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    Hello everyone. Over the past week or so, myself and a few other community members (namely @Aussi, @Rhinous and @s8n) have been reworking the old minecraft server for a return following the 1.16 update. As stated, the server currently runs the latest branch of Minecraft and runs a handful of helpful plugins, whilst remaining a rather vanilla experience. I thought the recent Nether update would provide an interesting new aspect for those that have never really touched minecraft as well as those who have played the previous versions a hundred times over. It was hoped that this "hobby" server would provide an enjoyable and less intensive way of interacting with the fellow Gateway members in your spare time. Some plugins selected to enhance the experience includes: MC-MMO, A large scale character progression system which rewards you for your chosen playstyles and encourages you to try some aspects you may have never focussed on, as well as teaming with some of your friends. Grief Prevention, a must have to keep your possessions and builds safe. You gain extra claim blocks for extended playtime on the server, allowing you to expand. DynMap, a live updating online map that tracks the actions and building of the players on the server. It can be viewed right now by visiting the link further down* There are some controls on the right side of the page allowing you to view player locations and change from isographic view to a 3d view. The server address should be the same as the previous Gateway MInecraft server, for those that no longer have it, see below: SERVER ADDRESS: ONLINE DYNMAP: Please keep in mind that this is a side project, so if any serious issues arise please contact me.
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    DOCUMENT ID : 40195729 Operation Report: What Happened to Dae Document established by Strategic Information Service Document approved by Chancellor Sheev Palpatine ACCESSING DOCUMENT SECURITY PROCEDURES… PLEASE ENTER A COMMAND... // login PLEASE ENTER USER AUTHENTICATION... // rep | 21293763 YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF RHC, CG OR HIGH RANKING OFFICIAL TO VIEW THIS FILE. ATTEMPTING TO ACCESS THIS FILE WITHOUT PROPER AUTHORIZATION SHALL RESULT IN AN IMMINENT DISPATCH OF SIS OPERATIVES TO THIS TERMINAL’S LOCATION. TIME AND DATE OF ENTRY WILL BE LOGGED AND STORED WITHIN SIS ARCHIVES. DO YOU WISH TO PROCEED?... // yes AUTHENTICATING IDENTITY... Operation Outline Assets from Coruscant Guard, 612th Attack Battalion and the 104th Wolfpack were dispatched to desert to uncover what happened to General Dae, who had been captured by the CIS and altered on a physical and possibly mental scale. Operation Debrief GAR forces were deployed planet side and briefed by Moon onsite. The force then proceeded to a cave system to investigate unknown signals. Upon entry, the team was met by a headcrab swarm that had been nesting in the facility. Combat elements cleared the infestation as intelligence personnel took recordings of the interior and slicing terminals to gather the whereabouts of a missing astromech unit, hereby designated “Buddy” by Fox. Upon completion, all forces moved to a nearby town, designated RZ “Fallen”. GAR forces were met by heavy CIS resistance within the town. Asset Buddy was secure whilst combat elements cleared the town. Upon communications with asset Buddy, location of mission objective was reported to be in a CIS stronghold 1.3 klicks from RZ Fallen. GAR forces assaulted the compound, finding that it had been taken by a group of escaped convicts. Hostiles were swiftly eliminated but the mission objective was not within the compound. SIS forces hacked into the local systems to determine the location of the objective again, finding it to be in a rayshielded compound. GAR forces breached through the shield to secure the objective, a holotable holding schematics that referred to the transformation of General Dae. Intel was uploaded, SIS trooper 1038 wiped the holotable of all data and the compound was destroyed by 612th. Addendum I don’t know what they wanted to turn Dae into boss, but it ain’t pretty. Look at that…. Thing. It’s just covered in muscles and non-organic implants, and that head is much larger than it use to be. Bloody hell…. whatever that thing is now, it's not Dae. I wiped all their data so they won’t be recreating this anytime soon. 1038 out.
