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  2. boba when he finally catches the guy who stole his armor
  3. not a huge amount of story in the episode but like i got hype as fuck when i saw boba's armor and then at the end when boba showed up for real
  4. a) I wanna see Ahsoka come up and not just be a small cameo this season b) I wanna simp over Sasha Banks
  5. Now with boba fett's sudden return. We can finally get a better ending to the character than him dying to a big sand anus. Keen to see what they will do to his character
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    # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Cyphon ki'ron Known Alias’/Nicknames: Ron Previous Occupation: Jedi youngling Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Little bit of Mon Calamarian and Quarrenen Hobbies: Duel and Swim Alignment: Jedi order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Good Mental Disabilities: Short term memory lost Likes: Fish Dislikes: People personality: Friendly PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Normally Age:14 Weight: 58kg Build: Average Disabilities: Short term memory lost Appearance: Blue skin Sharp teeth Fins webbed finger's Gills JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Cypher Ka'Don Lightsaber details: short yellow quick to ascend and descend black hilt leather handels Combat style: 1 backstory in his home world Kakuros he was apart of the army with his older family friend Cypher Ka'Don we both were in the army under the command of captain of Riff Tamson on the war of Mon cala we were both by Riff's Side until he used he used Ka'Don to block a blaster shot coming towards him when he was hit in the leg i swam down to him and took if to the surface into a cave nearby and i treated his wound but we both felt Betrayed by Riff Tamson so we ran away from the war for what we knew our parents were either dead or still loyal to Riff Tamson its has been a week since we were home but we found out that Riff Tasman was killed bye prince lee charr as soon as we found out we ran and travelled for ever untill we met a republic jedi Kit Fisto saw potential in both of us seeing that we are fighting back and have the power of will kit fisto took us into the republic and to the jedi temple where we met alot of diffrent jedi we felt out of place like we didnent belong there but the jedi told us it would be ok and there is no need to feel scared or shamed A Jedi called Kit fisto took Cypher and i to Couruscant. Kit Fisto told us that he saw wisdom and strengh in me. So he asked Cypher and I if we would like to join the Jedi Order. When we agreed we got split, Cypher got a master and i was a youngling being taught the jedi way and how to connect to the force. this is wen we got separated Ka'Don got different classes he was a Padawan wile i was a youngling but Ka'Don once i got Padawan i asked Cypher Ka'Don if he could try on how to be a better jedi and learn the force how to wield a lightsaber and how to fly a delta and all the rules of a jedi Cypher decided to chose guardian but i chose to be a sentinel after we fought for the republic Cypher and i now go around helping those in need who knows what the duo does and how many lives the will save
  7. Was a filler episode, a good one to bring back the series. Introduced a boring character Boba Fett thief and teased the actor who played Jango Fett and the clones which was cool.
  8. Disclaimer This thread will contain spoilers for the latest episode of the Disney + original series "The Mandalorian" Chapter 9: Share your thoughts on the episode below!
