his daily liquor shipment, Coric was caught in the act. Petty Officer Coric was interviewed first as there still was not enough evidence to arrest Advisor Yoho, Petty Officer Coric gave all necessary information willingly providing Vyve a motive and evidence to why Yoho would do it. Carbon was called in along with Bureau Officer Drek to investigate these accusations, Advisor Yoho was confronted at the Navy bridge where Carbon noticed that Advisor Yoho was acting erratic, paranoid and unreasonable he was arrested on suspicion but managed to evade escape by firing a blaster bolt into Drek's hair. Advisor Yoho did not make it very far past the Navy Bridge, CG arrested and interrogated Yoho, where Yoho admitted to his crimes. Just as Yoho was about to be cuffed he dropped a flash-bang and managed to escape to his ship, he captured Bureau Officer Drek along the way in order to gain leverage against being shot down by the turbo laser cannons. Yoho gave his whereabouts to his accomplice Petty Officer Coric who passed on the information, he was in the slums Nar Sharada, where he had bunkered down with the 818th attack battalion. Who were manipulated and tricked into to do Yoho’s bidding they caused widespread chaos during their short time in the city. Taskforce gateway stormed their location and 818th Battalion was terminated, Yoho was cornered and arrested. Yoho ended up getting what he deserved, he was publicly executed by fire squad for high treason against the republic and for intent to cripple the republic’s army. His body was burnt and his prosthetic eye was given to Petty Officer Coric as a thankyou gift. To the republic's knowledge Advisor Yoho is deceased, but Carbon fears that due to his resourceful nature he crawled out of the fire, he puts these thoughts down to paranoia but he can’t help but fear for his only life as he knows if Yoho is out there his mission will be to bring Carbon down as Carbon destroyed him. Bureau Agent Drek: Drek was Carbon’s apprentice for many years during their time in the Republic Anti Corruption Bureau they formed a close bond Drek felt like a son to Carbon and his death affected him greatly. He was unfortunately murdered during the Old God's recent venture of obtaining the Shards Of Nihlus. The dark side energy released from the ritual on Koraban shattered the Acclamator Derek was on. vaporizing him immediately, all that was left of Drek was a pile of ash. Carbon has since turned to drinking, in order to try to deal with the pain of losing Drek. 2nd Lieutenant Vyve: Carbon and Vyve formed a close working relationship, Carbon respects Vyve’s professionalism and ability to get the job done. Carbon wishes to work with Vyve more in the future. Petty Officer Coric: Originally enemies Coric was an accessory to Yoho’s smuggling ring. Coric regretted his actions; and turned himself in to be questioned, where he gave information willingly to Vyve. Master Katar Vii Lee: Carbon and Master Katar had been friends ever since Katar was a Jedi Knight. The events that unfolded during the Nihlus Crisis tore their friendship apart. Carbon wanted to weaponize the remains of the Shards into a planet-destroying superweapon, with the assistance of Katar. Katar was completely against weaponizing the shards, Katar wants to destroy the remains. Katar left the order and Carbon felt regret from not listening to Katar’s warnings of what would happen if the 12 Shards were united. Katar and Carbon have not spoken since Katar left the order. THEOLDGODS: Carbon is vigilant of this group as he knows nothing of them, the encounters he has had with them are limited and their motives are unknown to him or the republic. He fears their power and their grip on the galaxy, the members remain unknown to him as the file is missing. He seeks revenge on the group after the events that led up to Drek’s death. Carbon will pay closer attention to the cult as they are cunning, powerful and unknown. SIS Director Vice: Carbon respects his boss but he fears he has ulterior motives, Carbon’s interactions with Vice are limited, Vice blames Carbon for the resurrection Of Nihlus, even though ultimately it .is the fault of Vice and Vice alone. Carbon has his suspicions of Vice but will still follow his orders and respects the man, Carbon will be paying closer attention to Vice. SIS Advisor Gillette: After the death of Drek, Carbon took on another student. Gillette has proved his worth to Carbon and collaborates with him whenever he can. He may never be able to replace Drek but Gillette is still a great commander and student. Although something has been off with Gillette ever since his encounter with the Night Sisters, Carbon hopes Gillite gets better soon. Alpha ARC: Alpha ARC has proven themselves capable many times. Carbon regularly utilizes Alpha ARC in missions. Their ability to quickly and efficiently do tasks is commendable in Carbon’s eyes. General Skeng: Carbon feels as though General Skeng does not treat Carbon seriously. General Skeng makes Carbon clean his ship. He also makes Carbon clean his shoes and armor General Skeng also takes all of Carbon's alcohol because it is imperative to the effectiveness of the Clone Army. Carbon does not understand what Skeng means but it does not matter as Carbon will follow Skeng's orders blindly, Carbon thinks Skeng is a good leader who has a drinking problem. Ziro the Hutt: Carbon hates this fat slug more than anything in the galaxy. Ziro is responsible for Carbons' injuries during his time as a field agent, Carbon was sent to investigate Ziro’s crime syndicate. Carbon was undercover disguised as a Bounty Hunter. After 2 months Carbon was ratted in by a rival bounty hunter who was jealous of how close Carbon was getting to Ziro. The bounty hunter discovered his secret when she noticed Carbon’s republic issued DC-17. Carbon was tortured and beaten relentlessly for over 6 months personally by Ziro. Ziro's location was eventually made known to the rival crime syndicates. Zero fled and left the fortress abandoned with Carbon still inside. Carbon was left in the ruins for 6 more months until he was found by A-88 'Bozak'. Bozak found Carbon gripping on to life with his teeth. Bozak got Carbon the medical attention he needed just in time. Carbon was given his prosthetics that night, Carbon hopes to take an eye and a hand personally from Ziro as Ziro did to him. Carbon keeps a close eye on Ziro and feels Ziro is always two steps ahead of him.