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    JamWay's Farewell I know I technically left a while ago but since then have been dwelling in the teamspeak, Discord, Other GG servers and on the forums. As cringe as it sounds Gateway was pretty close to me, Played with the same community since I was 10 back in Colossal leading me onto Gateway when Kreme first started 501st here I am over 2000 hours later. After my computer broke I saved for years to buy a new computer with the goal of revisiting Gateway, Becoming staff quickly became a goal leading me into becoming an Administrator for a few months and leading a regiment for nearly a year. I may not have been the best Staff member or CO but I did enjoy making people enjoy their time on Gateway the same way I did and I am sorry to those I let down in the end of my time on the server. At times I came off as standoffish or angry but this has always been a personal problem that I will likely be working on for a long time. I mainly didn't want to write a farewell because many people write farewells and come back a week later and I always thought it was silly, I thought I might decide one day to get back into the server (Edit: Why do people ask for me to come and join their regiments literally a day after I make a farewell), But I don't think that's likely going to happen atleast anytime soon or ever. overtime I have lost more and more interest in Gaming other than Arma 3 with my unit occasionally and I think its time I move onto another hobby for now or do something more productive. There will be a decline in my appearances on the teamspeak (Please don't delete my channel yet lol), It's time I get on with it, Hunker down and get Year 12 over and done with. To those reading this who have joined in the last few months like "Who the f*** is this" Goodluck to you. Just a few mentions, I'll try to keep it short and non-cringe @Stooge - While this might be a surprise or maybe you don't remember, Years back on Rupet's MC RPG server I started to look up to you pretty quickly and you were always there to answer whenever I needed help. You also were one of the only people who never shat on me for being a "Squeaker" in a majority teenager server. I really did appreciate the Discord message you sent me a year ago, Even if my response didn't seem to acknowledge that, I was grateful for what you said. @Spirit - Thanks for the hours of laughs and hours of dealing with staff/Navy shit. Sometimes I did get frustrated with you but you were always a pretty good dude. Believe it or not I was kind of happy to be removed from staff even if I do disagree with some methods within staff, It gave me a reason to do other things and branch out. @Coric - When I came back and was in 91st you were one of the first people I became "Friends" (In terms of 91st Banter) with, Since then I watched you make your way up the staff team and jedi and I wanted to follow. Everytime I had an issue I couldn't figure out myself I would go to you for support (sorry). Everytime I couldn't rely on other senior staff or management I would also go to you, You were always easier to talk to than any other authority in the staff team and you took the time to actually answer even if it did mean tabbing out of League of legends (Sorry). @Serbo - While we weren't exactly friends or anything I did still look up to you even when you were a TMod, While I was somewhat bitter like most staff that you flew past us so quickly I did deep down know you deserved the position as you always kept a cool head and easy to talk to. @Ajax - You're probably the only reason I got into staff the third go around. You listed every issue my application had or my character had. Before the third application I pushed to correct everything simply just to prove I could change to get into staff to spite you (Ngl). From there I had no idea wtf to do so I pushed to get Administrator aswell. CTRG arma 3 was pretty enjoyable and I know I kind acted like a lost puppy at the start but gotta start somewhere. @s8n - there's always that one person who complains they didn't get mentioned hence why I hate mentions. I never really talked to you enough to grow an opinion of you. You're an alright dude from what I know and you have done right by the community compared to some senior members in the past *cough*. Cheers for the hours of goodlaughs @Snickerss, @Havoxa, @Scooby, @Limbo, @Kurp, @Astro, @Spirit, @Ferrero, @Terece, @Scope, @Toblerone, @Sloth, @Maxonok, @Trotsky. For the sake of it I'll buy the upgrade just to have a pretty name. I'm still playing Minecraft because I like minecraft, Die mad.
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    You don't fit the minimum age requirement. Nobody is exempt from these rules - they exist for a reason.
