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  2. Gateway Gaming is a pathway to dedication some consider to be unnatural. Even though I wasn't a fan of a few of your actions, I respect that you made an effort to try and fix your reputation. Have fun with what you decide to do next.
  3. Never really got to talk to you often. Either way, cya scooby good luck with your future see you in a few weeks
  4. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qRmjhG4ch78VoXDNLAAGaFSQ3HpThMV5F0gHWw1-6ck/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Wait I was confused, it was Cypher. I apologise for my confusion good sirs.
  6. Ahahahaha, no, after scooby was poached he came back to horn then left for either an RC squad or CG I forget which one.
  7. Old mate's off to start his professional FiveM career. In all seriousness though, you've improved greatly over the last few months, though the sarcastic thank you section down the bottom was a bit iffy. Regardless, good luck with whatever you're off to to brother. Keep appearing on TS
  8. Seeya later Scooby, wish the best in life my dude. Like a couple of others have already said, don't be a stranger to jump on the TS or server every so often and have chat. You were a pretty good kid from the interactions I did have with you, even though there was some occasions when we did bump heads here & there. I remember having a fairly long chat with you when you planning on leaving in the past as you were going through quite a rough time on the server and it was pretty sad to see it happen. On the better on the stick it seems you did manage to meet some people that you can call good friends and that's what really matters. I do hope to see you perhaps return in the future but until then, you have a good one buddy and see ya later :~)
  9. I see all this shit making fun of you man, I never really talked to you but the few times you did you were always genuine, just wanting to have a good time. Sucks that these circumstance lead to you leaving, but I fully respect you calling out people who have done nasty shit, as you know (and im appreciative of you asking how i was) i've been dealing with it and heaps of other people are too. Good luck with whatever other server you join man, hope to see you again with less bullshit going on
  10. Love you Scooby, you have had it a bit rough and I am sad to see you go. RIP to the SWTOR character we started and never finished, and thank you for all the good talks and laughs. Stay strong, and goddam have one of those Guylian chocolates Beatroot was talking about, they are the best. Love you fam
  11. Very epic goodbye gamer, don't forget to say howdy.
  12. Haha, You can leave the server but you can't leave my control
  13. See ya Scooby. To me at least you've been a fun guy to be around and without you showing me the ropes and being an awesome first intro to gateway gaming and gmod in general I wouldn't have got to where I am today in the server. Sad to see you go man
  14. I personally find this post very funny. I'd love to correct the statement directed at Chunky, but cannot be bothered. Regardless man goodluck with your future, I hope you decide to come back at some stage. If you ever get a chance buy this chocolate, you either hate or love them. My dad used to eat them when I was young and I'd always steal a few when he was snoozing because mum would not let me eat them. That's my advice to you, try these.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIgfiSzCy1o
  16. Sad to see anyone go but that is really wack. Disappointing to see, cya.
  17. was happy to put up with your mingieness since phase 1 sad to see you go but i'll more then likely see you around in other places ;), anyways i'll see you later will miss you scoobs ...want a scooby snack one last time?? jk i'll see you around.
  18. Sad to see you go but I’ll see you in arma 3 also thanks for showing me the fun in gg not the seriousness <3
  20. Scooby we were literally in Bright's 41st together, But I have no negative feelings towards you brochacho, one comment on an app doesnt mean I hate your guts. Thanks for the callout, good luck in your future endeavours homie, I'll await your return and hope we start off on a good standing (if you ever do) Peaces!
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