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    Right. The issue at hand was your TS avatar which was both leaking of staff chat, and insensitive to be displayed. What was said was done privately within a staff meeting and was taken harshly out of context. I have removed your ts avatar a total of 6-8 times? From that you were also given a firm warning on displaying it further after you reposted it twice. I held my tongue and deleted it a further 4-6 times from that point as I didn't want to have to ban someone for something so small and immature. Each time I removed your avatar you knew it wasn't acceptable, that in itself is a clear warning from the previous. Fact is, you did it and continued to do it because you were under the impression it would annoy and create frustration. Something since being removed from the staff team you have attempted to do for many. Such as destroying CG documents that you created to help and provide them with structure. If you want to be around and within this community. Thats good to hear Tops, however behaviour purely made to minge and attempt to frustrate others will not be tolerated. The ban is for 1 day, take it on the chin and resolve the issue. It never had to come to this. If you have further questions then feel free to reply or message me privately. Cheers
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    Greetings all, so basically aside from the Coruscant Base we're looking for a new map to get made with a more casual aspect. @Cuffs has expressed interest in starting another project, this time we'd like to get the players and community opinion on what you would like to see. New Venator - Would be more or less similar to rp_venator_gg_v5, but better. Base/Outpost - Something similar to Baocarro/Kalist? Space Station - ... Event Maps/s - Felucia, Umbara, etc. We appreciate you guys leaving your feedback in the comments. If somebody posts an option to add and you like it, please like react it so we know whether or not to add it to the poll option. Thank you!
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    Jedi Tryouts (Yay) Myself and @Lunar have been aiming to host Jedi tryouts for awhile now so... Friday the 26th after the 8:30, (6 days from now) We'll be doing Jedi tryouts. We'll be testing a bunch of things, 90% of it will be roleplay based, and we'll be looking for those who can do good rp over those who can leap good. SGT+ is required for you to tryout, exceptions may be granted if you are a well-known member of the community. Best of luck to everyone! (and no, if you already have Jedi you cannot tryout.)
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    [Offline...] [standby...] [Loading...] [Password: *****] [Access Granted] [Loading Info...] ONLY LEVEL 3+ ACCESS ONLY, DO NOT ACCESS THE INFO IF LOWER [Please insert Access Card] [Loading...] [Granted] The Return of the Beast Troopers, I'm not sure if you remember the mission known as 'Monster Terror'. We've been working on this project, that Space Station you saved was the station that orbit the Beast Planet. We've set up an outpost located on the surface of this terrifying planet. Commodore Vail is currently stationed on the planet. As you know, this Beast is quite powerful. Able to take down a whole army of clones. However, this project was to capture the Beast and use it against the CIS, hopefully ending this war. We're currently on the work with captured Beast, this one is young. Perfect opportunity to tame the beast. Myself, Captain Andy will be leading this project. However, we had some CIS at our doorstep. Commodore is calling reinforcement to hold them off. This mean, we will be living there as we work on the project. Until then, Captain Andy is signing out. *OOC* Hey! Now, you probably remember the last Campaign I did on the Monster. This time, I am giving him a return. This will be a 10 hours Campaign, however, the time is not set at the moment. The reason behind this is my life is quite busy. I'll update this once I'm no longer busy. This Campaign will happen, you can trust me on that. Message to the staff, Any EM's, Back-up EM's, Staff wish to join me and help me with this Campaign please contact me on discord, steam or Teamspeak. Your help would be appreciated. Any question about this Campaign, please ask away here.
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    This is just for the meantime, I was going to talk to @Rhino about possibly altering the scoreboard, making it a little wider so we can fit kills AND levels and some other cool stuff. But that won't be for a little.