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    Well to put it into perspective, that position was given to me within the first few moments of me joining the server. Indicative of this, I suppose I was not planning to stay around long. Since this, my attitude has taken a complete 180 and instead have now aimed my sights into reaffirming myself on the server. Spending time on here has demonstrated to myself how fun it can be to join in on RP and be apart of the community in a non-destructive manner. I'd like to give this opportunity to others also. Albeit, I regret throwing away such an opportunity at the beginning, but in all honestly it was a very quick-paced turn of events due to multitude of factors. Now that I see where I stand, I've put this expression of interest to either prove or reprieve, that I do aim/intend to be an upstanding member. Thank you for the concern as I am sure many have the exact same thought process when seeing my application.
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    you can go to getfreeram.com to get some more ram if you want man
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    you know back in my day all we had to work with was comms rp and a grapple hook
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    I've seen rambo in events, he needs all the camouflage he can get.
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    A really good guy who is back and active in the community, your application is detailed and demonstrates a good grasp on commands and the correct response to situations. +1
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    the application itself is pretty good a few things i would add personally is your knowledge on ULX commands since you say you have about a 6 in knowledge. The second thing i would also add is a index at the top for example text <purple>. But something to be noted is that you dont meet the age requirement for the EM spot. Now onto the good part over the course of your time on gateway you have tried for trial EM for a while and each application improving and i think if you got enough dedication to make so many applications for the spot then you should atleast be able to do a EM trial so ill leave a +1.
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    Gateway Gaming Clone Wars RP | Unban Appeal Template Use the template below or your appeal will be void. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your In-game Name: dInGo, ZERO, (either one of these not actually sure cause this ban happened years ago) Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/customslinkbruzza/ Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:1:75578716 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? SSG 1176 Valor Length of the ban? Permanent Reason of the ban? Mass RDM, No intent to RP Why should we unban you? This ban happened in 2017, I'm keen to find a server to roleplay and Gateway Gaming is renowned for its roleplay from what i've heard from lots of communities. Not only this but many of my mates play on this server and i'm keen to step in and join them but once i decided to join them i found out that i was banned. I'm guessing this ban would have happened when i was a "edgy" teen coming onto Garry's Mod servers primarily to minge, something which is now completely out of my interest as i'm looking for a new server to devote my time to. I truly hope you consider my ban appeal and forgive my foolish actions of the past. Thanks.
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    I'm going to have to say that I really do not believe you are ready at all to apply for a staff role as you have been demoted twice right after being promoted to sergeant for some more serious reasons one being a tool ban. From the large amount of interactions I have had with you, You don't really take anything seriously and tend to disappear when you have to do something, On top of being removed for the 917th for your behavior I would suggest that you need to mentally mature before trying to go for a staff role. -1
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    Like Noc said if this criteria is waved for you, it will set a precedent for future applicants.
