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    Map: A Barren Dark Map and Venator_Extensive (I apologize, o not know what the maps are called)

    Enemy: CIS and Zombies

    Objective: Extract Person then Defend

    Basic plot of event: Troopers are called to a planet to extract a high ranked Clone from a barren planet after his ship was shot down by a CIS missle.

    After finding the Clone, troopers will defend against limited CIS forces, getting the troopers hope that the war is nearly over. (Obviously this is not the case). And taking the Trooper back to the Venator

    1. The troopers get called to debrief, but while the trooper is on top of the Breifing Room, he will turn into an infected/zombie starting an infection on the ship.

    2. They resume normal protocol because the High Ranking Officers are worried about the limited amount of CIS forces, the trooper shall then turn into a zombie while in a isolated room.

    Zombies shall start spawning off the Trooper, heading towards an area, like the Reactor or the Bridge. The troopers will have to defend the area until finding the Trooper, eliminating him (Stopping the spawn of Zombies) and the rest of his Infected, afterwards the troopers shall be called to debrief.

    I hope this gives you an Idea if you are ever rushing an event!
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    I’m pretty sure that the Event Suggestions thread is for feedback and suggestions. Not actual event planning. Cos tbh if an em does an event like this, you already know how it’ll go down and probs get bored but good work I suppose :YEET:
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    Nah mate it is. EMs wanted it.
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