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    Terms of donations

    All donations must be discussed with a high ranking staff member prior to payment.

    Donation rewards will not be granted until the payment has been through and has been verified by the Community Director.

    Donations CAN NOT be refunded, swapped or exchanged under any circumstances.

    Donations do not provide any form of protection or exemption from in character or out of character punishments, such as a ban for breaking server rules, or being kicked from a regiment.

    In the case that a donation is applicable to a particular regiment and the donating player is kicked from the regiment, the donation reward is forfeited. (Regimental kicks must be for applicable reasons, and to kick someone out of their donation, a head admin + must approve the validity of the kick)

    Donations may not be carried over unless permission from an executive staff member is granted.

    Donation Rewards

    $20 - Custom Model

    This donation allows you to select a pre-existing model on the server that is unused, and fits the design of your regiment, to use as a custom model for your own character. It will be added in as a job with the regiments name and your name.

    For example:

    7th Sky Corps Spooks

    This job will use the default trooper / officer loadout of your regiment.

    $20 - Custom Loadout

    This donation allows you to choose a loadout to apply to your own job, as with the previous donation, it will be added in as a job on the server within your regiment.

    For example:

    Coruscant Guard Satan

    This job will use the applicable model within your regiment (unless applied to a custom job model) such as a sniper loadout using an ARF model. The weapons will replace the primary and secondary slots (Default as DC-15A and DC-15S)



    Republic Sniper



    Z-6 Rotary Cannon






    Grenade Launcher







    SLAM mines

    DC-17 Anti Armor


    Close Quarters:

    Republic Shotgun





    Riot Shield

    Republic Shotgun


    $30 - Custom Loadout + Custom Model

    Buying both the custom model and custom loadout in one purchase is a reduced price of $30, it
    works as per the above donations.

    $20 - Lore character

    To play as one of the many lore characters that currently have a job on the server it is a $20 donation. For example, Breaker, Fracture, Waxer or Boil. You must be in the regiment of the lore character before donating, your rank remains as normal. (Note: Fives, Echo and Gregor are $40 rather than $20.)

    $30 - Second Character

    This donation allows you to have a second character slot. This character starts as a CT and can join any regiment except the one your primary character is in. Note: Swapping characters to avoid punishments in character is considered a breach of server rules.

    $30 - Droid Pack

    This donation allows you to play as any and all of the droid characters. You can play as all of the droids, though roleplay must still be maintained. When playing the droids you need to play their role appropriately.

    $40 - Squad

    This donation is for a small squad within a regiment. It is defaulted as 2 officers and 3 troopers, but may be expanded (maximum of 8) through further donations of 20.

    Squads must be approved by the regimental commander, as well as an executive staff member.

    You get to choose its:


    Role on the ship (e.g medics, explosives, snipers, etc)

    The pre-existing models they will use (same rules as custom mode, must be applicable and unused)

    $75 - Jedi

    The Jedi donation gives you a second character that starts as a Jedi Youngling. This provides you an entirely new experience on the server, including a different ranking system, the chance to be a general, the potential to be an advising commander to a regiment, participating in special missions and even becoming part of the council.

    As a Jedi, you can choose to become a lore character (upon reaching the applicable rank) or even design your own custom character with one of many models to choose from (Upon reaching padawan)

    Custom Models (Made to your design) - $60 + Commission

    To donate for your own model to be created and added onto the server, it is a $60 donation to the server, plus any commission fee required by the developer. We have a small group of model makers within the community who will be more than happy to assist in determining a price and making a model. This also comes as a custom job slot with a selected loadout. If you change regiments and want the model to be altered, most modelleres will do recolours for about $5 - $10.

    Note: Please be patient with these being added, as they have to be made and them uploaded to the server, which can take some time due to Australia's poor uploading speeds.​
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