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    Are you also going to report them to the police for such a serious crime
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    A note to the people screaming about Navy, the last time I went out of my way to design a 3rd floor that navy could role play on got barely used. Navy will barely be a priority for me outside of the essentials such as terminals that control the base and whatnot. Also a seperate ship for navy on a space station map would also not be a priority, maybe in a future update(I’d be cool to instead of boarding laat’s You board a venator instead) but as I said, it makes no sense to have a seperate ship on a map where Navy would run the space station. If the space station map was the final choice, it would probably contain a bunch of training facilities such as Target ranges, Kill houses(mission simulations), ect. Also I’d probably add some sort of planetary aspect to it as well(for patrols and stuff). Either way, when the final decision is made I’ll make a suggestion thread
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    *Grabbing writing utensil, and Diary. Successful. Beginning writing. (Ganch's Diary, Page#1.) Diary Entry Page#1: Rotation designation... To be honest, at this point I forgot. It seems as if I have been serving in the GAR forever. Now that I think about it I actually have, I was created for this. Not that it bothers me... Wait focus, back to the entry. With the arrival of 612th to Jania Neo, I documented that we had received a lot of narc incompetent comments. But all that has seemed to dwindle down to nothing. I honestly think it is due to our commitment and lack of involvement with others around us. Which is what personally I believe can make us seem successful. I hope to ride the success wave and incorporate new unassigned troops into our ranks. With the sudden re-assignment of the Galactic Marines and a handful of their units being left behind on Jania-neo to further the GAR mission of conquest, I hope to scoop up a handful of competent & committed troopers from their leftover ranks. I managed to catch the eye of one previously known under the Alias of "Jamway", A rather unusual name for a clone (@JamWay). In doing so I asked him to join the ranks of 612th leaving both his SGT Role and unusual name behind, which he seemed to welcome with open arms. With one, I still aim to gather more unassigned troopers and create an unstoppable force. (For Anyone reading who was previously in GM, Feel free to contact me if you have interest in 612th) Also on this same rotation, 2343 Piglet (@Budds) Committed to his SS Physical tryouts, which he aced with flying colors. I also assigned him a theory task to go alongside the physical that proves he is both mentally and physically committed & Capable. However, due to the vigors physical task he had to perform, I think he has fallen asleep within the bunks. In saying that there he is, laying on his side making the snoring sound of a piglet. Cute fella (Cringe Fella). Once he completes those tasks I willingly accept him into his rightful position in Steel Squad (SS). Which in fact will mark the third member of the squad - the Commander. Aggghhh No... I still need to find a CO for SS... Hopefully, someone shows interest and begins working hard for it. I'm getting weary, I think it is time to hit the snooze button and finally wind down Hopefully none of these tunnel snakes go through my bunk and find this, as I want to continue writing like this in future.. It is.. Relaxing? I guess that is it for this page. Well Diary, until the next time I have time to write in you. *Discreetly tucks Diary under his pillow, & Yeets writing utensil across the bunks. *Begins Sleeping. Successful. (Hello all, Thought I do something different as after peak times on gateway I can get very bored. I hope you enjoyed it, ) (-Beatroot.)
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    What is a Community Representative Meeting? (CRM) The Community Representative Meeting is a meeting that is held so people may bring forward new ideas and suggestions for the community and server. Who can attend? Anyone and everyone can attend the meetings. When is it hosted? The first Tuesday of every month at 7:30PM EST Where is it hosted? In the Gateway Gaming Teamspeak in the CRM meeting channel TS Address: syd.streamlineserver.com:10002 For more details please feel free to contact myself
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    Well, it's been mad. After more than two and a half years, it's time for me to finally ditch this shit and go onto a better game 8)) It's unfortunate that this kind of decision was rather forced upon me, however it was going to happen at some point in the near future anyway. I'm not one to really care about making special mentions, but @s8ncaat, you don't have to worry about me arguing every decision anymore. I can now go back to not being a bit of a dickhead to everyone. The best quote that I think applies best over the year I'd been in ARC, and it's Commander for more than 6 months of it, was in this video: "He was asshole, but he was our asshole" Cheers to the Gen10 boys, you lads made it actually tolerable getting on the server and made sure that Feb26th was the right decision. Laters lads, probably still hang around the TS from time to time gen10bestgen
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    So many people are giving back and I'm sure everyone appreciates it. I hope whoever wins enjoys it a lot and are able to gain a bunch of unique server experiences with it. Good luck everyone!
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    Honestly levels since it shows who are quite experienced on the server and who you might be able to approach for help.
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    Clone Wars PAC3 Application Template Requirements Steam ID (Use the steam ID doing "status" in console gives you in-game): STEAM_0:1:171986726 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/NebulaSaysHi/ Current in-game alias: Staff Sergeant B-1384 'Nebula' Time Played (Hours): 364 Hours Are you a donator? (YES/NO) No PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? Not really but in the past few weeks I have been practising and playing around with it, watching videos and guides on how to properly use it. Why do you want access to PAC3? I want to access PAC3 so I can express more RP more during moments that I couldnt have added, for example, When talking to my CO I can bring out my hologram so it properly looks like im talking to him, or when im slicing a console I can bring extra equipment and a little computer hologram which makes me stand out and unique. How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? As I said above it would enhance my RP and add alot more to my character, it brings alot more to the table. PAC3 Examples: Example I: When pulling out weapons it disappears. Example II: Hologram Computer when in Q menu. Example III: Talking to CO on hologram. (Rotating) Example IV: Custom equipment and backpack. Example V: Arm Holoband when checking chat. Example VI: Relaxing after doing reports. Would most likely use when afk. Example VII: Cross Arms in front Example VIII: Hologram Clipboard Would really love any feedback, thanks!
