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  2. Contact me on TeamSpeak about your application.
  3. Basically I will just keep updating this application with more and more event ideas that I happen to have to further improve my application. EM's are more than welcome to use these event ideas just make sure you give me credit. Every once and a while i'll add another event on here.
  4. +1 With my few interactions I've had with you seems like you're a mature and respectful player, you show good intentions as well having a substantial amount of experience when it comes to dealing with situations. My only other comment could be try and get yourself out there more and raise your level of how well known you are in the community although, admittedly you seem to be going in that direction recently
  5. Moderator application. Name: Wisdom 1170 Do I have TS3 installed? Yes, I do. Am I willing to help others in need? Yes, I believe that forming friendships and helping one another is an important thing. My current play time is around the 358-hour mark and my steam id is [GG]Wisdom117. Am I willing to test my stress? Yes, yes, I am. Am I willing to learn new ways to adapt to new situations? Yes, I believe that different people have different ways of communicating but also different ways of acting and I believe that to help solve their problems is one of the greatest ways to learn. Are there any problems with the current staff? I don't think so I reckon they're doing their best Requirements link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wisdom117 steam id: STEAM_0:1:457045200 current game alias: Warrant officer Wisdom how well known am I? 6-7 How will I become a moderator change the community? I believe that if I were to become a moderator that I will be able to help Sergeants in giving them tools and in being able to help regs with promotion and being there for people in need such as if they're getting abused by other players or if they have found any issues or bugs. Do I use team speak often? Yes, I’ve just downloaded it and have been using it a fair amount I am on the discord server and use it frequently. 1. if a user is RDMing or abusing other users and if I’m the only staff available what will you do? I will immediately act by Phys gunning them in place then teleporting them to another isolated location to sort out the matter. To teleport to players I will use! goto [players name] or to teleport players to me I will use the! bring [players name] to me now these will only be used to solve or give tools to the player. after the problem of there being a trooper either RDMing or harassing other players without a proper reason I will warn them by using the! warn (players name) RDM or insulting other players. After doing this I will then return the play by using the! return (players name). I will then be keeping an eye on them, If I do see them breaking the server rules I will then either warn them again or more severely kick them or Ban them with the !kick or !bans. 2. If a Group confronts you and explains that another user is either RDMing or climb swept abusing I will? After the discussion with the players fly to a remote location and teleport the abuser by using the !bring to check and speak with them about why they are doing this. If it isn't a good enough reason I will then warn them using the !warn. After them doing this I will then keep a close eye on them and if seen again breaking rules I will then either warn, kick or ban. 3. If a user has threatened to DDOS and takes down the server what do I do? As these are serious threats to the server. If these are typed into the chat I will screenshot or if said through voice I will shadow record this. Then I would fly to a location away from others then use the !bring command to 'bring' the player to me so we can talk this out. if he does run or shoot, I will freeze him and talk this out. Then if needed I will warn them and return the player. Then keep a close eye on them and if they either abuse the server rules or try to DDOS again I will ban them. 4. A commander and Lieutenant in front of a debrief. It is getting heated, and the context is unknown. What do I do? With knowing that all briefings debriefings and regimental briefings are all PTS, I would stay in character and tell them that PTS is active. If the argument is RP I would still remind them that this is a briefing by PMing them to give to stop and if they don't I will fly off to another location ie their bunks or to another less crowded location and teleport them to me with the !bring command and discuss the problem there. If they try to run off, I will freeze them in place and bring them back. if they both start to talk over each other I will use the !gag command on one of them to then hear over each of their beliefs. Once they have calmed down and I believe they can go back to rp, then I will !ungag if they are gagged and !return them to where they were. 5. There is a cadet roaming around that hasn't been trained yet. He acts like a minge to me but I'm not sure if he wants to play or minge. What do I do? If this was an event I would !bring them to me and apologise even if they are seen minging by either climb swept abusing just yelling through their mikes I will immediately Teleport them to another location using the !bring and discuss that this isn't an acceptable way to behave on this server then I would TP them back using the !return if they had stopped and understand and won’t do it again (though I would still keep an eye on them once they have finished their training) or I would either kick or warn them. But if they aren't seen to have the contention to minge then I would ask around to see if anyone will train them if not I will either train them myself. But if this wasn't an event I would bring them back to the room and train them myself or get a specialist from my reg that needs to do their cadet training done. Once I have finished training them, I will check up on every once and a while them to see if they are minging or not and to see if he is giving players an uncomfortable time on Gateway.
