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  2. No problem, I plan on editing it soon. Main problem is, last time I properly played/moderated for a server (Using I believe somewhat of a different Moderation set up than ImpRP, so the ulx commands may differ and a big point being how sits are handled as well), was around roughly 8 months ago.
  3. Not normal cricket but the big bash is pretty cool.... when renegades aren't being butt fucked all season
  4. 100% with you on that one.
  5. It’s fairly easy to monitor the usage of 3rd party cheats and software. I’m sure there is no reason you can’t continue to play on the IMP server so long as you keep true to your work. If you choose however to muck up again, there is plenty enough evidence to keep you away for good.
  6. +1 my guy did nothing wrong
  7. Thanks for the open mind, and I totally agree, I can bet on my right hand that it won't be an issue again.
  8. Seems like this was a genuine mistake considering you were playing seriously for a fair while solidifies this. Slipups happen occassionaly and if you can ensure it won't happen again im sure you'll be unbanned in no time.
  9. Thanks for the response, much appreciated. I definitely hope to hop right back into that RP, seems to be getting better by the day.
  10. +1 Ive known this man for a fair while now and he would never intentionally use anything maliciously against the server. He was largely involved with the roleplay of Reg Gov and while he has his senior moments, from what I can see, he genuinely wants to play on the server again.
  11. Editor's note: As I was told to post this on forums, I have removed the links to the documents I have made as most as still relevant in the server, and I do not want to interfere with players using them in any way by making them public. Management can feel free to let me know if they want the links. :) _ Your In-game Name: Bertrand Toth Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/bertininini Your Steam ID: STEAM0:0:32421631 __ Who banned you? General Akrius/Stingel - 30/12/2020 @ 15:55 Length of the ban? Permanent. Reason of the ban? "Attempting to inject cheats" - which I will address below, as it is a tad misconstrued. Why should we unban you? Realistically, I believe what I was doing, despite being wrong, was not as severe as it is made out to be with the cut-and-dry ban reason. I had a net logger active, as AT THE TIME been working with American mafiarp servers in terms of assisting them with some hotfixes, and was (as I realise now) ignorant in keeping that on while joining another server of which I had no permission to use it (i.e. the clone wars server). I realize that this is unacceptable, as I shouldn't be using a net logger that could react differently between servers on a server in which I am not a verified developer. And this was proven true, as the net logger freaked out when I opened it (which was my fault for opening it of course), sent too many netstrings and I was immediately disconnected by aProtect, and seemingly later banned. My point here is as follows: a) Yes, I have broken a rule of the server, and am not in opposition to punishment for it, but I believe it should be scaled down based on the circumstances (e.g. a perma ban on the CW server, and probationary period on Imperial, where I'm happy to be spectated and inspected 24/7). Alongside this, I believe if we can let people who have previously exploited on the server by teleporting players into the reactor etc back into the community, then I see no reason why I can't prove myself. i) I had not purposely taken malicious action to hurt the server (of which to my knowledge it remained 100% functional), which my motivation to instead help can be supported by my following points b) I truly apologise, and hope to return to the community and focus even further on my RP, instead of development, which I have since deleted my tools for as to not allow this to happen again. c) I'd personally believe I'm dedicated to, and a fan of the Imperial server, which can be seen through my various documents and operations within my time in Regional Government, leading it's ministry of information (which you can ask Tarkin or now Governor(?) Caesar as to my dedication and love of it), and my effort to help and interact with various people across the server, whether staff, EM or just regular players. I’m here to help make RP and have fun, not destroy the source of my gaming highlights. i) You can ask around to those who talk to me regularly in the gov ts and discord, I have no ill intentions towards the server and aim to enjoy it alongside people I'd consider mates. ii) A couple examples of the fair few documents I've authored/co-authored over the last two weeks or so for the server can be found below, and I've even given my templates to certain players as a sign of goodwill: (Any co-authors of these, I'd appreciate you vouching for me on this one) - I've assisted in templating and writing parts of an early ISB spy operation (which I am unsure if it is used currently or not) - Regional Government documents such as the handbook and procedures for IntOrg/Military Intelligence, NOPDAG Group (a reg gov political action group), working currently on a Joint Intelligence Clearance document - I assisted in setting up the discord and functions for the since deleted casino - There are more, but I'm sure people who I've written documents with on the above can vouch I'm invested in creating in-depth RP through this Now, I understand this might all look like a sham, and I do get it, I used to own a big ImpRP server myself, but I'd hope management can put some faith in me and give me a second chance, as I believe I've learned from my mistake and acted on it, I actively try benefit the server and RP regiments I’m a part of and continue to harbor no ill-will towards it.