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    Just realized I was talking about jania lol
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    chicken katsu undefeated
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    Project 'ODIN' A Clone Wars Campaign [Gateway Gaming] Project Backstory: The CIS are enroute to a secret Republic Special Weapons Division (RSWD) facility in the outer rim where Director Bright and his peers are in the works of a deadly super weapon. Task force Gateway has been called in to reinforce and assist the RSWD Facility from the incoming CIS Attack Fleet and provide a counter offensive against them. All troops prepare for redeployment. Details: DATE : 26th June (Friday) TIME : 3:00pm AEST (ends around 9:30pm) NOTES: This will be a server wide campaign and will be off-base. So pack your bags and grab some extra ammo Discord: https://discord.gg/3hn6hj3 (join if you wish to contribute or be an Event Character) Credits: @Buck :), @Spoonj, @Bullet, @Pluto and @Sloth (for moral support) ============================================================================== Project Alias: Project ODIN - 'Special Ordinance Weapon' Project Name: ODIN - Orbital Defensive Initiative Network RSWD Weapon Classification: Class 3 Gargantuan Damage =========================================================== Description: Orbital Defensive Initiative Network, also known as ODIN is a special ordinance weapon that fires a charged kinetic projectile that can destroy any material and causes a explosive effect in a 100m radius in addition as a EMP effect in a 1km radius of the shot. Project ODIN was directed by Director Jonathan 'Bright' Irons. The Weapon is powered by a rare and unique resource in the Galaxy codenamed 'tungsten.' The ODIN utilizes 'tungsten' rods and a sophisticated kinetic projectile launcher in-order to perform pinpoint precision orbital strikes. Currently, the ODIN requires an array of projectile markers and a long time to charge its powerful and devestating shots. ===========================================================
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    General information Full Name: Charls Known Alias’/Nicknames: Unknown Previous Occupation: Unknown Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Galactic basic Hobbies: Ship flying PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Unknown Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Democracy Dislikes: Violence Personality: Calm, protect others PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Unknown, wears full body armor. Age: 17 Weight: skinny Build: built, like a plank of wood Disabilities: Spelling Appearance: Blue and white robes with a soft dark brown wavy locks and a dark beard matching his hair JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Truce Light saber details: An elongated slim hilt, made mainly of silver duranium and tipped with a black rubber substitute and a green crystal Combat style: Defensive BACKSTORY One day in the Jedi temple Charls was found with the other youglings playing some how he sneaked in but then they learned that he was forced sensitive. From a young age hes was disobeying the council to protect others from harm and prefers a diplomatic solicitation than a fighting one. Likes to fly ships and build things and mostly keeps to himself. And he keeps pushing on to get better and protect the republic and the Jedi order. Likes to make ships light sabers and reading and collecting more books for the archives. Doesn't like the chancellor and thinks the republic has become corrupt but knows it's not his problem and sticks to solving conflicts and does not like politics. All so likes stealing Jedi ships and takes them out on flight test when he's not allowed to.
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    been out there in the community cant think of one person you dont get along with see you around the TS all the time and on the server and i can see you always trying to help other out when the chance comes i think you would be a amazing mod and really help improve peoples time on the server +1
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    Current in-game alias/rank: General Keelyvine Reus and 'Ronin' of 104th Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:117185193 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198194636115/ List your current playtime: 379 What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.) 15 How well known are you on a scale of 1-10? 7 Do you have Teamspeak 3 installed? Yes Do you enjoy helping other people? Yes Are you willing to test your stress? Yes Do you believe you're able to deal with individuals and situations in a completely unbiased manner? Yes Do you have any problems with any of our current staff members? No Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations? Yes Do you have any active warns? No How will you becoming a moderator impact our community? I will use new knowledge and pre-existing knowledge to make sure all current and future members are having fun while not going to overboard. Also, help stop the influx of playing that join just to minge and break rules. Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to the degree stipulated? Yes of course A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? First I will check !logs to see who they RDMed and if they RDMed multiple people, then go to a secluded location using !administrate ^ and use !bring <name> then ask them "Why were you RDMing and disrespecting players as this is against server rules.” Depending on their response I would most-likely warn them but if they are cooperating, see if they has any active warnings for similar reasons and warn them for RDM then do !return <name>. If I get another report of them doing the same thing I will do !logs to double-check if it was actually them RDMing and if it was, I will do !bring <name> and say “I have been told you have not followed my instructions which were to not disrespect players and RDM but you have done it again so I will be giving you a warning.” Depending on what they says I will give them a warning for RDM and player disrespect. But if there was a valid reason for the