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  2. Catch you later Zia, didn't get to talk with you much but I always new you were a good bloke, we will miss you.
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  4. Absolute champion, take care.
  5. I’m going to be honest, I never liked you. But this was way back when you had Bly in 327th and even before that. As mentioned by some others you can’t always hold a grudge. So I believe you’re due for a 2nd chance and I am happy to wipe the slate clean and give you a chance to redeem yourself. We need more older members to come back and keep up with the influx of newer players. Even though I don’t jump on the server anymore, I hope to hear some good notes from others in the future. +1 best of luck!
  6. Thanks man really appreciate it, I won't let you down man.
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  8. Funny you should say that, I failed. Happened to go for the only role available, which was climbswep related in terms of requirements. Thank you!
  9. It's been a week and a bit since I wrote on your application Noc and I think it's fair to say that you have come back with the intent to play and really give it a red hot go. I've seen you rolling around as an RC Trainee going back to your old roots I hope all turns out well for you so my NEUTRAL is now a +1 Good Luck with your application Rippa
  10. Hey Cappa, had a good read before writing on your application. It is well written and very easy to read, you have been in this community for a while and to be honest you haven't gone inactive during that time at all which is really good, but my question is could you stay active during this T-Mod phase? Because if you got T-Mod would you be able to hold the role of ARC, Jedi and T-Mod since you haven't really taken a break from the server before, I feel you could get burnt out but that might just be me. You are a really solid player in our community, even earning your position as Player of the Year 2019. Your attitude towards other players and our community is really solid, I feel you have really earnt your position within Gateway and it shows when you play the server, so my decision is that you should get a chance T-MOD so +1 from me Good Luck on your application Rippa
  11. looks good tringee keep up the good work
  12. I've seen your work quite a bit and I've never really commented on it, but you've a talent man, keep at it.
  13. Your application is very well written, formatted nicely and clean to read. From my experiences with you, you have only been positive, dedicated towards running training sessions and operations and always willing to show others how to do things and to improve on their skills. This behaviour is easily translatable into staff. I have only had positive experiences with you, and nothing negative comes to mind when thinking of your personal character. Your behaviour and attitude are suited towards being a staff member, but I would like to see some consistency in your activity, as I know from the past that it can be a bit patchy at times. Apart from that, make sure you are roaming around various TS channels, good luck on your application. This is a +1 from me.
  14. In regards to your application, it is well formatted using a clean legend to represent information and commands. I have not had any negative interactions with Tyrell, and only positive interactions come to mind when I think of your character. Going into the Beta Arc program within a regiment shows you have a drive and dedication to your regiment and the server, and I have only seen you be welcoming and positive towards all members of the community. I really acknowledge how you have taken all the feedback received and acted upon it, trying to change your behaviour and your application. This is to be applauded. Apart from that, this is a big +1. Good luck on your application, keep going strong.
  15. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Katrull Known Alias’/Nicknames: Katrull Previous Occupation:-- Current Occupation: Jedi Padwan Known Languages: Galactic Basic & Dosh Hobbies: Hunting & reading Alignment: -- PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Average Mental Disabilities: -- Likes: -- Dislikes: -- Personality: Quiet & collected PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Age: 15 Weight: 65kg Build: Bulky Disabilities: -- Appearance: Green Lizard JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Corvo Lightsaber details: -- (Standard issue lightsaber) Combat style: Agressive BACKSTORY Born on the planet of Trandosha, Katrull was abandoned by his tribe for being too frail as a child, left to the wild to just be killed either by a wild creature or to the elements. After a few hours a jedi who was on Trandosha for a diplomatic mission found the baby Katrull and couldn’t just leave him there to die. Despite being on a very important diplomatic mission he took the child back to his ship and continued with his mission. His initial plan was to take the child to a nearby orphanage and leave him there to grow up. After his mission was complete on Trandosha he went back to his ship to take the child to an orphanage. On his way he felt something was off with Katrull and felt as if the force was telling him to take the child back to the temple. The jedi trusting in the force did as his gut told him to, taking the child back to the temple where he presented what happened to a trusted master. Who went and presented the child to a counsel member, this counsel member could sense this child was force sensitive and immediately put the child into the Jedi youngling courses. 15 years later Katrull is the Padawan Corvo Bradric a trandoshan knight, Katrull is learning the ways of the jedi as a consular in training. RELATIONSHIPS Friend - Corvo. Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |
  16. Love the design @Tanker I like what you done with the bevel & emboss blending options
  17. yeah sure that'll be $10
  18. @Tanker Can you make a purple variation with Beatroot At the bottom in a purple font that looks cute?
  19. Some new gateway logo's, feel free to use them as your profile pic or whatever. If you want a custom one (red, purple etc whatever) just reply or HMU.
  20. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Padawan Rhys Known Alias’/Nicknames: Archer/Niner Previous Occupation: Current Occupation: Navy/Omega/Jedi Order Known Languages: English and Nautila Hobbies: Swimming and fishing Alignment: Light PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Calm Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Water Dislikes: Dry areas Personality: Chill, Kind and funny PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Age: 21 Weight: 160kg Build: Bulky Disabilities: None Appearance: Green skin and long green head tentacles JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Lightsaber details: Single Saber, Yellow Crystal, Basic Hilt Combat style: Aggressive BACKSTORY As a young Nautolan on Glee Anselm I was always using the force to play with the shells I found at the beach, it was a simple life my father worked as a solider and my mother was a nurse. It wasn't until a CIS dropship landed in the ocean and Droids swarmed out of the dropship and they started to shoot down all of my family and friends. The Nautolan army was sent out to stop them and it looked like we were winning until another 4 dropships showed up but they were different they had Hailfires dropping from them, the Nautolan army including my father was wiped out and to this day I still remember seeing my fathers lifeless corpse lucky for me my mother was home that day so while the droids were distracted we escaped through the back door and ran for the caves behind our town. Me and my mother were the only ones to escape the onslaught or so we thought we escaped we could hear the clinking of machines and robotic voices coming closer in the cave. They were making sure they left no survivors, my mother gripped me tightly as they got closer and closer until they came so close we could see the lights from their flashlight aiming at us. They didn't fire at us on of the droids looked different he was big, white and they called him General Grievous. He grabbed my mother away from me and while she scream Grievous sent his Lightsaber through her stomach killing her instantly and when I thought I was dead as well I could see a green light in the distance and a wiz like something shot past my ear. Coming around the corner was another Nautolan but he was different he was strong and confident and he ripped through the droids like paper, he came face to face with Grievous and got into a heated battle flashing lights as their lightsabers collided. The mysterious Nautolan with a swing so fast took off Grievous arm and with a squeal Grievous retreated back through the cave. The mysterious Nautolan came up to me puts his lightsaber away extended his hand out and said his name was Kit Fisto Jedi Master of the Jedi Order and he wanted me to come with him to the jedi temple and so here I am a padawan alive because of Kit Fisto I hope one day to be as strong and brave like him. RELATIONSHIPS
  21. From the small interactions I have had with Cappa, he seems like a pretty cool guy and from the situation responses and ULX commands given. I would say he could most definitely handle himself quite well so its a +1 from me.
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