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    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Profile Checklist: Your In-game Name: Yoda Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Fishyy99/ Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:0:26888086 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions: How often do you use the forums? I use the forums on a daily basis Have you ever received a verbal or recorded warning on the forums? I haven't Do you have any previous experience with InvisionZone Forum Software? I don't but I've been learning how to the software via their guides Do you have any previous Forum Staff experience? I do not. How much time do you spend on the forums a day? 3-4 Hours. I always have it open on my 2nd Monitor Have you applied for or currently hold any other staff positions in this community? I currently hold the rank of Admin on the server Why do you want to be a Forum Moderator for Gateway Gaming? I would like to be a Forum Moderator to help provide a safe platform for the community to interact with one another. The Forum staff team is quite small at the moment and I'd appreciate the opportunity to step into another staffing position within the community. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Scenarios: 1. A group of 4 users from another community come onto the forums and start antagonizing the members of the community with hate speech, how do you deal with this group? I would start by removing the post/s in breach of forum rules. After ensuring that there is nothing in breach of server rules still able to viewed by the public users I would start a group message with all forum users involved informing them that their actions are in breach of forum rules (providing them with a link to the forum rules) and inform them that further actions in breach of the rules will result in warnings and potentially a ban from using the forums. 2. An ex-staff member has re-joined the community recently, they become active on the forums but start behaving in a somewhat undesirable manner (slandering or being abusive to other users in the shoutbox, etc.) How do you deal with the ex-staff member? I believe all users are to be treated the same regardless of holding a previous position within the staff team or not. I would again start by removing and posts or messages in the shout box/forum threads from public view, Then once again I would message the user informing them that their actions are in breach of forum rules, I would again provide them a link to the forum rules and issue them with a warning and inform them further breaches of the Forum rules will result in warnings and potentially a ban 3. A user has posted one of his YouTube videos of the Clone Wars server in the "Regiment Hub" forum, Is this the proper area for the thread? If not where should it be moved to? I would inform the user via personal message that they have posted their video in the wrong area. Informing them of the right area to post their videos in future. I would then move the thread to the appropriate area. Thank you for taking the time to read my application any feedback would be much appreciated.
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    Tanker reporting in for duty sir. See you on the battlefield
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    wait until my next video. cg goes hard before the 4:30
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    Impressive, but no one can beat the old 41st doing this for 45 minutes straight with a few other people, doing it to debrief, with some doing it during.
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    I'm no psychic but I smell an EOD Giveaway on the horizon.
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    With the departure of Sevens from his position as Ordo, s8n and I have decided a new direction for NULL ARC and moving it further towards the concept of Clan Skirata again. Changes: Clan Skirata consists of 15 slots ( including the Null and Omega Jedi) with two squads, Null and Omega. Both squads are run by their respective squad lead ( Ordo and Niner) and are overseen by Kal Skirata, the acting 1ic for the collective. Corr and Munin models are currently being planned and will be given a set role inside the clan at a future date and are currently unavailable. (both Corr and Munin are not designated to a squad.) One Jedi position is taken by @Budds, Bardan Skirata the acting Jedi general of Null. Etain Tur-Markan is the Jedi connected to Omega and is currently in development and unavailable. A new ranking structure of Mando'a titles have been developed by s8n and I for use as promotions and incentive inside of Clan Skirata ( Titles will not show up on our in-game names but will still hold their respective power to the equivalent clone military rank. ) Kal will be promoted by the CO meeting, Null will hold their equivalent lore ranks and Omega will use the RC rank equivalent of Mando'a titles. With this new system activity and general behavior will be monitored with more harsher punishments for those who minge as a Clan Skirata job. Squad Leaders: - @s8ncaat - Ordo Skirata - @Snow - Niner Skirata If interested in a position inside Null ARC a screening will be held soon, contact @s8ncaat for any further inquiries or details. Feel free to ask questions below.