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    Thank you Beatroot
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    Hello everyone. Gateway Does have a Minecraft server you are all welcome to come and enjoy, note there are some key developments in progress but once complete will be uploaded all at the same time. Here is the IP Address: The server currently operates on patch 1.13.1. We also have an unofficial Discord majority of the MC players use at the moment to contact and chat with each other. You can join the discord via this invite Link: https://discord.gg/KXyX7tU Note; Anyone is welcome to join both the MC server and discord and muck around. Also, keep in mind once the server is completed and the Discord is confirmed with exec team another forum post will be created with a large list of information. Regardless enjoy gateway gaming, and hope to see you all around somewhere. Besides foxhound he is banned.
  8. You have to do what everyone else does, for myself when I first started using it (I am new to it also). I had to watch tutorials to see how to use it, got an idea of the layout, then I went around asking for help. You have to work hard yourself and learn.
  9. Just to quell any further arguments that may come out of this, would it be possible for us to see the video?
  10. Yesterday
  11. I respect you ling but what I don't respect is when people make stuff up. I reviewed the video, I never once said "Fuck off" to him and I never once used the old player card. I was explaining to him that I did not failrp because I only broke out once, he kept arguing so I said "Its in the rules I was there when they made them" I understand how this can be seen as an "Old player card". I was a bit standoffish but that kinda happens when you're being accused of breaking rules when you didn't. I even told him that if there is actually a problem then he can call a staff. Yes I swore, He did aswell but neither were directed at eachother. Either way I appreciate the feedback man I appreciate the feedback
  12. I believe only recently your attitude towards general players and even staff was quite disgusting. Im going to change my +1 to a -1 due to the fact of your disrespect and even mingyness. It's not going to be tolerated.
  13. Operation Trojan Planet: Tatooine Map: rp_tatooine_dunesea_v1 Situation: The CIS have set up a small outpost on Tatooine, a planet within the heart of Fett space. Fett's troops have weakened the invasion force by shooting the ship down but ultimately decided it would be cheaper to pay the republic army to deal with his issues and take the base back for him. This isn't expected to go down with the republic commanders but ultimately orders are orders. General Outline: Troops will accompany a AT-TE to a base, extract the HVT (CIS commander), and eliminate all CIS personnel. Event characters: Junior Advisor 10/2231 'Turner' (Me) - 500 Health - Single DC-17 Pistol CIS Commander Omdon - 750 Health Hutt Cartel lieutenant - 1250 Health - DE-10 Hutt Cartel Grunt 1 and 2 - 1000 Health - E-5 Briefing: "Hello troopers. Recently, an ambitious CIS commander has attempted to occupy the planet of Tatooine, the heart of the Hutt empire. Hutt managed We have been tasked by Republic High Command to travel to Tatooine and take back the base and eliminate the CIS forces. I understand that this mission isn't the most morally right thing to do, as we are helping the Hutt cartel, but in the end orders are orders. Load up on the LAATs and lets get planetside." Spawn LAATs and take off Change map to rp_tatooine_dunesea_v1 Set up lines for troopers Set up a reasonably large base at the end of the canyon. Place intel in the broken ship Additional planetside briefing: "Hello troopers. At the end of this canyon is the CIS FOB. Your mission is to go through the canyon and eliminate the enemies along the way. We aren't going to be able to get through the walls without some heavy fire power so we have brought in an AT-TE to blow up the walls. Your mission is to accompany the AT-TE to the base and eliminate all of the CIS forces you encounter. We also have intel that there is a crashed down CIS cruiser *insert correction direction here* of this position, so i'm tasking ARC and RC to go find that vessel and look for intel." Event: Main Force: The main force will accompany the AT-TE through the canyon. They will initially fight weaker droids far outside the