kill in logs I will then go look into it and find if someone was doing a PvP or a mini-event to see if they accidentally team-killed. A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do? Do !administrate ^ and go to a secluded location and do !bring <name> and tell them “Staff disrespect is a warn-able offence and if you continue to disrespect any staff member I will follow this up and warn you. I have given you this warn for a reason and if you believe it was unfair then do it properly and don't go around disrespecting any staff when they warn you if you believe it is unjust." Then do !return <name> and only give them a verbal warning. If they continues to disrespect any staff member then I will do !administrate ^ and go to a secluded location and tell them “I have given you a verbal warning for staff disrespect and told you to stop but as it seems you have not stopped so I will be warning you for staff disrespect.” then do !warn <name> Staff disrespect and do !return <name> A user has threatened to DDoS and take down the server. What do you do? I would go to a secluded location and do !bring <name> and tell them "DDoS attacks are not taken lightly and can and will result in a ban." Then if they were joking and they are sincerely sorry about it I will warn them and tell him "If you say anything like this ever again it will result in a permanent ban." And then do !return <name>. If they threaten to DDoS the server once more I will ban them for as long as I can then hand the matter off to higher staff as I cannot perm ban. A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? I will do !administrate ^ and go out of the debrief and then !bring <name-1> and ask them what the problem is and what the argument is about and try to understand the situation and calm them down. Then I will !return <name-1> then !bring <name-2> and get their side of the situation. Then once I have heard both their sides of the story do !bring <name-1> and tell them "This a private matter so don't be arguing like that ever again as you are not only wasting the EM's debrief but also all the player wanting to hear the debrief so for that I will be giving both of you just a verbal warning today as arguing isn't a warn-able offence but I would recommend you guys hop off the server and calm down then talk about this in a discord or TS channel and come to an agreement as you are two high ranking members in your regiment and if your troopers saw that and now they may want to leave as you two were acting like children." Then !return <name-1>, !return <name-2>. A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do? First do !administrate ^ to see what they are doing and then go to the cadet room and do !bring <name> then in comms say need an SGT+ to cadet room to train a cadet. If no SGT comes I would either train him myself if I am a SGT+ or if I have to do something else I would say in comms I will randomly TP a SGT to train him. If I get a report that the cadet has NITRP I will then do !administrate ^ and go to a secluded location and then do !bring <name> and ask them "I have heard that you are walking around saying stuff and generally having no intent to role-play on this server so why have you joined in the first place?" Depending on their answer either do !return <name> or do !warn <name> NITRP Then if they do it again do !ban <name> NITRP 3 days.
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    Thanks Pab for the +1, known you for a while and it delights me to see you take the time to +1 Thanks Pluto, known you since I got TEM and you have been a great role model for a amazing staff and the +1 is greatly appreciated
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    Known Siff for a while, great guy, respectful, and I know he is always wanting to do something more for the community, my only worry is you left EM quite quickly after joining but I understand you needed a break as many do and I do think you deserve a chance as a trial mod and to at least see what you are able to do, good luck siff.. +1 - Pluto
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    I do understand where your coming from as I would be same and I am fully aware it could be a long time before I am considers as I am very new, but I hope in that time I am able to show that I am right for this position as well I am always in discord and TS so join if you feel like, if ya want we can talk either about this or just in general thanks for taking time and viewing my app it means a lot.
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    Yes yes I know. Stop self promoting. This is the last one I promise Thought it wouldn't be right to not put the sequel in here
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    I've got quite a similar opinion to what Spirit and Flea have already stated. I believe you would suit the role of Moderator due to your good attitude, maturity, and behaviour however your application could use a bit more detail in the situations department, although you will be trained during your trial phase, it's always a good sign to see applicants eager to learn before even being accepted- My door is always open on either ts or discord. For now I will be casting a neutral vote until such changes are made to the application. Hope to see you on our staff team not too long from now.
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    I'm happy to see you applying Bull, and I believe you would be a great fit for the team. However, as in all things, presentation of oneself is very important. I think you should add a fair bit more detail to your application, to show that you are ready to be trusted with the powers and responsibilites of a Moderator. Even if it is just going around asking current and former server staff about elements like staff commands, sits, etc. Until then, I won't be voting. Good luck.
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    Marauder Company, 187th Legionnaire post operation. Animated version found here.
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    If you could add a climb swep course in the map or some where so people can practice on the maps as this is the only one who does on have room for it.