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    # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT- 01/9211 "Nang" Known Alias’/Nicknames: Nang, Nine-Two Previous Occupation: 2nd Rifleman of Diamond Squad, Delta Company. Current Occupation: 612th Attack Battalion Standard Infantry Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Target Practice, Weapon and Equipment maintenance, Reading Holo-Books and Reports PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: PTSD (Cured as of 20BBY after treatment) Kaminoian Diagnosis: Irregular/spontaneous personality, can be interpreted as comical or foolish. Likes (optional): The Republic, 612th, Weaponry Dislikes (optional): His Name, Droids, Geonosians, People who insult 612th PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit, Average muscular build. Age: 13 Weight: 84kg Disabilities: damaged shoulder (formerly) BACKSTORY: Training on Kamino Like all Troopers, 9211 was bred from the bounty hunter Jango Fett, He was created in 32BBY as apart of the first batch of 200,000 Units and began his flash training as a cadet a few years after his conception. Although the Kaminoians took note at his iffy or “irregular” personality, he made up for it in his training, containing simple leadership skills and decent marksmanship, as well as a Total Obedience to all orders assigned to him, because of this his personal tendencies we overlooked and he could continue his training. 9211 was apart of Diamond Squad. This contained 9 Troopers in total led by Sergeant 9202. After completing all his necessary training he was granted the Rank of Private within the Republic Army, it was not long until his could prove his skills outside the simulators with his squadron’s first deployment, The planet Geonosis. The Battle of Geonosis: Dust Hills 9211 as with many troopers, first saw action during The Battle of Geonosis, The First Battle of the Clone Wars and the first chance himself and his brothers could serve in real combat. Diamond Squad was attached to Delta Platoon, along with Brass Squad, Iron Squad, Cobalt Squad and finally Stone Squad. They began on their deployment via LAAT/i Gunships from the atmosphere, during their flight they observed the Holographic Briefing being hosted by Platoon Leader Lieutenant 8110. The Platoon’s Mission was the capture a staging area that would be used to deploy multiple AT-TEs and AV-7 Cannons upon the Droid Forces. Unfortunately the Droid Army took note of the tactical significance of the Hill and already deployed several detachments of Battle Droids including 3 Homing Spider Droids. Due to this hazard the Gunships would land at the bottom of the Hill, However before landing could be made one of the Homing Spider Droids fired at 9211’s LAAT. Thankfully they were prepping for their landing so all squad members were unharmed. Determined to Fulfill their objective they ran for Dust hills, during their sprint a stray shot had ricocheted off 9211’s helmet and struck the trooper behind him in the neck, instantly dropping him to the floor. 9211 turned to see what remained of CT-9210s body as it twitched violently, before being ordered to continue pushing by his CO. They made it to the base of the hill and dug in to seek cover from the hail of blaster bolts by the droids. Seeing that no progress could be made at the time 9209 had suggested they retreat and await support, The Sergeant denied his request as he underestimated the skill of the droids battle capabilities and ordered Diamond Squad to begin their climb up the hill. As they climbed another bolt hit 9211’s Shoulder Guard, knocking him back and throwing him down the hill. As the rest of the squad moved on his regained his bearings and noticed their Downed LAAT/i Laser Ball Turret was skill functional, rushing over to it, he armed the Turret and began firing upon the top of the hill, destroying as many droids as he could before they caught on. Diamond squad noticing the gap in the droid defenses pushed hard, resulting in them making it to the top. Dismounting the Turret, 9211 made haste to the hill to assist in the capture, as he climbed the body of 9207 passed him with multiple blaster holes in his helmet and chest piece. Witnessing his brothers die made 9211 grasp the horror of war that the simulators did not prepare him or his squad for. He reached the top of the hill and jumped behind the husk of a Dwarf Spider Droid, he continued to fire upon the waves of droids that marched up the hill. Beginning to fear that his squad would be killed shortly, his hope was thinning quick much like the defensive line the Troopers had made. However before their Doom the rest of Delta Company charged the hill and took arms against the droids, resulting in the capture and security of the hill. Delta Company Remained at Dust Hills until the battle had concluded. RAS Subsistence After Geonosis What remained of Diamond Squad had been assigned to the Republic Assault Ship Subsistence, An Acclamator-Class Ship stationed in the Carbini Sector within the outer rim. some time had passed in the Clone Wars and Diamond Squad had partaken in countless missions, sadly this resulted in the death of Sergeant 9202, CT-9205, CT-9203 and Corporal 9209. This resulted in the dissolvement of Diamond Squad. 9211 was Separated from his Surviving Brothers and Transferred to Infantry of the Unassigned battalion of the Planet Jania-Neo. Jania-Neo and 612th Recruitment 9211 was reassigned to Jania-Neo under the brief Command of Commander Gibbzy. However his time within the unassigned was short due to his meeting with Captain Ganch of 612th, who due to his keen eye for good troopers recruited 9211 within the Regiment almost instantly. Due to the rarity of Troopers going by their numbers, Ganch had given 9211 the name of Nang, although to this day he does not know why. To this day he continues to serve within 612th, hoping to become a member of the Elite Steel Squad, as a tribute to his time within Diamond Squad. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Respected 612th Attack Battalion Since joining 612th the Regiment have been more then welcoming to Nang and treat him with respect. he enjoys fighting alongside his regiment and believes due to their efforts they will live to see the end of the war. 4527 Ganch Although he doesn't seek into his personal affairs, Nang has a great admiration for Ganch, even though they share a Trooper-CO Relationship he treats 9211 with Respect, even taking it upon himself to assigning Nang his nickname, although Nang does not understand the relevance of his name he is told it suites his personality. Nang's Goal is to prove his worth within 612th and to make his Commanding Officer Proud of him. 22nd Airborne: Nang shows no personal distaste to 22nd, however after witnessing one of his fellow troopers fire upon by 22nd followed by the quick disappearance of said trooper he begins to think if there is something about them that is off-putting, however Nang feels its in his best Interests to focus on himself and his fellow squad mates. Coruscant Guard Despite the conspiracies that 2343 Piglet believes. Nang has a great respect and like for the Coruscant Guard and feels they represent the Chancellors Best Interests with their security measures, however he is aware this admiration will win him no favors with CG so he is sure to stay on his best behavior around these Shock Troopers. ARC Personally Nang does not have issue with the ARC Troopers themselves although he feels their reputation can be a little bloated. He has a distrust to their leader ARC Commander Alpha-17, Nang sees A-17 as a hot headed egotist, however he believes this is a facade that he puts on to make troopers underestimate him, he fears the stories of the legendary A-17 are true and is sure to steer clear when possible. A'den Skirata If there is one Clone Nang truly hates it is the Null-Class ARC Sergeant A'den Skirata, every time he sees his stupid Mandalorian helmet he wants to punch it off his head, Nang dislikes his cocky/Arrogant attitude and wishes he would leave the republic like the filthy scum he is. however he has no qualms with the rest of Null ARC.