  9. The 2 above Images are stuck there, cant edit them for what ever reason.
  10. <Entering alias> <Alias accepted> <Enter secret> <Secret enabled> <Access granted to clone database> (Yes I know its a lore character photo, you try finding a photo of a Dathomir Zabrak that isn't a Sith) Full Name: Gax Kel'Tsaar Known Alias’/Nicknames: Gax Previous Occupation: Youngling, Tribe Child Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Zabraki and parts of the Dathomiri Sub Language Hobbies: Soap Carving, Competition, Dueling and Combat. Alignment: Jedi Order. Mental State: STABLE Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Soap Carving, Practicing Tribal Combat. Dueling and Combat Dislikes: Liars, Cowards and the Sith. Personality: Warrior. Gax will seek people to speak with, He loves conversation and often speaks to his peers about Honor and glory in combat and death. Physical State: Above Average Strength, Super Cardio due to the Zabrak's two hearts. Age: 21 Weight: 90Kg Build: Humanoid Appearance: Typical of a Zabrak, Gax has a crown of horns on his head, short in length due to his age. a deep grey/black complexion with traditional Zabrak Yellow Tattoos. Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber details: Thick and symmetrical wooden cylinder, with Iron binding rings rapped around it, a copper colored metal protruding then end with a guard. the saber color reflection Gax's pathway; Guardian. Combat style: Form I: Shii-Cho, III: Soresu. And Devout Follow of Jar'Kai, From V and Saber Staff Froms. Gax’s Warrior/Savage nature is not often brought to question, his young life on Dathomir often is. He shows small cracks in his calm Steely exterior to see within a man desperate for reason and direction. _ Gax was born on Dathomir destined to be a tribal warrior and servant of the dark. He never heard or seen of his Night-Sister mother and his father a long-dead Dathomiri Warrior. attempting to seek peace and a connection with others even at a young age.was impossible for a Zabrak born on Dathomir. Not all was hopeless for him however for he’d come used to reaching out in these times of quiet and finding a connection with something, …The Force. _ Gax's father was a legend among his tribe, he had a Rancor Kill count of 14 the highest in the current Era. Living up to such a legend like that was impossible that was the runt of the litter and an outcast from his tribe. After his father was a sacrifice in a Voodoo Night-Sister Ritual, Gax was left to fend for himself at the age of 5. Gax Trained himself with the traditional Zabrak Quarter-Staff and became Skilled in it. enough to defend himself from his fellow Dathomiri. _ Gax spotted a figure in robes sprinting toward him and he readied his staff to strike the figure. The figure had just about reached Gax's readied stance, and a sharp crack zipped through the air just scraping his cheek. He had just been shot at. The robed figure had picked up Gax and hurried away with him making massive jumps unnatural for any humanoid. all Gax could do was squirm but his instincts and an outside force warmed him and encouraged him to trust the figure. _ After a While the figure landed in an alcove probably old Rancor nest, Gax stood up in front of the Robed man. the figure took his hood off and a face of bandages and goggles peered at him, "My name is A'Sharad Hett..." A'Sharad Hett - Liked. Hett rescued Gax from Dathomir pretty much saving him from a life of hell and darkness. Obi-Wan - Best Friend. Obi-Wan was willing to take in a troubled child and teach him the ways of the force under his wing. Azazel - Friend. Azazel is a fellow Zabrak and a excellent Jedi knight, Azazel has taught Gax many things. Knoot Ucell - Dislike. Knoot regularly beats him in training with form I to Gax's disgust. @Maxonok @Truce's Rj @Azazel Thorin/Ozzy @Knotts
  11. uh yeah, this shit good.
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    Add a little bit of a backstory mate. If you want some help I've just finished my Bio and could help you in discord.
  13. bulk

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    # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: death strike Known Alias’/Nicknames: strike Previous Occupation: Jedi youngling Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: galactic basic little bit of mon culloramian and quartian Hobbies: duel and swim Alignment: Jedi order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: good Mental Disabilities: short term memory lost Likes: food Dislikes: tacos Personality: nice but can have mood swings PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: normally Age:14 Weight: 58kg Build: average Disabilities: short term memory lost Appearance: blue skin JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Lightsaber details: yellow stone padaown hilt Combat style: 1 BACKSTORY
  14. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Ukmo Rybl'a { Uk-Mou Ryi-Bala } Known Alias’/Nicknames: "Mindboy", Ukmo Previous Occupation: Merchant Current Occupation: Jedi Knight Known Languages: Bith, Galactic Common Hobbies: Long strolls through the temple, reading through archives and gaining new knowledge. Alignment: G.A.R & Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: [STABLE] Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Reading books, data-logs & other transcripts, gaining new knowledge and seeking wisdom in his later age Dislikes: Loud banging noises, distaste of wild bugs & other non human-like species. Personality: Quiet & chaotic PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Age: 25 Weight: 57kgs Build: Tall, lanky. Disabilities: N/A Appearance: JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Knight/Commander Master (current or previous): Commander Quan Oslojigin Lightsaber details: A soft bark like material, which covers the metalic cover of the saber, a orange crystal