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    Someone give this man the Pulitzer Prize
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    Thank you for the relay, short but I appreciated you taking the time to read my application as you haven't replied to many others. I am not sure to be happy or sadden to have a short answer from you since you seem to like writing a paragraph for applications but still I very much appreciate the +1, thank you.
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    Trustworthy staff member, left on a good note, was a good staff member. +1 from me, nothing really much to say.
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    Chicken Adobo with rice goes hard
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    This is the bomb but I like to keep it simple and want to get my hands on Tarkin and/or Son Of Dathomir as I haven't seen anywhere really have it. Always like the Harry Potter books always like the story of it but not a hard-core fanboy but have always liked the 'Bad Guys' so I like the Death Eaters and The Empire. Death Eaters are the Dark Lord's Followers in Harry Potter and then we have the Empire whom are ruthless so possibly getting a Thawrn Book Would be nice.
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    # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT-6868 Sands Known Alias’/Nicknames: Sands Previous Occupation: Shiny SGT (2018 though) Current Occupation: 187th Marauder SGT Known Languages: Galactic Basic/Geonosian Hobbies: Staring Contests, Shooting things. Alignment: Neutral PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: Dis-ability to get this bread. Dislikes (optional): Moving Droids -_- PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Average but disproportionate arms from carrying a DLT-19, trigger finger is also abnormally large. Age: 11 (22 With aging) Weight: 86kg Build: Strange Disabilities: Trigger Finger always hurts. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Best Friend: CT-7506 Flanks: Has been there since day one, and even through significant rank differences throughout the years nothing changed. Friend: CT-8876 Castiel: Has acted as a mentor for me since the beginning, getting me to where i am now. Liked: All the Lads in the 187th Legion as well as the Disbanded Galactic Marines Who never stopped helping me progress.
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    Try launch in different gmod performance, or maybe change betas.
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    arc trainees are shaking right now @Buck :)
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    Hey everyone, I'm happy to announce that we have added a new forum based donation package to our store: Forum Account Upgrade! This package costs 5 dollars and will give you access to a unique forum usergroup with various perks: Higher Upload Limit, for all your memes. Higher Reaction Limit.... for all your memes. Exclusive Reactions for use of Premium Users only. Fancy username displayed on your profile and posts. If you would like to purchase this upgrade, feel free to visit our Donation Store under the Community Donations tab. After payment, contact a member of Executive Staff to have your account upgraded. Thanks for playing, ~ Executive Staff Team
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    Documents don't matter if your regiment isn't doing anything on the actual server.
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    Farewell Mr Sharky, I am very proud on what you have achieved during your time on the server whether that be in Event Staff or as a CO you constantly did great stuff and always seemed to have a great attitude when doing so. Thinking back & remembering when I had my first proper interactions with you when you won the Jedi Giveaway and I took it upon myself to be your master and what a blast it was. Wish you the best in your future buddy and hopefully might meet you again on server sometime in the future, catch ya later :~)
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    Sorry for the late response but you are a amazing person so the +1 from you I really care about as you aren't just a great staff but also a great role model for everyone to aspire to be like. Thanks Fluxy
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    Downloaded incorrect RAM bro
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    Hello everyone. Null ARC are currently looking for a player to fill the position of Null ARC Jedi, Bardan Skirata. To be eligible to tryout for Null ARC Jedi, you must own a Jedi Character slot and have reached at least reached the rank of Jedi Knight at some point during your time on the server. We want you to be as active as possible and preferably do not currently hold any important role on another character. You must be able to get along with all the current Null ARC members. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Respond to this post with the following if you're interested. Your Name: Your In-Game Name: Highest Rank Achieved In-game: (Jedi Rank) What will you do with Bardan Skirata? Why do you want to join Null ARC? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The chosen applicants will undergo a series of tests to judge their eligibility for the role. Climb SWEP Jetpack Grapple Hook Breaching Roleplay Leaping Good luck to all the candidates.
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