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    # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT-5768 'Strawberry' Known Alias’/Nicknames: Strawberry Previous Occupation: 717th Rescue Corps Current Occupation: 612th Attack Battalion Combat Medic Known Languages: Basic Hobbies: Cleaning the medbay, checking the medical Logs, reading medical history, cleaning his equipment. Alignment: Galatic Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes (optional): Medical, 612th, Combat Dislikes (optional): Troopers who he had to fail to save, 501st Medics, Trenches PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 12 Weight: 82kg Disabilities: N/A RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | 612th: 612th has treated 5768 Strawberry as a fellow brother. Because of this, 5768 Strawberry will do whatever he can to save his 612th brothers. Ganch: 5768 Strawberry sees Ganch as respected and excellent Commander. Unlike the 717th Commander, Ganch treated Strawberry as a respected trooper. Strawberry is loyal to Ganch. 717th: 5768 Strawberry dislike 717th, he hated how they treated him. 717th saw Strawberry a useless trooper, his Commander even said to Strawberry. "Don't expect support from us, you're gonna die in the upcoming battles" 501st Medics: 5768 Strawberry hates the 501st Medics, once Strawberry was station in the medbay, 501st Medics rush in and took over and kicking him out. He has seen their medical works, and it's terrible. Troopers who are treated by them are lucky to live.
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    OOC: Thank you for playing the Campaign, anyone who wasn't there for the Campaign. Pre Vizsla is now dead. Darth Maul now has control on Deathwatch and control of Mandalore. I hope you enjoyed the Campaign!
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    # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT 2343 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Designated 'Piglet' by his commander Previous Occupation/s: 416th Star Corps, Unassigned. Current Occupation: 612th Attack Battalion Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Painting his armour, cryo-naps, painting other clone's armour, reading battle logs. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Healthy Age: 10 Weight: Average Build: slightly more muscular than standard clones Disabilities: N/A RELATIONSHIPS Dead | Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Respected Ganch - Serving in the 612th Attack Battalion gave 2343 a renewed sense of purpose, following the dissolution of the 416th Star Corps, shortly after the first battle of Geonosis. 2343 chose to follow Ganch for his level-headedness and fairness, while also maintaining one of the most professional units in the current station, when compared to other legions sharing the FOB. 612th Attack Battalion - While only recently returning from outer rim campaigns, 2343 feels satisfied with his peers currently within the battalion, as while they may be new faces for 2343, their personalities seem familiar. 2343 aspires to prove his worth by joining the elite division of the battalion, the Steel Squad. Coruscant Guard - 2343 was confused by the presence of the Coruscant guard on such a distant FOB, he accepted it as necessary due to other policing regiment's involvements on other planets. However 2343 quickly noticed a deep-seeded corruption within the force, not seeing many lower ranks in the regiment for more than a few rotations. While the guard seemed strict, they did not appear professional, and their combat skill was seen by 2343 as sloppy at best. deployments often ended in failure due to a blunder by CG's hand and their policing policies at the base were often times questionable. The first battle of Geonosis 2343 saw action during the first assault on Geonosis, surviving a LAAT crash after being shot down by an OG-9 Spider droid that had been hidden by a dust storm. Very few troopers remained in fighting condition following the crash, and 2343 continued on his deployment, disregarding a moderate concussion. 2343 and the 416th Star Corps was tasked with securing a landing zone for SPHA (Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery) deployment, and destroying any Trade Federation Core Ships. The concussion left 2343 disorientated for much of the battle, not helped by the aggressive dust storm in the area and nearby Core Ship detonations. These sounds left 2343's ears ringing, drowning out blaster fire and many orders from his commander. 