base, but as they get closer the droids get more and more powerful. Once the main force gets near the base, a shield will be blocking the way. The main force will be encouraged to splice the control panel or destroy the generator and once they do that, the shield will be removed. Once they get just outside the base, the AT-TE will blast through the doors and the troops will start a short assault on the base, eliminating all inside. ARC and RC: ARC and RC are going to be heading towards a crashed ship to find intel. Once they find the ship, they will encounter minimal resistance in the form of Commando Droids and B1 battle droids. Once they make their way into the cockpit, they will find a datapad and comms it in. Once they successfully get the intel, they will be ordered to join the main force in the canyon and march towards the base. Once the ARC and RC find the intel, Turner will announce over comms "Troopers, the Intel from ARC and RC suggest that the commander is planetside hulled within the base. Information like this comes extremely rarely so our primary objective is secure the HVT. Do NOT kill the HVT I repeat if you kill the HVT it will be a mission failure." After the troops take the base from the CIS, they will find the CIS commander. The CIS commander is badly injured and immediately surrenders. CG will promptly arrest the CIS commander. After this, Turner will tell all the troops to leave the base and then LAAT's will extract the troops from just outside the base. Event characters representing the Hutt cartel will thank the republic stationed in the base and then tell them to leave. The Hutt cartel members will ask if they found any CIS higher ups and Turner will promptly lie to the Hutt cartel and state that they found no-body of importance. Change map to rp_venator_extensive Debrief: "Hello troopers, That mission initially started out with us doing all of the Hutt's dirty work for them but in the end it was more than worth it because we got a very important HVT in the form of CIS Commander Omdon. Our records show that he is a commander that led a small CIS task force that was responsible for a whole heap of raids on Republic supply chains, so us taking him out was a big win for the Republic war effort. He is injured so after debrief I am going to have to ask CG to accompany him to the medbay for a check-up, and then to see what information we can get out of him with an interrogation. Well done troopers, now for placements. *Placements* "You guys are now dismissed." Post Debrief: After debrief, CG will escort the CIS commander to the medbay, where medics will use medical rp to do a check up on the CIS commander. After this check up, CG will interrogate the CIS commander and then after CG interrogates him, they will send him off the ship in a LAAT.
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    why none of the 501st high command are on for any of the events amirite lads haha zing
  15. While you claim to have matured and improved your attitude, your behaviour suggests otherwise. There have been quite a few times in the recent few weeks where I have seen you interact pretty poorly with other players, you are not approachable and are quite hostile when something doesn't go your way. If you would like an example, when you were arrested today and someone in CG had a go at you for breaking out of cuffs, you had a go at him, telling him to fuck off and ask an admin, even using the "I'm an old player" card. While you may have been right about the rule, the way you 'explained' it was pretty horrible. -1
  16. As Coric said watch some tutorials or ask some players who are willing that already have PAC3
  17. Do you know anyone who would be willing to teach me some Pac3?
  18. As it currently stands, this application will only be denied. You should practice creating PAC outfits in singleplayer or another server before applying here. Examples are a mandatory requirement within your application and your other responses also cause your motives to be brought into serious questioning. I will give you a week to provide examples in your original post, and to work on your actual responses. Otherwise I will have no choice but to deny your application.
  19. DO you know anyone that would be willing to teach me some Pac3 Stuff so i can do that
  20. You need 4 PAC3 examples, to even be eligible for acceptance.
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