  12. Damn that's a mad Necropost
  13. Yesterday
  14. Honestly, I was also thinking like Habibi a couople of years ago actually. However it was untill I have pleyed cricket for the first time. I do not yet understand why, however I really like this sport. Surely, I more likely to play it rather than watch it.
  15. Nice bio @Kestoren, Keep it up
  16. This is a complex answer, and so I'm going to layer it as such: Bread is a super nice guy and is really good fun. Bread is super active and is on almost all day. Bread's got a bunch of experience on the server and has tons of hours. Bread's super well known and is well integrated in the community. Bread's knowledge of the ULX commands is really solid and this application is nice. He's always really helpful and aided me to attain the role of Squad Leader 'Cabur' of Aquila Squad. He has way more experience on the server than I do and a lot of people really like the man. But there are a few things that I need to leverage with my experiences with Bread. Within the Jedi Order, Bread can be quite mingey and there are some situations where I question his decision making with the weapons and slots that he uses on Gateway. This can be seen through his recent tool ban and use of the model manipulator to use the Mike Wazowski model; And whilst some may say that was a while ago, and I respect that, when reminded of it, Bread treats it as a joke. In my opinion, a tool ban is a pretty big deal on the server and if one wants to be a mod, rather than joking about a mistake that one has made, one should acknowledge that they messed up and treat it as a serious incident which has changed the way that they act on the server. From personal experience, mistakes that we make often help us, and shape us to be better people and act in different ways. But due to the fact that Bread was so blaze about his apparent and serious mistake, I don't think he used it as such. I don't want to be the type of guy who comes off as a killjoy, because I'm not. It's true that during the appropriate hours I love having a good ol' minge with some mates on the server. But receiving a tool ban is a serious step up. And again arises the problem with your age; I honestly cannot see a 13-year-old commanding the respect of the 16-17 year old average audience that Gateway harbours. I think that Bread can sometimes become emotionally overwhelmed when confronted by people. I simply cannot see him commanding the respect of like a 26-27 year old, of which there are a couple on the server. Also, the fact that you lied about your age on the last application doesn't sit too well with me, I think you need to wait a couple of years to grow up before you're ready for this role. I hope this doesn't affect our dynamic bro, because you're a cool guy. I just don't think you're fit for moderator. YET.
  17. # ... Entering alias {} # ... Alias accepted {} # ... Enter secret {} # ... Secret enabled {} # ... Access granted to Inquisitorius Archives {{}} GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Ash Morgan Known Alias’/Nicknames: Ash Previous Occupation: Shipyard Labourer Current Occupation: Imperial Inquisitor Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Ryl Hobbies: Killing Jedi, Torturing enemies of the Empire and Gambling. Alignment: The Emperor PSYCHOLOGICAL STATUS Mental State: ---...{REDACTED}...--- Likes: Duel training, Leap Training, Jedi Hunting. Dislikes: Jedi, Scum. Personality:Temperate. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: ---...{REDACTED}...--- Age: 24 Weight: N/A Build: Medium Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Twi'lek with Red Lipstick INQUISITOR INFORMATION Rank: Acolyte Main Combat Forms: Agile / Form IV / Form I / Form VI BACKSTORY Ash having been born to a happy family, to which were brutally slaughtered by Republic forces during an invasion of their homeworld, being alone for a multitude of years had taken its toll, near death experiences with beatings and attempted assaults awry. Ash soon found a different experience, becoming force sensitive and later being found by the Inquisition, soon recruited after being promised a better life. After a tenious 2 years, Ash had become an Acolyte but not yet an Inquisitor.
  18. Accepted I've spoke to Hypo about some concerns players have, and i've explained the terms of him receiving the role. For the players and community members who are worried, he doesn't and most likely never will have access to the server, all of his work is going to be checked.
  19. - Accepted User will undergo a three event trial -
  20. - Accepted User will undergo a three event trial - Please contact me via discord Gforce#3748 to begin your trial
  21. - Accepted User will undergo a three event trial - Please contact me via discord Gforce#3748 to begin your trial
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