2343 only remembered how to do two things in the carnage, keep shooting, and keep walking forward. The 416th achieved their mission, though not to 2343's knowledge, and the SPHA's were deployed successfully. By the time 2343 regained awareness of his surroundings, he found himself alone in the dust storm. Unable to see more than a few meters in any direction, he stared heading to where he thought he had come from, instead finding himself at the base of one of the targeted Droid Core Ships. 2343 heard an order from his commander, "SPHA's in firing range, Core ships have been targeted, begin fire sequence", 2343 suddenly realised what this meant, turning away and running as fast as he could from the Core Ship. A blue beam of energy ripped through the dust-storm above 2343, illuminating the battle happening under the shroud of the red storm. A deafening explosion erupted behind 2343, and a flash of heat and pressure blasted 2343 into the ground hard, knocking him unconscious. Unassigned service and the 612th 2343 awoke from cryo stasis over 3 months later, and was made aware of the 416th's dissolution, following the crippling loss of men within the force. 2343 would serve out a rather uneventful tour of duty as an unassigned infantry man for the next year, being thrown into battle after battle by negligent advisers and strategic planners, 2343 began to develop a disdain for his superiors, who he saw as incompetent and cowardly. 2343 was made aware of the 612th Attack Battalion's arrival on the planet and was immediately intrigued by the profile of it's commander "Ganch", 2343's time as an unassigned infantryman allowed for more time to read up on battle reports and other documents. 2343 was already acquainted with the report on Skua Squad and Project Instinction. 2343 immediately applied for a position within the Battalion, hoping to escape the mundane duties of living cannon-fodder. Ganch seemed impressed with 2343's record, noting that he did not fight blindly, and noticed many minute details that another trooper may not. 2343 Became a good spotter for the 612th and made sure to notify his peers of any imminent threat or overlooked detail. 2343 Began to decorate his armour to distinguish himself from those around him, and enjoyed it when other troopers come to him for the same reason, however 2343 had his mind set on one position which would undoubtedly distinguish him from his peers, being the esteemed position of the 612th Steel Squad. Steel Squad Ganch's expectations for members of Steel Squad were high, while acknowledging that they were not ARC, with inborn and unnatural talents, they were troopers that pushed themselves beyond any expected limits to achieve their goals. 2343 Was taught persistence and perseverance, scaling many cliffs around the hilly terrain of the Jania outpost. 2343 completed these climbing tasks multiple times to perfect his technique and improve his pace, building his upper body strength and his hand-eye coordination. The Steel Squad was expected to have both physical and mental strength, and to overcome all odds. Ganch thought the most fitting way to put this value into effect was to literally rearrange the landscape by hand. For hours on end, 2343 pushed a boulder 6 times his size across a ravine. Ganch watched patiently, with little regard for the passage of time. 2343 respected Ganch for his direct attention to his troopers, acknowledging their flaws and ensuring they resolve them. 2343 wasn't sure whether to take the final task set by Ganch seriously, as he pointed the the cracks between the bricks that paved the walkways of the base. 2343 didn't dare question the instruction though, and Ganch didn't change his tone when repeating the request. 2343 began to weave around the pathway of the base, speaking no words other than his next face. Many troopers stopped to stare at 2343, some asked why he was doing it, and some just wanted to admire his armour, however Ganch's silent gaze kept 2343 focused and he did not submit to these distractions. 2343 was now tasked with writing this very biography, and so he did.
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    Space station without a doubt. A Venator but with room for training and facilities, yes please.
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    612 Attack Battalion Opening Report, Enter Alias: CT-8432 Enter Passcode: ***** Success, Entering 612th Public Database. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TrHZB0l1RZerEOeKUF88-1rKHuuBpdxQce83kAxqonY/edit?usp=sharing Successful , Exiting 612th Public Database.
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    Bunks - Bunk Beds (Spawn), Office, Debrief Area.