pulses through it Combat style: Form II (Makashi) Way of the Ysalamiri BACKSTORY Umko Rybl'a born 45BBY was a Bith-born child into a family of 4, his mother worked as a peasant in the crop fields of Tatooine his father was never to be seen, being killed in a skirmish at a near-by bar in their small hut, his father died a week before the birth of young Umko Rybl'a, his mother had his older siblings work in the crop field with her, he had to watch from the only hut window as they worked for hours. When Umko Rybl'a was aged 3 he was taught to work and begin standard crops, Umko Rybl'a was a troubled upbringing, knocking other pot plants or plates with what his brothers described as his mind. This confused Umko Rybl'a as he thought he was pushing it accidentally, it was all fine till one day he pushed a lit candle onto the rug of their hut, this set the hut into a blaze and they all ran, Umko grabbed some possesions and ran to the outer field of crops were his family was hiding, they made their way into a near-by town and bought a small tent with their remaining credits, Umko & his family had to beg for small amounts of credits, when a person walked near Umko he saw the possesions he had on him, and offered a small amount of credits for the possesions, Umko took the credits and handed them to his mother, she was able to set-up a small shop and become a Merchant, barely allowing her family from starvation, she took a drastic move to sell Umko to a rich family that lived on Coruscant, he was to be adopted by this family and begin living on Coruscant, before he left Tatooine he had a temper tantrum and everything in the surrounding area floated and broke into pieces, he was hurried to the ship. When Umko arrived on Coruscant he was greated by his new family, in the later years he was to learn proper manners and be hurried off to a schooling area, his new parents had enrolled him into, once he was enrolled, he was put in a class, many of the other students were from upper class areas, and had bullied Umko for how he looked and how he dressed, they also noted his Bith feature, being his massive head they would walk by him and call him "Freak" and make a sign by pushing their hair back to resemble his forehead, this made Umko come to his new home and smash doors, and his cries were said to be heard from the depths of Coruscant, Umko's new parents were stressed by him, and how he acted out, it wasn't till one day at the school Umko snapped and began to scream at the bullies and throw books at them, this made Umko run from the school in tears, he ran in the wrong direction, his eyes closed & tears dropping, he was running into the underground and he didn't know, his family was distraught about his disappearnce. Umko opened his eyes and realized he was in the wrong area of Coruscant, he was running and screaming "HELLO !" and he continued to run till he he could see the way back, when running he ran into the local Coruscant PD, they saw him and believed he was a Jedi Youngling which ran from the temple without notice, this was due to his clothing and he was taken back to the Temple, Umko resisted and felt that he had brought shame to his family if they saw him like this, but he was taken to a temple which had confused Umko, he continued to walk with them and he saw many people who dressed like him, although he was stared at by the others, as this was his first time entering, he thought they were staring at the PD, he thought they looked funny, he began to be dragged, to some sort of chamber, he later found out it was The Council Chambers, there was was shown to the Council, and the PD explained that they had found Umko Rybl'a in the underground and they believed it was a youngling that fled the temple, the room was silent and Umko & the Council knew he wasn't, the Council then said, show us ? he was given a rock that Umko lifted and the Council agreed to allow his training procedure. As a youngling Umko was taught all basic needs, he passed all classes and was happy with himself, he was a very isolated person, and spent most of his time in the archives, studying or attempting to be alone & be calm in the quietness. It pleased Umko with how quiet it was and he felt at ease, he was then moved to Padawan where he met his Master, Knight Quan Oslojigin, he was a rodian and had began Umko's training, there he was challenged with obstacles to mount, his was able to craft his first saber and begin dueling & learningthe skills of a padawan. When he reached Knight, he heard the line "By the will of the force, By the will of the Council, Rise Knight Umko Rybl'a, he then met with Field Commander Lock to join with the G.A.R regiment of Horn Company, he know spends his time learning as a healer with Master Eeth Koth... RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Master Eeth Koth - His mentor. Knight Jett & Quan Oslojigin - Friends & One is his Master. @Truce's Rj mindboy.
  15. Found that a load of people have the blinding light on TeamSpeak so....https://www.myteamspeak.com/addons/452f7a0e-3cf4-44ad-8e7d-89dfa73a9b06 some might not like it but it's a lot nicer than white :)) (don't know if anyone has posted it but yea)
  16. This application very gooood big +1. But in all seriousness this is a good app.
  17. Big +1 these pacs are pretty pog. Good luck!
  18. Flea is a great admin. I believe he distinguishes himself from other staff as a great pick for senior admin as consistently over the past few months to take that next step. I haven't talked to Flea too much one on one, but he is very friendly guy and definitely has proven himself to be up for that next step to SA. +1
  19. Hey everyone, currently I have just finished my 5th out of my 7 HSC exams. Sorry for the long LOA, have put my studies as my top priority atm. However, after November 11th, I will be completely free. I hope to see you all soon! Have fun and keep gaming!
