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  2. Yeah, to be honest it looks like something made in weebly. I mean, look at this for example https://www.weebly.com/au/themes/merch-theme/678894260575363684 Anyone can copy paste and image and type a few words into a webpage generator
  3. @Evoz You're silly I don't use Weebly I have to code for it and never been on Colossal isn't that a military RP server.
  4. Doesn't 'The Museum' use Colossal/Imperial's gamemode? Idk, they look similar either way. Also nice weebly pages, I often like to mess around on them too!!
  5. From my experiences with Papwade i have learned of how well he can patch exploits from when i helped start a server plus he is a solid developer and can protect servers really well even with one of the first anti-cheats he had ever made i never saw anyone bypass it so i +1 this application. Good Luck!
  6. Developer Application Template If you have any experience in development, you have the ability to apply that skill and help out Gateway. You will have free reign over what you make, however, It'll be up to the Server Manager and Executive Staff who decide whether or not It's beneficial for the server and If it ends up getting implemented. ____________________________________________________________ Checklist: Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/papapapapapawade/ In-Game Name: Smoke Teamspeak Name: Papawade Playtime (Server you are wanting to develop for): Star wars RP 24 hours Age: 16 ____________________________________________________________ Questions: Depending on what field you are knowledgeable on, use either the Programming questions, Model Creation and Texture Artist or the Level Design template/s. More than one area can be filled out. Programming: Known Programming Languages: Lua, HTML, C#, css, javascript, nodejs, python, MySQL and bat What content did you want to create for Gateway? The content I would like to create for the server is things like anti cheats, exploit patches and anything else the community or the owners would like me to add. Have you created any scripts or content (If so, provide below)? Anit cheat: The scripts I have created are things like anti-cheats so it lowers the chance of someone getting away with cheating and no ban. Anti exploit: I can also patch exploits so the server is less exploitable like for example if someone had an exploit menu and wanted to lag the server I could make it so the exploit doesn't work, and they get banned for trying to exploit the server. Optimizations: I have made some optimizations for servers and if you don't know what optimizations it is essentially making something more effective or work better, so I could add a script to make the server run better and the players could have an increase of fps so you wouldn't really lag. Gamemodes: I have helped make the game mode with the museum I made the game mode with hypo, and I am currently making another game mode, so I could make the servers game mode better as well. Discord bots: I have made a discord bots whether they are to spam a discord server and crash people are the whether they are to help people I made a reporting system on the bot as well so if people need to report someone you can. Websites: I have made a lot of websites and I have also made forms for people etc. TOS: It's important to recognize that IF you become a Developer for Gateway Gaming, the content you possibly provide is for the use on Gateway Gaming ONLY. If you are caught distributing any content without the permission of the Executive Staff team, you will be community banned. Do you agree to this? I Papawade agree with this terms ____________________________________________________________ Good luck with your application, thank you for applying.
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  8. okay im crying in the club venator rn
  9. I've heard it said many times that Gateway is a community of second chances, I have no issue with you being unbanned and returning to the server if you truly do wish to RP. However, I feel threats to DDoS should be reviewed by the senior and executive staff members. @Ajax @s8ncaat
  10. That is a good point I didn’t take that into account
  11. im sorry for threatening to ddos, i really just want to roleplay again. i promise i wont get mad and say such childish things again.
  12. Threatening to Ddos is and has always been a rule that is very clearly defined as immediately ban worthy. It was quite silly to make such a threat in the first place. Since I am not the banning Administrator, I will leave this to @Lunar's discretion but how can we tell you weren't being serious with your statement? The world takes all kinds.
  13. Your In-game Name: i forgot what my name was Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/starwuzerd Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_1:1:109541466 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? Yoda Length of the ban? Perm Reason of the ban? Threats to DDos Why should we unban you? I'm sorry for threatening to ddos the server (i have no idea how to anyway), I was just angry at constantly being jailed for minor things. I apologise for my childish behaviour and wish to be able to play the server again and roleplay. it's been like 2 months since i was banned. Would appreciate being allowed to come back and roleplay.
  14. The kill counter was a thing for a long period of time. Never saw anything toxic come from it, there was some friendly banter within squads or regiments and that's about it. Either system works personally I'd choose kills over XP
  15. Taking note of highest frags doesn't even represent who was shooting the most droids/trying their hardest to get kills in events it literally just depends on the kit a person has, so giving that person a special mention after events is pointless. When the kill counter was in myself and tops would be able to constantly get top 2 in frags, simply because we happened to have a republic sniper that could one shot all the droids. That being said I personally did enjoy having a friendly rivalry with my fellow troopers but I can see how it could cause those who aren't getting many kills, be that because of their kit, fps, role or anything really, to become demoralised If they think that lower kills means they're not having an impact on the event. I'd say just leave it with level showing or possibly have an optional way to view ones own kills so if you want to have a friendly competition with your mate you can but it won't make everyone default to "wow this guy got 200 kills on the scoreboard he must be a god, that guy with 15 is useless"
  16. If the system were in place it would be watched very carefully and written down before an EM changes maps
  17. One problem with that is how shit would a new player feel if he tops the kills and the EM accidentally brushed over him and commends whoever got the 2nd most kills.
  18. And whoever did get the most frags during events would get a special mention in mission debrief
  19. Yesterday
  20. never forget the breach test
  21. So many people are giving back and I'm sure everyone appreciates it. I hope whoever wins enjoys it a lot and are able to gain a bunch of unique server experiences with it. Good luck everyone!
  22. Oak's Log: Entry VI B-6258 Crash // Accessing Clone Database // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File '6074' // // Welcome // After we withdrew from Kashyyyk, The Acroheart Squad was formed. An elite squad led under freshly promoted Sergeant 6073 Acro with its members including Corporal 6074 Oak, First Class Private 6121 and First Class Private 5264. We are called an elite squad, but that's not really true. First, we have to undergo the most gruesome training, then participate in real operations, after that, then we could be considered elite. It seemed like a bright future for me, making a name for myself in the Elite Corps. To undergo this training we were sent to Kamino with Gunnery Sergeant Slash supervising our training, however, we still didn't know who was going to give us our training. As soon as we landed on Kamino we were greeted by a fellow clone trooper, though this time he was an ARC trooper. 'Greetings Acroheart squad and Slash, I am B-6258 Crash, and don't ask how I got my name'. This trooper was Beta ARC 6258 Crash, considered one of the best soldiers in the 41st Elite Corps, minus his piloting abilities, which he is notoriously known for crashing many times. Crash guided us to the Kamino training facilities, there we would spend the next month in harsh training. 'Alright men, the first thing you will be doing is trying to complete the harshest citadel known to the Clone Army. With droids set on the highest proficiency.' said Crash. I could already tell that this would be hell, based on my previous training, which was hard enough. 'First, we will assign you areas to sleep, which won't be pretty either. You will begin training tomorrow so get prepared for it, trust me, you're going to need it. I got to my bunks and I must say... They were pretty bad. It was just a room, no blankets, just a metal floor for all four us to sleep on. The squad went through hours of discussion based on the training we were going to get, and after the discussion was over we all decided to go to sleep. I got comfortable in a corner and went to sleep, after writing this entry of course. // Logging Out // // Access Revoked //
  23. Just the one for now, not the richest person in the world
  24. Everyone SGT+ that doesn't want to donate
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