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    612 Attack Battalion Opening Report, Enter Alias: Ganch Enter Passcode: Foggyout#1 Success, Entering 612th Public Database. Begin Report: This rotation marks the first full rotation on Jania-Neo. And I can honestly say what an interesting planet & base it is. After receiving all our equipment, ID's & clearance cards, Rations, Armor, etc, we were assigned our bunks... Which at some point must have been storage & showering rooms. Judging by this gesture we were not as welcome as we thought besides being apart of the same Army. None the less we set up our bunks the best we could and removed the showers to be replaced with some pillars and instead turned into a briefing room. Shortly after getting settled in mission briefing was called and deployment was imminent. Upon making my way to the briefing room I was met with more than enough prejudice, to make even Major General Nexiot consume death sticks. Regardless I looked past it told the rest of my troop to keep their chin up and let's show these petty morons what 612th is all about. During the first deployment, we managed to suffer no casualties and 612th basically made it back to Jania-Neo unscathed. Republic Advisory Command placed us 2nd in performance and efficiency and informed us we were a crucial part of ensuring the mission was a success. Which was a huge confidence boost, especially after coping so much flack earlier that rotation. Once again we settled downed and prepared for the final deployment. During the last deployment, we suffered a few losses, but once again managed to come out pretty. My comms link/voice amp was severely damaged and had to be replaced. I also managed to secure a recording from my HUD feed. (Language Warning in the video, also my mic was not recording. Also just a funny s8n clip.) With that concluding deployments, I can honestly say the first rotation stationed on Jania-Neo was difficult and I look forward to what comes in future. Also to keep all those informed here is a Roster of current 612th Troopers stationed alongside me. End Report, Beginning Roster: ============================================================================================================================================ Trooper Numbers: 5921 Alias: Zia/Alex Name: N/A Role: Steel Squad Trooper (SS). Rank: Drill Sergeant (DSG). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trooper Numbers: 5768 Alias: Andy Name: N/A Role: Combat Medic. Rank: Private/Trainee (PVT). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trooper Numbers: 1479 Alias: Cav/Rippa Name: N/A Role: Trooper. Rank: Private/Trainee (PVT). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trooper Numbers: 2343 Alias: Budds Name: N/A Role: Trooper. Rank: Private/Trainee (PVT). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trooper Numbers: 8432 Alias: Ajax Name: N/A Role: Trooper. Rank: Private/Trainee (PVT). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trooper Numbers: 1010 Alias: Santa Name: N/A Role: Trooper. Rank: Private/Trainee (PVT). End Roster, ============================================================================================================================================ Finishing Entry, Succesfully uploaded. Titled Opening Report. (Honestly, some people very much upset me today, a lot of players were very rude for no given reason. Yet, they were dealt with accordingly. Regardless I had an excellent time, and think the first day went well. This types of reports will hopefully be coming weekly, and I encourage anyone reading to do something similar within their regiment. Thank you all for reading. -Beatroot)
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    # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT-8432 Known Alias/Nicknames: N/A Previous Occupation: 113th Attack Battalion, Sapper Current Occupation: 612th Attack Battalion Infantryman Known Languages: Galactic Basic Alignment: Galactic Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes (optional): Integrity, Honour, Active Deployments and Explosive Work. Dislikes (optional): CIS Fanaticism, praise and incompetence. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 8 Weight: 93 KG Build: Large Disabilities: N/A Backstory: Present in the Battle of Hypori, 8432 Distinguished himself by leading a sortie of the 32nd Platoon of the demoralized and all but destroyed 113th Attack Battalion against a series of CIS weapon emplacements that had decimated the majority of his Battalion. He led a unit of infantrymen and sappers against the emplacement to draw their garrisons out into open combat. Though they were successful at the time in drawing the garrisons out, the retaliation was far greater than expected and resulted in the majority of the platoon being decimated. Using the Urban terrain to their advantage, 8432 and the remnants of the 32nd created a series of defensive mine fields in order to halt the encroaching forces and regroup with stragglers from the main assault. After collapsing the main roadway of which the CIS were using to track the platoon, 8432 rallied with a force of 80 infantrymen and medics led by the Jedi Tarl Yuxben. Yuxben proceeded to lead the forces against the the overextended CIS, smashing through their lines and forward to the Emplacement. Upon their arrival they were met with overwhelming resistance and despite punching through the already damaged barricade, they lost the majority of their men to the endeavour and had gained the ire of General Grevious. Despite attempts to lose the CIS Grevious tracked the remaining men and Yuxben to Grevious, who was now known as the 'Butcher of Hypori'. Narrowly escaping from the battle heavily wounded, 8432 and the remaining eight men remained behind enemy lines, wreaking havoc on enemy supply lines before extracting some 12 days later. Since the Battle of Hypori, 8432 was awarded the Republic's Medal of Gallantry but remains disdainful of it. After bouncing across the galaxy with a multitude of different regiments, 8432 has been recruited by the 612th Attack Battalion to assist in infantry operations in the Mid-Rim, although he remains haunted by his previous engagements, 8432 is still eager to see the war ended and continues to fight onwards.
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    Alright, Just for clarity I was the banning Admin. You stated yourself you were given "One last chance", this isn't a temporary thing you don't get chances reset after a short time of good behavior it takes along time to scrub a reputation of a previous ban and several formal staff warnings. I do admit, the ban reason I put doesn't cover the full situation. What lead up to the ban was this, You took a turret from Horn Company, you are not new to the server and should be more than aware those turrets are exclusive, secondly when a horn company trooper took the turret back you proceeded to RDM about, which I heard you chuckling about in the staff situation I brought you to. This was a 'nail in the coffin' situation, it showed to me you probably show little to no intent of improving yourself on the server and will probably continue to damage peoples experiences. Outside of this, I'll go through a couple reasons why I think an otherwise light ban considering your past shouldn't be overturned. Firstly, the reason you give as to why you should be un-banned, is that you're "Active" and a "Veteran". This, when push comes to shove doesn't really matter. It doesn't seem to give us any reasoning or rationale on why you repeatedly choose to break server rules and make the server less enjoyable for everyone else. Secondly, as previously mentioned some of these warns are quite serious, and you've been banned before. You've been giving your chances, and you've had more than enough time to learn. Overall, I thought you were amazing in Navy but it still doesn't outshine the hostility you've shown to players on this server, and your continued breaking of the server rules warrants a ban of this proportion in my eyes.
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