  20. Noc, you've always been an amazing contribution to the team, from when I was tmod, to now as a fellow Admin, I have always been able to rely on your support. You are considerate, and empathetic, but also experienced and have the ability to put your foot down and make the tough choice. All qualities required by a Senior Admin. You have always contributed quality input into staff discussions and offered great guidance to me and others when most others didn't even realise guidance was needed. The only negative point is something that others have already mentioned in their comments, your activity and involvement with the staff team on a whole. You've been on LOA for a little while which has reduced your involvement with the server and our team, although when times were bad, you showed your ongoing support. I personally believe strongly that you will fit the role of Senior Admin quite well in all aspects, however it must be acknowledged that the staff team as a whole, combined with our community needs to be in support for your promotion as having the community doubt our senior staff's worthiness leads to no good. I do understand why you wanted to put your application up now so you can start receiving feedback, however I would personally believe your application shouldn't be accepted until after you have redemonstrated yourself so everyone can gain the same understanding of you as I have. The eternal love of the 187th bloodline follows you, I'll most likely edit this post to add a +1 in a week or so once I believe you've been able to re-establish yourself in the team.
  21. Cheers for the support. @Pluto @Noc @Fluxy @Faarom @Akali @Richard
  22. Hey Noc I would strongly urge those who read this to not assume bias due to friendship and as fellow administrator. I completely understand the uncertainty of Noc's current activity and performance due to personal life focus/LOAs/Burnouts. But I cannot stress enough that Noc has ALWAYS, whether or not on LOA/burnout, has always at bare minimum had a discussion with myself and I am sure other staff members to resolve issues, give a healthy second opinion, in some instances goes out of his way (on LOA) to involve himself in behind the scene (whether moderator or admin chat) discussions or attends staff meetings and even T-Mod feedback sessions. He has ALWAYS been present no matter what. As stated on my own SNR Staff Application, I cannot stress enough for how helpful Noc was and still is extremely helpful in all matters since both passing our shared T-Mod phase. Noc doesn't need a promotion or a higher ranking label in the staff team to do what he does. He's done it as moderator, admin and I cannot doubt, as Senior Staff. He had stated this when I asked him privately if he has intention to go for senior staff. - I assume this is where the procrastination or delay of application comes from. @Buck :) I highly understand the uncertainty from some in regards to Noc being unsuitable due to CURRENT activity and or performance. I would not be surprised, and believe that Noc is attempting to step up in this current time as a selfless act to assist the newly promoted/future promoted administrators and moderators with his high amount of experience and selfless assisting characteristics due to no current higher ranking leadership that focuses solely on the staff team. As much as management can step down/up to fill in the gap with extreme ease and provide amazing support, I believe they have their own stuff to worry about. Noc has ALWAYS come back from an LOA, fired up and pumping to do his job, in my opinion, better than a majority of staff currently. Of coarse, your overall staffing presence, performance and activity would sky rocket if you did not take these LOAs. But we all know these are essential and necessary in all cases... It's a video game. The only suggestions I can express is increasing or stepping up to maintain a constant engagement with the rest of the moderators and or T-Mods to ensure maintain and or increase of presence as senior staff. Something that I am also striving to maintain and increase. Again, as stated in my SNR Staff application, I am giving positive support to Noc and hope we are able to work together with a higher and healthy authority to overall better the staff team and assist proactively and when needed for any situation. I hope I can have Noc's side if I am deemed suitable for the promotion. Much love Goodluck,
  23. Yesterday
  24. I have to agree with Spirit, although your activity could use some work, you have always been an extremely helpful asset to the staff team. You bring fantastic insight and ideas to the team, whenever and wherever you make contributions, they are always worthwhile and you are supportive to your fellow staff members. I do think you could be a bit more interactive with some of the staff members however for as long as I've known you, you are respectful, kind and overall a very knowledgeable staff member. Best of luck Noc. blus 1 - Pluto
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