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    • This is some Very interesting stuff. I hope this stuff gets seen more on the server. Good work Coric you bloody legend
    • I was getting tired of the repeated cultists, who were cultists because they're bad and we're not really sure who or what they are, they're just bad guys. I figured I'd try my hand at making some more powerful and interesting characters, who although should be frightening and interesting to fight against, are kill able and the players will feel as though they develop the story (In contrast to lore characters.), plus having some form of motivation even if it is as a shadowy-illuminati-esque cult is better than standard "They're mean and angry".    I'll be adding more members eventually, if the community likes it, But otherwise,  I need sleep. 
    • 5-16-5-18-1-20-9-15-14 10-5-4-9 8-21-14-20-5-18 19-8-15-21-12-4 2-5 1 8-21-7-5 19-21-3-3-5-19-19 9-6 25-15-21 4-5-6-5-3-20-19 16-18-15-20-5-3-20 15-21-20 6-1-3-9-12-9-20-25 3-15-18-18-5-3-20-12-25 23-5 1-18-5 3-21-18-18-5-14-20-12-25 2-5-7-9-14-9-14-7 16-18-15-4-21-3-20-9-15-14 15-6 5-7-13-11-6-9-22-5 21-14-9-20-19 15-14 2-1-20-20-12-5-6-5-9-12-4-19 20-15 4-5-1-12 23-9-20-8 8-15-19-20-9-12-5 10-5-4-9 6-15-18-3-5-19 15-14-3-5 15-16-5-18-1-20-9-15-14-19 1-18-5 15-14-12-9-14-5 2-21-20 23-5 13-21-19-20 16-18-15-20-5-3-20 20-8-5 6-1-3-9-12-9-20-9-5-19 9-14 15-21-20-16-15-19-20 15-14 7-5-15-14-15-19-9-19 20-8-5 18-5-16-21-2-12-9-3 13-21-19-20 14-15-20 6-9-14-4 20-8-9-19 13-5-19-19-1-7-5 20-8-15-21-7-8 20-8-5 1-20-20-1-3-8-5-4 19-3-8-5-13-1-20-9-3-19 13-21-19-20 2-5 11-5-16-20 4-15 14-15-20 4-5-12-5-20-5 16-18-15-20-5-3-20 1-20 1-12-12 3-15-19-20-19 This Documentation is Classified Clearance is based off a need-to-know basis   Overview: Any Agents operating around the Old Gods project are obliged to read the full dossier on this organisation, this document is considered supporting documentation, and should only serve as a reminder. The Old Gods cult is considered to be the most dangerous and powerful cult-based organisation currently active in the Galaxy. The Cult's followers appear to be extremely well-trained and organised, with militaristic structuring within the organisation akin to that of the Clone Armies. The motives of the cult are currently considered vague and undefined, as agents attempts on entering the organisation have been met with losses of communication, however the Republic's limited understanding is that the organisation aims to re-incarnate and exploit the powers of long-forgotten and long dead Jedi and Sith. The motives for this goal, and the success of their operations are unknown. Although the Cult has a large amount of foot-soldiers, actual "Members" a considered extremely rare, yet also extremely dangerous.  Members are never referred to by real names, with the NIA only knowing these individuals by their code names. Any Agents identifying a known "Member" are to isolate themselves and seek immediate backup from Republic High Command, NO ATTEMPT will be made to either speak or engage any known member, if Known Members are actively engaging Republic Forces, see Protocol 23-55, Using these methods force a retreat of Republic Forces.    Known Members: 'The Sentinel' Overview: Considered "The Enforcer" of the Old Gods Cult, The Sentinels pure brute strength is only further matched by his resistance to damage. The Sentinel operates a completely unidentified suit of armour, equipped with Heavy Munition rounds and several forms of blasters. Combat reports indicate the Sentinel is used by the Cult as an operator in active warzones, with his presence being attributed to the otherwise unexplained loss of clone forces across the 4th Sector Army, and particularly across the planet of Mygeeto.    'The Jedi' Overview: Despite the code-name, this member has been confirmed to have no affiliations with the Jedi Order. However, this member is believed to be an extremely powerful force user. Considered one of the more inactive members of the Order, only one confirmed sighting can confirm this members existence. The role of 'The Jedi' appears to be based on organisational and planning, over direct conflict and action, leaving that work this sub-ordinates and other members.   'The Backer' Overview: The Backer's profile is believed that to be an individual of significant fortune and wealth, and is responsible for manipulating and purchasing the services of Cartels and Bounty Hunters for the Cults needs. This individual should be treated with extreme caution, as it is believed the individual has economic contracts with both the CIS and the broader Republic. The Backer uses his large quantities of wealth as an aid to maintain the anonymity of both himself and his fellow members, and is believed to be the major source of financial funding for the Cult itself.   'The Butler' Overview: Considered to be the 'Cleaner' for the Cultists, and considered to be the largest thorn in the NIA's side, the butler has bee-.....       ERROR FILE CORRUPTED BEYOND THIS POINT..... File has been deleted successfully. 
    • Fish & Chips keeps everyone happy. The only realistic pick
    • My dedication for the republic fills the shrapnel wound from the grenades you threw 
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